The Long Road

Xanadu Weyr - Someweyr

This space lacks in personal touches that could have possibly made it feel like a home. There is a large bed dressed in simple standard fare typical of Xanadu's guest weyrs with the addition of two plain wooden dressers that match the nightstands on either side of it, a small kitchen with a bistro table and two chairs, a tiny bathroom, and a screened off hot spring for bathing. This is all. There is no adornment on the walls, no rugs on the cold stone floor, and but a minuscule hearth to keep the intimate space warm in weather changes.

It's been a couple of days since, well, everything. J'en hadn't tried to wander off naked at least, but he had marched his own fair share of people through the new weyr here in Xanadu. V'nyk being one of them, and all sharing in their bed whether or not Taeski chose to participate. It's a small wonder that the bronzerider could walk, let alone function in any sort of official capacity as a dragonrider. But that had been the point of it, not keeping his head straight, not thinking. He'd finally broken down last night, clinging to Taeski as whomever it was with them hastily grabbed their clothing and bolted for the door. He'd cried himself to sleep and then promptly slept for the most part of the next day. This is where he is now, his chest gently rising and falling in the middle of the afternoon, nestled beneath the covers of the bed he'd almost turned into a deli counter. Now serving B14. DING.

While still grieving, Taeski could at least function. He hadn't been terribly willing to leave J'en to just /anyone/, although sometimes the teen did make himself scarce when he wasn't quite willing to participate in all the activity the bronzerider had going on. He knew quite well that sometimes J'en wanted certain things that he couldn't give as well as some others. At least his own outbursts of tears had been lessening. He'd held J'en when the rider finally broke down though, nestling right in with him and stroking his hair. He was up, however, having already spent a good bit of time bathing earlier. He wasn't terribly /fond/ of the colder climate, but the teen /could/ attest that he did enjoy some of the warmer clothing he got to put on. Layers felt..protective, in a way that wasn't quite against the chill in the air. There's a glance given to the bed and sleeping J'en from the small kitchen area, as the teen puts together some food. He had, after all, had the mind to make sure they finally got some more than just bread and cheese to sustain them. Even if he had to shove it down J'en's throat sometimes.

At some point, J'en stirs, still feeling exhausted despite all the sleep he got and pushes himself to a somewhat seated position. "What time is it?" he asks, having spotted Taeski over in the small kitchen that the weyr had already provided. Jae looked like death barely warmed over and despite the amount of sleep there were dark circles under those golden eyes of his. Leketh was off, doing whatever it was that dragons do in new weyrs with dragons they've never met before. Probably off cuddling with some color inappropriate or something. He'd only ever chased once since he was able and that hadn't gone terribly well.

Taeski does offer a slight smile once J'en actually wakes up. Though, his head tilts at the question before offering a shrug. "Afternoon I'd guess.. I haven't been keeping track." There's been no real reason to, after all. For once though, the teen is trying his hand at /actual/ cooking. He might not be terribly good at it, but there's at least some things he's capable of. Which is why a few minutes later, he heads over with a plate that has toasted bread and an omelette sitting on it. It might not /be/ breakfast time, but it was still 'wake up' time food. He sets the plate on the nightstand though before sitting down next to J'en, reaching right in to press his lips to the bronzerider's. "You needed the sleep."

The bronzerider doesn't bother waiting for the answer, flinging the blankets aside and stepping out onto the cold stone floor, only glancing over the way of Taeski when he gets a response, nodding once. Shoulders tense though whether it is because he slept away half of the day or because he had chilled feet is debatable. He doesn't linger on it, but he keeps moving, directing himself towards the bathing pool and makes use of it, getting himself clean with none of that pesky scrubbing himself raw he was prone to do upon occasion. All the sex he had been having was making him feel nothing, but not in a way that made him feel like it was something he needed to cleanse himself of. Once done, he reemerges with a towel wrapped around his waist, finding the weyr to be quite warm even with just that single hearth to heat the space. "Water?" he asks, brows lifting, his voice no longer sounding lost or childlike at least. It had even lost the coldness, and the distance. It was merely, his voice. It had tone, depth, and character. How long this would last was anyone's guess considering the seventeen turn old was anything but exactly stable right now. He returns the soft kiss he's given, having returned to the bed in time for that plate of food to arrive, which he entirely ignores for now.

"Mmhm." Taeski gets back up again to retrieve the drink, returning with a full glass for J'en once more. He settles down though, pulling both feet up onto the bed. He might be fully clothed, but his feet remain bare, kept comfortable enough by the heat in the room. He shifts a bit after a while, moving to settle himself up at the headboard of the bed while watching J'en thoughtfully. He doesn't admonish about the food. Not /yet/ anyway. Though if it sits there too long the former renegade will have to say something about it. His head tilts a little though, looking down and over what he can see of his weyrmate's bare skin. His own stitched up flesh was healing, and he'd been having a time of trying to keep himself from scratching at the skin that was trying to heal. It /itched/. But at least it wasn't infected. V'nyk /did/ take a look at it, after all.

Oh, J'en would have insisted that V'nyk look at it, and make sure that he kept coming around until the stitches were taken out, and maybe a few times more after that. You know, just to be safe. With a soft 'thank ya' he takes the water fetched for him, drinking most of it down in a single span of gulping before releasing a belch. Classy, but at least he excuses himself. He was still ignoring the food, but to his credit, not a single tummy rumble has been heard since they arrived. He had nibbled on things now and then, but not nearly enough to sustain his muscle mass. It wasn't dwindling yet, but in time it certainly would. The bruises were fading where he'd been punched in the kidneys, no longer pissing blood the last day or so and his abrasions were well scabbed over and well on their way to healing. As if he could feel eyes on him, he glances over his shoulder brow lifting. "What?" he asks, half turning towards the younger teen, glass held between his two hands.

Taeski lowers his lashes faintly at the question. It's not a particularly heated look he's giving the older boy, but still there's a fondness there. One leg simply stretches out, toes prodding into J'en's towel-wrapped self. "I've said it before, you need to eat. /V'nyk/ said it, too." Just in case he might better take the word of a healer, after all. He lets out a breath though, and finally moves to slide off the bed again, one hand gesturing for the mostly empty glass. He'd gladly refill it, after all. Though he does lean down a bit first, fingers sliding up under J'en's chin. "So eat. Even if you're not hungry. Okay?"

"Ah." the bronzerider notes the lowered lashes and he didn't really need further explanation. He gives his weyrmate a long and suffering look, because he was being nagged right now, that's what that was, nagging. His own lashes lower, taking up that prodding foot and pulling it towards him until said foot was in his lap, already working strong fingers into the meat of it. That's right, foot massage. No water glass refilling right now, no no, and no bed sliding offage either. Foot. Massage. As his chin is grabbed though, golden eyes meet silver and the bronzerider sighs. "Taeski, I can't. Just…" Then he sighs, glancing over at the steaming hot breakfast that was lovingly prepared by the one he loves and he actually turns a little green around the gills.

Well that's one way to distract someone. Taeski blinks for a moment when his /foot/ starts getting rubbed, but sighs just a little. That feels good, after all. It's not going to get J'en /completely/ off the hook, but the teen does melt a bit, allowing the attention. It's hard to complain about a foot massage. There is a sigh though when Jae refuses the food, looking him over for that ill-expression before sitting up a bit better. He leaves his foot there though. That can continue. "You're going to have to get something in you that you can keep down that's not water. You don't have to..right now. But least try?" He's not too keen on his weyrmate starting to waste away.

J'en is good at what he does, that's for sure, really no matter what it is. Maximum Effort. Thumbs are slid the median line of Taeski's foot, working outwards and part towards his outer toes and then back against, soothing sore muscles that people sometimes don't realize are there. The bronzerider glances to his worried weyrmate and sighs, saying nothing really as he continues to work the tension out of that foot probably put there by him to begin with. He's quiet for a long time in fact, seemingly much more interested in making Tae feel good than actually putting anything in his stomach. After a while though, "I'm sorry for makin' ya cook for meh for nothin'." he says, just how much he meant it clearly in his voice. He was sorry, and it even showed on his face. "No matter what I put in mah mouth, it taste like sawdust."

Sitting up is taking too much effort. Taeski simply drops back, settling his arms above his head as he gives in to the utter wonderfulness of a foot massage. It doesn't prevent him from speaking at least, tilting his head as he looks at J'en with brows raised. "You sure don't act like I taste like sawdust." There's a brief smirk for that, but he settles again, wriggling his toes for just a moment. "I get it, though. You can't just /not/ eat though, I've seen how much you pack in there usually. A healer might be able to help..I guess." Maybe. The former renegade shakes his head slightly, breathing another sigh past his lips…this one a bit more groaned really, for those fingers paying such good attention. "I don't mind trying my hand at cooking. I'll figure out something you can eat eventually."

J'en set himself up for that one really, pausing when the renegade makes his quip, and then snorts in what might be considered a laughing type sound, but there was no smile to accompany it. "I dun think I can live off jus' ya." he replies dryly. Though he sure as hell has been trying, maybe that was why he wasn't withering away already, being on a high protein diet and all. Gently, he rolls his thumbs against the heel of Taeski's foot, working into the meat of it and then up along the middle plane again. "Taeski…" Golden eyes lift and meet silver, with a very soft note of warning to let it go as the former renegade continues to push, at least for now. Then he's back to watching his own hands.

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