The Future is the Past, RP log

A'ven shivers a little at the uncharacteristic 'cold' as he looks out over the lagoon deep in thought. "You're right, everything is relative — it's not that cold really.", he replies to his dragon. The two seem in good spirits, relishing the time away from the hustle and the bustle of it all, he smiles at the passers by, just — a regular person going about his day. It's a new feeling for him.

The cold was never a thing that held these two back as they liked to put a little excitement into their lives at some points of their day. And the rider did promise that they'd do something fun after he got his paperwork done. T'lin wasn't one to back down on his word with his dragon. The sound of large wings beat into the as the large bronze flew overhead and then dove through the air, down into the water of the deeper portions of the lagoon. As the splash dies down, the bronze's head with the rider, laughing brightly as he shook the water from his hair, resting at the shoulders rises above the water as the dragon heads for the shore. Flashy entrance? Maybe.

A'ven catches T'lin's laugh, joining in. "If you're trying to catch a chest cold just so you can get out of wing duties —", he teases. There is, however a momentary flash of concern as he reassures himself that the rider and dragon took no hurt. "Hello there.", he greets just as brightly. Glyith, for his part, looks rather surprised that any dragon in his right mind would go willingly into the water — for fun even — and he snorts in disbelief.

T'lin grins wide. "It depends on what the duties would be for the day," the bronzer teases back as he slides off of his bronze; letting the dragon relax into the water. He tilts his head in introduction as he smiles. "Hello to yourself." He slips his shirt off, wringing it out of the water collected into it as he looks back at Ciragath. "Happy now? We did something fun." « The water's not as cold as it was in High Reaches. » He arches a brow and laughs once more before he sits down on the sand, a good few meters from A'ven.

A'ven nods. "Were you just at High Reaches then?", he asks, hoping for news. Any… news on this slow day. "I wish I could get Glyith into the water that easily.", he laments.

Glyith rumbles, darkly amused. He's got mass and inertia on his side. You just try it little man.

T'lin grins a bit. "Earlier today at least. Had to help the vintner stationed there." He glances over at the Weyrleader's bronze, "I'm guessing you have to beg him to get into the water…" He trails off as the other bronze lets out his rumble and he snickers softly. "I'm going to take that as a yes." He looks back over at A'ven. "I'm guessing it's been rather boring here for ya?" Ciragath lets out a soft bugle towards Glyith. « The water won't do anything bad. Just quite relaxing to feel something other than air and oil wash over you. »

A'ven admits, "Today has been rather slow. I'm off rotation at the Healer hall for another day so other than paperwork I've not had much to do today… the life of a Weyrleader, not that glamorous I'm afraid.", he grins easily, "Nicer furniture perhaps." "How about you? Please tell me you have an extraordinary wine tucked away somewhere — maybe I'll hold on to it for a while and when I have a really bad day…" This is somewhat of a tease too — since A'ven's not known to be a drinker.

T'lin lets out a soft laugh. "And here I thought you'd be showered with adoration every waking moment of the day." He shook his shoulder with a laugh and whipped out his shirt to knock a few drops off before he slipped it back on. "While I may have wine stashed away in places, that doesn't mean that even the Weyrleader gets to have a crack at it." His eyes glinted with mischief as he then looked back over at A'ven. "I can't say that we've been introduced before. Or I've just been away from this weyr too long.

A'ven shakes his head, "No, I don't think we have. What's your name?", he's used to not having to announce his anymore.

T'lin grins. "My name's T'lin. And of course, this is my bronze." His eyes flicked over to his bronze just in time for Ciragath to chime in. « My name is Ciragath. » He shakes his head with a small laugh. "Doesn't let me talk for him. Never has."

A'ven smiles, taking that in stride. "I admit, it's a little unusual hearing another voice… besides the many in my head.." "But it's a nice voice just the same. It's good to meet you both. You've already met Glyith here, sort of. He's our resident non-swimmer." "Not as bad as he used to be.

Ciragath senses that Glyith is amused. It's not the water that's the problem really. I don't understand why I have to be clean all the time. Life is for living… baths take up too much time.

T'lin glances over at his dragon. "Yeah, I can understand that." He looks back at A'ven and hms softly. "While I now know you as Weyrleader. I still feel like I've met you before." He hms softly, looking back at the water as if to use it to watch his thoughts.

Glyith senses that Ciragath lets out a low rumble of mirth. Baths only come when we deem that we need it. I call this relaxation. The fact that it's also cleaning my hide is just a plus.

A'ven replies. "I'm Y'tan's son… Yaltan. You might have known me when I was younger."

T'lin blinks a bit, his head dropping a bit. "You were that little kid?" He looks over at the water and then back at A'ven. "By the first Egg, I would have never have guessed you'd become Weyrleader one of these days!"

A'ven smiles lightly, "Me either.", he says with no small wonder in his voice. "But here I am… and I guess I'm doing all right. I don't know for sure what people really say but everybody seems to think I might be okay." Glyith rumbles, nuzzling his rider in support.

T'lin lets out a soft chuckle. "I've only just come back here, and I'd have to say that you're doing alright." He starts to stand up, brushing the sand off of his pants; though they are rather caked in the gritty stuff. "Guess I'll be seein' ya around then?"

A'ven agrees, "I'd like to talk more… ", he admits, liking the direct nature of the man. "Maybe Ciragath can teach Glyith that baths aren't that bad…"

T'lin laughs, joined in with a jovial rumble from Ciragath. "I think he'd like to try that at least. But as for me, I might retire to the hearth. I think I may need to warm up." He gives a wave, and starts to head off to the Living Caverns.

A'ven waves in return, left to wonder what a vintner chooses to drink when he's not tasting out of professional necessity.

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