Rescue Mission

Spring in the South, Autumn in the North - Month 9 of Turn 2715
Monaco Bay Weyr - Infirmary

A long series of caves, each well lit with electric lights and featuring walls and floors laborously chipped smooth. A triage cavern/waiting room serves as the nexus between the doorway to the lower caverns and the tunnel leading to the infirmary weyr and is furnished with a soft rug, comfortable chairs, and a bookshelf with books to read while waiting. To the one side of this central area is an emergency surgery cave: steel-topped cabinets on wheels situated around a central table, with a sink and storage cabinet. To the other side, narrow man-made hallway links the healer's office, a small staff conference room, an examination cave, another surgery room, a storage cave, and several caves set aside for those patients who need to stay in the infirmary for an extended period of time.

The major doorway that leads out into the clearing beyond is a heavy one that rivals the sturdiness of the one guarding the Commons Cavern's main entrance. Put in to hold out the foulest weather, it generally stands open except in the worst of storms, a small bell on its far side allowing for letting in of stragglers who were too late to be let in the main doors.

Its early evening time at Monaco Bay and much of the room is quiet and empty. The patients that are in residence having dinner or having dinner time visits with friends. One of the patients is sitting up in her cot, a wrapped foot propped up on a pillow as she is of course looking through books on the overbed table, rather than eating dinner. Really no surprises there. She sits alone at present with no visitors to distract her.

How long has it been since Kelani sent her letter to S'van. Minutes? Hours? Less than a day, to be sure. Having a dragon certainly helps in the expedition of visits, but still; this sort of promptness is probably rather remarkable. And there is no hesitation in him, either; walking from bowl to caverns to infirmary with the sort of long-strided, purposeful movements that parted crowds and gave off the impression that he had every right to be here (even though he technically does not?). It requires only a passing glance of grey eyes over cots, only the subtlest of hesitations in his step, before he's eliminating the distance and dropping himself ever-so-casually onto the cot beside Kelani. "Hey." Surprise?

Kelani is quite distracted by her task as per usual when it comes to her study. Perhaps now even more so distracting herself from all the things that have happened and what they mean for her. Losing herself in the study of the human body, one that has failed her at the wrong moment. The movement at least is caught a moment before the greeting, but it still surprises her enough to make her jump. "Hey.." She responds back as she recovers and pushes herself to sit up a bit better. Squaring shoulders and with a curious look of trepitation.

No shock at his sudden appearance? No awe that he blazed right over? Is S'van disappointed? If so, he hides it well. There's a bright grin for Kelani, but a lingering look for her wrapped and pillow-propped foot and a tightness around grey eyes betrays the mild worry. He makes himself comfortable, leaning back against the pillow even as he's careful to keep his booted feet off the blankets. "How are you?" carefully and sympathetically asked.

Well she is putting on a brave face. Mask on, shoulders back, be brave for the rider. For her friend. There is a bit of a wince as she shifts in her cot when she moves the swollen foot. She maintains the mask up until the point he asks how she is and it starts to crumple a bit. A look of shame, embaressment passes over her features and she looks away from him. "I'm ok.." She starts her voice but a whisper, though moisture glistens her eyes in the speaking of it, though she averts her gaze from him as she wipes any threatening tears away.

Masks are something S'van is rather familiar with and, while he maintains that smile and generally casual air, there is a certain intensity to the way he is scrutinizing Kelani; a focus to grey eyes that betrays him even if his posture says 'calm and casual'. But his question was meant innocently enough, and there's a quick flash of regret for it when the result is such emotions. A shove of his hand against the mattress and he's out of the bed and crossing the distance to Kelani's cot, settling beside it with a "Hey, hey… it's OK," that is meant to be soothing. "There'll be other chances."

When he joins her on the cot she at least leans against him a little, giving into the emotions. "I haven't told anyone else…I didn't think I wanted it. Every day I just wanted to be here..but I was going to give it a try.." There is a sniffle and she looks down at her foot all wrapped up. "Now I am stuck here and all I want is to be out there..I will never know if…You know I would have seen it through at least." So many conflicting emotions that spill out of her. The great unknown teasing her.

Dishing out comfort is also something that S'van is rather familiar with, so you can bet that as soon as there is leaning, there is an arm flung around Kelani's shoulders and the application of a half-hug. As best he can manage, given that he doesn't want to jostle her. "I know." And he does, on some level. "When Leketh Searched me, I didn't think I wanted it, either. For about a month, I gave serious contemplation to handing it back. To walking away. And then… well. It got more complicated the longer I stayed. I don't think I knew for sure until I really faced the possibility it could be taken away," though he doesn't go into detail about that particular incident. The point is, "I get it." And then, "And I know you would have." A squeeze of his arm. "And there will be other chances, if you really want to Stand."

Other friends and family she might have messaged, but it was to S'van she called. The arm about her shoulder seems to help calm her a bit and she leans into the embrace. "It just wasn't like what I saw with you guys…but I don't think I let myself …experience it the way I should have. I guess I resented them a little…I had this plan. The way I expected my life to go and these eggs..were going to change it." There is a look up at him as he hints to his own incident and then those last words, "I do now…If nothing else I need to know if…I don't know..if its possible? If I just let myself experience it instead of fighting it…"

There is quiet and contemplation from the bronzerider, a little tilt of his head and half-frown as he listens. "I can't say whether my experience was typical," S'van prefaces, hesitant. "I only stood the one time. But I imagine it's like most things; each experience is unique." As for resenting those eggs? There's a wry sort of curl to the corner of his mouth, a dry chuff of laughter. "There's something to be said for plans…" but he won't go there. Because this is about reassurance and support. "You were Searched; you have the ability to Impress. You'll probably be Searched again. So don't let this eat at you, alright?" A pause, and a glance that really only sees the top of her head given the angle. "What exactly were you fighting against?"

Kelani listens to S'van quietly taking in his response and then his question as her gaze remains locked on her foot. "I suppose my own idea of what I am supposed to do with my life. To become a healer, it is what I have always wanted to do and I have stayed the course. I have met rider healers before and I should have realized I can be both and its ok..just I suppose I feel like I still have so much to learn." She says and finally leans away a little to look up at him, "Though can I ask you a favour..I mean once the foot gets better and all. I am strong enough for what I do…" She waves to the room and back to him, "I am so not fit..running and the other physical training they had us doing. I felt so out of my depth. Shards I even fell over my own feet. Could I work with ya on that?"

Brief amusement flickers across S'van's expression, though he certainly means nothing negative by it. "You can do both," he agrees. "Healer. 'Rider. But I get it. It's not the same, when you have a dragon. You would be taking a hiatus from your craft; you would be limited in how far you could go," which maybe isn't the best conversation to have right now, so he just stops right there. "It's not just about what you can do, though. It's about what you want to do. And maybe this is a good opportunity to really think about it?" Maybe. He's not exactly the best at thinking things through. Don't ask Sev for career advice. His arm loosens, letting Kelani lean away and catch his gaze. A lifted eyebrow in speculation, and then an 'ah' of understanding. "Yeah, of course you can. Though I'm not… I mean. I don't know if I'm the best to ask about not tripping over your own feet, but you're welcome to what knowledge I do have."

"Well I can't do anything but think about things right now. I want to go home though as soon as I am released. I miss you guys and I miss Sava." Kelani responds with a soft sigh, "I think whatever happens, Half Moon is where I am meant to be. It has become more like home than even harper hall ever was." She cants her head slightly, "But you are a rider and fit enough to be one and you do search and rescue…which I really want to be a bigger part of. Going out there and being on the front lines of things." At least this has got the sparkle in her eyes back. Thinking of the future still in store, not what has been taken away.

"How long until they release you?" and already S'van is looking up and out, glancing around the room and taking note of who might be present; healer or otherwise. "Do you have an open wound? If not, should be safe to go Between. I could smuggle you out right now." He's only half joking, too. As for being a fit Search and Rescue righter? There's a grin and even a laugh, grey eyes dancing with a mirth that goes far deeper than it ought to. "Oh man. I almost wish Jae was around to hear this. He'd lose it. Cause you're right, I am fit and I do Search and Rescue… but you ought to see me try and get through the obstacle course. Two Turns, Kelani, and I still can't get through it without tripping at least once. And would you believe that's a huge improvement?" A shake of his head, and he's quick enough to assure her with, "But yes, I can help you. A lot of it is repetitive motion, so that it becomes muscle memory. And fitness just comes with time. I hate running, so I do a lot of sparing and a lot of swimming." A cant of his head. "You were learning to swim… are you comfortable with it yet?"

Kelani shakes her head, "No open wounds.." She says and glances around and back to him with hope in her eyes, "I would love to go back now. I feel like a stranger in a strange land and everyone being so excited about the hatching…well it feels like pouring salt on a wound." She shakes her head a bit, "I mean I wish them all luck, but its hard..and well it will be better if I am not there." She smiles a bit as he speaks of his turn on the obstacle course, "Well we can start small and in less trippy things." She nods to the last, "Mostly, yeah. I suppose I can increase doing laps as well."

"Done." Really, that was all the encouragement that S'van needed; breaker of rules that he is, he's quickly shifting off the cot and peering around for anyone who might think to stop him. It's that hopeful look that got him, really. He'll break her out of jail… erm, the infirmary, even if he might get a bit of a tongue lashing for it. "Do you have things in the barracks that you need? Tell me where your cot is, and I'll go get 'em. Let me borrow your knot if you haven't given it back yet." Because he is not above 'breaking and entering' even if there's no way he' d pass as a candidate. "And we can start small," with the work out, even if he's increasingly distracted with the escape-plan he is very obviously concocting. "Sparing is actually a great way to build some finesse. Dancing, too," even if that earns a grimace. "If you don't wanna run, I suggest swimming. It works your arms as well as your legs and builds your stamina."

Kelani actually laughs a bit at how eager and the plans he makes to 'break her out' of the infirmary. "My stuff is under this cot and I dare say if you just promise them that you are taking me to Half Moon Infirmary they will release me without too much incident." At least she is out of her dark mood about no longer standing, even if it is still a bit of a shadow on her face. "Dancing I can do and should get back to doing. I am not normally so clumsy, I just missed a little rock while I was running and rolled my ankle when I fell. I just could use some more stamina and yeah, and sparring. I am useless with weopons other than a scalple." She shifts a bit in bed to prepare herself, "I will need some crutches."

A roll of grey eyes, and a quick, "Well, that's not exciting," for her assurance that S'van's absconding with Kelani would be met without argument. "I was kinda looking forward to dashing sneaking you out. Had Aedeluth ready to go with a distraction, too." It would have been horribly over the top. No doubt Weyrleaders would have been summoned and consequences would have been dolled out. Alas. No daring rescue. But that mischievous grin sort of wobbles, expression briefly serious. "I am not going to teach you how to fight with a weapon," and his tone of voice is just firm enough to imply that no arguments will be heard on it. "I will show you how to defend yourself in a fight, but we're not practicing with anything but fists and feet, alright?" Alright then. "Crutches. Sure. I mean I could just carry you…" but no, not really. Now that there's a plan however, he's in perpetual motion, off to find a Healer and acquire the necessary item. Or perhaps it is brought to them? Either way, he's very clearly in 'go' mode, kneeling down beside her cot to reach for her belongings beneath it. "How long are you going to be… well…" and he flicks his fingers towards her wrapped-up foot as he stands, indicating her injury, "Laid up?"

"And the dramas I would face from my Master back at Half Moon bay…would no doubt rival the trouble you would get in with the Weyrleaders here. Let us save our rebellion for something else." Kelani says with a half smile, "But it means a lot that you would risk it all for me and it does sound rather exciting." There is a nod at the conditions to him teaching her to fight, "Sure, that is a deal. I am not sure how I would feel about inflicting an injury on someone else." At least she is not in any backless healer gown but in proper pajamas which are modest enough to travel in. There is a look down to her foot as she gently swings her legs over the edge of the bed to the floor. "A few more days in the infirmary till the swelling goes down and then off it for about a month." When crutches are brought to her by a fussing Journeyman she rises with his help and listens to all the instructions he has for her, "I promise you he is taking me straight to the infirmary on the other side." She finally reasures the man to forestall his fussing.

"Pft." Which is a totally mature and appropriate response to Kelani's logic. But S'van's grinning, pleased that the mood has sufficiently lightened and he can be useful. "Of course I would," and he would, too. To hell with the consequences. "We can still pretend to sneak out," even if the thrill is a little less, considering there is a healer right there that can clearly see them and will likely cheerfully wave them off. He gathers her things, but is quick to step out of the way as healer and crutches arrive. There's an absent sort of looking-around had by S'van as instructions are issued, but there's a distinct cant of his head that says he is PROBABLY listening intently. "Absolutely. Straight to the infirmary and nowhere else," he chimes in promptly, voice full of earnest sincerity. In this, he is rather serious, health being one of those things he doesn't mess with (previous threats to steal her out of the infirmary aside…).

Still Kelani is letting herself caught up in the excitement of it all as a welcome distracting from her own brooding thoughts. Kelani rises and steadies herself on the crutches with the help of the Journeyman. He gives a look to S'van and Kelani and back again. "Best you do rider." He says giving another look between the pair before walking off in a bit of a huff, no doubt to write a missive to the infirmary of half moon bay to expect a patient. "Let us go before anyone changes their minds." She says as S'van finishes grabbing up her stuff. "I wouldn't mind if it wasn't so direct…not sure I am up to facing their questions just yet."

S'van can definitely pull off that look of serious, rule-abiding citizen when it behooves him. And right now? Yup. But as soon as the healer has been reassured and is off to do whatever it is Healers do when they aren't treating patients and interrogating friends, he's turning to Kelani with a grin. "Don't worry; I won't let them keep you. Even if I do have to smuggle you out under the cover of darkness." Which appears to be not at all necessary since. He lets Kelani set the pace, moving with ease down the aisle as she hobbles along on her crutches. "Aede is just outside. He's about as close as he can get without actually coming into the caverns," he notes. "I may have to pick you up to get you on him, though." But don't worry; he's trained for that sorta thing. Search and Rescue for the win. "And what questions would you be facing?" snort. Frown. "You tripped. What more is there to know?"

Kelani carefully moves along beside him on her crutches. She may not be well practiced yet, but she has shown enough patients how to use them to know how. "Thank you..this is now how I figured my trip back would be. You know I nearly messaged you a couple times…but figure I should stick it out." As they get through the caverns, there is a look back for a moment before nodding and heading out to the grounds outside. "Oh not about that..just asking me about candidacy and stuff..and I think I just need my own thoughts for a few days on it all." She says with a little shrug and switches one crutch to pair with the other one so that she is easier to lift.

"Really?" for almost messaging him. "But you didn't," S'van notes. "At least, not about wanting to come home early. It's OK to have doubts. But I knew you'd see it through." Well. Until present circumstances rendered it impossible to continue. A steady pace set, Sev meanders through the caverns beside Kelani with an expression of casual ease, though he's watching carefully for any sort of bobble or unsteadiness that may result from uneven terrain. "They would ask you about candidacy, right after you've been removed from it? Seems cruel," observes the bronzerider, frowning. "You don't owe them anything Kelani. Tell 'em to fuck off. Or I will, if you don't want too." True to his word, the Half Moon Bay bronze is crouched just outside the caverns, with enough space to allow the ascension of rider and guest, but little else. "Kay, here we go," which is his warning before he's wrapping an arm around her waist and hoisting her up onto Aedeluth. It's as gentle as he can manage, the bronze staying exceptionally still to keep the jostling of limbs to a minimum. But he is a large dragon, even if he is not the largest bronze, so there is a certain amount of work to getting the healer aboard and settled. "You can tie the crutches into the straps," he notes, pointing to various snaps and implements designed for just such things. Maybe not crutches specifically, but it's clear that Aedeluth is wearing a set of straps designed for carrying things as well as people.

"We healers are nothing if not inquisitive creatures, maybe I am just worrying too much." Kelani says with a little shrug before bracing herself to be hauled up on Aede. There is a wince at the movement, but mostly manages not to cry out at any jostling. She takes a few moments to settle herself once seated to let the pain ebb away before dealing with the crutches and buckling herself in. She grins at him, "I think that would surprise them to no end if I told any of them that." Well she is not known for saying 'rude words' though she is quite happy to gross people out with intense anatomy discussions instead. "So how are things back at Half Moon?"

"It would shut them up though, wouldn't it?" for rude words uncharacteristically delivered. Apologetic looks are bestowed for the jostling and resultant pain that it causes, but S'van doesn't linger in regret; it was unavoidable and he did his best to be as gentle as possible, to at least minimize the discomfort. Just as Aedeluth is doing his utmost to move as smoothly as possible. Whatever popular opinion may say about the bronze, he is not one to cause unnecessary pain. And he takes his job just as seriously as his rider, who is all business now that they're strapped in and preparing to take off. "You'll find out soon enough," he tosses back, grinning briefly before he straps himself in. "Hold on. Aede is gonna be as gentle as possible," which is a warning more than a reassurance. "It's the landing that might get rough," he continues, even before they are in the air. "His leg…" as if that is explanation enough for the way the dragon launches himself upward with a quick jump and a powerful downward sweep of his wings. At least the ascent is smooth enough, once they are in the air; large wings catching an updraft to lift them quickly into the sky over Monaco Bay.

"The tattoo was shocking enough, that would floor them." Kelani responds with amusement in her eyes as she looks at him. As he settles into the space before him she slips arms about his waist and takes another look at the weyr, a soft sigh before turning her head away from the weyr and resting it on his back. She may have let herself be distracted, but there is still the part of her hurt by this loss it is clear. "It's alright…the cold should make things easier on the other side." She assures him.

S'van can say nothing about tattoos, considering he's got a rather large one gracing the back of his neck, starting just under his hairline and vanishing beneath his jacket. But it is likely that he would be all for the shock and awe inspired by foul language, even if his comments on such are halted at the rush of wind and rapid ascent into the clear sky. A gentle pat of his hand to Kelani's arm is his warning before they vanish Between, lingering in the absolute nothingness for the requisite three heartbeats before exploding into being over the familiar island Weyr. Half Moon Bay welcomes them with warm, humid air; summer still going strong despite the slow creep toward autumn. As promised, Aedeluth's spiral down is as smooth as he can manage, the bronze avoiding those areas of the air that are prone to drafts and choppy disturbances. He angles himself toward the east bowl and the infirmary. His landing, despite his best efforts, is still a bit rough given the accommodation that must be made for his gimpy leg, though he settles into stillness as quickly as possible. "Home. As promised. And straight to the Infirmary; also as promised." S'van makes quick work of the straps around himself, twisting to assist Kelani with both herself and her crutches. "Just toss them down," he advises. "Easier that way."

While they are both 'tropical weyrs' and carry the warmth of such, when they come between out over Half moon weyr Kelani can't help but recognize the differences. Just a slightly different type of heat, a different geography down below, different smells of earth and plants that ride upon the evening air. The familiar. Home. The muscles in her arms seem to relax around him, forgetting for now what she left and thinking about what she is returning to. The grip tightens again just before landing and she winces at the rough landing, her arms tightening about his middle to keep from crying out. "There is still a chance to rebel.." She suggests as she releases him so he can set to getting stuff off. Her crutches tossed down with her bags. Then he has her and she hangs on. "I just want a moment on the beach before I am stuck in the bed again."

Well, probably shoulda mentioned that before crutches and bag were tossed down, because now S'van has a decision to make. He's poised on the side of Aedeluth's neck, one arm around Kelani while the other clings securely to the straps, grey eyes flashing between the infirmary entrance below them, and the beach that is quite literally at the exact opposite of the Weyr. But really, is he going to argue with such a thing? "Alright," and she's carefully deposited right back into place on the bronze. "Crutches will stay here," he decides, because he doesn't feel like climbing down to get them. "And technically, I took you straight to the infirmary. I never promised to leave you there," he notes with a cheeky sort of grin. "It'll be faster if Aedeluth flies us over. Do you think you can handle it?"

With a thankful look, Kelani nods to him and settles back onto the dragon, "I am sorry…I know its silly. I am just not quite ready to face them and though I know I am not anything special in the water, I have so many good memories there." Kelani says in explanation to her request. Just the need to reaquaint herself after months away in relative solitude with someone who won't push her to answer about what happened back 'there'. She hangs on for the next flight, just breathing in the half moon air and S'van's leathers.

"It's not silly," decides the bronzerider, taking care to strap Kelani into the riding leathers even though he'll forgo the action on himself. Living dangerously, this one. "Makes sense to me. You just got home. May as well enjoy it before you're secluded and bed-bound." Even if it's only for a few days. The bronze dragon makes short work of the jaunt from bowl to beach. As careful as Aedeluth tries to be, there is still a bit of awkward bobbling that happens upon landing, the sand compacting beneath the weight of him as he settles down. A twist, and once more Sev has Kelani in his grasp, arm tight around her waist as he descends from beast to beach with care and precision. "You ready?" he asks, waiting for her to have her balance on her 'good' leg before he releases his hold. Aede shifts and shimmies himself far enough away to allow the pair to view the ocean, settling his bronze bulk into a nearby wallow. "There. Beach. Ocean. Even the bar," which is a considerable distance given the fact that the bronze dragon had to land them further down the beach to avoid squishing people.

All this moving around no doubt has her foot throbbing, but she clearly 'needs' this moment. As Kelani is settled on the sands, she steadies herself with one hand on his arm and looks out over the water. There is a little smile as he mentions the bar, "Maybe in a few days once I am released properly. I may well need it by then." She is quiet a time looking over the moonlit waters of the weyr. "I think I will get full journeyman before I consider it again. Then I won't have it hanging over my head. I know I will never make master if I manage to impress…but at least I will reach the first goal to be an independent healer." She says with a firm nod, though still her eyes are glistening with moisture.

"Doesn't have to be alcoholic," notes the bronzerider with a half smirk. "Could just be something refreshing, like… tea?" Maybe? But S'van's in no hurry to run off to the bar, either way. Hands stuff into the pockets of his jacket, gaze matched in appraisal of the moon-lit ocean. A tip of his head for Kelani's words, followed by a glance of grey eyes that move from water to healer. "Would that bother you? Never making Master?" he wonders idly. "Or would Journeyman be enough?" But it's the threat of tears that get his attention quick enough, hand removed and arm quickly looped around her shoulders in comforting affection. "It's alright. It happens. I'll be fine," all meant to be reassuring.

Its nighttime at the weyr and a pajama clad Kelani is standing one legged on the beach next to S'van. Her other foot wrapped up in a bandage. When last she was seen at the weyr it was leaving with a Monaco Bay Search dragon and now she is returned before the eggs hatched. "You know, not really. There are some journeyman who turn it down. Mostly teaching and paperwork…I want to just be able to be a healer. Once I am full journeyman…I will be that." Kelani responds and gives a little shrug. "I know." She says at the reasurance and straightens up a bit next to him looking out over the water. "It is good to be home."

"Well. OK then," is about the length and breadth of advice that S'van can offer in this situation, having never achieved any sort of status in a craft. But comfort, he can do that. So there is a gentle squeeze of his arm, left to drape over Kelani's shoulders until such time as she indicates the gesture is unwelcome or it's time to go. A fleeting glance down and to the side, grey eyes seeking her out in the dark as he smiles a much more honest sort of smile than he's usually prone to. No more verbal assurances are offered, just quiet and unhurried companionship as they stand on the beach in the growing dark. Eventually, there's a quiet, "I'm glad you're home, too."

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