Still Alive

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary

This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

Shortly after arriving high above the weyr from between, Leketh circles his way down to the ground backwinging into place. Uncharacteristically for the usually gentle and playful dragon, he hisses and gnashes his jaws at anyone who tries to get too close. People had come, forewarned of what the golden bronze carried, and yet now they were unable to alleviate him of his burden. J'en unstraps himself and is soon descending himself, even as he walks around his lifemate to the other side and begins lowering the basket holding none other than Ila'den himself, albeit missing an eye, stinking of infection, and sporting a jaw broken and uselessly hanging open. He was a mess, but then again so was the younger bronzerider. Jae was splattered, not only with blood, but bits of what can only be something that was once alive. It clung to his face, stuck in his hair, adhered to his Seamount uniform, and boots. He looked more like a monster than human, half-lidded golden eyes all the more stark against a back drop of dark caked blood, some of which was still wet due to the amount. Wordlessly, he pulls the elder bronzerider against his back and proceeds towards the infirmary with only a low throaty growl for anyone stepping forward or attempting to help. This is coupled with Leketh, who hovers over the teenager until he can get past the double doors and disappear inside. Once this is done, the bronze promptly drops his backside down and whirling red eyes level on any that continue to try and get past him. He's not having it, and he's not responding to any thought contact.

Taeski did not fly in on Leketh. The dragon had far more precious cargo to carry. But the teen does make it, even if he doesn't look much cleaner in the blood department than J'en. Half of his face is smeared in the stuff, with wet tracks further diluting and spreading down from reddened eyes. He's been crying, that much is certain. Not all of the blood that's on him belongs to others, however. Someone at least tried to stem a bit of the flow coming from his chest and shoulder area, but the teen is able to walk under his own power toward the infirmary. There's a death-grip kept on a small knife, unwilling to let it go for the time being even as he drifts past the angry Leketh. He's not about to be denied access to the infirmary. Not right now. Healers are abuzz everywhere, and although there are those who immediately begin to deal with the /mess/ that is Ila'den, Taeski is agreeably pulled aside for one of them to start checking over his wound. Cleaning the area puts a bit of an odd blotch of pale skin amongst the dirt and blood, but stitches are needed. He's not even looking when that part begins, staring off at..generally nothing, really, though tears have already started welling up again.

And then there is Risa; Risa, who was having a really good night, ya'll, and sleeping really well when Meirath stirred Zekath stirred K'vir stirred Risali - and the reason why damn near stole the breath right out of her lungs. She's here now, dressed for Xanadu's considerably colder weather with K'vir in toe, making a beeline for the infirmary with her hand trapped in his, entire body trembling as she can't seem to get there fast enough only to run into an issue right outside of where her father is. Leketh. Leketh who is willing to let Risali go through, but isn't willing to let K'vir - which has the woman coming to a standstill without even letting K'vir go and turning grey eyes onto the bronze. She's all tears and messily wild hair lacking patience, but she knows that dragon, and she knows his life mate, and she's moving to curl herself in against K'vir's side so that the dragon can see THEY ARE A THING and he NEEDS TO LET THEM THROUGH OR SHE'S GOING TO PUNCH HIS SWEET SNOUT (not really). "So help me, you are keeping me from my father, and if you do not move I will -" Her voice is trembling, she can't even think up a proper insult, which might be why she's looking up at K'vir almost pleadingly and then back to the bronze. "Please. He's safe. He's good. I need him with me." AT LEAST SHE HAS NOT RESORTED TO SHRIEKING - yet. Sorry, Tae. YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR LOVE (read: HATE).

Leketh lets out a ground shaking roar as Taeski slips past him without even the courtesy of asking, likely because he had no idea who it was that had such audacity, hunkering himself down even more solid and closer against the Infirmary door for it. When Risali arrives, whirling red facets descend upon her, enormous head coming down to level with her and the other human. Teeth are bared, talons tapped, and there is a very close inspection of them both. His mind, unreachable, no thoughts are sent out but after a few great heaves of his chest he shifts his weight and reveals the door for them both to take. It only then that he radiates a single blackened pulse, wrapped in strangling silver spinner thread is all he leaves them feeling empty and cold. Only when they are past him and inside does he shift back and keep out ALL the lookiloos. Unless they were family, wounded, or staff they were not getting past Leketh. Inside, Ila'den had been laid to rest upon a cot and was now being looked after by the healers. J'en? Not aware of Taeski, Risali, or K'vir. He doesn't seem to be aware of anything really, having tucked himself off to the side and away from the flurry of movement over the wounded, eyes down to the floor and cast off to seemingly nothing at all.

K'vir doesn't mind that Risali's got his hand trapped and is dragging him along. Did he think he was just going to be waiting by Zekath? Probably. Unfortunately he's not so lucky but he will follow because it clues in then that he could be of some use; to her, at least. That's the only reason why he's here. Slightly out of breath from rushing, he'll peer up at Leketh and then down to Risali when she curls against his side. "It's alright," he quietly reassures her, before addressing the bronze himself. "I don't mean Teimyrth's rider any harm! I swear it. Ask Zekath, he'll vouch for me!" His words are likely unnecessary by this point, as Leketh has moved to let them through and he'll gesture for Risali to lead.

Taeski is getting stitched up! It's not pretty, but the job is getting done, and at least he's a little cleaner without his shirt on. They took that off of him, after all, tossing the soaked garment away. The noise from outside gets no attention. But thankfully it's not taking too long to sew everything shut again. The slice wasn't fatal, after all, just definitely needed more than a bandage. Which is the next step of course, with that single healer working to quickly get him patched up so she can move on to someone else. Eventually, slowly, the teen loosens his hold on the blade in his hand, grooves left in his palm from the handle pressing against flesh. Almost numbly he moves away, picking up a wet cloth..and then a second before he walks quietly to J'en's corning. He at least knows the bronzerider is /there/, and he silently pushes the wet cloth against his weyrmate's hand. His own is used to wipe at his hands and then his face a little, doing what he can with the drying blood.

YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT, YOU STUPID BRONZE (with love, of course). When K'vir motions for her to go forward, she leads, pulling him with her into the infirmary where they have thankfully blocked Ila'den from view (or Risali would be a different kind of screaming: all pummeling fists, clawed fingers, and forward momentum that POOR K'VIR would probably have to restrain — not that it would be very hard, just arguably painful. HE HAS REACH, SHE'S GOT FLEXIBILITY, ETC. You're welcome K'vir. I'M FUNNY. And a theif.). As it stands, Risali gets passed one barricade (and dodges a million in-motion healers, it feels like), only to come up against another wall. She's leaning in to speak with the healer at the front, still holding tight to K'vir's hand, and then announcing herself to the world with a shriek of, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T SEE HIM?" GRAB HER K'VIR, SHE'S GOING OVER THE COUNTER IN PURSUIT OF THE HEALER (who gets away but gives her CRAZY EYES and is clearly more intent now than BEFORE to throw the rulebook at her. This is not how you make friends, Risa.). Or maybe she was just lunging for the paperwork; whatever, the healer gets away, and in her DEATH HATE GLARE EYE-CONTINUED PURSUIT of the healer, she fixates on two awfully familiar men. J'en. Taeski. Eyes close, as if she's asking for patience, and then she's whirling to K'vir, tiny chest heaving REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT HE DID THE SMART THING AND IS ALREADY HOLDING HER. "K'vir, ask them, please, if they know anything." She is POINTING BEHIND HER AT THE BRONZER AND THE… FORMER (?) RENEGADE. "Because I'm going to kill them if I do and they already look bad enough." This is a kindness for them all - even if it's awkward for K'vir, right? RIGHT. ALL THE RIGHT FIGHT ME.

The lights were certainly on, but there just might not be anyone home right now. There is only a flinch when something cool is dragged across Jae's skin, lashes lowering a degree as eyes very slowly tracking across the floor to simply fix on his weyrmate's boots. Yes, the teenaged bronzerider is absolutely useless right now, and doesn't even seem to register that Risa is there and yelling at people. Leketh is still outside, blocking anyone from getting into the infirmary unless they are wounded, family of the wounded, or staff of the weyr; keeping out anyone that might try to slip in just to get a look at what was left of Half Moon Bay's former Weyrleader after such a long time.

K'vir makes to grab for Risali when she starts to go up and over that counter and after that poor Healer but his attempt fails the first time. It won't on the second try when he catches up to her at last and places his hands firmly on her shoulders. DON'T DO THAT! Then she's shrieking and he's wincing a bit, glancing towards the spot where J'en and Taeski are currently huddled. "If it keeps you calm…" he begins to agree, only to wisely stop there in explanation as he pointedly slips his arm around her; not for show or for comfort but just as a security thing in case she still makes to lunge for either of the men. "What's happened?" Smooth, K'vir. It's all he CAN say when he approaches and gets a better look of J'en and what he is definitely covered in. He pales a little, jaw working but he doesn't waver or excuse himself but there is some obvious staring for the blood.

There isn't a whole lot that Taeski can do…or perhaps isn't a lot he's willing to do. Not in the moment. He seems to shift between looking rather stoic to completely a wreck from moment to moment, losing his grip on the ability not to cry. At least all of the tears are helping to keep things damp, making it a little easier to wipe the blood from his face. He'll need a full and complete scrubdown when he can manage it, of course. The fact that J'en doesn't take the cloth..well. It simply lands on the floor. At least he's willing to stay near the bronzerider, finding a place to lean against the wall that's a little more comfortable for the ache in his so recently sewn stitches. Risali's tantrum, and K'vir are watched without reaction though, gaze shifting between the two of them before they finally land on Risali again. They stay there, absolutely silent for a moment before he finds his voice. It's not altogether steady though, with his breath hitched with obviousness to all the crying he's been doing. "He's alive." That much should at least be obvious from the fact that Ila'den's dragon is still living. Right? But Taeski isn't inclined to be all that /helpful/, either. "Healers are doing their job. That's what's happened."

Risali moves in tandem with K'vir, aware of his arm around her, and grateful for it, even if it's more to keep her in line than to keep her sane (which at this point could arguably be the same thing); grey eyes shift to her cousin when he speaks, brows furrow, and the scowl finding its way on her lips makes it obvious that she wants to say something scathing — but he is crying and — The harpers eyes are on J'en, and the fury that's started is diminished, evident only to K'vir when her little body starts to tremble again with unspent adrenaline. And then she's letting go of the man she WILL SOMEDAY LOVE to bring an arm each around J'en, and then Taeski. She doesn't care about the blood, or the gore (though she's mindful of Tae's stitches), or the fact that they boy probably smell horrible. She hugs them (if they let her, of course), and there's a little wretched half-sob of, "Thank you. I'm glad you're okay." And then she's stepping back, to grab K'vir's hand again, and tuck herself in against his side because it's safer here, and look up at the bronzerider she dragged from Xanadu with an uncharacteristic sort of helplessness. Even she isn't mean enough to screech at invalids - yet, anyway. A pause, and then she struggles for something normal through all those IRRITATING TEARS. "Uhm… Kyzen— K'vir. This is my cousin, Taeski," she motions towards the itty-bitty tiny brunette that's only got inches on Risa, "and J'en." A motion towards the equally-dark bronzerider — and then a moment's hesitation as she motions back to K'vir. "This is K'vir. He's uhm… my… my person." Awkward short-coming of words there. "Where is Vauril?" Grey eyes are scanning for the blonde, and not finding him.

It has taken this long for Irkevalath to return with Sundari and the twins, the blue is landing and let's out a low rumble as his wings fold in close an he looks towards the infirmary and Leketh. « Let them within. » Is offered once Sundari is making her way towards the Infirmary with Raylin and Nylin in her arms. The once within the room are looked over slightly, she must be a sight covered in blood and dirt, and it isn't certain if the blood is her's seeing how there are a few open wounds upon her. Her jaw tenses slightly as her gaze settles to Risali and she isn't sure what to say. Raylin clings about her neck there a moment and she has to try and sooth the girl before even attemping to take another step. As far as healers go she isn't eager to see just anyne at the moment, only certain ones will do but given that she is rather certain that many are tending to Ila'den she is keeping quiet about that at the moment.

J'en had done…things. Horrible. Terrible. Things. Now that the andreniline was out of his system, it seems just what he had done had caught up to him at last. He had not taken the cloth offered to him by Taeski, and so it does in fact fall to the floor at their feet, but its movement or rather its arrival is not tracked. Neither is the renegade's boots as they disappear from his field of vision when Taeski moves to share the wall with him. With K'vir asking questions, there is no response, not from Jae anyway. That voice, that familiar voice that DOES answer does cause golden eyes to flick to its originating position before they drop back down to the floor again. Something sweet smelling was soon wrapped around him, something familiar pressed against his side and there is the sound of weeping and relief. There is little reaction from J'en, still caked in all the things and eww that he'd come in with. But as Risali steps back, tears well and then race down his blood-stained face, and he doesn't even seem aware of it. K'vir isn't noted nor does he confirm his identity. Leketh does not receive any mental communications, his own mind a dull void of static in response to Irkevalth's gentle probe. He does however move aside for Sundari and her children, as she was after all staff of the weyr and carrying potential wounded.

K'vir is apparently Risali's person? He sort of gives her a look for that but does not comment further or correct her. He'll not make note of her tears either or try to comfort her in an OVERLY mushy way save to briefly draw her a little closer in a sort of half-hug, half hold when she returns to his side. Taeski is given a look when he speaks up and a grimace in response at first. "That's… good news, then?" he awkwardly mutters in turn, watching as J'en remains silent. It'll be up to Risali to gather any further information, he's out of his league here and pretty much a stranger to all. He's going to stay though, even if he ends up hovering in the background at some point, but he's here for Risali for however long she needs him for support.

Getting hugged was not an expected thing at all. Taeski blinks for a moment without really responding to it, not returning the embrace at all. His reaction time is a little too sluggish for it all. But the teen's eyes are wet again when released, and he doesn't bother trying to wipe any of it away. His fingers are /gross/ after all. A bit unhygienic to get that in his eyes, after all. He'd like to keep both of them, when OTHERS are not doing so well in that department. The fact that introductions start happening though, is met with a dull look of…well. He couldn't care less, it seems. There's no nod of the head for names being given. K'vir being Risali's 'person' is drowned out by the question given. Taeski looks stricken at the name, throat working a few times before the teen sags back to the wall again. Tears simply fall, the renegade giving a vague shake of his head for confirmation on the status of his brother. "Dead."

K'vir is giving Risa looks and she returns it with a look of her own, and a half-shrug before she's tugged back in and WIPING FURIOUSLY AT HER EYES because NOW EVERYBODY IS CRYING and she is better than this and Vauril is - "D-Dead? He's -" Risa's throat works kind of like K'vir's, trying hard to swallow and being unable to for a moment. "I'm so sorry, I didn't…" Know. She didn't know. She clutches a little tighter to K'vir, and looks at J'en and suddenly feels like she's just going to — OH. A SUNNY. THANK GOODNESS. Except not because Sunny is ALSO STARING AT HER like she is some kind of DEMON (she is). She doesn't do comforting well. Risali's frantic grey eyes find the bluerider and her children where they stay for a long moment. Risa means to say, 'Hello, Sundari, how are you? Fancy meeting you here,' but what she really says is, "R'HYN YOU STUPID USELESS BRONZERIDER. I KNOW YOU'RE HERE, YOU PIECE OF SH -" And then she catches herself because really guys this is her awkward talking and SHE JUST WANTS RYN TO SAVE HER and MAYBE R'HYN isn't there and IF HE IS THERE then he might be in a bed and oh my Faranth, there go her thoughts again: what if he's dead? What if it's more than just Vauril? What if Ila'den doesn't make it? WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IF? And there's a little strangled noise of panic as she pushes away from K'vir because NOW she is suffocating and he just GOES TO LOOM OBNOXIOUSLY TALL-LIKE IN A BACK CORNER SOMEWHERE and — "Sundari," she breathes, eyes saying THEY ARE CRYING I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO HELP ME. "Are you okay?" She doesn't look okay. Which might also be why Risa's turning back to her cousin and weyrmate suddenly, stammering out, "You k-know. Xanadu is nice and… cold? We could… go. And then… Drinks and dancing?" SERIOUSLY WHY IS EVERYBODY STARING AT HER? SHE'S UPSET TOO. But, she puts that aside, to try and drag them out of their melancholy - even if she hasn't seen Ila'den yet.

Sundari lifts her gaze slightly towards the back at her mind wanders a moment before the voices pull her back to the ones here. Raylin clutches more to her mother at the sudden yelling with a whimpering cry escaping the girl and Nylin is just quiet, clinging more if that is possible. There is a long pause as Sundari takes in a shaky breath and her tired gaze drifts over to Risali letting her yell and scream up to a point. "Risali…" Is the only thing that is said while she shifts further into the Infirmary pushing by anyone that tries to stop her. JUST TRY IT. She makes her way to a bed and slowly sits down letting Nylin slide down next to her and only then does she slowly let go of him to let her hand lightly slide across his head. "It's alright." Is murmured softly to the pair before she looks up to Risali once more, catching the look. "Just sit down, all of you. Especially J'en and you and your cousin." No one is leaving right now SO SAYS SUNNY. "I think it would be best at the moment to just take a moment. Yes?" The bluerider is working very hard to keep her emotions in check here, her children are back but he has no idea in what state, and her friend is hurt everything is a mess and she is going to be blaming herself for a very long time after everything is said and done.

Dead? Who's dead? Someone was dead? Jae's brows twitch and begin to slowly furrow. Those men were dead, the men he killed to protect Ila'den, to save Ila'den, so he could bring Ila'den back home. Why? Why did he do that? Taeski. He can smell Taeski. Or is it blood? Is it blood? The teenaged bronzrider lifts his hands up just a few inches upwards and sees something red that makes his skin feel tight. Blood? Risali was there, he could hear her somewhere far away. Did she just say something about dancing? Xanadu and dancing? Drinking? R'hyn? The tears that were already falling suddenly increase, but the confusion that begun to settle into his features to replace the nothing begins to twist into anger which rapidly converts back into confusion. Sundari. He can hear Sundari, and she was even further away. What was she saying? Something about sitting? Blood! Why was there so much blood? A choked sob escapes him, drawing in a single ragged gasp before golden eyes roll up into his head and he starts going down. Yep, he just passed out and soon shall become intimately introduced to the infirmary floor. Night Night.

Taeski's head snaps up again at all the yelling that suddenly happens, face twisting into an odd mix of rage and pain. Nobody needed to be /yelling/ in an infirmary, after all, even if Risali was just as torn up emotionally as the rest of them. He shakes his head though, fingers raking into his hair which..doesn't actually turn out well. There's blood…tacky at this point as it dries, and things just get a bit stuck for a moment. There's a few panted noises of frustration as he works his fingers free again, trying hard not to..well..completely lose it. "I don't need to /sit/. I need…I.." Well he doesn't know /what/ he might need, really. Other than his brother. One that seems to be dead, so that…isn't exactly possible. When Risali brings up Xanadu, there's a quick, bewildered look. Dancing? No, the teen isn't looking thrilled. But there's a choked breath when the J'en next to him starts sinking, lurching down onto his knees to help catch and break that fall before he damages something. Like his face. He winces, hissing a bit at the yank to his stitches as he does so, but curls his arms around, tugging the bronzerider right into himself. …At least he's sitting? Even if it is on the floor, quietly rocking his weyrmate.

"I'm right here you wherry-headed ninny. I know it's your default setting, but you really don't have to shout." Alright, you beloved teenyboppers, look out, Deadpool-R'hyn's coming to town in his bright red suit, and he doesn't look happy. This is entirely possibly because he didn't start out wearing red, but somewhere between blood, more blood, and what looks like an upended bottle of redwort, he's cloaked it it almost from head to toe, leathers likely hopelessly stained. Does he care? No. Instead, he's pushing past Healers with seeming little concern for how much they're fretting over a slash of freshly-stitched skin and a now-notched ear, his beautiful hair clipped away from the wound in a manner that would be grievance-worthy, if only there weren't more serious things to worry about. Blue-grey eyes are thundercloud-shaded, deadened, flicking from person to person gathered, exhausted, angry, confused, and likely in a whole lot of pain, before he utters more growly, wrecked-throat words. "Well, don't just sit there." All of you, with your long sullen silences, followed by mean comments, followed by more silence. "Someone tell me what happened after I blacked out." A dark, unreadable look flickers over his features for the young men of their gathering, likely the first time he's seen them together, and terrible timing it is at that, but it's the tiny women towards which he actually moves, daggering a withering glare at the Healer on his heels until she, too, leaves so he can replace one over-tall, brooding bronzerider with another, close enough to Risali that he can reach out to gently grip her shoulder and really look at her. "Call me useless again." Goading her on purpose? Probably, but his thumb brushes a pattern that is meant to be comforting before he withdraws, gaze again moving between Sunny, Taeski, J'en, one brow lifting (albeit painfully) and then— fainting! "Shit." There might be a shift of his big body as though to help, but there are those - namely Taeski - that are much closer, more capable, more socially correct for the task of catching the bronzerider, and so he'll settle in with a sigh and a frown, gaze lingering seconds only before he tears it away to jerk between Sunny and Risali. So what'll it be? Mean comment? Or long sullen silence?

D'nyl isn't far behind Sunny, but the assistant weyrling master is not talkative. His son is clinging to him and his grip is no less strong as he navigates the gathered crowd until he can sit beside his weyrmate with their other children. There's a part of him that thinks about helping J'en, but others are there and he has a sobbing youngling to comfort.

There's a lot going on here, and Risali's riding emotions just as hard and just as fast as all those around her - sans, perhaps, the guilt of taking life. Sundari's response to her yelling with her name has grey eyes going to her, but none of the (very fake) meek obedience she might've found in Ila'den; no, Risali's chin goes up just a notch in silent challenge as she watches the woman cross the room, joined shortly by her weyrmate. And then oh, but if it isn't R'hyn. There is a subtle change in her, but a change none-the-less; it's relief, it's muted happiness, it's absolute annoyance that's overcome by his appearance and his voice and his hand on her shoulder as he baits her - and she knows what he's doing, and she does it anyway. Suddenly she's less concerned with tending to the happiness of people around her and pounding the OBNOXIOUSLY tall bronzerider's chest with one closed fist, and then the other. They aren't punches; she isn't even using her knuckles and Faranth, but there really isn't enough 'umf' behind the movement to hurt (unless he has, you know, BOO BOOS BUT THAT'S ANOTHER STORY HERE). "Useless bronzerider. What the fuck took you so long?" And then she's out of her seat and SHE DOESN'T CARE about her appearance, because she's throwing herself into the older man and holding tight, and shaking even while she bites down on a sob and tries her damnedest to get it together, just get it together this is R'HYN AND SHE HATES HIM but she's happy he's okay and then she's pulling back and actually punching him because it FEELS GOOD. He can totally block. This is fine. But she's breathing, "Faranth, you're okay. I thought that I —" in just enough time for J'en to go down. NO SWEET SENTIMENTS FOR YOU, STUPID BRONZER. Risali's moving when R'hyn does, reaching out, halting when Taeski eases the burden that is J'en to the floor and just hugs him. She doesn't go over because there's rocking, and intimate vibes, and she's wiping furiously at her eyes and then turning a glower onto R'hyn. "Well, go help him," she snaps, and then she's pointing at a healer. YOU THERE. "OI." A gesture towards Sunny, a gesture towards J'en, a silent communication of: DO SOMETHING.

Sundari is just quiet as she sits there holding her children as her eyes close and the voices continue around her as she takes in a shaky breath. It won't take much longer for a Healer she at least knows to come an wish to try and see about helping, though even with Sunny knowing this person her hold only tightens around her children. "We need to make sure they are alright…" Says the Healer which Sunny glances up to slightly but refuses to speak with it would seem, even more so once D'nyl is there with Darryl. Tears are on the very edge of her eyes and yet she is making sure they don't fall, though it doesn't help with R'hyn makes his entrance and her gaze lifts up to watch him while D'nyl is sitting with her finally. She just watches the show between Risali and R'hyn, she isn't sure what to say, nope no words come from her at the moment though if her children start to react that will change her tune. Raylin and Nylin have been quiet, though upon seeing their father and brother both start to cry, and perhaps the loud noises from a certain someone over there isn't helping at the moment. Raylin's arms wrap more around her mother's neck which only aggravates the knife wound there, yet Sunny never moves to and make her let go. "Risali.. Enough.. Please stop… They can't handle it and I can't either right now." She isn't sure what else to say knowing te girl is going through a lot as well but her children are the first thing on her mind right now. How can someone say SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP nicely? Thankfully Sunny would neverever say that, she has some tact and seeing how it is Ila's daughter that is the only reason she doesn't say something along those lines with how she is feeling at the moment.

Lacking in 'umf', yes. Lacking in bruises? No, but R'hyn takes the half-hearted beating anyways, muscles tensing, teeth gritted, but with no less emotion when she comes at him with a hug instead. His own features crumble, arms coming up to hug her fiercely, likely covering her with blood and redwort and any other number of things neither of them want to think about, jaw quaking where he's ducked his head to press against her hair. He's almost mastered it by the time she pulls back, huffing out what's supposed to be a laugh, except it's grim and dark and colored with sorrow, eyes drifting to one corner tellingly, head set to shaking. "I'm glad you're here. I was worried when I heard you'd left." A hand comes up to forestall anything, everything. "Only because I owe you a bubbly to the face." He's trying, anyways. As it is, he can't answer what took him so long - can't go there, can't look back, not right now, instead leaving her momentarily to her healer-commanding to focus on D'nyl, Sundari, and their children. The man's expression crumples a bit, moving to gently touch D'nyl's shoulder if there's space and if he's allowed before moving to finally take up perch on a chair across from Sunny, eyes flicking over and over her features before he's satisfied. Only then does his gaze bounce over kids again, counting them almost before peering between the riders. "What happened. I don't need details about-" handwave, family matters "-but after. Last I remember was Xermiltoth showing Leketh flaming."

D'nyl shifts, wrapping an arm around the nearer sobbing twin and shoots Risali a look that could kill. His voice, when he speaks, carries a silent threat without ever rising above a whisper, "Our children have been terrorized for the last few months, as have your cousins. They need some time to recover and you arguing is not giving them that." He's already killed one person today. She's not a rider, right? R'hyn's question earns a slight shrug and a flick of his gaze at Sunny. She rescued him, after all.

There's breathy laughter returned for R'hyn, another gentle shove to his person before she goes about bossing around healers and then getting attemptedly put in line by both Sundari and D'nyl - and oh, how the woman bristles. Risali's watching R'hyn cross the room, and bringing her arms across her chest, digging nails into unimpressive biceps so hard that it hurts; her fingertips have gone white with pressure, and she opens her mouth to speak, "And I haven't?" comes the blistering question for the bronzerider; there's more, surely, but Risali is interrupted by none other than Teimyrth - the dragon who, of course, is sharing some kind of connection with Ila. Ila, WHO CAN HEAR YOU, even over the hustle and bustle and PRODDING AND SHARDS HE HATES ALL THESE HEALERS and why does everything feel so fuzzy? HE WILL NOT SUCCUMB TO SLEEP AIDES YET. « Mine says to be calm, little one. He is okay. » And Teimyrth projects this to all (sans the children), and there, within the frost-bitten uncomfortable twinge of winter and teeth and talons is something much more warm, the feeling of love, the feeling of a father talking to his daughter, needing her to be okay, needing her to know he's okay, with never ending patience, and boundless, limitless calm and acceptance. I love you is the undertone, even if Ila'den doesn't say it. But the feeling fades, back to blistering cold, the wrath of a blizzard kicking up as if Ila'den's temper is on display for them all and Teimyrth is willing it into their minds unless their own lifemates take the brunt or mute him for them. « Mine insists on this for all of you. » Whatever Risali was going to say escapes her on a breath, on a partial sob, on fingers that go forward blindly as if trying to touch somebody and finding air because OF COURSE HER DAD IS THERE. And down she goes. Don't worry, D'nyl, Sunny. THOUGH SORRY. No headlocks for you. Unless you want to put a woman who's sunk to the floor and buried her face to cry in one. SHAMEEEE.

The Healer clears her throat and glances among them all. "Everyone needs to just relax I feel emotions are running high at the moment. We are all here to help one another after all." She looks back to D'nyl and Sundari and tries again. "Please, can we take you and the children to another room? We need to make sure they are alright. You all can stay together." Hopefully this will be a bit easier to handle then the thought of the children going without them? Sundari lifts her gaze slightly to the Healer once more, the words from R'hyn is heard but Risali is getting her glaring looking. "Risali… I swear this is not the time to start something with me." Don't question D'nyl on the matter. If more was to be said from anyone this are on hold during those moments of words and loveydovey feelings from Teimyrth of all dragon's around. Irkevalath is not that thrilled at the moment, low rumbles escaping the blue to reach Teimyrth which clearly put /leave/ his alone at the moment or else.. OR else? A blue just di the ultimate OR else towards a bronze, honestly didn't anyone not see him doing something not crazy? "R'hyn… we're talk later, go and sit with Risali, stay with her." Sundari offers softly while she looks to D'nyl and moves to pick Nylin back up. "Come with me." Is murmured to her Weyrmate. She figures D'nyl will follow with Darryl and she will follow the Healer to someplace a bit quieter it seems to take care of the children.

R'hyn puffs out a breath when he is denied, chin dipping in a slow series of nods, but it's probably for the best - he wasn't expecting to hear Teimyrth's voice, wasn't ready for it to bleed over into his mind, wasn't ready for the swell of emotions, borrowed or not. There comes a sucked breath, a pointed look in a different direction, blue-grey eyes eventually squeezing shut before he's out of his seat as quick as his body will take him, ignoring a wave of dizziness and black stars that threaten his vision. There's a nod for Sunny - later - and a confused look for D'nyl, but there's no point in explaining he was goading Risali on purpose to give her a focal point beyond worry and sadness and a group of people looking to her for answers she didn't have. Instead, he issues a gruff but no less well-meant, "Take care," before he stoops down next to Risali. There is a moment of awkward hovering, not because he isn't sympathetic or doesn't somewhere deep down have friendly affection for he girl, but because he's a man on the brink, has been for so long, almost doesn't know what to do, what to think about the word 'safe' and 'here' and 'love' and so he takes the moment to gather himself, head lowering, fists tightening before he breathes a quiet, "C'mon, then, ninny. Let's go see that wherfaced father of yours." Gentle hands open in order smooth over the woman's black hair, a singular gesture of comfort before he's encouraging her to stand, one arm tucked around her if she needs it before making towards Ila'den's space. There's definitely not a tremor to his words, a further quiver of his jaw, a glazed tightness to his gaze that wasn't there before as he leads her off. He's not crying, YOU'RE CRYING.

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