It's just before dawn in the Western Continent jungle. For the last sevenday, unbanded firelizards have been doing recon of the area and it seems the camp is not planning to move yet, making this an ideal day to pull a rescue. The images that the firelizards have brought back haven't shown any serious harm to the children. Fear? Yes. But the people in the camp seem to be training them. Most of the older ones are carrying knives, now, and trying to protect the younger, and a few have the bruises reminiscent of fisticuffs training. The few images they've managed to catch of Ila and Teimyrth are… less positive. The piece of meat appears to be alive, at least.
The riders going on the raid (including the unexpected addition of a Xanadian goldrider) took off from Half Moon's bowl, bursting from between in formation over the camp. Renegades scatter, several grabbing children and dragging them into the damp jungle and two grab Ila, dragging him to his feet and pressing a knife to his throat as they try to drag his bulk into the jungle as well.

Why is J'en here? No one knows, probably not even himself. Yet the goldish hue of Leketh's barely bronzed hide is unmistakable and neither is his bulk. The seventeen turn old boy is soon joined by an unbanded Conduit, the more round than firelizard's wings barely holding his portly body aloft before plopping himself heavily into his lap. Up comes that chin as lashes lower, watching the renegades below scatter with the children and hauling the familiar form of Ila'den upwards, knife to the old man's throat. There is a snort, keeping himself in formation with the others, even as Leketh growls low, facets whirling red. "Ain't time yet." he mutters, steading his uncharactistically furious lifemate.

Meirath is in a bad mood. The last time she was in a bad mood half of Xanadu was cowering and waiting for her to fly; today is a very different reason. If there is one thing that she cannot stand it is people that hurt other people for reasons that they don't deserve and so it didn't take much begging on Calisi's part to get her to go along with the mission. One look at Risali's face and her tears had been enough to convince Calisi to do it and after a stop at Xanadu's rarely-visited armory to get herself a useful piece of steel she had been off to Half Moon to get the story and filled in on what had been planned and what was going to happen. She made it explicit that queenrider or not she did not wish to be in command of anything and that the operation as D'nyls, she would do as she was told. She was there for harm reduction as much as possible and to help with Teimyrth as needed. The answers she was given worked for her and so she and Meirath committed themselves to the mission and tiny queenrider and not so tiny queen have emerged from between in formation. Moody Meirath is not the least bit moody at the others popping in around her and they are spared from it but the malaise that she emits is pretty much like an empathic growl; minus the sound. Meirath hovers off of Leketh's left wing, a broad shouldered and wide hipped golden bulk seething as Calisi works to reign the furious queen in.

Sundari was going one way or another, with Sunara with one of one a few people both D'nyl and herself trusted that is how the bluerider washere with the others at the moment. Irkevalath sweeps out once appearing from BETWEEN, anger all but rolling off him yet he is quiet, with eyes all bit glaring red. Sundari he looking down at the camp, catching the movement and her fingers clentch upon the straps as she swallows a moment. It is about all she can take to hang back as the movement of renegandes is going deeper into the forest with the children, and then they are trying to drag Ila'den away as well. "Dammit…" Is hissed out faintly as she sndsa glance out towards the others that are around her.

And there's not much fight left in the bronzerider; Ila'den is hauled to his feet and seems almost obedient - save the fact that he still jerks his arms despite the knife to his throat as if to reiterate his defiance (even if he, at the moment, is incapable of truly/ following through). The stumble in his sluggish steps are, to be sure, more than simple refusal to move, and then there's the matter of Teimyrth. The dragon doesn't so much as stir; there's not a sail lifting, or an eye cracking open to whirl in curiosity or they're here, they're here, they're finally here. He remains a bulk of eerily still bronze - the rise and fall of occasional breath the only indication that yes, the dragon is still alive - and perhaps the fact that Ila'den is still alive too.

Leketh is not the only bronze out of character; anger betrayed only by furious-whirling eyes, Xermiltoth's sleek, harlequinned bulk is quiet, his loud, radiant mind dwindled into darkness, whatever thoughts that might be exchanged between himself and his rider occurring in total silence. Something gets said - there comes a snarl, horrid, terrible, lips curling back to bare teeth when R'hyn catches sight of faces that are only too familiar, perhaps a twin, or one of D'nyl's children and then— Ila'den. "Hold." For there is a sway, a shift in that big bronze body, as though he might follow his rider's sudden, brash, impulsive desire to split from the group, damn trees, damn injury, damn all, because there there there alive, moving?, alive?, but— "Hold," R'hyn repeats instead, voice cracking around the word, hands shaking, eyes darting - pleading - towards D'nyl, patience nearly set to cracking, but waiting just the same.

D'nyl didn't really question who came to help. Those are his kids down there, after all, and Ila's and who knows for sure how many others. Czaiath bellows a challenge, openly encouraging the other dragons to join in and D'nyl signals the descent, extra instructions going to spread out. There's at least one bronzerider and 6 kids down there, and anyone they can capture will surely be worth the Weyrleadership's time.
Like an arrow, Czaiath is diving for the edge of the large clearing where Darryl disappeared, dragged off by a man he knows from his own youth. Words aren't really a thing for D'nyl right now. He trusts that Sunny will go for the twins and that someone, certainly, will go to rescue Ila and Ila's ilk. Some people may have to save more than one person, but that's alright.

J'en didn't stop at any armory, but what he does have is a pair of nasty looking brass knuckles. The kid was so very fond of punching things, and so the choice of weaponry makes complete sense. Where he got the things is anyone's guess. The seamount rider rocks back in Leketh's riding straps, passing heavily lidded golden eyes over the riders assembled one by one. Expressionless, the bronzerider's golden eyes slide over Calisi, Sundari, D'nyl and finally R'hyn before sweeping off back the way of Ila'den and Teimyrth just beyond. With each passing moment and image being passed between rider and mount, the more anxious and enraged that Leketh seems to get. J'en draws in a breath, chin tipping up higher, knuckles whitening where they grip at the bronze's riding straps. "Ain't gunna be able to hold 'im much longer D'nyl." he growls darkly, his lifemate's ire beginning to resonate within his own voice. As if to emphasize this, Leketh gnashes his teeth, lips drawing back to expose their pointy sharpness. And with the signal, it's on. That's all it takes to send the bronze pair down, down and down and J'en is already climbing. Dragon half barely on the ground and the boy is already running across it and into the trees. Slipping on the brass knuckles as he goes the boy is making a strategic b-line for no one other than Ila'den and Teimyrth.

J'en is a clever youth because he speaks for Calisi as well and he has found himself a partner that he didn't think he had. Just as Calisi believes that Meirath is about to do as she wishes herself, D'nyl and Czaiath dive. Mirath folds her wings and drops like a golden stone to join them. There is nothing of the grace that people attribute to golds, nothing beautiful and nothing aesthetic at all as she just drops from the sky; reaching out at the last moment to break her fall as she strikes the ground hard enough to make a tremor. Once they've reached the ground Calisi slides from her shoulder; blade in hand to join J'en in making for Ila'den. She is with him. Meirath has other problems as she conducts her cursory examination; all ignorance of any renegades or people around her. She begins by nosing at Teimyrth and follows up by using her forelimbs to try and roll him. Is he bound? Is he drugged? Is he broken?
« I am here. »
Full of rage she may be, none of it gets through her private bespeaking to him. « Speak with me. Get up. Stand if you can. »
Calisi? She just wants to punch someone right now because while he lifemate is being nice to Teimyrth she is getting all of the /not good things/. Oh, well. At least she's tagging along with the right person if things need to be punched? J'en is a professional.

Irkevalath let's out a roar that echos across the sky, the blue is tired of waiting, his family is down thre after all. The moment D'nyl is going one way Sundari and Irkevalath are heading the other, the direction that she saw the twins getting dragged off in. Suny is pulling her crossbow free and while Irk is able to get close enough for the bluerider to jump down she does and rolls before she is off and running heading into the trees while Irk is following as best as he can above. A pair of firelizards tear through the trees hot in the trail and a half cry from one of the twins is all Sundari needs to hear to know she is on the right path.

And then there's Ila'den: dead weight. He might be able to see J'en and MYSTERY WOMAN coming for him, except that his head is bowed and his posture is NOPE and he's about as useless as his bronze who is drugged, but seems to be stirring when the queen tries to roll him and - a low rumble in his chest, a growl, as a blizzard starts somewhere in Teimyrth's mind and projects wordlessly to Meirath - as if the bronze is there, but lost and is finding his way out of drug-induced grogginess. That leaves Ila's nieces and nephew: Kiric, Kio, Kat; the trio are fighting not to lose each other (rather, the twins are fighting to keep hold of Kiric as they go), the older two keeping their calm whilst the youngest gibbers on in fear and cries - for Ila'den, for Mom, for Dad, for anybody who can help.

That's all R'hyn needs. "Go." And many things happen all at once. A pair of firelizards descend from the bronzerider's person, freefalling through wind and sky before blinking between - right into the faces of the renegades holding Ila'den at knifepoint. They take to the attack as though born for the task, horn-knobbed green and eerily-chittering blue a flurry of fangs and claws, aiming for eyes and nostrils and earlobes, perhaps not enough to harm on their own, but maybe - just maybe - enough to distract them, to pave way for J'en and Calisi before they billow elsewhere with twin shrieks of fury. R'hyn, meanwhile, guides Xermiltoth in for a zip-cord descent, hitting the ground running with barked orders. "Keep to the sky. Feed us images." There, there is the bronze's mind, exploding outwards in a dizzying wash of gold and diamonds - nothing, perhaps, to the riders that have known him from youth, but perhaps enough, words a jagged sing-song taunt. « COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE. » There— a flash of clothing ahead of Sundari's path, shoved at her mind as the bronze arcs over in a low rush, wingtips brushing treetops, and onwards he goes. "Good. Keep going." R'hyn, meanwhile, draws the daggers at his hips, their weight familiar after so many weeks warily stalking the forests, pausing only to orient himself when Kiric's crying reaches his ears. Cue a squint, a direction change, and a dead sprint their way.

The two holding Ila up keep backing, the one with his knife against the bronzerider's life's blood snarls, "Doan' come any closeror Ah'll spill his blud on th' sands!"
a pair of rough-looking renegades are pulling Kat and Kio away from Kiric, spitting expletives at the trio in an attempt to get away from the angry riders.
Raylin and Nylin are screaming their parents' names, each screaming for a different one and both over the other so it comes out in the shrill terror of pure confusion.
Czaiath doesn't retake the skies. Instead, he begins uprooting trees in an attempt to clear a path to all three of his children at once, which is less than conducive to reaching any of them.
D'nyl can't slow his heart enough to stalk, so he's running through the foliage, loading his crossbow on the run, trying to catch up to the pair.

Leketh? He's totally Meirath's back up, also gently nosing at Teimyrth a bit before he puts himself on guard duty. No one is getting past him if they want to get at the gold or the fallen bronze. While normally he was jovial and playful, now he was nothing but rage, teeth and talon. J'en slides his gaze to Calisi as she arrives, lashes still lowered, and jerks his head to the left indicating silently she should look that way, holding up two fingers. Why? There were two renegades crouched behind a boulder there, chin lifting and giving the woman a long look. Ambush? Totally an ambush. Then the bronzerider straightens, instantly golden eyes flick to the children struggling nearby, narrowing. Three fingers are tossed quietly to the right, for the three renegades snuggled up against the trees there. With the arrival of a familiar pair of firelizards zipping past to go for the men holding Ila'den, all J'en does is meet Calisi's gaze fleetingly before he takes the right, snarl already in place and teeth bared. He's barely out from his hiding spot before all three release a simultaneous battle cry and make for the seventeen turn old with various pointy weapons. Wordlessly, Jae intently dashes forward with little to no regard for his own personal safety, grabbing one of the men and tosses him into another, hand drawing back and slamming his brass enforced fist into the third guy's face. Cue bloody explosion, and guy slumping to the ground, probably dead but definitely out of the running. J'en was putting all his anger to good use for once, ducking out of the way of a disoriented blow and taking out one more with a deadly uppercut that shatters bone and forces up into places it REALLY shouldn't be. Without skipping a beat the young bronzerider is launching himself at the final renegade, snagging him by the front of his tunic and brings him in close, smiling in such a way that is anything but good. Sword is dropped, urine is excreted, and eye bulge. Unless someone is actually watching J'en at this time, what exactly happened to the final man is left up to the imagination, but whatever it was leaves a great deal of him on the seamount rider rather than wherever the rest ended up. Suffice to say, the boy is quite the site when he steps out of the forest and into the clearing where Ila'den is, expressionless face covered in this and that, and his attention focused on those that hold him. He says not a word, he just keeps coming forward, and he was coming for them.

Meirath moves; standing over Teimyrth with every bit of 'I will bite you if anyone comes near' attitude as she works over him. She keeps /her own/ rage under control by passing it off to Calisi as she methodically gives the downed bronze a going-over from neck to tail. Anything broken? It doesn't seem to be. Anything bound? No. Just this aggrivating cloudiness. She does not understand why he is so far away and…. Calisi supplies the detail that she needs. « Poison. » Meirath announces to all of the dragons that are listening. She is just as methodical in her voice as her examinations; stating the fact with no emotion or distraction. « But it is not lethal. I will bring him out of it or carry him but I cannot be bothered. » Abruptly, Meirath turns to look at Calisi who gestures something with the blade that she's carrying. The queen snorts and makes the announcement that Calisi wanted her to.
« On my hind hips, I carry fire stone. Mind the children, do not /hurt/ anyone but this place ought to be burned. Cause fear if you need but any harm will be done by the humans not by us. » So, don't hurt anyone. Cause all the damn fear and chaos in the world. Not too hard to follow!
That is the last 'nice' thing that she has to say. « I turn inward with Teimyrth. » And thus is her announcement that she is NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE anymore. She needs to touch Teimyrth and lies down beside him; a strange contrast of a perfectly calm gold loaf-dragon in all of this chaos; faceted eyes closed and a cloudy Meirath reaching inward as far as she's able to. Trying to touch the mind suppressed by the chemical; touching him under his chin and taking him by the snout and leading him. « We are here. For you. For him. » She feeds him tiny doses of reality around her. The cavalry of dragons overhead and the faire of firelizards. Everyone moving, everyone rescuing and Ila'den through Calisi's eyes. « Stand. You must fly. We will burn this place. » Tendrils of whispy cloud pull on Teimyrth's consciousness. « Stand. » Meirath mentally shrinks back; leading the bronze mentally to… where? Oh, to there as she draws back all of the psychic power given to her by her color's birthright and winds up to deliver the hardest, nastiest, most brutal psionic slap across the drugged dragon's mental face that she can. Every single fibre of who she is is put as weight behind it. It's going to hurt if she's successful; it hurts her just to gather that much force. « STAND. » She's ordering and threatening at the same time and will hit him again if she needs to.
Calisi is not the hero here. J'en does her work for her; but one can bet any money that she's right behind him and she'll totally cut someone. She'll see what J'en did to the second rider and she'll tell nobody, either. Maybe she was even involved. MYSTERIOUS MYSTERIES.

Sundari keeps running, the screaming of her children spurring her onwards while her firelizards keeps up trying to get some sight of them. "Raylin!!" Comes her yell while her fingers grip a bit tighter upon her crossbow that is already locked and loaded. Vision's are caught from both Xermiltoth and Irk has her knowing she is on the same path and she is soon skidding to a pause as there is someone she sees but honestly it is the last person she thought she would ever find out in the middle of the forest. It is a woman, older then Sunny, though about the same build, somewhat older and holding a knife in a hand. "About time you showed up… What took so long Sundari?" The bluerider is quiet for a few long moments, looking a bit stunned at the moment, rather uncertain what to say for hat seems like forever. "Mother…" Is murmured out faintly this is one of the people that has kept her children and others away from for so long? Raylin and Nylin are there just out of view as she hears. Irk let's out a rather log hissing snarl from above, the blue is crashing into a large tree somewhere further down the path trying to cut off the path to keep the twins from getting to far ahead.
Darryl let's out a half yell or something that sounds like 'no', or 'stop', from someplace further down the trail that D'nyl is running along forest covered and the like.

Ila'den? Useless. Still. Really guys. BUT TEIMYRTH ON THE OTHER HAND; the bronze responds to the queen in his mind, stirring at the flickering of images, at the command and the authority and finally to that smack. Teimyrth comes to life all at once, projecting a vicious onslaught of blizzard and ice so cold that it slips into veins and freezes, giving a literal brain-freeze to those who may not have a dragon to damper the effects of the bronze's coming-to-life rage. It's talons digging into mental flesh and rending. Wings unfurl and the dragon rises, stumbling as an ear-splitting roar is ripped from his throat and he swings in the direction of his rider. « MINE MINE MINE MINE » It is blind rage, blind temper, blind fury; he's already starting on his way without prejudice, stumbling, unsteady, but determined to get to where he's going. Katrel is not the only one fighting at hands; Kio's fighting too, trying to get a hold of Kiric's tunic as the child reaches for her siblings and there's a scream of indignation that turns into a sob and - "R'HYN." One of the twins has spotted the bronzerider - likely giving away his position in her haste but WHATEVER FIGHT HER. It's a sob of relief that comes from the child and then a fierce (and ineffective elbow) to her captor's gut. "THAT'S MY HUSBAND. HE'S GONNA KICK YOUR ASS." FIGHT HER.

Almost. Almost. Almost. Noises are getting closer, screams issued in tiny voices he recognizes, pushing thoughts and damage and worries aside to focus. Focus. And for as much as Kiorel might give him away, she also leads him right to them, colliding roughly against a tree and using it as a springboard for a sharp directional change. There is no return cry - R'hyn is beyond words - but Xermiltoth more than makes up for his lack. « PEEKABOO, YOU SHIT-HEAPING MOTHER— » of all mental explosions, fireworks bashing into minds, diamonds sharp and angled for the backs of eyes, words pounding into brains in a hammer of dazzling gold. There Xermiltoth is not, firelizards are, summoned by R'hyn's mind to retrieve rather than harm, a perhaps less-suitable task for their wretched natures, but one they obey nonetheless, fluttering to screech and pull at childrens' hair, clothing, whatever they might reach, and R'hyn? He came in like a wrecking ball. There are two. It's not enough. Not enough for weeks worth of rage and wonder and worry, not enough for those left behind at the weyr, achingly absent from their cavalry, by necessity or for preparedness. But it's a start, as six-and-a-quarter feet of him simply collides with the renegades trying to drag the children apart in a slam of fists, blades, fury, and everything but ass-kicking, but there's still time, Kio. There's still time. Xermiltoth, meanwhile, spins wide, flashing an image of something suspicious but that he's unsure of for D'nyl's benefit before making for Meirath. Did he hear her message? Yes. Yes he did. And what better combination, with Teimyrth wakening, than fire and ice?

For better or worse, J'en veritably rips through the ambush force, though he may get a few scrapes and bruises. The one holding his knife to Ila, though? He seems to lack a self-preservation instinct as he presses the blade closer, actually splitting the skin enough for a thing line of the beaten bronzer's blood to wind its way down the knife blade. "Ah dare ya! Ah'd love ta spill th' mouthy bugger's blud."
From Beyond Isabelle, Raylin screams out, "MOTHER!", but is suddenly cut off, "Shaddup, gurl. Stop playin' wit yer food, Bell. Tornican'll have our hides if'n we doan' finish this!"
The elbow'd one oofs at the unexpected strength of the child's strike, his grip loosening just enough that they can break free, but the others are still entangled. Upside, no one's threatening their lives. Then… the fire lizards attacked.
That familiar voice jerks D'nyl's head around for a moment, then he grits his teeth and turns back to his quarry. Facing his … well, hard to say what he was, but facing him right now won't help any, anyway. With a shouted curse, he turns back to his quarry, bringing his crossbow up to his shoulder as he runs, "DARRYL! 'M COMIN'." Scorch stealth.

Leketh is distracted, a ripple of tension across his body and he turns whirrling red facets towards where J'en is approaching the men holding Ila'den. It doesn't lat long however, because there is firestone and the bronze is soon sorting that out. The word of a queen was impossible to ignore, commanded or no, and the male willingly obeys. Carefully tearing whatever keeps the firestone in place and watching as it falls to the ground beside the gold. He takes enough, chewing it as he had been taught, and as Teimyrth roars the younger bronze follows behind with every intention to burn the renegade camp to the ground. He will act as backup, as protector, as avenging angel. J'en may not even be aware that Calisi was still with him, his own back up, attention unwavering on the two remaining men. There is zero verbal communication at this point, letting his bloodied and bits stuck on appearance say it all for him, that and those eyes of his. Hollow, empty, with zero f**ks to give. He wasn't here to negotiate, he was here for a reason and that reason was being held at knife point. He pauses as that knife slices into Ila'den, gaze lifting upwards to meet that of the knife holding renegade. Slowly, his chin tips upwards, and then that blood chilling smile spreads his lips tight across his teeth. He doesn't look like he's worried at all, blood still dripping from the brass knuckles clutched in his hands. Then he says the one thing that spells this particular gentleman's doom. "Calisi." he rumbles, deep and throaty in a tone better suited in a much more intimate situation.

Meirath has her hands (paws?) full. On one paw she can't move much, because she offered fire stone and people need access to those shapely hips to get it. On the other, she needs to stay with Teimyrth. Jamming her shoulder into him and steading him physically just as she caresses him mentally. Stay focused. On the ones that hate you. Cause chaos. She can keep him primed and going. Elsewhere?
Calisi has been having a month. She's really been having a month. It wasn't so long ago that she punched her own weyrmate in the /eyeball/ and it's just been going down hill since. Meirath is in her head all angry and vicious; people are hurting Ila'den and there are screaming children and her weyrmate left her, her best friend is in tears and all of these horrible things are happening and BY FARANTH SHE IS GOING TO SALVAGE A GOOD DAY OUT OF THIS SOMEHOW. That's why, as the man who holds Ila'den focuses on J'en she's been huddling low and innocent and circling wide, just a tiny person and no threat to anyone. It's also why when her name is said, without thinking she does something she'll totally cry over later but…. that pretty little blade she borrowed? She'll totally dilate that man right to ten centimeters with it. Birth of his viscera can begin any time.
Calisi is having a bad day. Someone else is having a worse one.

Sundari is left quiet as the two have a show off so to speak. "How.. Why… what the hell is going on… What give you the right do do any of this?" The rider is beyond upset and is stepping coser as the show of shock is pushed passed her face and Isabella just looks on with a little smug look upon her face. "Do what? You did this.. You gave us no choice after all." Sunny looks confused before hearing her daughter once more and Isabella only laughs out. "She is a cute one… My granddaughter." Seems that is all that the woman needs to say for Sunny to well snap, she is moving forward quickly crossbow brought up and she slams it hard arcross he mother's face with the butt of it causing the woman to yell out in surprise, and that knife dose cu down into the the bluerider's arm but it doesn't make her stop. No instead Sundari is pushing past her notmother and is back after her children without a glance back. "Wrong… Your nothing to them like your nothing to me." Is hissed out as she is leaving.
Darryl is held fast thought, getting dragged backwards it would seem through the thick forest, someone is talking to him attempting to change his mind at the events that is happening at the moment. Though Darryl isn't seeming to be fully falling for it.

Ila'den doesn't even try to protect himself from the dagger at his throat - though there is a low growl emitted from the former renegade, as if promising without words that he will regret this and - and then Calisi and J'en are there, a force of reckoning, bringing (probably) death and vengeance and being joined shortly up by an bronze dragon that's protruding teeth and a vicious side-sweeping of humans as he obeys the queen's command and goes forward. He stays behind them, sails extended as he undulates with fury but is held back - by Meirath's fierce lifemate, by the queen herself, but Ila'den? It's hard to tell, but he's whirling red eyes that waits, perhaps to haul Ila'den out of there without ACCIDENTALLY KILLING HIM ANYWAY in the process. And then there are the children. FIRELIZARDS AND R'HYN - WHOO! Kio's staggering away when she's released, when the firelizard cavalry arrives, and then her HUNKAHUNKA HUSBANDITO. She stands there for a moment wide-eyed, unsure, and then she's trying to take control of the advantage that R'hyn buys them. "KIRIC, KAT," she snaps, all authority for somebody so young (perhaps the renegades taught her a lesson that stuck). "Go. Take Kiric and go, Kat. Find uncle. Find somebody. And get help." And then she's jumping in with R'hyn, to fight as Kat grabs Kiric and RUNS. SMOL BUT FIERCE HELP FOR R'HYN. Also, it should be known that Teimyrth is reaching out to Xermi - the message probably only delivered to the other bronze and Meirath, perhaps, since she's already in there anyway. FIGHT HIM.

It's a veritable smorgasbord of questionable pasts, indistinct presents, indistinct futures; R'hyn, for his part, is living up to the blind rage once glimpsed by J'en so many, many months ago, mind one steady, pulsing, daggering mantra of 'Never again.' He is not a creature of precision, but rather of brute force, allowing one knee to come down hard on the chest of the renegade nearest him, oblivious to Kiorel barking commands to her siblings as a rough heave of his body brings one knife down into - through - the man's shoulder, blade sticking into a knotted root below him. His thunderous gaze snaps to the next man in line, already tensing when smol fury rips the absent-minded rage right out from under him. Well. More or less. That isn't a terribly sane grin on his face when he continues the fray, using Kio's distraction to it's fullest to shoulder, elbow downwards, snap in one bladeless fist, receiving what are surely hits and cracks against his own person before— "Close your eyes," R'hyn breathes, head tilted Kiorel's way the only indication he's talking to her and not to the man beneath him as blade finds soft belly and drives home. Never again. Never again. Never again. Inhale, exhale, don't think, move on. "Thank you, darlin'," comes rough words, a very gentle tap to one of Kiorel's elbows given to indicate it was safe to open eyes, should she have listened, R'hyn shifting his big body between her and the downed renegade in a crouch. "Find Xermiltoth. He has firestone. I want you to feed it to him - he'll tell you how. Help him burn this place to the ground." He sways like he might smooch her on the head, but thinks better of it, instead jerking his chin at the pair of firelizards that dip and swing ahead of her to lead the children to a clearing partially of Xermiltoth's own making, trees crushed and upended, mouthful of firestone dropped to free Meirath of responsibility as R'hyn darts into the foliage again, making for the sounds coming from Sundari's neck of the woods, stumbling only once with a borderline-agonized scrunch of his face and a hysterical noise that might be a laugh, if only it weren't so pained.

BLOOD, BLOOD, GORE AND… DEATH! When that knife dilates the man's head, he goes instantly limp, dropping poor Ila like a sack as he goes down as well. The other man just flat-out runs. Fuck this shit.
The man holding Raylin and Nylin is older, but his body shows clear strength as he controls both of the twins, just waiting for their mother to appear, "Ah, well… ya mus' be his woman." Despite deftly controlling the struggling twins, he's not actually showing violent intent.
As soon as their hands are free, one of the ones that was holding Ila's neices and nephew, spins in plance, throwing a knife towards R'hyn's head before bolting for the underbrush as well.
D'nyl looses a bolt at a run, so it lacks his usual accuracy, but certainly gets the point across. Especially considering the harsh growl aimed after it, "Release my son and I won't kill you slowly and painfully in a pool of your own bodily waste."

Leketh is still holding up the rear behind queen and countryman as the three dragons arrive at last in the clearing where the renegade holding Ila'den by the throat via knife has just been disemboweled. Yep, bad day for him. J'en is quick though to move and grab for Ila'den before the man can fall to the ground dropping the blood soaked brass knuckles in the process. He says nothing to him other than to growl low and unfriendly, wrapping an arm around him under his and helping him sling one of his own over his shoulders. He didn't expect tiny Calisi to do anything other than protect him and the wounded bronzerider from a surprise attack as he just starts moving off towards Teimyrth. Luckily he had youth, strength and adrenaline on his side otherwise there was no way he'd be able to handle the weight of the much larger of a man. Leketh reaches out to all dragons present save for Teimyth and Meirath, a throbbing blacked mass of pudding held in place with silvery sticky thread « My J'en has Teimyrth's » before it pulses and fades out leaving behind nothing by emptiness and cold.

Meirath. Again. Her voice betraying her rage; tinged with something else. Little hints of Xermiltoth and Teimyrth as though she was in conversation with both and changed her mind to opt for /wide area broadcast/. « Someone. Your human that is not mine. Warn them what we are about to do. I will not have the ones willing to leave be hurt. Everything else? » She asks that question and then becomes dismissive. « As soon as our people and the children are safe, burn it. All of it. Ashes. » Then she's all about Tiemyrth; trying to help him focus and calm himself and leaving just enough rage to continue to hopefully scare the s—t out of everyone that their their 'downed and drugged' is now very much awake and angry. Meirath is not a pleasant dragon when she's angry it seems. Casually suggesting willful destruction. At least she's not suggesting the people be burned? Calisi jogs with Ila'den and J'en; holding her blade in one hand and trying not to think about what's dripping from it as she gets her arm around Ila'den's waist and helps J'en hump him towards Teimyrth. (Don't even say it you bloody sickos) She might be tiny but she and her other half have shown some ample fierce. She's just killed a man; what's a little burning? If Ila'den is awake enough and with it enough he'll hear her tell him something. "Calisi, by the way. Mystery man. Who I /KEEP RUNNING INTO/." Maybe he'll remember; maybe he won't. Who knows, J'en and Cali have a lot of humping Ila'den to do yet before he can be extracted safely.

Sundari doesn't look back to see if her mother follows, no her goal is her children, and the one that has hold of them. Her crossbow is lifted and she eyes the man that has hold of the twins. "Yes… Let 'em go or your dead." That is the only warning she gives just one. Honestly in her mind he isn't walking out of here breathing she has already made the decision to kill who ever had hold of her children one way or another. Irk twists and turns in the perch of a thick tree that is soon giving under is bulk and it goes crashing down about a dozen yards behind the man that has the twins so that seems to prove he isn't going /that/ way while the blue is back up into the air with a flap of wings with a bellow of rage that he can not get closer. "Dear daughter that wasn't very nice… What would your father say?" Isabella's voice comes like a eerie sound behind Sundari and the woman is grabbing hold of the bluerider's arm making the crossbow fire so the bolt slams into a tree. The two are left struggling, crossbow the only thing between them, let's face it girl fights not so nice, hair pulling and was that a elbow jabbing? They are related? Honestly! Isabella still has that knife and Sunny is doing her best to play keep away from it.
Darryl is left struggling in the grip of the man who has hold of him, tugging and pulling and only stops hearing his father's voice. "Father!" His thrilled to see his father, and even attempts to run that way before getting yanked backwards.

Kio's all fight - until R'hyn interferes and tells her to close her eyes; it's almost like she knows what's coming, because the child spins on her heel and brings her hands over her eyes and trembles as breath escapes her lungs because she can still hear it and it sounds - the touch to her elbow has her looking up, blinking grey eyes wide as if seeing the bronzerider for the first time — really seeing him. And then a grim kind of determination comes over her, as she breathes, "Be careful," and presses one tiny hand to his cheek. WISE FOR HER YEARS - though she has seen much in the months she's been gone. And then she's running after Kiorel and Kiric, missing the KNIFE FLUNG at the bronzer's head) as she chases after her twin and their youngest sister, following the path that flits create in order to get them back to Xermi, where they will await instruction. Teimyrth is rage and fury personified (dragonified?); as soon as Ila'den is safe, the bronze is on a war path, turning from his lifemate and following the egging of Meirath to DESTROY and SNAP his teeth at men and woman who'd hurt his Ila'den (he can see it in his mind); who'd kept him drugged and useless when he was needed the most. And then there's Ila'den, Ila'den who stinks of infection; whose only got one eye where the other is an empty socket, caked with blood and Faranth. The bronzerider can't speak; his face is swollen in response to a broken jaw, inflamed and painful and immobile. Everything hurts, everything hurts, and Teimyrth can feel the pain of arms around his rider, where punishments were turned on him to teach the children lessons and keep them in line, using the bronzerider to make an example. Ila'den relies heavily on both J'en and Calisi - and worry not. Months of captivity have stripped that weight from the bronzerider alarmingly - even that muscle mass is sad and lacking (HE WILL JUST HAVE TO BUILD IT UP). But it all fuels Tei in his rampage. And stuff. And things. No more conversation with Xermi or Meirath; ain't nobody got time for that. SOMEBODY SOS SUNNY.

That's what one gets for showing mercy - a certain lack of death begets a certain amount of knife to the face. It is, thank Faranth, not a lethal blow, but jays, how it does try. Skin splits, blood pours, the rider staggers for the sudden pain shearing through that single instant of 'maybe everything will be okay,' a fool's hope, hand pressing to his scalp, blood mixing with blood and good sense says perhaps he should stop, but that little voice is dead to Heryn. Dead as a doornail. Dead as the renegade holding Sundari's twins captive, R'hyn never much of a man to make the same mistake twice. Success is unclear, but the bronzerider's knife is flung regardless, flicked hard and fast and followed up with more of that blind-rage tank mentality aimed to keep the man from exacting revenge on children should the knife-throw fail. Firelizards, meanwhile, scurry in opposite directions when the children reach Xermiltoth, the bronze's great blackened head lowering so his maw might open, mind gentle, words quiet as he says, « Feed me the stones carefully, towards my back teeth. When they are all gone, climb onto my back and buckle up. » They're going for a joyride, as evidenced by a more widely-projected blast of golden thought, agreement for Meirath's words riding high before Xerm's mind fastens tight onto Leketh's fading darknesss. « BROTHER, WILL YOU FLAME WITH ME? »

The man nods to Sunny, "Aye-" He was about to say more, but when the girlfight breaks out, he just keeps the twins out of it. "Letcher momma- shards!" He knife does find purchase in his arm, but other than the initial expletive, it doesn't seem to phase him overmuch. He grits his teeth as he pulls the blade out and tosses it on the ground between the twins. He gestures towards Sunny and her mother, flashes a rude gesture, and turns to leave.
D'nyl pulls his knife, flipping it up so he's holding it by the tip, clearly ready to throw, "Last. Chance." The danger in his voice is clear and if his son isn't released in 10 seconds, that knife will be let fly.

Calisi is making her escape, humping Ila'den along with J'en and a sword and all of these things as Meirath stands there and still provides as much mental support to Teimyrth as she can. Now, she's trying to calm him down and get him to relax enough that she can guide him back between. Abruptly though, something strikes her and she reaches out to attempt to lay a hand on J'en's chest. "Would you take him?" She asks him; bluntly. "They're both in bad shape. It's going to be hard enough for Teimyrth to understand a visualization enough to get where he needs to go. He…" She touches Ila'den's shoulder. "Isn't in any shape to visualize. Could you please call your lifemate and I'll help you get him up there?" She's so much different than Meirath; Meirath is all confidence and burn it. Calisi is quiet and please.

J'en grits his teeth, though whether it is because he finds Ila'den too heavy, foul-smelling, or just plain irritating is not exactly clear. The addition of Calisi to the other side of the wounded bronzerider does help alleviate some of the burden, even if she is comparatively tiny against the both of them. So they continue on, closer and closer to where the three metallics wait but it was slow progress at best when dragging a full grown man regardless of his current lack in muscle mass considering the dead weight factor. "What?" J'en hisses coldly at Calisi, his eyes narrowing to deathly slits. To make it worse he was still covered in all mannor of sticky gross things as well as hauling Sir Smells Like Death. His jaw is worked and there is an obvious struggle within him even if his expression had reverted back to one of expressionlessness. There is a growl though, in the end, before he snaps at the poor woman. "Fine." Oh no, he did not like that at all, and he'd not exactly hidden the dagger eyes he'd been giving the poor hurt Ila'den. Luckily for them all, Leketh had been fitted with special baskets (baskets that were capable of carrying a whole person in fact) when they joined Seamount, and as they finally reach the side of the golden bronze J'en reaches out with his free hand and pulls a strap that lowers a large basket on a pulley. As Calisi and J'en load up Ila'den, Leketh turns his long neck towards Xermiltoth, the black pulse of his mind voice back to snake its way through the burst of color of his clutch sibling, « Yes. » And with that and everyone out of the way, the larger of the three bronzes lets loose a flame over the encampment.

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