Weyrleaders, Wingleaders, Wingriders, & a Healer. Oh my!

Winter - Month 12 of Turn 2715
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

It's late afternoon this balmy winter in tropical Half Moon bay, sunny for the last couple of days rather than deluguing copious water from the sky. Taking advantage of this and done doing wingleaderly type things for the day, J'en has settled himself beneath the big tree of the rooftop garden. Those who knew him since he was a candidate or even just well, would recognize this as a favorite spot, having settled against the wide truck sat among the thick twisted roots half protruding from the ground. His flight jacket is draped over one such root, leaving him in only his boots, a black tanktop and leather pants. Head rested backwards on bark, eyes closed, one knee drawn up upon which he rests the elbow of his left arm letting his hand just hang. The other leg was stretched out, the back of his boot resting on the decorative trim outlining a full circle around that immediate area. Either he scared off anyone else, or now was just one of those times that no one else was about because there was a stillness and a quiet here that had yet to be interrupted. How long he'd been there was debatable, but in the scheme of things it probably didn't matter much did it? Perhaps he'd had enough alone time, perhaps he needed more. Whichever was the case, there he was.

A free afternoon; that is what S'van had. How he chose to spend his free time is anyone's guess, though a good one would be 'working out in the training field with Kelani' considering that is where he is coming from, and she happens to be tagging along with him. He's also got additional tell-tale evidence in the form of his chosen attire (loose and comfortable clothing, of the sweat-pants and t-shirt variety), nevermind the sweat and dirt clinging to the bits of skin that are actually showing (arms, neck, face, those bits.). A stop for food was made somewhere along the way, because he's now got a plate in one hand and a glass in the other; simple things like vegetables (GASP), fruit, and water to drink. "It'll be cooler in the garden," is said to the Healer tag-along, and may be the reason why he is heading into the cover of shadow that the trees provide, head turned back to facilitate the flow of words and general conversation, which means he does not immediately spot that tree-root-hiding figure there.

Kelani seems to have survived another training session with S'van. Just. Her capri pants have more than a few fresh dirt stains and her green tank top is nearly sweat soaked. She trudges along with him with her own glass of water in hand that she is sipping from. "I hope so…I don't suppose we can fly up to Fort next time. At least it will be cooler?" The healer asks as she wipes sweat from her brow and shakes the droplets off to the side. She follows him into the shade and drops down on a tree root to realize it is leather covered and pops straight back up, "Oh..sorry.." She murmurs in the vague direction of the sleeping figure and ends up leaning against the tree instead. "One day I will get used to this heat…today is not the day. This time of year we would be building snowmen and sledding down snow covered hills back at the halls."

Sundari is out in the open, someone call the people in charge, well it isn't like she escaped but honestly the bluerider hasn't been seen that much the past well while. As for her being here of all places there is a small basket in hand, perhaps she came to gather herbs, hey don't knock cooking people herbs helps things taste better and she can cook. She has on a shirt an pair of shorts and no shoes, as if she could bother with such things, her hair was cut again recently and a bronze firelizard is perched upon her shoulder like a ever watching statue, a little growly hiss escaping him at times. Someoneis happyhappy it seems. As for other's she hasn't really picked up on anyone just yet.

And then there's R'hyn, who crashes through the bushes nearby, emerging from a too-tight space where there totally isn't a path, near about tripping over the impromptu gathering at the system of root-work where J'en is currently residing. Decorum is R'hyn's middle name so naturally, he screeches to an untidy halt, windmilling precariously and luckily not squashing any of them in his haste to come to arrest brisk movement. "Oh," said intelligently, distractedly, blue-grey eyes snapping behind him as though looking for someone or something before he glances between J'en, Kelani, and S'van repeatedly. Eenie-meenie-miney— "Hide me." Of course he chooses the smallest of them, the one he doesn't know at all, ducking behind poor Kelani where she leans against the tree, flattening himself against bark to pant quietly and try not to look suspicious as heck. It doesn't help that he spies Sunny over there, waving furiously even if she isn't looking their way just yet, mouthing 'Nice hair!' at her before realizing he's being obvious and flattening himself against the tree again. ~Totally invisible.~

FE. FI. FO. FUM. ILA SMELLS THE BLOOD OF WEYR… RESIDENTS. SHUT UP IT MADE SENSE IN MY HEAD. The important thing to note here is that there is no escape. There is nowhere (OR IN THIS CASE, NO ONE BEHIND WHICH) R'hyn can hide that Ila'den won't find him. THERE IS, OF COURSE, places that R'hyn can hide that will catch Ila'den off-guard. Like in a GAGGLE of PEOPLE. So R'hyn crashes through and hides, and Ila'den is one, two, three moments behind with the most RIDICULOUS JUMP, LEAP, TRIP, STUMBLE, catching himself in a really awkward way JUST above J'en. Yeah, that means Ila'den apparently thinks that now is a really good time to pretend he was doing awkward tree-push ups right over J'en's head. "Well, this is awkward," comes that husky burr, a low growl that's littered with sinful amounts of amusement as that grey eye rakes over the younger rider in a way that is EXPLICITLY NOT SEXUAL, HAKUNA YOUR TATAS S'VAN, and settle on his face once more. "The sunlight looks lovely in you…" A squint. "Hair…" IS THERE EVEN SUNLIGHT? ARE WE HUMAN? ARE WE DANCER. Don't mind Ila'den, he's just trying to pretend he's still CUCUMBER COOL and not about to fall on J'en because that would just be icing on the cake. "Do you hang out down there often? Dreadful place to get sun," and then his attention is shifting to S'van, to Sundari (both of whom get a smile), and then Kelani. SQUINT. WHAT LOOKS SO OUT OF PLACE OVER THERE? "Begging your pardon, but is there a man about…" Ila reaches up with one hand and sinks a LITTLE LOWER. "Well, he's taller than this, but imagine I was standing. Blue-grey eyes, ridiculous hair? Is he hiding behind you?" HE SEES YOU VILLAIN. HE SEES YOU AND YOUR FOOKING VILLAIN MOOSTACHE. Even as he's trying to mouth 'SUNNY GET HIM' because, you know, he's just doing awkward tree push ups. Above Jae's head.

Little by little the solitude that J'en had managed for himself becomes something of the past as people start to invade seemingly from all directions. Soft snippets of conversation, footsteps, and dark lashes lift to reveal golden eyes that were distinct to say the least. "No worries," he replies altogether rather soft and neutral to Kelani, without bothering to look up at her, a silent sigh soon following. So much for alone time. Basket carrying firelizard perched wingmate, weyrmate, and then crashing gallivanting weyrleaders and it appears to have zero effect on the prone figure, well, other than a raised eyebrow for all the theatrics as he slowly turns his head towards R'hyn once he's all settled and stashed away. Really? Lashes lower and he reaches over and grabs his jacket from where he'd placed it, lifting his eyes upwards towards S'van. "…'ey." That's about as far as he gets, even if there was anymore, before someone else comes crashing out of the bushed and that sigh that follows couldn't be anymore suffering. He doesn't even twitch when that heavy hand thumps against the tree above his head, now blankly staring forward at whatever happened to be in front of him now. "My condolences, R'hyn." he mutters dryly, climbing to his feet and looking Ila'den straight on about a inch from his nose, "Sometimes," Completely expressionless, a few slow blinks and he looks up at the thick canopy of foliage and shrugs. "Dun tan anyway." Back to facing the former weyrleader head on, a few more slow blinks and he simply ducks beneath one of those ridiculously massive arms and walks away from the chaos. Yep, bye Felicia. He doesn't go too far, no. He drops himself to one of the benches not far off, likely just requiring a bit more personal space than that there tree provided at present. Then he reclines back, jacket tossed over to one side of him and stretches an arm across the back of his new spot, decidedly settling his gaze away from the gathering of individuals.

S'van was going to say something. It's clear in the way that muscles along his jaw were working; the expression of someone with a thought that needs to be vocalized… except that a wide range of unexpected and distinctly attention-grabbing things happen all at once, decidedly removing any trace of that half-formed, almost-spoken thought from him. First, Kelani tries to sit on J'en, which decidedly draws his eye towards said Wingleader. "Hey…" which was not what he was going to say, originally, but it works. Then, before anymore can be spoken, there's R'hyn , crashing through the brush like a wild animal, flinging himself behind Kelani and attempting to blend in with a tree. "Uh…" also not what he was going to say, but seems appropriate. "Hide from who?" which is answered a half-second later by the next wild-animal-esque appearance of Ila'den, who takes it a half-step further with all of that stumble-fall-tree-lean. There's definitely a squint there for all that push-up-looming and that EXPLICITLY NOT SEXUAL eyeballing of his weyrmate (YOU ONLY HAVE ONE EYE, ILA. WOULD BE A SHAME IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO IT! Ahem). And even if Sev wanted to do something about the situation (help R'hyn? Help Ila? Run the other way?) he's caught in that moment of confusion as he wonders what the actual fudge is going on around here. "Maybe we should…" go elsewhere? This for Kelani, who seems to have become an unwilling accomplice in these shenanigans, since J'en has already done the wise thing and is getting the heck out of dodge. So steps are taken, in a direction that is very much away from the chaos, and definitely toward the seclusion-seeking Archipelago Wingleader on the bench, a head-jerk being given to indicate that perhaps the sweat-soaked Healer (Kelani) should come with. Poor Sunny hasn't even been spotted in the confusion, despite all of that 'help me' and 'grab him' that gets directed her way.

Well she was going to lean against the tree but Kelani ends up against a tall bronzerider instead. "Excuse me.." She starts and turns to face R'hyn "From what?" She asks of the taller man with a cant of her head, "I don't think I am quite tall enough to hide much of anything." She advises quite logically. Then The Ila (tm) appears questioning her about the man 'hiding' behind her as he…awkwardly tries not to faceplant on the 'sleeping' rider. "What in Faranth is going on here?" She asks as she takes another step away from the Chaos Tree and the Bronzers now littered beneath it. As first J'en leaves its shade, then S'van beckons her over their quiet corner of the yard she nods slowly as she eyes off the other bronze couple still under the tree. "Midwinter fever in the air or something?" She asides to S'van before glancing around him at his weyrmate and gives a little finger wave before the approaching basket and lizard laden blue rider catches her attention, "Do you need a hand?"

Sundari catches sight of the movement and looks towards one, then another and then Ila, sorry he gets a special moment and she just just watching him, brow lifting and she is pondering what to say for a very long moment. R'hyn is caught sight of and she looks amused before grinning a bit. She caught the wave, and the words mouthed and offers a 'thanks' back. Though she sees nothing, just a R'hyn shape there or somesuch really, let's face it he is like one with the wind nothing to see in the least! Not. As for Ila she blinks while holding onto her basket before her and sways lightly on her heels a moment as she seems to ponder what she should do. Perhaps grab him in a chokehold? She would have to climb him but hey he is against at tree so that is HALF the battle! But that also sounds like work to her mind. Never the less she is wandering on towards the tree where a few people are left and a wink is sent to the fleeing ones. "What don't want to play boys?" She so said that outloud too. She'll peek up at Ila while setting her basket down. "So that tree give you the look and your teaching it a lesson?" As for R'hyn she'll make a slight wiggle wave of her hand to try and se if he'll move to the other side because ONE EYED ILA can't see him over there right? A wink is sent to Kelani and she can't help but grin. "This is normal behavior. I don't think there is a treatment for anything any of us got here." So says the scared up rider. "Sure, help is always needed, came to get some herbs to put back in my stockpile for sweeps."

DANGIT JAE. IX-NAY ON THE IVEAWAY-GAY. Haven't you ever played hide and seek before?! You can't just rat a bro out like that. Except he can, and he does, and condolences are met with a sotto voce, "Thanks, I need it," because the jig is up. Shrugs are offered to Sundari - it was good advice - as R'hyn rolls into view on Kelani's far side, stepping up onto a root to peer at the awkward pushing up situation going on over there, lurking way over the sweaty Healer (think vulture-Snoopy, but with more laughter) to get a better view. "Way to make it weird, Ila," huffed with a longsuffering look that transfers over to S'van, one shoulder rolling in a universal 'weyrmates, right?' gesture. No, not weyrmates, plural, Her-ryn. Just his weyrmate, upon whom his attention fixes as Jae makes to stand up right in his face. Cue amused snickering, probably because he is imagining him losing that last eye and needing a seeing-eye dog or something of the like. "But alright, you found me. Dishes are mine this week." Blue-grey eyes slant after Kelani as she wisely moves out from under the now-significantly-less bronzer-littered tree, lips twitching up with a drawled, "High-stakes hide and seek. We play for keeps around here." Eyes switch back to his weyrmate. "If you're about done - I'm not doing your laundry too so if you get gross that's none of my business - I think Sunny is trying to imply something about the mental faculties here in our weyr. This cannot stand." Her punishment? An invasion of her personal space, long fingers reaching out to skim through shortened locks before tucking an arm about her in an affectionate hug-nuzzle. "Such treachery. I should have you fired." A glance at the dark-clothed bronzerider on the bench over there. "J'en. Fire this woman." At his own risk, as it's followed by a fond, "Just kidding," and a squeeze of her shoulder before his gaze goes distant in the typical way of dragonriders, sighing and stepping away. "Alright, we've got to go save Cita from a terrible-two mutiny. We should have a playdate soon," to Sunny before eyes tear away to J'en, S'van and Kelani. "I hope the rest of you have excellent days. I promise, we won't be back with repeat chaos." Not today, anyways - today he's dragging his weyrmate off towards their weyr where tiny terror surely awaits them.

Ila'den's brow just gets higher and higher with every word that J'en speaks, the bronzerider not even giving an inch of space to Archipelago's Wingleader when Jae stands and decides to linger about an inch from his nose because THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO STARE DOWN FERAL ANIMALS, JAE. THEY STARE BACK. There's a wolfish smile that pulls at Ila's lips, showing too many teeth in humor as Jae gives condolences to his weyrmate, ducking out from beneath one of Ila'den's arms and freeing up space for Ila'den to step into. Out of that awkward stretch he goes, watching Jae make his way to the bench, S'van behind, Kelani shortly after, and there's dark humor when Ila'den's attention fixes on his weyrmate again. "I believe the weyr lost its sense of humor when you came into power, Heryn. We should talk to Cita about that. Mandatory game nights, in which we are all subject to the whims of the weyr's youngest children." But then he's rumbling low, husky laughter, moving away from the tree to Sundari after Heryn is done with her, pulling her in for a tight hug and ducking his head down to press a kiss to her brow as he breathes out their traditional greeting: "Alright, little bird?" A beat, as that grey eye takes her in, as callused digits follow the same path Ryn's took through her hair, and there's an approving, "You look beautiful. Come cook for us. If Heryn does it one more time, we're all going to die." SO SOMBER. SO SOLEMN, attention back to Ryn as Xermi relays an SOS from Cita, and Ila'den is letting Sunny go. "Teach the kids how to have fun, hmm? Before they end up like me." But there's no goodbye or anything of the sort for the three bench dwellers; Ila'den simply understands where he stands, and makes no attempts to remedy it. "I mean it, Sundari! Dinner, or I really will ask R'hyn to fire you!" AWAY HE GOES. FLEEEEE.

"Clearly." Equally dryly tossed back towards the crouching not so hidden weyrleader, post tossing the bro-code right out the window. Has J'en no honor? Has he no shame? Another debatable point, perhaps best left to when there isn't push ups on trees happening above his head. Wolfish grins full of rows and rows of teeth seem to have about the same effect as everything else exploding around him, neutrality. So, off he goes, wandering off where he might find some semblance of normality again. "Nope," J'en replies instantly without bothering to glance back that way for Sundari's inquiry on his willingness to 'play', sweet short and to the point, letting her climb Ila'den or whatever it is that she decides on doing over there by the chaos tree. His attention does wander off whatever shrub or far off stone had so enraptured it though once S'van and the trailing Kelani get a bit closer, wordlessly sliding himself over to squish his poor jacket up on the far end with his hip. Making all of the space for fellow escapees should they so choose to take it. Safety in numbers and all that. "Nah," he supplies helpfully to the poor possibly traumatized healery type, "They're always like that." This said, he crossing one of his long legs up and over the other at the knee to take up as little room on the bench as he can with a soft groaning protest of the leather that encases them. That way, should they so choose to sit, no one had to be on top of anyone else. Everyone wins. Yay. A few flicks of his tongue inside his mouth against the loop of metal tucked away at the bottom left hand corner of his lower lip making it wriggle a bit, dropping his chin into his hand (the elbow of that arm propped up on the arm rest), watching the goings on with about as much enthusiasm as one would paint dry. It's his lack of expression that's responsible for that, honest, lashes at half-mast. R'hyn's command to fire Sundari? An upward twitch of a brow, barely. That is all. So, it's probably unlikely that he's going to follow that order anytime in the near future, kidding or not. Golden eyes slide away after that, back to S'van and Kelani, wherever they have happened to have settled.

It is Kelani's 'need a hand' that attracts S'van's attention and finally alerts him to the presence of former-Weyrlingmaster now-Wingmate, Sundari. "Hey," and while his hands are full of food and drink and therefore, unavailable for waving, there is a friendly jut of his chin in that typical 's'up' gesture. But he'll let Kelani be the polite one, offering help and perhaps granting it while he seeks asylum at that cozy looking bench that J'en has laid claim too. Grey eyes glance toward the retreating bronzeriders, offering a friendly enough, "Thanks, you too?" which sounds awkward given they are off to deal with tiny terrors in the throes of terrible-two toddlerhood tantrums. "Good luck?" Hope you survive the madness. Hm. His attention shifts back to the bench, and the scooting-form squishing leather jackets all up against the side to make room for him (and Kelani, presumably, if she is not busy helping Sundari with herb-gathering). But regardless of whether the healer joins them, Sev is sinking down onto that bench and right up against J'en because space is at a premium. Hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder. All up in his business as he uses the excuse of being polite (well, polite to anyone who wants to sit on the bench) to basically make personal-space null and void. Plate to lap, glass to ground (set aside where it will, hopefully, not be kicked over by careless movements), and that suddenly free-arm is slung over those bare shoulders. Because he CAN that's why. A glance, and a quick appraisal of said weyrmate, then a softer smile and a lean in to plant a kiss on his cheek before he turns back to the plate balanced on his knees. "I would have brought you something, if I'd known you'd be here."

Caught between an offered seat and the help she has offered, Kelani leaves the men to the bench to follow through on the help offered instead. "Most of my familirity with herbs is because of my healer studies. Frankly I know about the poisonous and medicinal herbs than the edible ones." Kelani responds to the bluerider with amusement in her voice. "But if you point out what you need I should be able to manage." She looks back to the men on the bench, then to the departing backs of of the other bronze couple and back again. "I have seen them about but not often in such chaotic proximity. I do not think I have ever played hide and seek for chores and I dare say he wanted to lose if he chose me to hide behind." There is a shake of her head at the antics and another glance to where they departed. Perhaps she could use a dose of that craziness. The healer whose free time is usually spent on some form of 'self improvement' and little on just fun and games. She glances back to S'van and J'en, "I fear I have been monopolizing his time with training. He has been attempting to pass on the knowledge you instilled in him."

Sundari has some good advice SOMETIMES, but no one listions to her. Le'sigh. She looks on amused before just eyeing R'hyn as he is moving towards her, there is a half laugh and a swat towards the bronzer as her hair is messed up. "Do you have any idea how long it takes to make it look just right in this heat?" Honestly she doesn't know either, but don't girls say that? A snort escapes her and she wiggles about during the hug but offers him one back anyway even leaning against him a moment at the firing comment which makes her laugh. "Oh please, as if that would ever happen. Don't go threating anything unless you plan on following through either." She may or may not be teasing with that there look she has at the moment. As for Ila she makes a face looking at him then back to R'hyn. "I think he already is a mess, so good luck on getting them stains out buck'o." As for the hug, yep she'll take it one of the few people that are allowed such things are these two here and she smiles a touch at the kiss. "Sok here, and thanks." As for the bit on cooking she grins. "Sure. Sunara would enjoy a playdate anyway, let me know when and I'll come and invade your weyr with food thngs and another kidlet to toss a wrench in the mix." A wave is sent over to S'van along with a smile. "Hey there S'van and J'en. How's it going?" She looks back to Kelani while picking up her basket while R'hyn and Ila escape. "Sure I don't mind showing you. I don't think he was to worried about winning or losing that game." She offers with a soft chuckle and is moving off to the herbal type bushes that can be found in the garden. "Your a healer?" IS questioned curiously to Kelani and there is a slight pause. "Oh sorry I'm Sundari, rider to Irkevalath." The bronze firelizard is just watching curiosly from his perch, at least the hissing has stopped.

And hello S'van. J'en blinks a couple of times when, with all that space available, the younger bronzerider chooses to also use as little of it as possible to attempt some sort of one sided body meld maneuver. Yep, that was about as all up in his business as was acceptable by social standards. Both brows now lift, sending his weyrmate a long look, but the expression evens out back to that ever faithful standard of nothingness soon thereafter. Until the arm throw over is tattooed shoulders, at which point he just sighs and gives in to it, shifting away from leaning against the arm of the bench to taking a more comfortable position so that it might even look like he likes S'van a little bit. Hey, he's letting him touch him, that's the gold standard of acceptance yo. There was zero tension in his frame, not returning the smile but certainly remaining still enough for the kiss that's dropped to his cheek before the devouring of noms, to which his gaze drops. Totally without invitation, he helps himself to something on there that is acceptable to his discerning and particular palate because he cooks for the man, he can share regardless of amount currently present. "It's all good." He draws a leg up, boot on the edge of the seat and sits all casual like, chewing on his stolen nibblige whatever that happened to be. He apparently had nothing more to say (I know, shocking) to the departing current and former weyrleaderly types, lifting his chin only to Sundari in return greeting before settling on Kelani at last. Not looking to be, well, anything. Offended or otherwise, that she did not take the offered seat. Upon hearing about training with S'van, those eyes of his dart awfully quick back towards him, lips twitching at their corners upwards before he schools his expression back to neutral. "Ya dun say," he says, "…and 'ow's that goin'?" Because J'en knows, or at least suspects, something anyway given all that very interested eyeballing he was giving the poor man. "As I recall, mah method was pretty…'ands on…" Okay, now, he smirks. Gasp. Such deviance.

It's basically a fact that if food is on Sev's plate, it is also for J'en. Which is why there's not even a twitch or sideways look for the theft. He even nudges the plate that much closer, balanced precariously between them. And even when Kelani declines the offer to sit, and instead assists with foliage-collection, there is no letting up on all of that J'en-squishing. If anything, all of that leaning into him is taken as invitation for MORE TOUCHING because that free hand of his (attached to that shoulder-draped arm) is lifting to drift his fingers through dark hair. FEARLESS! "Pretty good," is S'van's answer to Sundari's inquiry as to how it's going for him. Which is true, right up until that point where Kelani is innocently explaining how helpful he's been with teaching her things, which has the young bronzerider looking distinctly uncomfortable and shooting her 'STFU' eyes. No offense meant, really. Not her fault. But it's too late anyways. There's a very distinct lack of meeting anyone's gaze as Sev finds his plate just RIVETING right about now. And he must be famished, because he's shoving a piece of fruit into his mouth so fast he might actually have almost choked on it. And then, side-eye's to J'en for his two-cents being added and? HOLY SHIT GUYS SEV MIGHT ACTUALLY BE BLUSHING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS FREAKIN' LIFE! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Just a little. Fractionally pinker ears or something. A little across the nose and cheeks. Might actually be a sunburn (it's not a sunburn).

"Kelani, yeah I am a healer, junior journeyman." She gives as her own introduction, no rider designation given. "I think I have seen you about on occasion." Well she does have to eat, not every single minute is spent in the infirmary. "So what do you like to make?" She offers in pleasent conversation before she hears J'en's comments about the training she has been getting. "Oh he has been good, really putting me through my paces…well it feels like he has anyway." She gives a tired wave down to her dirt coated sweaty form, which is a match for S'van. "Still I think it will be worth it in the end." The look that S'van gives her and is his sudden blushing is met with a confused look. "There is nothing to be ashamed about S'van, you have been a good teacher. I don't reckon I could have trust anyone else with it. " Perhaps completely oblivious to the level of hands on J'en might have been implying. She looks between the men for a moment more lost, still lost…then Oh. Eyes wide. Realization clearly strikes and perhaps she is thankful for her dark skin just now but still it darkens a bit. "Oh faranth no, not…He is..we…No." Yep flustered, "He's like a big brother…" She finally manages to get out before promptly turning back to Sundari before she can step it in further, "So Herbs?" Yes Herbs, what could go wrong there!

Damn right, all of Sev's food is belong to J'en. Except not really, as the selections thereof are much more catered towards the younger's tastes than the older. However, Jae was going to help himself to the stuff he can stomach, yep. He goes about his business, watching Sundari and Kelani collect plant parts, content to nitpick over what wasn't even gathered together for him in the first place. Once he'd eaten S'van out of everything he would touch with a ten-foot pole, he'll gladly leave the rest for him. How sweet. Can you feel the love tonight? Yes, apparently he can, because someone (hint: Sev) was running fingers through his hair. Easy enough to spot, as Jae's hair was black and the other bronzerider's fingers were decidedly, well…not. There is no aversion to this action, nope, J'en just goes right on eating as if this action on his weyrmate's part was a normal part of his day (it totally is). Suffice to say, Mr. Fearless right there was quite safe from the wingleader's wrath. Golden eyes move from speaker to speaker, up until that whole training thing comes up and then it's all about that poor, poor, mortified man getting all 'sunburned'. Oh, it was like there was blood in the water, considering the almost sharklike grin that spreads over J'en's usually so neutral expression. And Kelani. Dear, sweet, simply adorable and innocent Kelani. If J'en was the sort to kiss someone simply for making it possible to tease his weyrmate into a darker shade of pink, he so would be smooching on her just then. The beautiful thing was, she just keeps talking, and Jae simply can not help himself. "Just good? I'd slot ya in the stellar category mahslef…maybe ya need a bit more…practice…" As he says this, he runs a single fingertip over the closest of those reddened ears along the gradient, "That color looks nice on ya…" he practically purrs against it, leaning in awfully close of course in order to do that. Shameless. He'll remain there, just like that too, plucking a raw fingerroot and snap off a piece to chew as he smirks all the smirks at S'van. Realization dawns though on the healer, calling Jae's attention away from torturing the flushing bronzerider, having to tip his head back a bit so that she was back within his eyeline, "I get that, 'e knows better anyway…" With that he returns to his oh so casual sitting, chewing on his stolen veggie, chuckling darkly to himself with a side eye towards the wounded warrior beside him. Too precious. "Anythin' in particular ya'll are workin' on?" Curiosity peaked and giving his weyrmate the chance to return to his shade of origin, J'en focuses in on the shorter of the herb seekers, stuffing the last of his little snack past his lips and dropping the hand once holding it to drape over his own knee.

If there is a world outside of that plate of fruit and veggies (decidedly more fruits now, seeing as SOMEONE was taking all the veggies), S'van is having some difficulty finding it. So fascinating, that plate. The fruit. TO DIE FOR. Literally. Almost dying because he's just stuffed another piece into his mouth (so he can avoid talking) when Kelani just… keeps on keepin' on, and Sev nearly chokes to death. Coughing, sputtering, and then swallowing in a way that looks painful (because that piece of whatever-he-ate was NOT fully masticated yet before he decided to force it down his throat) and then all of the looks. ALL OF THEM. First, that terribly awkward one. Then mortified, edging towards horrified, because… it… just doesn't end. "Kelani…" which is a plea, really, to STOP TALKING ALREADY even though the damage is well and truly done. And then a very distinct look fixed on his weyrmate for all of that ear touching, shameless teasing, and fingerroot snapping. "S'alright," tossed toward Kelani, as she suddenly seems to understand the meaning beneath the meaning. "He knows…" and then J'en is seconding him in that knowledge, and Sev is just going to go back to all of those awkward-now-grumpy expressions. And maybe J'en is trying to be nice now, but really… that question as to the specifics just makes him look more uncomfortable, a hand lifted to press at his forehead.

Kelani is quite glad for the herb like destraction when S'van encourages her silence. Herbs are great, herbs are wonderful. A very safe and wonderful pasttime that doesn't include awkwardness and viewing of the touching between the weyrmates. Well until the point that J'en is questioning her about their training. She takes a breath or two to collect herself and calm her own colour before spinning on the spot to face them. Her stance becomes the relaxed fighter's stance, feet shoulder width apart and weight evenly distrubuted between them. Her shoulders are a little tense still, but that could be oweing to the situation. "Well…I injured out of candidacy down at Monaco, tripped over my own feet while running." She says in a rush of words calling up that embaressing memory for all present. She tries to settle her breathing, not quite meeting the eyes of J'en as she goes through the motions of a few of the sparing forms S'van has taught her. It is clear she has much to learn and the motions are clearly being thought out rather than just natural. Much to her nature really. An overthinker in some things that has her oblivious of others. Only S'van perhaps a real idea of her improvement from the start. "Um..and some strengthening exercises. I swear I am doing pushups in my sleep now.." She says finally allowing a half smile to overcome her nervousness as she looks more directly at the pair. "Steller? Well yeah, he has been an amazing friend and teacher. You are really lucky to have him and…from the way I hear him speak, He, you.." She says the last words spoken a bit more softly.

It's okay, S'van can stare at the breathtaking contents of his plate all he wants, because J'en is going to tease him mercilessly regardless. The whole choking thing though, no, not allowed. There is a discreet patting and fade out of his smirking then, completely devoted in making sure that his weyrmate is not in fact dying before he relaxes again. No taking the easy way out buddy. Then it's right back down to business, because it was too good to pass up. Like low hanging fruit. A soft elbow though, into his side, with the grumping. "That's mah job, yer supposed to be the friendly social one." Because people have roles in a relationship and it was rude to step into the clearly marked territory of your loved ones. Kelani though, he listens to, nodding as she speaks and surprisingly he actually pays attention to her without looking like he was watching someone paste on gray wallpaper. Golden eyes sweep over her body only when he closely observes her positioning, but he does not offer any pointers, instead he lets her continue speaking as if he actually cared to be polite enough to not interrupt. He tries not to laugh when she gets to the stellar part of the conversation, having to purse his lips together and take a few measured breathes to remain cool calm and collected. Additionally, he does not explain that what she thinks he meant is not at all what he'd intended. Nope, going to let that one slide and she could remain blissfully unaware of his indiscrete innuendo. "Ain't no one born naturally coordinated," he says once she had finished, "Takes practice, dedication, and motivation. Ya got yerself a damned fine teacher, so make sure to do 'em proud and keep up with yer studies, ya?" S'van? Yeah, he was definitely a keeper. J'en leans over and kisses Mr. Grumpyface, shtick stealer, right on his grumpy face. Somewhere. "Eh, I suppose I'll keep 'em 'round a while longer. 'specially in that shade o' pink." Smirk. With that he somehow manages to get himself free of his squishedness, snagging his jacket and stretching out the length of his body upwards. "…ya kids 'ave fun, I gutta get 'ome and make sure dinner's made before mah weyrmate gets back, 'e's a real beast." All of the smirking and side eying before he chuckles his way outta there, jacket tossed over one shoulder. Peace, the J'en is OUT.

Oh, if only Sev could BE so lucky as to choke on his meal and pass the fuck out. But no. No such luck today. He lives, and remains conscious, too. Unable to avoid the questions and demonstration of what he's been teaching Kelani. A glance up as she goes through the motions, though he keeps his mouth shut on how he feels about it. Pushups in her sleep? That gets a grin. At least he's starting to return to a normal, including that flush that was TOTALLY a sunburn (lies). Coming back to himself, as it were. Enough that he offers a bit of a snort-choke-laugh for the stellar comment, but declines clarifying further. Somewhere, in all of the demonstrating of forms, and observing of techniques, his arm is retracted from tattooed shoulders and his hand drifts down to find and squeeze J'en's. The one that was hanging out on his knee, casual-like. A sideways look for clearly unexpected compliments, Sev briefly lost in that moment of surprise that renders him somewhat speechless. Not that he's been doing a lot of talking since the whole awkwardness began. But still. Grumpy kisses, and then a gruff, "Damned right," for keeping him around a while longer, even if there's a rather longsuffering inhale for the reminder that he was freaking blushing. BLUSHING. Just… he'll never live it down. "Whatever," grump. Stealing J'en's assigned role and ROCKING IT because he's learned how to grump from the master. Grey eyes follow the one-shouldered jacket slinging and eventual wandering away of his weyrmate slash Wingleader, probably (definitely) drifting to inappropriate places before he turns back around to Kelani. "Well." That happened. "Herbs huh?" Because herbs are safe.

"I didn't think I was too bad until I was forced into things I wasn't at all coordinated with." Well it takes a certain type of coordination for healering, but that is more fine control. Kelani relaxes her arms at her side then and glances at S'van as his weyrmate speaks of his shade of pink, "It is a wonder to behold to be sure. I am glad to have been a witness of it." To save and store for later to be sure! Well it seems she is relaxing a bit more now. The beast comment though does leave her dark skin a bit darker again, "Oh, I think we are done now…I…yes, please take him." Because right now sparring with S'van will have her thinking all manner of things about him and J'en that will no doubt be rather distracting to the student. Innocent in some ways, but not completely oblivious. More in..she keeps her mind focused on everything but stuff like that! Its safer that way! "Now you go after that…because I really can't talk herbs with you right now." She motions towards the directions J'en left.

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