OOC: Ila is 15!

Ila is 15!

[Western Weyr] Ila'den has connected.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: ILA
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: ZI
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Why do you always ignore me
[Western Weyr] V'ric: I WANT YOU ILA
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Also: look, it's Naris
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: V'ric D:
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: I didn't ignore you. :(
[Western Weyr] Zi'on bends Vel over a box.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den cuddles Vel and POINTS at Naris. Oi! Missy!
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Yes you did. I sent you two text messages
[Western Weyr] Raev: Its okay. Zi always ignores my text messages, so revenge is fair.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: That's not fair. I can't have my phone at work
[Western Weyr] S'rorn: Ila loved my mail, then? XD
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: What. Everybody knows trying to communicate with me on my cellphone unless I'm at work is the worst.
[Western Weyr] Naris: Yes?
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: He probably didn't read it
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: ARGH MOCHI STOP CHEWING ON MY LAPTOP. >O Kitty bite marks on the CORNER.
[Western Weyr] S'rorn chuckles.
[Western Weyr] Raev: The -new- one?!
[Western Weyr] S'rorn >.>;
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Yes. T_T
[Western Weyr] Sundari snerks. "I don't have people to text so I have no worries. XD
[Western Weyr] Raev: Silly kitty.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Now you can't take it back to get the right hard drive
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: You can text me Sunny.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: You and I, Ms. Naris.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: We need to have /words/.
[Western Weyr] Sundari aww. n.n
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Just don't expect me to respond while I'm at work.
[Western Weyr] Raev only texts. Unless you're special. Or my mother.
[Western Weyr] Sundari: She's in the Infirmary.. Come have words with her..? XD
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: What.
[Western Weyr] Sundari really tries to not even look at her phone at work.
[Western Weyr] Naris: /words/?
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Zi, I can't have words with her in the infirmiry. That's like kicking a puppy.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: WHY
[Western Weyr] Rhadan isn't
[Western Weyr] Sundari: I see how it is.. Just don't want to Rp with us..
[Western Weyr] Naris: TO PISS YOU OFF
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: WELL IT'S WORKING
[Western Weyr] Rhadan quiets his knot.
[Western Weyr] Raev: Why all the yelling :(
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: XD Going to cut you, Rhad.
[Western Weyr] Rhadan halos
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Because Zi is old and deaf and probably won't hear me otherwise, Raev. :(
[Western Weyr] Raev: Zi -is- old.
[Western Weyr] Raev: I guess your point is valid.
[Western Weyr] Naris: Seriously though, come to the infirmiry?
[Western Weyr] Zi'on is old :( Also sad now.
[Western Weyr] Sundari awws and snugs.
[Western Weyr] Rhadan: You'll get over it.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: That's what you GET for always saying I'm 15. >O
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: You are 15
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: you are shaving a decade off of my existance
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: get out
[Western Weyr] Raev: You do -sound- cute and young, though.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Too bad we couldn't shave that much off your FACE
[Western Weyr] Zi'on sounds old and crotchety.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Mostly crotchety.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: SO MEAN TO ME. And no you don't. I like both of your voices.
[Western Weyr] Enka: ok. horses fed. I AM HEADED HOME.
[Western Weyr] Enka has disconnected.
[Western Weyr] Naris is really fifteen
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: It's okay, Naris. I wouldn't mind being 15, if I wasn't about to turn 25 in 2 months.
[Western Weyr] Rhadan is older than Ila. HAHAHA
[Western Weyr] Naris: Ah XD
[Western Weyr] Sundari eyes all you young people.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Everybody is older than me. :( EXCEPT FOR NARIS.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Muahaha.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Now I have somebody young that /I/ get to pick on. >)
[Western Weyr] Naris: I think I might actually be the youngest person in the fandom
[Western Weyr] Zi'on laughs.
[Western Weyr] Raev: Now :D When I started (13 years ago) everyone was that age :D
[Western Weyr] Rhadan nods to Raev.
[Western Weyr] Naris: I have not met a single person that has read pern younger than me
[Western Weyr] Naris: Wow O.o
[Western Weyr] Rhadan read it at 12?
[Western Weyr] Raev was… 12 I think too.
[Western Weyr] Raev: And found Harpers Tale in the summer of 2000.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Ir'e forced me to read the books when I was 15, and join.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Forced me to read Moreta, I should say.
[Western Weyr] Raev: Lord help that poor game. 14 yr old me was… scary.
[Western Weyr] Rhadan: Ah. /That's/ why we have Ila.
[Western Weyr] Rhadan blames Ir'e.
[Western Weyr] Raev: Dammit Ir'e. ;)
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: 27 year old you is scary
[Western Weyr] Ila'den sobs.
[Western Weyr] Naris: In. The. Entire. Fandom.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: ALL OF YOU ARE FIRED.
[Western Weyr] Raev: Shush Zi.
[Western Weyr] Raev: Only you know that. You're not suppose to *tell* people.
[Western Weyr] Rhadan isn't even paid, so no worries.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Why I'm older than you
[Western Weyr] Raev: No, not that. That I'm scary :D
[Western Weyr] Zi'on laughs.

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