Antics in the Conference Room

Warning: contains PG-13+ content.

Western Weyr - Conference Room
The dominate feature in this room is the large, wood table. It gleams with recent dusting, and sits in the middle of the room. Several large, cushioned chairs surround the table, perfect for long meetings. The crest of Western Weyr is elaboratly engraved in the center of the table. Tapestries hang along the walls, depicting dragons in flight above the weyr, and a smaller table holds glasses and pitchers of various drinks. Drudges wait patiently in the corners to attend to the Weyrleaders during meetings.

The quiet of the conference room echoes with the noise outside in the Eastern bowl, the door into the room propped open with a nearby stone to let the night's cool breeze into the the room itself. A few of the lights are turned on around the large center table, the electrical bulbs adding a slight buzz-noise to the room. In the expanse of it sits the lone figure of Rea, her body curled into a chair indian-style while she leans over the table itself, her braid having decended over her right shoulder and semi-hides her face from view of the door. A few papers are scattered about her, with one she is currently intent on. If one walks close enough and knows records well enough, she's working on this monthes tithe log… Checking off things and adding others to the list as after thought, overtly absorbed into her work that she doesn't seem to notice anything else.

The woman's concentration on anything but the door to the conference room gives ample opportunity for a red-haired scoundrel to creep toward it and peer into the room. He didn't forget that halfmark that he's been keeping in his pocket since the Tiki lounge. Fingers actually ensure that it's there in his pocket as he pushes the other quietly up against the door, putting his foot on top of the rock to help open the door as silently as he could. Taking a glance behind him to make sure no one notices his stealth like creeping, he slips his shoulders first in to the gap he's made for himself. One leg follows the other as he slips into the conference room, edging down to sneak around toward the side of Rea where her hair obscures her sight. The door, for as quickly as he released it, thuds against the rock just enough to make a noise over the buzzing of the lights. This is when N'kor ducks behind one of the large cushioned chairs, holding his breath.

Rea is naive of N'kor's entrance, up until the noise of the rock, which sends her writing utencil flying a bit at the noise. Looking quickly upwards from her work and towards the door, the goldrider seems to study it a bit, a slight frown pulling on her lips as she tries to figure out why the door made the movement. Cautiously, she pushes her chair back and unfolds herself from her oddly-comfortable position, stepping over to the door and peer outside. "Bennueth…?" She mumbles quietly, before she turns back to the room, peering over it. « Never forget about the sentry… » Bennueth says to N'kor specifically, a desert breeze and dusty smells accompanying the thought to him.

The moment that he heard Rea's chair shift as she moved from it, he continued to crouch low toward the next chair to hide behind, lurking low with a grin wide on his face as if he was barely able to contain himself. He means no harm so when the desert breeze touches against his thoughts, Bennueth would sense no cruel intentions. Though at that precise moment he figured himself busted despite himself. So, with a quick pounce as she's peering out the door, he's leaped up onto the table, sitting on his knees with that half-mark held between two fingers. He waits for her to turn around and when she does, he smiles at her, flicking the mark in her direction, "Hope you didn't forget about your jibe."

Rea arches a brow at the sudden appearance of N'kor, her eyes flicking minutely over to her papers to make sure they arn't knocked off, before back to the Weyrlingmaster. Reflexive enough, she catches the mark as it's flicked to her, a slow smirk appearing over her face as she turns the half-mark over in her hands and peers at it. "My dear Weyrlingmaster, what would your Weyrlings think of their teacher knowing you were taking up such an offer? What kind of manners do they teach at your former Weyr?" She says teasingly enough, looking up at him before walking casually back over to her papers and neatly piling them together so they arn't wrecked. Looking up again through her lashes, she shakes her head at him, "Though, what would dear Farris think of her bronzerider, now?" She can play along with this teasing, for now…

Oh, he's made certain he hasn't done any harm to her papers, knowing that had he, he would be recopying the entire thing. So he made sure his feet here pointed away and that his knees rested more on the one side of the table that lacked her pile of work. Of course, when she comes to tidy it up, he shifts slightly to prop one foot up flat against the table - yes, in his boots, but, they are sparkling clean. He leans into this leg now, keeping the other knee to the table surface. "That's moot, isn't it? For they aren't here at the moment to think much of anything. S'uin and Xe'res are keeping them occupied." His brow lifts as he watches her casually go about stowing her work in a safe area, as if he wasn't perched up on the conference table. "Which former Weyr?" he jests, canting his head forward so that his chin tilted inward toward his chest, "I've been through a few of them." However, her last remark makes his face faulter a little, just enough before he shrugs, "I'm not sure that 'her' bronzerider would be appropriate anymore."

Rea giggles a little, placing a hand over her mouth to cover it as he remarks about his Weyrlings, "That doesn't keep me from taking advantage of it, now does it? Black mailing a Weyrlingmaster… Could be useful in the future." She looks up at him, her eyes showing in the light at her easy jump from work to playfulness at N'kor. Stepping back just slightly, she seems to make a study of the bronzerider himself, 'hmming' lightly, "Now, would the show be worth my half-mark? It look like it /might/… But do I get a refund, if I'm displeased with the display? Never hurts to dicker with the 'trader', sort of speak…" At his comment of which Weyr, she raises her brows at him, obviously a little taken aback that there is more then one, "My my, don't we get around? Are there goldriders at your previous Weyrs that're heartbroken over the loss of you?" She flashes her teeth at him and steps closer, looking ready to laugh until he comments on Farris, to which she sobers for a moment and reaches out to touch his ankle in a comforting manner. "Apologies, N'kor… I didn't realise that, well… That it haden't worked out. I won't mention it again, promise."

"You wouldn't?!" he says in mock offense, though the smirk certainly betrays him for the amusement of the situation is clear in his eyes. It would be the moment that she stepped back to appraise him, that he straightened out a bit more, doing a comical puff of his chest and unbuckling his flight jacket to push back a side to show off his form-fitting shirt resting underneath of it. With an arm on his hip as he sits there on one knee, he slants his head to the side and chuckles at her mention of a refund, "I don't think so, I don't deal that way. However, you could put half of it down for a deposit and if the show isn't appealing, you could keep the other half." A point toward the currently held half-mark, "that's your deposit. I expect the other half-mark at the end if you've enjoyed yourself." There he just shakes his head, unable to help but chuckle at her choice words, "No goldriders. I'm not really 'into' goldriders persay." His lips curl up in the corner and his eyes get slight crows feet during his own playful teasing. However, he doesn't lose his smirk as he just shrugs off her apology of his failed relations with the dragon riding harper, "It must've been the size of my ego. See, she got the show not too long ago and I'm afraid it chased her off."

Rea tilts back her head and laughs at his mock offense, sticking her tongue back out at him before continuing on the subject, "I just might… Isn't that what black mail is good for? Threaten you with it and make you clean my weyr or polish my shoes. Maybe make you finish my tithe's report." She lifts her hand again to cover her laughter as he poses on the table, a slight blush shadowing her cheeks from either too much laughter, or some unveiled shyness. "Are you serious? You want to get totally naked, right here in the conference room? Well, it's not like I don't see naked men in the hot springs, but still!" She flusters a little, though still grinning as she has been, shaking her head in his foolishness. "A full mark to see things I could probably see for free sneaking in on you in the hot springs… Hmmm." Nodding her head a little at the last comment, she smirks, looking her best sort of innocent. "Big something…" And then laughs, taking a step back as if expecting him to revolt physically.

"You'd really blackmail me just to get your shoes polished or your weyr cleaned?" He looks almost disappointed as he reiterates the purpose of her blackmail, shaking his head almost sadly, "There's nothing else you could possibly think of-" here he gestures with one hand. "-for a Weyrlingmaster … for a bronzerider … for a man to do for you?" He lets his hand fall as it crosses the one uplifted knee, draping over it casually. To her following remark of getting totally naked right in that room, he answers by looking around as if not seeing the reason she does for not doing it here, to which, his blue eyes flicker back to her face as he shrugs, lips turning up, "I don't see why not. You can always pretend that you're counciling me on my ego if anyone walks in." He laughs then at her admission to trying to sneak to the hot springs to see him, "It just won't be the same. It'll be all without the show and you'll be dissappointed," he warns, shifting a bit on the table, a brow jutting up at the last, "You haven't already peaked have you? That would totally ruin the whole show."

"With this much disappointment, I should fear you trying to sneak into my weyr for /other/ things… And cleaning my weyr might get you closer then a strip show would!" Rea shakes her head again, blushing a little further as he indicates further his meaning, "For someone that doesn't have a particular for goldriders, you seem rather interested in those aspects with me. What are you, ten years my senior? Not that older men arn't capable of being good looking, mind you…" She growls a little and laughs, sitting back down in her chair and propping her feet adjacent from her papers, looking up at him thoughtfully. "In here specifically? Because every time I had a meeting to attend here, I would think of you naked on the table, and that would horribly ruin my attempts to add something vital to the meeting, now wouldn't it?" She places a hand on her face at the mention of peeking at him in the hot springs, her dark eyes peering through her fingers at him as she does cover her face, "No! Though maybe I should have, just to confirm the goods before I'm propositioned with them."

"Why fear it. I know where your weyr is-" he taunts with a promising wink, snorting shortly after, "You know, if you pitched in a few more marks, I could combind the both. A duster and an apron would just about do it-" he watches for her reaction, taking note of her crimson cheeks. Then she jabs him about his age and he puts a hand up to his heart, his head flopping down, muttering, "Ouch.." though, as he peers up from underneath those red brows of his, he adds, "At least I'm not crotchy yet," he adds with a huff, "And it just means I get to spank you if you misbehave girly." Tugging on the collar of his jacket, he picks up his chin a little more, "And I'm not interested in your dragon. If I were, I'd be out there giving the strip show to her instead of you." He notes about the goldrider comment, his weight shifting as the table makes a slight shake, gathering himself up with a clomp of a second boot on the table. Standing up on the table, he spreads his arms to the side in a flippant gesture, "Hey, if that would bring a smile to your face every time you're cramped in here talking about something dreadfully boring, then I should do it for you right here and right now. Then you can confirm the goods." His hands both sweep aside the sides of the leather jacket, to rest on his hips as he stares down at her.

Rea blanches a little at N'kor's threat, dragging her hand down from her face to her collar bone to look at him again- before she's choking on laughter at the thought of a nearly naked N'kor in her weyr, cleaning… "Might be," She gasps about her giggles, "An interesting sight, when you went to pick something up off my floor! If that happened, I might continue you clutter my floor, just to get you to pick them up!" She breathes a little to calm down her laughter, so she can maintain enough oxygen so she doesn't pass out from all her giggling. "N'kor, you are a strange man… And an enjoyable one, and this means beyond your naughty innuendos." She points a finger to get her point across, glaring a bit at him so he doesn't ruin her genuine meaning. The threat of a spanking makes her gasp, and she shakes the finger at him, "Don't make me sic A'ven on you! Or least of all, Bennueth!" She snorts another laugh and rolls her eyes at the comment of dragons, tiliting forward to peer towards the door, "Bennueth might find is slightly amusing, atleast. Maybe I should, pay you to strip for Bennueth in the middle of the bowl…. Could be highly entertaining." Turning back to him, she sighs and looks at the table and then back at him, "If they didn't question my ability as a Junior, with all the random blushing I might be doing during a meeting. They might ship me to the healer hall for treatment!" She grins again as he pulls down his leather jacket, eyeing his shoulders and arms a bit, pointedly, another tease… And maybe a slight interest on her part. How can she not be, with this type of threat? "I fear I'm going to start hearing Bennueth telling me how innappropriate this is for me…"

"Oh I see how you like it—" he murmurs after she mentions purposefully dumping things on the floor for him to pick up, "though it's interesting because it's usually the other way around." A beat, as he swivels on the table to show off his backside, hands reaching to pull at the trousers so the fabric tightens around his rump, "Though I never thought my ass looked that good to stare at it. You think you'd like it that much? To constantly clutter your floor?" He gives his butt a bit of a wiggle before he releases it, flipping his leather jacket back up on his shoulders to put his hands at his hips again, taking on a super-heroish stance. He can't maintain a straight face however, prone to his own series of chuckles now and then. "Thank you for the compliment. I pride myself on being … strange. It makes for an interesting life." His one foot taps lightly against the table just once as he shuffles forward a bit, choffing at her finger point, "A'ven? Please. He's still wet behind the ears. Though Bennueth is another issue entirely. To that, I would have to give my surrender." A beat, "There's no way a hundred and fifty odd pound man would stand a chance against that behemoth… er.. Bennueth." Then he shakes his hand, waving her suggestion of the bowl strip off, "No way. I'm not doing a free show for everyone." However insane it sounds, he playfully adds, "They'd lock me up in the Healer Hall forever if they saw me stripping down for a dragon." Shuffling a further step forward, his shoulder gives another roll and this time with his arms going straight back behind him, the leather jacket tumbles off like a second skin being peeled off. The shirt underneath the jacket is a 'wife-beater' Pernese style, tightly holding to his lean form and showing off his broad shoulders. More or less, also all the little knicks and scratches not hidden by the dark tan. His hands then rest on his belt buckle, as if to go for that next.

Rea snorts at N'kor, shrugging her shoulder, "Hey, if bronzeriders are allowed to have a healthy sexual interest, why not goldriders? It's not like we lack any less hormones that greenriders do…" She grins a bit, clucking her tongue as she tilts her head, putting more point on actually *studying* his behind with interest, "Well, it's your average bronzeriding behind, but it will do for the time being…" She drops her head on the back of her seat and laughs with N'kor wiggles his butt, squinting her eyes as her does so. "Are you sure Nasrinth isn't green under all the metallic sheen? Or maybe, he is, *with* metallic sheen… Your like a proddy greenrider!" She laughs, covering her eyes with her hand as she lifts her head, peeking out from behind her fingers as if she's afraid his clothes have magically disappeared. "And how would you know A'ven is wet behind the ears? Do bronzeriders trade stories of their experiences, so they all know where they fall on the proverbial latter?" At his comment about Bennueth being a behometh, she reaches for her writing utencil and chucks it at him, laughing, "Are you calling me gold /fat/? I'll remind you, she's small for her color!" As he removes his jacket, she gasps, covering her eyes again playfully, "Gasp! Defiling the poor innocence of a holder lass, you horrible man!" She taunts, even as she holds a grin on her face, "At this rate, maybe I *should* have Bennueth sit on you!"

A'ven slips around the door with a grin on his face, "I might be wet behind the ears.", he drawls but at least I can keep my backside tucked in and my shirt on.", he says, pointedly looking at N'kor's offerings. "I was just going to check on something with Rea but this… this is far more interesting.", he comments.

Jolie was following someone, just with an instinct that trouble might not be that far away, but she stops a few short steps behind A'ven. "Oh my." An arch of her eyebrows as she looks from one rider to the next. "Do you think we're interrupting A'ven, dear? They do look sort of busy, in a none tithe sort of way. Unless N'kor's paying a tithe I'm not aware of yet." She's got a slight smirk, as she rocks back on her heels, amusement coloring her features. "Or is this because Bennueth is getting just a little bit sparkly now?"

N'kor begins to reply back to Rea, "I suppose you _are_ allowed too," he says almost as if unwilling to admit that. He's pointedly standing on the top of the table turned toward Rea, with his shirt and trousers still on but threatening to take them off - or so it appears. Still, for the moment, he continues blathering on to Rea, retorting to her words with that of his own, "Average? Jeeze, thanks. Maybe I ought to be a hundred Turns your senior after that…" he shakes his head as he drops his head, sighing almost dejectedly. "He's got gold on him—" N'kor mutters, lifting his chin up slightly, "that should be enough, isn't it?" He chortles, rolling his shoulders at the mention of bronzeriders trading stories, "And so what if we do? At least we'd know the standings and who was the point leader." He winks at Rea, completely and utterly taunting and teasing her, wriggling his hips forward as his fingers tap on his belt buckel. That is, until he hears a voice from behind him which makes him still, his face dropping straight (something only Rea would see right then as N'kor's back is pointed to the door). Quick on his feet, he makes looking like standing on the top of the table with his jacket piled on it look so natural, "You.." and then Jolie walks in right behind A'ven, "You both will have to pay the half-mark to sit in on this. No freebee's," he says playfully enough, hooking a hand on his hip, the other outstretched tauntingly.

Rea snorts again, "I would think a bit o' gold on him would be more imporvement, then the green… I think the greenish color on bronzes make their riders the way they are! So, what's your excuse, then?" She laughs again at the taunt of being one hundred turns, "I fear if a one hundred turn man looks like you do, S'chez is in dire trouble from me!" The thought of that just makes her shiver, but she laughs anyways… She can jibe a bit at the living caverns gossiper, after all. She arches both her brows at N'kor's comment, taking him serious for a minute about the tale trading, but the twitch of her lips peeks through again and she realises his teasing— Not that she gets to respond on it when she hears both A'ven and Jolie enter. Her eyes go wide for a second, and quickly she pulls her feet off the table, which grabs her pile of papers and shoots them all over the floor around her as she stands. "I… Uhm. Hrm…" She's looks down at the ground, rubbing the back of her neck and looking far more guilty then N'kor is. "I- I was working on the tithe records, nearly finished…" She mumbles, looking up through her lashes with an impish smile to both her Weyrleaders, before at N'kor, with a sheepish look. "Maybe that is it… I don't think luring glds before they fly really works.." One last taunt, as she sticks her tongue out at N'kor, and then she's quiet again, embaressed and flustering over it, not sure if she should try to grab her papers up yet.

A'ven coughs a little, "Relax.", he offers. "No harm done." Could it be as simple as that? Apparently so. "It's not my business.", he continues, seeing that she does indeed have the report he's looking for there. "I think you're right Jolie… sparkly indeed.", he smiles. For N'kor, though, he's at a bit of a loss for words. "A half mark?" He winks, "Tempting, but no… thank you. Unless you want me to take pictures and post it on the Weyrling board.", he says, with dry humor.

Jolie merely laughs slightly. "Well then. If I have to pay, I won't be staying." She nods once to A'ven and Rea, before inclining her head toward the doorway. "I suppose I should leave the two of you to your fun? Do try to not scare the wits out of the weyrlings and such. We sort of need them able to focus on their lessons, not what the weyr staff might be doing behind some not quite closed doors."

N'kor doesn't really look guilty or ashamed, but he does lean over to pick up his jacket and thusly step toward the edge of the table, dropping from it with a hand catching on the table to make the thud of his boots quieter. He definitely doesn't get to respond to Rea's further taunts, having to let her win the round due to the fact that the Weyrleaders were standing in the room. Flinging his jacket over his shoulder, he hooks it with a finger and shifts his weight to one foot, expecting a tirade for the improper use of the conference room. When he gets none, he smirks at A'ven, "I don't think that'd be very um, appealing to most of them." He does give a squint of his eye to Rea's tongue sticking out and her prior words, muttering, "The only gold that Nasrinth has ever caught has a rider I happen to dislike. So I think you're safe to assume this isn't about luring golds." Though he does stoop to start picking up some of the papers sprawled around the floor, picking up as many as he can with one hand, turning them back over to Rea with a wink. For Jolie, N'kor amuses, "I was telling Rea earlier that none of them are here at the moment, as they are occupied by their lessons and such." Stooping down to pick up some more paper, he frowns at Jolie, "Can't even pay a half mark for me." Now he shakes his head, letting his shoulders slouch forward a bit.

Rea tries to get herself to relax as Jolie and A'ven's reaction isn't near as bad as she feared, but the blush on her face seems unable to refraid itself, so it doesn't cool under their looks. At A'ven's confirmation of possible proddiness, Rea glares daggers at the Weyrleader, "Bennueth isn't /that/ bad, and it's not like I've had bronzerider's strip for me when she's been proddy, before!" A little defensive, arn't we? Or, maybe just not yet to admit her dragon might be effecting her reaction. Raising her brows at A'ven's remark, she giggles, "Well… I think that's better black mail then I could think of… Thanks for the idea, A'ven." Wicked little grin, and she smothers the reaction, before she looks to Jolie and blanches a little, "Well, I wasn't exactly expecting visitors… It's not like anything too entertaining happens in this room, unless records and meetings are entertaining…." She mumbles off and sees N'kor handing her the papers, having nearly forgotten about them in her flustering. At his wink, she sticks out her tongue, again, "Thank you. Keep your winks to yourself, before I'm forced to bite you." She mumbles to him, trying to keep an innocent face to the Weyrleader. Louder now, "Well, we could just get Amarante and Aerhi in here… Call it a…" She furrows her brows, trying to remember, "Bachelor party? That may be wrong…"

A'ven drawls playfully, "Well, I have to admit, the table is intriguing in here but there are larger rooms for that kind of thing." "I'm not.. in the business of asking after my rider's personal time.", he adds. "But, the conference room?" "I'd hate to think that we had, say, a visiting Lord Holder walk in…"

Jolie merely nods as she's walking back out. "Or, even. Visiting craftmasters. They tend to be even more stodgy than Holders, sometimes, depending on the craft." She smiles. "But do find a private room, if you're needing it. We can even make sure that Rea has another one off her weyr, if it's required for her."

N'kor holds up his hands defensively when Rea mentions biting, though he adds in good measure, "How many more winks do I have before you bite?" He squints his eyes together as his lips flare up in a smile, his eyes bouncing back toward the Weyrleaders for a moment, trying to stay respectful to them and all but the wide toothy grin doesn't really work it's affect. "When you three realize you don't have to blackmail me into doing anything fun, just call me." He seems a bit distracted then, his eyes taking on that sheen of being bespoken to, "Hrm. Another room? That sound great…" Then there's a pause, "Unfortunately, Rea," he crans his head, "You'll have to keep your half mark today. I'm needed. Apparently S'cha is at it again, trying to wrestle down what's his name… K'xas.. Hrm." It's like someone switched off the 'fun N'kor' because there standing in front of them all in that next second is a brooding serious man, whose facial features twitch as he's brought up to date on the situation out at the weyrling field. "Excuse me," he says stiffly, brushing by A'ven and Jolie to fling open the door and hurry out the exit.

Rea blanches again at Jolie's suggestion, shaking her head rapidly as in response. "I- I don't need another weyr off mine! I d-didn't realise he was going to come in here!" Shuffling her papers a little, she places them back on the table in neat order, rolling a shoulder to get herself to calm down, and she seems to… A little. As the other's exit, she looks up at N'kor's reaction, frowning just a little as he suddenly gets serious. "Oh no, not again… They really to get on each other, don't they? I don't remember so much fighting in my group…" She mumbles off, and as he moves, she suddenly moves herself, "Hey! Wait!" Running after him, she grins sweetly, before standing on tip toes and grabbing both sides of the Weyrlingmaster's face, so she can give him a bit of a peck on the lips. Then she tucks the half-mark in his belt and laughs. "Good enough. Now go show them, N'kor." Yup, definately proddy, and she runs back into the conference room to make sense of her tithe papers once again.

"Just S'cha. He's not fitting in properly. I'm working on that. But it's going to take time to get used to his edge and the way he seems to resort to solving problems and provoking others…." This said quickly as he was moving toward the exit, though, pausing only at Rea's sudden yelp for him to wait. He turns in spite of himself upon hearing her steps running at him. Needless to say he's a little surprised when the woman stands up on her tippy toes and presses her lips abruptly against his own. Even if it was a little peck it was enough to completely fluster the weyrlingmaster. Though her words and the pleas of the assistant's dragons have him awkwardly turning toward the exit, to go hurrying on out… looking back over his shoulder once with a warm smile.

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