Strengthening those Inter-weyr relations

Autumn - Month 10 of Turn 2715
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Sometimes you just need to get out and explore the world. Especially when your home weyr is suffering from freezing temperatures and early season sleet. That might explain why Fort's Senior pair have *ahem* escaped to Half Moon Bay for a little while. Surely that diplomacy excuse was flimsy at best, which is why Kayeth is lounging in the shallows, half dozing, while her rider is laying on the warm sand in a modest suit.

Lu'ka is a bit further down the beach from where the Fortian Weyrwoman and her sunning queen are enjoying Half Moon's warming rays. The Weyrling, having been cleared to *between* is checking over Roth's straps for flaws while his young bronze splashes and dives about in the deeper water.

Being actual, legitimate Half Moon Bay Weyr residents, R'sner and Toith need very little in the way of excuses to allow them to enjoy the beach. The green is sprawled out in the sand in a rather undignified manner, taking up far more than her fair share of space, snout pointed toward the sea and the playful weyrling-bronze, eyes whirl a slow blue-green. R'sner is coming from the direction of the Tiki Lounge, a drink of something dark and iced in one hand, the other swinging freely at his side. A glance of cobalt eyes for the foreign gold in the shallows, curiosity briefly piqued, and then to the bronze in the ocean, and finally to the weyrling checking straps. "Bit far from Fort, aren't you?"

Kayeth lifts her head and rumbles a soft greeting to the Fortian Weyrling, which cues her rider to sit up, pushing some hair away from her face. Surely the sudden color to her cheeks is from the sun, and not embarrassment at being "caught". Reaching for a nearby pullover kimono, the Senior hastily wraps her body in the loose fabric, cinching it at the waist.

Lu'ka tugs at a portion of the harness before continuing to contain it to a neat pile well away from the water. That done he peers toward the water, smiling at the fun his dragonmate is having. The Half Moon rider's voice drags his attention away from the water-cavorting dragon. He grins quickly enough and nods to the man's question. "Just by a wee little bit." he holds his hands wide apart though to demonstrate the opposite. "Greetings from Fort Weyr." He glances towards where the Fortian Weyrwoman was sunning to see she's up and moving.

Despite the greeting not being for her, Toith's head lifts as the rumble of the queen, wedged-head pointing her direction briefly as the green studies her. "We are not being invaded," mutters R'sner, shooting a longsuffering look to his dragon. "Mm," for the 'greetings', which is rather flat and neutral in delivery. A frown, and this time a glance for Kayeth before he seeks out her Weyrwoman on the sand. "Ah." As if a question has been answered for him. "Ma'am," which is clearly meant for Nyalle, as is the polite tip of his head.

Nyalle begins to walk towards the others, now that she's been greeted. She smiles, arms wrapped lightly around herself. "Hello. Fort's duties to Half Moon," she murmurs officially. Kayeth rustles her wings and rumbles, amused, at the green. « Though this is a lovely weyr, I've no desire to rule over more than one, » she teases lightly.

Lu'ka grins a bit when Nyalle greets offically, and much better than his own. He gestures as if to say /"Yea, what she said."/ Out in the water, Roth rolls first one way a couple of times, then stops and rolls the owthre way, the tips if his wings flicking trails of water in their passing. Lu'ka chuckles suddenly and glances towards his dragonmate a few seconds before turning back to the other beachgoers.

« S'prolly f' th' best. Pretty sure I c'n take yer body guard. » Meaning Roth there, frolicking in the ocean. « Wo'n wanna cause a scene, tho'. » Toith is only half teasing, too; eyes whirling with animation and excitement, giving R'sner cause to stare at her just a bit longer. A distant look, a disgruntled snort from the dragon, and the tension seems to break. "And Half Moon's to Fort," politely returned. There's a frown etched across his face, curiosity and mild confusion in his gaze, though he's too polite to voice it. Instead, what he will say is, "Can I get either of you a drink?" followed by, "Are there any other's in your party? I can have the Lounge staff bring a tray."

Nyalle glances to Kayeth as the gold chortles aloud in her amusement. « Perhaps, » she says dryly, giving Roth a mental nudge. Right? Rising, the queen stretches her wings and gives them a shake, padding up onto the shore and laying down, stretching out with a contented sigh on the warm sand. "No," Nyalle answers, "at least I don't think so. I wasn't expecting to see Lu'ka here." Ah. Hence the blush, as she's caught playing hooky. "A drink sounds lovely though, thank you. Lu'ka?"

Roth ceases his playing at the nudge from Kayeth, the young dragon slinking closer to the beach as she skims the surface, tail swishing and leaving a wake. « I am Roth! » Which could mean anything from /I didn't do it!/ to /Yes! We are invading!/ Lu'ka's still amused by his dragon's mood and lifts a curious brow towards Nyalle, eyes going back to the resident rider with an almost hesitant nod, before his attention slips back to Nyalle "Um, sure, if you don't see reason why not." Weyrwoman beats silly Weyrling rules afterall.

« Yah, an' I'm Toith, » is the cheeky reply from green to bronze. A mental once-over for the weyrling dragon, a sizing-up as Toith debates her options. « 'S he always like th's? » she wonders to Kayeth. A huff, and then she settles, shooting a dragonic-glare toward her human half. « Wasn' gunna. » grump-grump. Fingers to forehead; though R'sner drops them quick enough as questions are answered and drinks are accepted. They did not arrive together. This knowledge is met with an "Oh?" and seems to surprise him. "Alright. Two drinks then," and he turns on his heel and strides for the Lounge with long, easy strides, leaving the Fortians to converse while he makes good on his offer.

Kayeth eyes Roth for a long moment, before she mentally sighs a little bit. « Yes, » she replies, though there is also affection in her voice. He may be Roth, but he's /their/ Roth. « Wasn't going to what? » she presses curiously, talons digging into the sand to find the cool underside. "No, we did not," she answers, as he goes. Once he's gone, she turns to look to Lu'ka and smiles a little bit. "Why are you here?" It's not demanding, it's a curious question.

Lu'ka should have offered to go get them the round of drinks, but too late. Maybe he can manage to stay out of trouble while the Half Moon rider is distracted with drinks, but probably not. The WeyrlingHarper gestures to where Roth is approaching the shore and lumbering from the water. "I thought I'd give Roth a change of warmer scenery for a little while. I was shadowing a brownrider that needed to run some errands here."

« Fight 'im, » is Toith's quick answer, though the tone of voice suggests that 'fight' would have been more 'spar', a testing of strength rather than an all-out brawl. « Bu' Res says I'm not 'lowed t' wrestle wi' weyrlin's.» Huff. Talons curl into the sand, kneading it like a disgruntled feline.

Kayeth pauses for a moment, and then the queen arches her back, also like a feline, talons flexing once more against the sand. « Up for a challenge? » /She/ isn't a weyrling anymore. Nyalle is either unconcerned, or unaware of current events, as she continues to smile at Lu'ka. "Are you thinking of transport wing?"

Lu'ka shakes his head to the Weyrwoman "I don't think so. Haast will let me pretty much pick up my WeyrHarper duties from where I left off." He does crack a little grin "At least now I won't have to wait for deliveries to be sent, we can just go get them." Another gesture over his shoulder to the large bronze waddle/lumbering from the water, water running down to drip. Roth settles his wings along his back, keeping them out of the sand for now. His gnarled looking head cants first to Kayeth then to Tioth. Listening to their greeting ritual with growing curiousity, learning interweyr relations from the older dragons.

'Toith' and 'interweyr relations' usually do not go in the same sentence unless accompanied by the word 'ruined'. Probably for exactly what was about to happen, judging by the sudden uptick in whirling eyes and the ripple of muscle as the green goes from lax to coiled-spring. « 'M not s'posed t' fight Queens, » is said in that gleeful, wicked tone that children use right before they do the exact opposite of what they ought to do. But the green is up, stretching wings, flexing talons and arching her neck in preparation. « This'll be fu- » "No-no-no." That would be R'sner, returning with drinks for the Fortians and a very stern expression for his green. "Ma'am," as a drink is offered; something appropriately iced and perhaps alcoholic. And then "Weyrling," because he still hasn't caught his name.

Nyalle chuckles. "That is one of the benefits of dragons, that's for certain. I'm glad to hear you want to continue with your WeyrHarper duties! We've missed your songs in the Living Cavern." Then she turns quickly, eyes widening. "Kayeth!" But it's too late (or the gold is ignoring her rider). Springing forward, the queen aims to nudge Toith over, of course mindful of the size difference. "I'm so sorry!" Nyalle says quickly to R'sner, taking her drink.

Lu'ka laughs at the Weyr's loss of good music during the last couple of Turns. "And the lounge from what I hear." He glances over to R'sner when the man returns, "Thanks! I'll get us next round." He takes a quick sip "Mmm. I'm Lu'ka by the way. Weyrling to Roth there." He should have been paying closer attention to his dragon though cause the bronze is focused soley on the queen as she moves quickly to pounce the fiesty smaller green.

Too late, indeed. Toith likely would have obeyed her human's command, if it weren't for that nudge. The green goes over, but recovers immediately, legs splayed and claws digging into the sand for purchase. A flash of lightening; a roll of eager anticipation because it is on now! and she springs for the gold. There is no reservations on the part of the green, who is only too happy to try and engage the visiting Kayeth in a good and proper, no-holds-barred wrestling match. R'sner… looks horrified as he watches his dragon attack the Senior Weyrwoman's gold, potentially destroy any sort of good will between Fort and Half Moon Bay. There's a half-second in which he looks ready to run right over there and try to bodily break up the wrestling of two grown dragons but, perhaps some semblance of sense returns to the green, who disengages from whatever state of tangle she may be in, and retreats. Disgruntled. Thoroughly put-out that the fun has been stopped. R'sner's gone rather white, and is shaking his head in a very animated manner in response to Nyalle's apology. "No, I… Oh Faranth. I am so sorry… She knows better," meaning Toith. "Really." A somewhat distracted, "Sure," for Lu'ka's offer to get the next round, though his attention comes back to the group when introductions are made. "R'sner. Weyrlingmaster with Toith. Well met, weyrling Lu'ka."

Kayeth bowls over with Toith, warbling and /happy/, her thoughts sparking with electric shocks across a frothy sea. When the green retreats the gold at first huffs, proud that she's won, but then rumbles in equal discontent. Then she growls, though it's directed at the humans - not Toith. A snort, and the queen spreads her wings and kicks into the sky with a powerful leap. « Come, » she says to the green. « Elsewhere. » They can play where /they/ won't stop them. Nyalle looks mortified, trying to talk over R'sner in her own babbled apologies. When the gold leaves she sighs, shielding her eyes from the sand. "I'm…" Sigh. "Nyalle," she finishes. "And…Kayeth."

Lu'ka accepts the drink but stares at the spectacle the older dragons put on. Roth also stares, a warble of concern as they both go rolling over. He knows they are playing, but even so. "No!" Lu'ka states flat out to his dragonmate "You cannot do that too!" He takes a deep drink and stares between his Weyrwomanand the Weyrlingmaster. Eyes flicking between them as the appologies fly. "I'm gonna just move back over there and spot oil Roth." Another drink to help ease the tention "Then I'll see about that next round of drinks. Nice meeting you Weyrlingmaster." They'll probably all want one by then. A drink laden salute to both before he and thee head back to where straps and other gear are waiting.

Oooooh, the decisions! Clearly, Toith has a choice to make, and the difficulty is evident in the lash of tail and whirl of faceted eyes. To follow Kayeth, or to obey R'sner. In the end, though, she decides to go for a loophole, and obey the queen even if it's not technically *her* queen. « S'fine Res! Chill out. I promise I won' draw ichor, » and away she goes, launching herself into the air after Kayeth, glee and challenge rolling off of her like waves in an ocean. And R'sner? Left staring after her in disbelief. "I… uh…" but it is clear that R'sner has no idea what to say in this situation. If anything, the offer of her name makes him look all the more stricken, though he offers a proper (if somewhat ironic), "well met, ma'am," in return. A nod, for Lu'ka's retreat, not at all begrudging the weyrling for making an exit out of the chaos that has erupted on the beach. "Is she… is there… does she usually engage in…" a deep sigh. "Toith won't hurt her." He attempts to sound reassuring, even if there's a bit of skepticism in his own words.

Nyalle toys with the drink mug and finally takes a long sip. /Hopefully/ there is alcohol in there! "Ahh. No," she says, with furrowed brow. "Never." She offers a faint smile, her expression embarrassed. "I…I'm sure she won't hurt her either." She's so /not/ sure, since Kayeth has /never/ done this before.

Whatever alcohol is in there, it's likely not to be enough. R'sner is already peering at his drink as though it has disappointed him, and then hastily drinking it down. "Toith is… well. I am sorry to say this is not unusual behavior for her. Though she usually refrains from engaging with Weyr leadership." A hard frown in the direction the dragons vanished. "She has wrestled with bronzes," which is perhaps meant to be another attempt at reassurance against concerns for Toith's safety. "If you don't mind my asking… what brought you to Half Moon today?"

Nyalle smiles, finally taking a deep breath and letting her shoulders relax. "I'm sure they'll be fine." Hopefully. Shards, please let them behave. Then she chuckles. "I wanted to relax. Kayeth, apparently, did not want to relax."

"Ah," for relaxation, and there's a somewhat rueful expression that crosses over R'sner's face given the circumstances that have arisen. "Then I apologize again; I am certain that Toith started it," which is dry, and somewhat resigned. "But I hope that you can continue to relax in what time you have remaining. I imagine Fort is… frigid by now."

Nyalle gestures towards the ground before she sits back onto her towel, crossing her legs and adjusting her coverup. "It's not your fault. I know we talk a lot about being the masters of our dragons, but in truth, that's not always possible." Especially with the more strong-willed ones. "It is, yes. When the sleet began to fall I was moved to…escape, even if briefly, to a warmer climate. Though we usually enjoy the cold."

There is a brief moment of hesitation before R'sner accepts the invitation. Long limbs tucked and folded until he's properly seated, drink held carefully to avoid spilling; won't want to waste a drop now that he seems to need it all the more. "I am inclined to agree with you," offers the Weyrlingmaster, for strong-willed dragons and battles for leadership. "It is a partnership. That is what I tell my weyrlings. A partnership that must have a leader. In truth, there are times when compromise is the best that can be hoped for." A press of his lips, and a look to the horizon, a brief hardening of blue eyes. But of sleet and escape, he has very little to offer. Just an acknowledgement in the form of a quick nod, and a passing, "Never much minded the cold, either."

Nyalle smiles with a nod. "Too true. And good leaders know when to compromise, and how to pick their battles. And really, in the end, compromise isn't usually such a bad thing. Especially in a relationship that must endure." Where you have no choice but to stay, as with a dragon. "No, I was born and raised in High Reaches, so even Fort is mild in comparison. But," she chuckles, "one look at the sleet this morning and we both had the same idea at the same time."

Acknowledgement comes in the form of a brief, somewhat tight smile and a subtle incline of R'sner's head. But whether or not he had more to offer on the subject of compromise or weather conditions, an interruption comes in the form of a Half Moon weyrling, flailing arms and hands and clearly requiring attention as he flags R'sner down from the other end of the beach. Whatever the matter might be, R'sner does not appear particularly concerned, though he does push himself to his feet and make preparations to attend to the situation. "I apologize again for Toith's behavior, and I hope that you can enjoy the rest of your warm afternoon in peace. If you wish for another drink, please put it on my tab; it is the least I can do…" for wrestling dragons and potential disasters.

Nyalle smiles, nodding her head to the Weyrlingmaster. "Thank you, R'sner. It was a pleasure to meet you!" As for the dragons, well. Nyalle will be here for some time, because after the match is finished, Kayeth will need a long, contented nap.

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