Bedside Braiding

Western Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.
Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

Mid-morning and pre-lunch at Western Weyr's infirmary is seeing most of the healing stuff off getting lunches for their two patients. One stabbed, one fallen. The fallen one actually seems to be awake now, roughly three days after her fall. There's probably enough rumors floating around to give ample choices of why someone with generous bruising and a broken wrist is still in the infirmary with the occasional need to be sedated. Qiana is actually propped up now as well, in a somewhat reclining position instead of prone, and her weyrmate is just a few cots off, slumbering away from his own laced wine. Silly weyrmates. Either way, today Qiana is managing to at least look restless. Seems they haven't given her anything to do with her good hand.

Iris slinks into the infirmary, carrying a bag of goodies- good timing, with most of the healing staff gone she can get the goodies in without questioning looks. The junior weyrwoman both smiles and grimaces when she spots her sister propped up on a bed as she glances across the infirmary, catching sight of S'rorn slumbering not far off. The smile grows a little warmer and she takes a seat on the edge of Qiana's bed. "Hey there. This is for you… how you feeling?" She sets the bag of goodies closer to Qiana so she can dig through with her good hand and find a variety of time-consuming items- books, some puzzles, notebook and pencils if she should like to write.

Person she knows! Person she knows! Not that Qiana doesn't know a little chunk of the weyr populace, but this one's her /sister/. Thankfully most of the spectacular bruising is underneath the gown and blankets, but there's a good blue-purple one creeping up over the edge of a shoulder. "I feel like I got ran over by a runner." There's a pause after, as she licks her lips and glances over to the dozing S'rorn. There's something she's not saying quite yet, but she's willing herself to be distracted. Frankly, she's tired of crying. "Oooh. What's all of this?" And indeed that good hand is pulling things out one at a time. The notebook is looked at for a moment and then Qi looks up at Iris. "Too small. How am I supposed to draw properly in this?" Yup. Time to give grief.

Iris laughs softly- the patient has some humor, it seems, so she must not be too far gone. "Well… you sort of did though… I'm sure you've heard by now that Frostbite is fine- but I figured that would be one of your questions so I asked after him." She watches Qiana sift through the bag, and sighs, grinning at the complaint. "It was the most handy notebook. Tell me how big you want and I'll get one sent over, though."

"Well…" Qiana starts off, drawing the word out. "If we're being technical, I think I went over his neck first, and then he went over me." Iris' assurance that Frostbite is fine does bring a half-smile to Qi's face. "Master Lution is coming for him though. Take him back to the Hall for awhile." She clears her throat, a little uneasily. "Frostbite wouldn't be safe if Nyz got up to his antics." Or in this case, add Rorn onto the accomplice list. "But he didn't hurt himself, tripping? Good." … Are the priorities in Qi's head skewed or something? Qiana lifts her good hand, pushing the hair away from her face. "There's actually a sketch book in our weyr you could grab. I haven't been able to get him to go get it, yet." Leech. Though there is a sort of fond-concern look for her sleeping mate again. "Anyhow. If you /really/ want to help, grab a brush and a tie and /braid my hair/." Apparently it flopping in her face all the time is starting to irritate her a little bit.

Iris shrugs. "If you want to be technical, then sure. Anyway. I checked in with the stables here- no one's going to turn him into a dragon meal, here or at the Hall." Nah, priorities aren't skewed. Qi's a runner gal, that's how they come! Iris follows Qiana's glance over to S'rorn and she smiles a little, too, before nodding. "This I can do." A brush and ties are located and Iris shifts around the bed with her sister so that she can work on this project.

Qiana snorts softly, managing to squirm enough so Iris can access her hair. "No one besides S'rorn and Nyz." There's some experimental rolling of her shoulders and neck, as if she's trying to stretch something out, or pop some joints. S'rorn is out, and Zi'on seems to be too, and the infirmary is otherwise quiet. Thankfully. Qi takes in a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "Ris, I was pregnant… when I took that tumble." Her voice is quiet and really not meant to carry.

There's an indifferent sound as she acknowledges the sentence, "They may /want/ to. They won't get to." Before Iris starts brushing out Qi's hair, she spends a little time massaging her sister's neck and shoulders- much easier a job than when she works on her weyrmate. When Qiana makes her announcement, Iris reaches around and carefully hugs her. "I heard a rumor about that… I… I'm sorry." She knows she would be devastated if she had lost any of her own- even Kiltara's disappearance was upsetting, though the girl wasn't her own daughter. "Will you be able to have another? Internal damage?"

Iris recognizes that fatique- it's not something she's been a stranger to in the last few years. Not the same situation of course. She just holds her sister, though, for a long time, eventually letting her go and starting the process of brushing out her hair. "… Pretty normally?" She lets the nonspecific answer go though, for now. "Torn between trying again and not trying again? If you took a break from riding race runners- Faranth forbid, I know- you'd probably be able to see a child to term. "

"Don't ask me to tell you what is supposed to happen in a miscarriage, Ris…" Qiana says, protesting the idea of having to say it. "Ask one of the healers if you really want to know." Even as Ris starts to brush out her hair, Qi nods. "Exactly that. Racing runners is dangerous. Jumping them can be, too. But I want to give him - give us - a family. But I don't want to stop my work, either." And then surprisingly enough there's a short snort of laughter. "I think the moment I get pregnant and he finds out, he's going to treat me like I've turned to glass."

Iris nods, not that Qiana can see her nod from their position. Better to stick to the subject of the job. "Well. Think of it this way… it's only nine months. Really, only seven or eight, depending on how early you find out. You could stick to exercising the old, deadbroke ones. Or learn some training, from the ground. Then you're still working, but it's less danger." There's a snort of laughter, though. "Weyrmates do tend to do that- treat us like glass, that is. Ila flipped his lid the first time I was pregnant. Actually, he flips out each time. His mom died giving birth to Kiltara, so I guess he's got an excuse."

Qiana at least seems to be regaining a little bit of humor. It's not like she's dead inside. "Each time?" Is repeated, and Qi's imagination is only working at what would happen if she were to get pregnant again. "Maybe I'll just go celibate. Adopt." It's probably an attempt at a joke, since she doesn't sound entirely serious. "I could work runners on the lunge. And watch from the stands during training sessions." There comes a heavy sigh from the woman. Decisions. Because doing the ground work just isn't nearly the same as being on a runner's back. After a few moments of silence though, she's looking for a distraction again. "How have you and Ila'den been?"

Iris chuckles a little. "Well I have had three babies. Three chances for Ila'den to lose his mind worrying. It's what weyrmates are for, I guess." She grins from behind Qiana, and listens again. "Hey, maybe it'd be good for you, though. Learn some new ground training methods or something." No, it's no the same, but maybe it could be better. At the question about her own relationship, Iris is silent at first. "We're… okay. Well, we're great, now that he's heard from Kiltara. It was hard, with her disappeared. He was kind of like a ghost, trying to find her and so angry when Zi'on grounded him. But we've had word, and we know she's alive. So he's happier."

Well aren't the pair of them just cheerful things? At the mention of her sister's three children, one of Qiana's hand does cover her stomach for a few moments, reflecting. "That's good. That you've heard something finally. Thankfully the sibling I care about is pretty easy to find right now." D'awww. We're not going to mention how bonkers Qi went when Ris was missing. It might seem like Qiana is asking for a little punishment with this next question, but she goes ahead and asks anyways. "And what of my niece and nephews?"

"Yep. He was really… it was kind of unbearable. But we're fine now." She's done brushing, now, and working on dividing Qiana's hair into sections and starting the plait. "Your neice and nephews… they are doing grand. Growing like weeds. Risali gets into everything, Veliren trails after her… the baby is perfect, though. Never protests a thing, hardly cries. Looks a lot like his dad. I can't decide if that makes Ila'den thrilled or jealous, honestly." The baby's dad being V'ric, and all.

Qiana scratches at her cheek with a finger during the last bit. "I hope he'd be thrilled. I mean, you guys are both riders. Things like that kind of… happen, don't they?" Qi is trying to keep her head still, not to crane around and look at Iris while they're talking since her sister is being nice and braiding her hair. "You have a healthy baby." Youch Qi, prod at yourself a little more. She clenches her jaw for a moment, but exhales a moment later. Can't keep crying every time. "Risali… she's going to be 3 soon, isn't she? Time flies."

Iris laughs lightly. "Yes. Things like that happen. I'm sure he's thrilled because it's his best friend's boy at least. But jealous, because he's very… possessive, of me." Don't think Iris doesn't see you clenching that jaw. She sees, and she tugs on the hair while she braids, distracting Qi. "Yep, almost three turns. Getting bigger all the time, getting in trouble already." She trails off, pondering as she finishes up the braid. "You'll get there. Your time will come, and you'll be a fine mother." She ties off the braid, and wraps her arms around Qiana. "Just get through the now, and get well, and you'll see."

There's a little noise of protest at her hair being tugged, but that's about it, and once again she's leaning into her sister for comfort. "I thought they started getting into trouble when they learned to walk?" And there's a very faint smile on her lips. Hey, weyrmate's asleep, someone has to take over the job of keeping her sane. "The wrist is going to keep me off runners the longest." Or at least that's her theory and she's sticking to it. Suicidal woman, wanting to get back on runners after every single time she falls.

"Well, yeah," Iris confirms. "They start getting into trouble when they start crawling. But she's getting mobile /and/ smart enough to talk back." She hugs her sister, arms wrapped tight, giving her an extra squeeze. "Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise, with the time to work on other things, practice drawing, and all that. Read some books. You'll see. I know it's pointless to tell you stay off the runners until your wrist is cleared, you'll be on them again the moment you think you feel better. Just be careful."

"And go stir crazy while the Healers keep me strapped to a bed." Qiana retorts, looking to be in slightly better humor. Sisters are good for that. She lets out another sigh, but at least this one doesn't sound like she'll take a dive off a cliff afterwards. "Next runner I ride - before or after my wrist heals - is just going to be a normal riding runner." Not that she's scared to get back on a racer, mind you. "Take a jog somewhere." So, give her enough time for the bruises to heal a bit, and content the healers on her pelvic health, and Hellllloooo runners. Again. Hopeless. "Staccato could use some exercise now that he's a stud." Snuggling with the sister seems to make Qi sort of happy, and the girl is twisting a moment later. "C'n I have some bubblies?"

Iris laughs at the retort. "Hey, I'm sure they'll let you out before too long. Then it'll be just your weyrmate you have to worry about keeping you down!" Iris won't be party to restrictions unless she has to. "Good idea- just nice and easy riding." When her sister twists around, Iris nods. "I'll go find some, kay? Maybe I can bake some up myself- then you know they'll be perfect!" She gives Qi one last squeeze before hopping off the bed and heading out. "Take care- I'll come see you again as soon as I've got some bubblies for ya!"

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