Leisurely Lagoon Lesson

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

All dragons grow up, just like people, and it would come time for them to take their first flight, unmanned still mind you. Though to do this Sundari picked down at the Lagoon to make sure if some dragon did spiral downwards they would hopefully hit water and not dry land. There are several dragons around, all from search and rescue wing on hand to step in and help if needed as well. Irkevalath is settled upon the beach next to Sundari while she waits for the weyrlings to gather so she can get the lesson going.

D'nyl and Czaiath arrive, the boy rapidly being completely overshadowed by his bronze lifemate even as they fall into line. Of course, for D'nyl, that may not be a bad thing. He reaches up, stroking the bronze head thoughtfully, a bit of nervousness showing when he sees all the dragons there just in case they should fail.

Sundari watches a bit longer before she starts the actual lesson. She smiles and waves to D'nyl and Czaiath before glancing up to Irkevalath whom is crooning out glad that they get to start the lesson finally! "Today is an important day for you lot! The day they get to take to the sky and do what dragons do best.. Fly!" Sunny offers while smiling. She points to the dragons around. "Everyone here is to help, but pay them not attention right now." Ignore the dragon in the room! "Irkevalath is going to show your dragons what is expected in a few moments. Until then you get to listen to me talk."

Czaiath rumbles, clearly certain that he'll have no trouble and why does he have to wait. D'nyl just rubs his chin gently, trying to pay attention to Sundari's lesson instead of the gathered. But his gaze keeps slipping back to them when his mind wanders. "Kinda hard ta ignore 'em." He glances at the other weyrlings, then out at the water. What if… A shudder runs through him and he jerks his gaze back to Sundari.

They aren't exactly late to the lesson - and, by they, one really means Aglaia. Valigath, on the other hand, is dragging her tail in every possible sense of the word. If food or property damage is not involved, don't count on her to want to do a darned thing. All the same, she arrives some time after Aggie does and settles on her haunches with a huff. The human-half is doing all the listening and note-taking, per usual; the dragon-half is entirely too busy looking nonchalant and aloof about the whole affair.

"Once in the air they will follow Irk in a circle around the Lagoon and then land once more, no questions, no nothing." Sundari offers with a soft yet firm edge to her tone to put this point across. In order to get into the air they will have to leap upwards and flap those wings of theirs and get up into the air where Irk will be waiting. IF any of them complain of a bit of pain, soreness, ache, anything I want them down simple as that." A glance is sent to D'nyl and she nods a touch, a soft smile seen. "I know.. But they won't do anything unless needed." Her gaze lingers on D'nyl's a bit and she smiles to him and then the rest. "It will be alright. You all have studied and done your lessons to get to this spot after all. D'nyl, Czaiath can go first." He wasn't late! Irk is shifting on his paws, wings flutter and then he is moving and is soon leaping into the air, his large wings flapping and taking his form upwards until he is in a good ways up there, a deep warble is heard while he calls out to the bronze, let's go!

Czaiath takes the requisite steps forward, D'nyl's fingers lingering over his hide until he's out of reach. Czaiath has no concerns, though, taking three long steps before lifting easily after Irk, light flashing through the lighter speckles on his wingsails as he wings out over the lagoon. On the third full stroke, he bellows out his exultation even as on the beach D'nyl jumps, punching the air in celebration. His eyes are closed, his mind, presumably, with his dragon.

"See? This is what happens when you're late. I keep telling you," and this is all Aglaia, head tipped up to look up and up at Valigath. The gold utters another huff of irritation and prances in place, wings half-furled. Of course they're listening to the warnings and the like; the question is whether or not the weyrling dragon will apply those warnings to herself! "Understood," is called to Sundari and, only after Czaiath is skyward, does Valigath mince her monstrous way to the launch point. She won't go until permission's given, of course, but she's all flared wings and tittering amusement until that moment comes. And Aglaia? She's busy focusing on the beast and on all the explanations given thus far.

Sundari lets her arms tuck behind her while she lets her gaze to the sky and smiles as Irkevalath is off, and with Czaiath is soon in the air as well. She grins a touch and soon nods pleased at what she sees. "Good job!" Is called out towards D'nyl. The lagoon is all for the Weyrlings at this end it seems, and it is flying lesson times! There are a dozen or so other dragons around, with their riders while they just hang back watching, they are here only if there is a need for them. Which so far so good it would seem! Irk does as told and is circling out towards the water more, his wings are stretched open to take in the air current that flows up to greet them, and thus allowing the weyrlings a bit of help with this first flight it would seem.

Arriving late to the lagoon, Marweroeth and Trysta arrive quietly. Settling back to watch the others as glide across the water. The brown spreads his wings out in stretches in anticipation of his own flight.

Czaiath follows Irkevalath's example, catching the natural air currents over the water and letting those wingsails float across the air. The exultation is most palpable not in the bronze, but in his lifemate. A huge smile splits his face, the weight he usually carries so absent that he seems truly young again.

Her grace departs the moment she's in the air, but Valigath's flight is perfectly functional despite that. Aglaia watches from the ground with an expression of impassivity in stark contrast to D'nyl's sheer bliss; if she's feeling any excitement about the gold finding her wings, goodness only knows where it is. Her mouth pulls slightly to one side while the lesson continues, but she says nothing. When Trysta arrives, she gets a small wiggle of fingers in greeting, but then it's right back to watching Irk and his weyrling 'train' doing their thing.

Sundari smiles as she glances back to D'nyl, glad it seem to see the response to how Czaiath flies. A glance is sent over to Trysta and she wiggles a wave towards the other before she is looking back to the sky. Irkevalath sweeps back towards the beach and is hovering there in the spot where they started. « Great job Czaiath! Now take a rest. Valigath! Your up!! » The blue calls out towards the gold while his wings flap a few times as he stays put in the same spot, once Valigath is up in the air he goes back to course he did with Czaiath and is circling out over the Lagoon.

Trysta moves closer to the others with a quick finger waggle in greeting to D'nyl then to Aglaia as she comes up alongside her. A salute is sketched towards Sundari's direction with an air of excitement surrounding the brown weyrling. Marweroeth closes both wings with a snap as he awaits the others to go.

When Czaiath lands, D'nyl rushes to meet him, rubbing the craggy head in all the right spots while Irk prepares for his next cycle. It's clear the two are totally lost in eachother… at least for the moment.

Wishful thinking has yet to turn into reality but, at least, Valigath's in the air and doing what dragons are meant to do. For once, she minds her thoughts; those are all funneled with fiery ferocity to her unfortunate lifemate. Irk will just have to suffer with a mostly silent but still seething gold as she struggles to find some measure of elegance in the air. She can follow him well enough, at least, even though she has a long way to go before she can make it look good. Aggie's face is grim while she watches, a notepad held in one hand but utterly forgotten for the purposes of taking notes. Trysta's glanced at as she draws closer and the weyrling offers her a tilted smile, but it's a tired one, as seems to be the normal state of things for her these days.

Irkevalath has no problem flying in quietness, his head turns now and then during the flight to make sure Valigath is doing well. The gold is well a gold, and the blue is perhaps a bit nervous that something could happen /given/ her personality after all. Sundari glances over to Aglaia watching the girl before her attention is back on the sky she and Irk are clearly talking, her eyes have gone a bit unfocused even, though she starts to relax once the blue is circling to head back towards the beach. « Good job! You did splendedfull Valigath! Now go on and land nice and easy. Marweroeth, it's your turn! » Of course the blue makes up words Who has heard of splendedfull?

Trysta seems to understand Aglaia's constant state of being these days. ""She's doing great up there." splendedfull actually. One hand lays on Aggie's shoulder in wordless support before she turns to offer the brown a scritch on the lowered muzzle. "Your turn. Show 'em how well you've improved!" words of encouragement to her lifemate. A croon from the brown and he waddle/runs to take off with a smooth motion to get him into the air. « Of course Valigath did splendedfull. All golds must fly well! » is his remark once he's in the air. Then he's silent as he glides across the waters with no wobble whatsoever to be seen. His large wings sweeps the air to rise up a bit higher.

For once, Czaiath doesn't comment or tease the gold, though the pair does finally separate so D'nyl can add, "She did do well, Aglaia." She didn't crash or anything! "Marwy looks good, too. Soon, we'll be up there with them." Czaiath rumbles his approval of that sentiment even as D'nyl shoots a look at Sundari. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase.

Land nice and easy? Not her. Valigath tries, though; her hearts are absolutely in the right places as she starts in on the backwinging process. She touches down heavily and a bit too much on one side, which resolves itself in a bit of flailing until she can set herself to rights. Her mind is a palpable and shapeless thing at the moment, a boiling mass of something unspeakable. A curt, "Stop. Now, you just told me he told you that you did…" Aggie trails as the word escapes her and she awkwardly moves on to: "You did fine. You're up in your head about it. Even Trysta and D'nyl think you did a good job." But Valigath's not having it and her stride is uncharacteristically stiff as she ventures back along the beach to join the girl. Trysta's hand on her shoulder is a welcome thing and Aggie leans just a little into it before she blows out a breath.

« Of course golds are good fliers! » Irk offers with a warbling call escaping him while he leads the brown out over the Lagoon, the air currents rising up to push the pair a it higher into the air though the blue is relaxed taking it all in stride. Once they reach a certain point Irk turns and is heading back towards the beach much like before. « Very good! » This is offered to the brown that he is giding along. Once near the beach he is hovering above the sands. « GO on and land and rest for a bit! Next! » Is called out to the green that is already to go, and leaping up into the air and off they go. Sundari smiles to D'nyl and shakes her head just a touch. "Not just yet, but your all be up there with one another soon enough. Now! You all are allowed to do this a few times a day for the next sevendays, this will help build up the muscle for longer flights. BUT the key is you must have an older rider with you for this next sevendays. Be it me or another WeyrlingMaster, or another rider that is fine, but I want an extra set of eyes and a older dragon here during this time. Understand?"

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