Gliding? Got It!

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

Another day, another lesson, at least that is the idea when it comes to teaching Weyrlings! Some lessons though need to be done a few times to make sure all get a turn. Sundari is down a the end of the training yard speaking to M'rio and B'lly, Booth has went and Keenth looks to be about to go about the lesson. Which is getting use to being in the air even if it is a just a slight glide. "Make sure he does as told. I'm not dealing with a busted wing.. Also if he brakes something its going to hurt you just as much." She points out while eyeing B'lly slightly, whom seems anything but eager to do this lesson. "If he doesn't follow the directions again you won't get to fly with the rest of them later on." Threats are made! Keenth rumbles showing he is not happy! Irkevalath is settled behind his rider merely watching, his done his part!

Oh dear. Really, they've been here the whole time. Or they've just arrived. In either case, Valigath is dancing in place, her mind radiating raw heat and smoke the whole time. There are no words in that chaos, nor any need; she's absolutely on fire with the thought of taking wing. She's all kinds of restless energy, unfocused - but in control. Aglaia, for her part, is the cool, calm half of this quirky equation. The gold seems to be reasonably controlled - for once - but at what cost? Faranth only knows. The pair - or, at least, the human half of it - is listening intently to the directions as they're given.

D'nyl rubs that spot just behind his jaw that Czaiath loves so much as the pair make their way out to join the others, "Don' worry, Czaiath, you'll jus' get better 'n' better until they'll hafta let us fly t'gether. Then we can go wherever we want." He hopes. Wrongly. Czaiath rumbles in his chest when he sees Valigath's excitement, but he leaves his thoughts unspoken as the pair fall into place, just waiting to see how they perform.

Sundari eyes B'lly a bit and smirks before shrugging. "I don't care if he is grumpy, he needs to go through it like everyone else has." She points out. A glance is sent over to Agalia and she points to Valigath. "You two will be next." This is called out while she looks back to Keenth. The brown grumps slightly, his wings tucking close before he shifts forward and he running down that slight incline, once at the middle he opens his wings and goes gliding down the rest of the way. Though there is a moment where he seems to go a bit higher, and look he is even flapping his wings which makes him go just that bit higher. Sunny glowers a touch but allows it for the moment. There is a few moments where Keenth glides along and then soon lands, stumbling a bit in the process though bugling all the while. "Good job.. Though I don't suggest he do that too often. Their wings are not strong yet, when we are down on the beach then the wing down there can help a bit." She nods a bit while glancing to him and M'rio. "Right, go on and oil them down, I want to know about any pains or soreness." Both nod and are quick to move off with their lifemates following.

There's just a faint - oh-so-faint - groan from Aglaia as Valigath is verbally tagged to go next. The gold titters in that strange way of hers and dances a bit more vigorously in place until Keenth is in the air. If her eyes could narrow, they would; instead, they whirl a particularly intense hue of green that dissolves into rich blue by the time the bronze touches down. She prances up to where Keenth started his jog - and then she's off, loping with her usual, preternatural grace. Valigath pushes off about halfway down and flares her wings, catching the air with a clumsiness that surprises even her. She wobbles in the air for what time she remains up there and glides to a landing that's less-than-stellar - but solid, fortunately. No harm done - except, maybe, to her pride. She utters a croak of dismay at the whole affair and spends a moment to glare at her wings as if they're to blame. Aglaia, meanwhile, is stifling a laugh and cuts a glance briefly to D'nyl and Czaiath. Then comes the wincing but, hey, at least she got a giggle in, right?

Czaiath rumbles again and D'nyl shoots him a sideways look, "Waitcher turn." He inclines his head slightly to Aglaia when Valigath lands, offering a sympathetic smile to the human half of the pair. Valigath is, of course, perfect and requires no sympathy.

Marweroeth shows a determination that he'll do great at this lesson. Not one to rush into things he is content to crouch patiently as he watches others go before him. An encouraging croon with a light mind touch towards Keenth as the other weyrling takes off. Flickering his tail it hits Trysta's legs lightly as she leans into his soft hide.

Sundari shakes her head a bit and is then looking over to Valigath as he goes about taking her turn. So far so good she thinks. "Good job!" Is offered up to Valigath with a warm smile seen before she catches that 'croak' and a glance is sent over to Aglaia curiously. "I take it she wasn't happy with that?" She questions with an amused tone heard. A wave is sent over to D'nyl and Czaiath once she has caught sight of the pair. "No worries there, she can go again." She points towards Trysta and smiles warmly. "Ready for a go?"

"She's just… her." It's the only diplomatic response the girl has - so she gives it. Aglaia rolls a shoulder and glances to Valigath, who happily dons the gracefulness she's so accustomed to having on the ground. The gold snorts at the slope just a little, folds her wings, and trots fluidly to where her rider awaits. Then comes the scrunity, her keen visage trained on the next weyrling tagged to go. She flutters her wings a little, flashing those strange 'eyes' on them, only to settle after a terse word or two uttered by her rider.

D'nyl nods to Trysta, then gives Czaiath a nudge, sending him on his way up the slight rise with a taunting croon sent towards Valigath. He rustles his wings, affecting a nervousness he doesn't actually feel, then starts the run, launching smoothly and catching himself with that crucial downstroke so he can glide easily to land before his bond, rising dust, but no chaos. « Don't feel bad. This isn't my first time. »

"Ready!" confirms Trysta at the same time Marweroeth straightens up with both wings flaring. He's clearly ready but Trysta lays a hand on his muzzle briefly to keep him from launching up right away. Once he's a clear path though she steps back and lets him do his thing. Confident he can do this right the first time he launches upwards with two large wingstrokes. Listing briefly to the right he corrects that into a bump glide ending in an overconfident landing. Bouncing once he does a half-twist-hop to make it look like he /meant/ to land just like that.

Sundari chuckles a bit and shakes her head a touch. "She will get over it." She offers softly while glancing over to Czaiath as he goes about doing the glide and he does it well. "Very good Czaiath. Your clear for the lesson tomorrow down at the beach." Real flying time there! Then it is Marweroeth's turn and she is close to watch the brown as he goes about gliding down and she smiles. "Not bad! But you'll have to do it a few more times before getting a pass." No one does it the first time around after al!

Poor choice of words, that. It just sets Valigath into a shrill, tittering 'giggle' of a sort - both mentally and physically. « Oh, brother-mine. A wiser dragon would have said it WAS his first time to REALLY grind salt into the wound! You have a lot to learn! » She bounces in place, wings half-unfurled and maw gaped into a terrible mimicry of the smile that's perpetually painted onto her face. Aglaia shoots a glare at the gold - a glare that's sufficiently withering enough to settle her down and, if only temporarily, put her in her place. Marweroeth's landing is noted by both parts of the pair - but, naturally, it's Aglaia calling, "You did great!"

Czaiath rumbles lightly, « Or I could enjoy pointing out that Azminath and I had the privilege to start early. » The bronze actually sticks his tongue out at Valigath, then turns towards Sunny, crooning his thanks as he nudges her gently.

Marweroeth huffs at the ground before turning to return to Trysta's side. Neither one look dejected at being told a few more times before getting a pass. « Training is half the fun! » he carols out joyfully to his clutch mates. "Thanks!" Trysta flashes a smile towars Aglaia. "Not bad at all for first try! I think though he needs more wing flare exercises in the mornings when I'm up and jogging."

Sundari glances over to Aglaia and Valigath. "Does she want to go again?" This questioned curiously while she looks up to Czaiath and gives his nose a soft pet while smiling. "Welcome, you earned it though." Good training and what not! Hearing Trysta she looks over to her. "I think he did just fine, and that may indeed be a key thing to do. Working the wings out while they build up the muscle needed for longer and longer flights, along with the needed stamina of course." Irk warbles out his thoughts to the younger dragons. « Everyone is doing well! One is only as good as the next, remember you are a class so all should help one another in the end! YES training is fun!! So are snacks.. »

« Clearly, » Valigath responds with her usual snark, « you needed a head-start. Otherwise, I would be flying CIRCLES around you by now. » Unflappable confidence? Check. Horribly gaped maw? Double-check. Aggravated rider? There aren't enough checks for that. Aglaia just blows out a breath and physically reaches over to lay a hand on her lifemate's forearm. It stills the dragon just a little, at least until she gently shrugs the gesture off and turns her attention to Sundari and Irkevalath. If her maw could gape wider, it would. "She- yeah, she'll give it another try, I think." There's a wince, a shake of her head, and a quickly corrected, "She'll do it again. No try- just do." Not that the words are necessary, really; the weyrling dragon is already trotting to where she started her run before but, this time, there's a slightly lengthier pre-flight check.

D'nyl huffs out a frustrated breath in unison with Aglaia, "Or maybe you should stop trying to be the best, Czaiath. She'll always be a queen." Czaiath rumbles, but acquiesces, settling to the ground between D'nyl and Sundari. "I'm sorry, 'Glaia. I don' know why he's so compet'tive with her."

« Crunchy snacks? Those are the best. » Marweroeth confirms his thoughts on that. He watches his gold clutch mate take another turn, his eyes whirling slowly as he watches. Trysta casts a brief look between D'nyl and Aglaia but merely listens quietly.

« Crunchy snacks indeed! The crunchier the better of course.. Like.. sunned meat or fish. » Irk is getting hungry the more he thinks about snacks it seems. Sundari sends a glance to her dragon and smirks. "You keep this up and we're all have to head to the corrals soon." Weyrling dragons like crunch foods too! Sunny shrugs a bit as she looks to D'nyl, a soft smile seen. "Because.. They both fed off of one another. Like oil and water, not fully able to be in the same space and when they are they push against one another." She doesn't seem worried over that completive streak between the pair. She glances back towards Valigath as she goes about giving it another try.

« The louder the *CRUNCH*, the BETTER! » Valigath's agreement comes mere moments before she starts her short sprint and eventual launch. One beat. Two. This time, the glide is steady - at least until the end, when she wavers just before landing. The wobbling costs her a perfect landing - but, she blatantly steals a page from Marweroeth's book and manages to partially-bounce-twist to make it seem as if that's precisely the bit of flair she intended to display. « Hah! » And Aglaia? Not feeding THAT beast. Instead, her attention seems split between listening to whatever her lifemate is saying - and to Sundari and D'nyl. In the end: "It's- it's okay. I mean, it's not your fault that they're like that, so no need to apologize." Her smile manifests, if a bit lopsidedly, and she glances to Sundari, "It seems like that, doesn't it? I hope it's that… not innocent, not really, but you know what I mean?"

D'nyl's shoulders lift and fall, "I jus' hope they grow out of it. I don' like it when they figh', 'slike… my head is boilin' when he's upset. Th' lights are brighter 'n' harsher. I'm happier when he's happy."

"All siblings fight, a little here, a little there." Sundari offers to D'nyl and Aglaia while she is watching Marweroeth and then Valigath taking turns. "See, better each time." She calls out with a happy tone and slight clap hard. A slight wave of her hand is seen. "Your both welcome to continue a few more times if you like. Though I don't want them to have strained muscles, or wings for that much!"

"If my brain could have blisters - it would." That's Aglaia's admission, made while Valigath ventures up to give this flying thing another try. Third time's a charm, as it turns out - from take-off to landing, everything runs as smoothly as could possibly be expected. That also seems to be her utter limit - despite the fact that she's already in motion to get back up to go for a fourth time, it's Aggie who calls, "You stop that right -now-. I can feel that itch you've got between your wings, so don't even try to pull that on me."

D'nyl rubs his temple gently and kicks the bulk of his bronze, "Cool it, Czaiath. I still like you best." Czaiath rumbles, temporarily mollified as he watches his brother and sister continue to fly. D'nyl glances up at Sundari, over at the other girls, then back to Sundari, "I… ah… does there Weyr have a tattoo artist?"

Marweroeth watches intently as the Gold goes once more. « Perfect! » he sings out happily. His tails twists and flops with his good mood which means poor Trysta is getting whacked here and there. He'll go again! He surges forward to do just that. Taking off he's a bit less wobbly and landing isn't perfect but it's certainly an improvement from the first attempt. "He wants to know when we'll be able to fly together." Trysta asks.

Sundari smirks while glancing to Czaiath and reaches out to poke at him a few times. "If you like I bet Irk will teach you how to hunt a fish down at the beach tomorrow." This offered in a way to help calm things down! The question sends a glance back to D'nyl and she ponders that. "I don't think so. Though there may be one that comes to the bazaar.." She looks amused. "Thinking of getting one?" She looks over to Aglaia and the gold, catching that it of an itch. "That's enough then for today. You can go more tomorrow morning before meeting up at the beach." A smile is seen and she nods to Marweroeth. "That won't come just yet. Need them to strengthen up there wings more with just carrying themselves. Give it time."

No, Valigath is far from pleased to be called out on the facts, but she suffers it with a huff and shifting of her wings. Aglaia cants a curious look to D'nyl for his question, her mouth pulling a bit to one side. But, whatever she was going to say is quickly cut off at a particularly loud burst of mental static that has her wincing and sputtering out a "Drat it all, Valigath!" She gives the gold's foreleg a shove that's, at best, dimly felt through draconic hide. "Thank you, Sundari. I'll- we'll go do that. Thank you. Take care, D'nyl, Trysta." She waves to the lot of them and heads off, following after a dragon that's suddenly in a hurry to get that itchy spot dealt with.

D'nyl shrugs, "I might be." Oh, so committal, this one is. "You alrigh', 'Glaia?" Yeah, he saw and heard that. His brows furrow, "Ah… take care…" Czaiath shifts and D'nyl gives a slight nod, turning to Sundari, "It'll never bee soon 'nuff."

"I know I can't wait." Trysta admits. "G'night Aglaia!" she tips her hands in a wave in the other girls direction. Marweroeth sends a whuff of warm air towards Trysta which draws a smirk. "He's hungry again." she says, amused. It must of been the talk of crunchy food from earlier.

Sundari looks to Aglaia and Valigath and lifts her head a bit as she ponders that outburst there it seems. "I'll see you down at the beach tomorrow for the lesson!" This called out after the two before she chuckles and nods to Trysta. "I'm sure, don't be late for the lesson either." A glance is sent over to D'nyl who gets a soft smile. "Your be wishes for the time back after some time. As for the tattoo I'd wait until your closer to graduation. I might know someone that wanders through that could still do it, or know someone that would."

D'nyl inclines a nod, "Prob'ly won' until I'm done havin' ta work out an' sweat all th' time. I'd appreciate th' help, though." He glances up at Trysta, then over at Czaiath, silent conversation passing between the pair before he murmurs, "I heard there were some fresh wherry bucks."

"It's nothing, really. For a dragon so insistent on flying with itchy wings, she'll not be moved if her claws have so much as a speck of dirt on them!" And if there's more to be said, Aglaia doesn't have time to say it; there are duties to be seen to, after all.

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