Beach Chat

Summer - Month 8 of Turn 2715
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Despite summer being a prime time to visit the beach, the mid-morning crowd is still quite thin. Thin enough to allow Toith and R'sner the opportunity to bathe and swim without threat of squishing or running over someone. The green has taken up a spot deep enough to allow adequate water coverage, but doesn't require R'sner to swim. Yet. He's up to about chest-height (which is still pretty deep considering he's six-feet tall) and diligently working. And while Res is working away and scrub-a-dubbing, his green partner looks less than pleased; eyes whirling slowly with just a hint of yellow-red. Grumpy. And sudsy.

It may not be a super crowded beach day, but Akiva is one of the regulars. Very rarely a days goes by that the waterbaby doesn't spend a good portion of it at the water. Her board is stuck up on the sand, while she works on waxxing another propped across two logs. She glances towards the water every so often, watching the lathered up dragon enjoy her attention. Even if something in the green's gaze hints at irritability on the horizon. Akiva turns back to her work to prepare the board and soon reaches a pause point. Straightening, she stretches a bit to get the kinks out of her back from hunching over th board so long.

Toith is very much not enjoying the attention. There are sorrow-ful looks toward the sandy beach, and disgruntled sounding snorts and chuffs and even a growl, maybe? She'd rather be muddy. R'sner would rather she be clean. R'sner won. But eventually, he appears to be satisfied that she is as clean as she is going to be, and sends her off to rinse. As Toith heads for deeper water, to splash around with glee, the human-half slogs his way to the beach. Dripping, and somehow less-clean than he was when he started, R'sner heads far enough out of the water to ensure it won't lap over his legs, and promptly drops into the sand. A glance is spared for the board-waxing headwoman, and a tip of his chin is given in semblance of a greeting.

Akiva swipes her hands across each other a couple of times to flick away and clinging waxy bits as she watches the green dragon heading off to rinse. A greeting nod to the dragon's rider and she'll wander that way after a moment, leaving the board to cure a bit longer. Eyes scan across Toith a few long seconds and Akiva sorta grins "She seems to enjoy the rinsing portion better than she did the scrubbing."

"You are correct," agrees R'sner, squinting toward the lagoon as he watches Toith 'rinse' with much more enthusiasm than the task technically requires. There is much frolicking… in the form of throwing herself out of the water to body-slam back into it, flailing around as if she's wrestling an invisible foe, and then vanishing all together as she dives beneath the surf. "It will last an hour. Maybe two," decides the greenrider, voice dry and somewhat resigned. "Then, there will be mud. And if I'm lucky, only mud." Squinty-blue eyes glance toward Akiva next. "So… two boards?" The unasked question is 'why'.

Akiva is quick to start smiling when the dragon's playful antics start working up a bit of froth to the water Toith is churning. Pulling her gaze back to the green's rider, she gives a little disbeliving 'pfft.' "She can't really get all dirty again just by playing inthe water..?" The 'can she' could almost be heard for the unfinished sentance. Looking closer to the treeline, she nods with an easy grin. "Yea. Working on one for a friend of mine, he wants to learn, so found him a good board to learn on."

"You underestimate her ability for mess-making," decides R'sner, still with that dry, resigned tone of voice. "But no. She'll flail around a bit, then come out and go looking for a mess." But right now, the green seems pretty content in the water, lashing head and tail to create MOAR WAVES because more is better. Her splashing holds R'sner's attention, or at least his gaze, though his head is tipped towards Akiva to indicate he is listening. There's a little shrug of a shoulder, though the 'hm' sounds curious enough, beneath the flat affect. "You… made it? Or just… preparing it?"

Akiva chuckles at what she takes as a joke told by R'sner about his dragon's mess making ability, and watches the frolicing waterbaby with amusement. A quick nod for the question. "Yea, a few turns ago, so not my best work. But it'll still be a good learning board once I give it a once over." Or twice over if she feels up for it. Canting her head to the rider with a curious brow "Do you surf?"

Is R'sner joking? Probably hard to tell, given the lack of expression. But there is a distinct amusement in his tone, beneath all that grim acceptance. And maybe a little curl to the corner of his mouth? Or maybe that's a weird tick? Who knows! Akiva's chuckle earns a glance, and another one of those maybe-grin-maybe-tick twitches. Another, throaty sounding 'hm' that is probably acknowledgement for her explanation. Her direct inquiry earns a shake of his head, slow but distinct. "No. No surfing. Not really my thing."

Akiva considers his /no/ and nods with a little shrug. Since he seems in a better mood today than the last time she chatted with him, the surfgirl crouches a couple paces away, elbows resting lightly on her knees. Toith probably still plays as she rinses off the lather. "So what is your thing then?" Her bare feet dig into the sand a bit, burying them up to her ankles.

Indeed, Toith is still pretending to wrestle giant sea-creatures, which seems to involve a lot of thrashing and exuberant flailing of various limbs. But R'sner doesn't appear concerned; even if he's grimacing a bit when Toith makes a rather audible belly-flop. "Teaching weyrlings," because it's his job. "Transporting things." Because it's his other job. "Reading." Which is actually a legit past-time and not a job. "Hate to break it to you, but I'm boring. It's what happens when you get old." Is that a joke? Maybe. And there is an attempt at another sorta-smile-thing, but it dies before it really forms as he turns toward the water in a distant sort of way.

Akiva just smirks and waves off the boring comment "Don't let Ila'den hear ya saying that. My dad may just take that argument up with you about being old and boring." A little head shake at the reading. "It depends on the story, or subject though over reading being boring. Could go either way." A quick grin flashes before she gives a more enthusiastc headshake "I'm surprised you think teaching weyrlings coule be boring though. I'm having trouble training one stubborn kitten, and you got how many at any given time? About a dozen give or take?"

That 'dad' comment earns an arched eyebrow but, wisely, no words from the greenrider. But there is definitely a look about R'sner that says comments have been made, internally at least! "It was an observation to contrast the sedentary nature of reading against the kinetic nature of surfing. The idea that reading requires very little active participation from the body, leading it to appear 'boring' in comparison to the very physically active nature of surfing, which is at least somewhat amusing for the spectator. From an outside perspective, the act of reading is boring." Moving on then. "No, teaching weyrlings is not boring." But at least he does not offer and extensive argument on that one, hm? Instead, he pushes himself up to his feet and makes a vain attempt at dusting sand from his body (which unsurprisingly, fails to do anything but create more mess). "Weyrlings have the advantage of understanding the spoken language, and the ability for higher cognitive functions and reasoning. I would imagine kittens are a much more challenging prospect, given they are unlikely to understand the consequences of their actions outside of the immediate scenario."

Akiva ponders a bit longer over his clarified statements and add with a smile "Perhaps, but I've also read things that gave my mind just as good a work out as my board gives the rest of me." A little shrug at her little comparison, and nods agreeably over his Weyrlings. "Perhaps, but I'm sorta convinced that little furrball is smarter than you and me both, but hiding her true mastermind behind that cute fluffy exterior." As R'sner get to his feet, she does too, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she jiggles each leg a few seconds to loosen the muscles from crouching as she was.

"Of course. That was my point. It is the spectating aspect of watching someone read that is boring; not the act of reading itself. Clearly, I enjoy reading." As mentioned previously. R'sner's opinion on kittens does not seem to be as high as Akiva's, and there's a certain look bestowed upon the surfer that has probably been perfected and utilized against those aforementioned weyrlings. "If you say so." For kitten-intelligence. "I have no kitten, and therefore, lack the ability to adequately refute your argument. What I do have," and plodding toward them now, dripping gleefully upon anything and everything in her path, "is a dragon that needs oiling. Enjoy your surfing, Akiva." Which will have to serve as a farewell, for he quickly falls into line with Toith as she passes by the pair. For her part, the green offers a snorty-wuffle for the lass, happy to drip ocean water on her and blow fish-scented air her direction, before shuffling off to that promised oiling.

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