Cassara's Violent Reprisal

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Sundari and D'nyl are having a conversation over a meal. Hotaru had just left…

As Hotaru is leaving, another bronzer arrives! This one is far more typical than Daran. It's Zi'on of course. His clothes are a little wrinkled, but otherwise he looks freshly washed and all, even if it is a bit odd to see the Istan Weyrleader at Half Moon these days. And he's ready for some breakfast! Consisting of course on mostly klah and pastries. After getting himself a plate and a mug, he moves to take a seat.

"That's a relief." Then Ardent starts wailing. D'nyl doesn't get much past 'omg, screaming baby!' before his mother is rescuing him and running off. He takes a breath and lets it out before retrieving his klah mug and turning to look more funny at Sunny and Sarina, "'N' how's bloo, Li'l Bit? Is he keepin' ya good comp'ny?" Zi'on…. doesn't even really get noticed.

"I've always thought typical was a bad thing. More fun to be different and the like." Sundari peeks up slightly while peering to the wailing Ardent, oh she knows that cry! "See you later Hotaru." Sarina continues to nom against that dragon toy before she looks to D'nyl and giggles softly and holds the toy out to the bronzer that is near her, yes drool and all ther. Have to love kids! "Bloo!" Sunny shakes her head slightly. "She actuall drools on Irk too at times." She peeks up slightly while sipping at her drink, a smile is seen. "Zi'on!" Is called out towards the wrinkled looking rider. She doesn't get up though seeing how Sarina is still sitting upon her lap stil.

Cassara stalks quietly for for a moment outside the entrance, glaring out into the room, eyes tracing over the diners. Her glasses are off and on her hands are what looks like heavy gloves. When Sundari yells 'Zi'on' her eyes shoot around until they lock onto the bronzer. The tall brown rider stomps out of the etrance way, a scowl plastered across her face. Her body was taut and looked ready to spring as she marched toward Zi'on. "ZI'ON!" She yells in a booming voice. She leaves a pause and gives everyone between him and her a look that says 'clear the fuck out' before she launches into a mad dash toward him. "I FOUND YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

Zi'on stops just before he's about to sit down, when Sundari calls out to him. He instead moves over to sit with her! And D'nyl, because he's there. "Sunny! Hello!" He nods to Daran, then looks to Sarina. "And who might this little cutie be?" Zi'on doesn't even get to enjoy more than a bite of pastry before Cass comes in like a bull in a china shop. "Eh? I didn't know I was hiding?" He turns around to spot Cass, squinting at her. "Do I know you, rider?"

D'nyl grins, reaching for the little dragon that's being offered to him, then pauses as Cass is YELLING, reaching automatically to try to cover Sarina's ears, "Cass! Don' be yellin' stuff like tha' aroun' Li'l Bit!" Faranth, woman! There's a parrot in the room!

Sundari smiles as Zi'on comes on over to the table and settles down on a seat. "I was wondering when you would wander over. I was talking to Makoto just the other day." There is a bit of amusement seen while she grins at the older bronzer. "This is Sarina, my daughter, and this is D'nyl." Sarina look about confused like as her ears are covered and a soft giggle escapes her before she reaches out to grip at D'nyl's shirt while waving the little blue toy dragon at him again. Sunny peeks up as she hear Cassara and just blinks a few momens before a soft ah escapes her and she offers Sarina over to D'nyl just incase it seems. "Cassara.. Sit down?" Is her attempt to help the matter.

Sunny and her Baby? Dammit. Still, Cassara was not going to be deterred and the look on her face was burning with rage. "DON'T GIVE ME THAT BULLSHIT!" She charges in, one arm going around his shoulder and the other grabbing the back of his shirt. With her momentum and big whip of her body, she pulls the Bronzer out out his seat and goes flying with him back into the tables behind them, Causing people to flee and food to fly eveywhere. "YOU GOT TO FUCK HER!" Cassara screams trying to heave Zi'on completely onto the table while she's recovering from her tackle. "AND NOW I'M HERE TO BEAT YOUR ASS!"

Zi'on grins to Sunny. "Ah.. you've met Makoto, then? And she was talking about me, hm? So much for being discrete…" He chuckles a bit. "Hello there, Sarina. Hello, D'nyl. I'm

Zi'on, Suldith's rider." Pleasantries aside, Zi'on peers at Cass. "Oh.. I do know you! You're the brownrider from the bar at Ierne. And that means…" He laughs. "The greenrider whose flight I just won…" But then Cass is grabbing him! "Nrk!" Zi'on is too surprised to avoid it, and too stunned to avoid being thrown onto the table. And onto someone's breakfast for certain. He looks dazed. "W-what? I won her flight, what do you expect?" He blinks a few times. "beat my as… ARE YOU INSANE?"

D'nyl takes Sarina when she's offered him, careful to support her weight and reach to wiggle the little blue stuffie to try to distract her from the combat, "Sunny? I think I'm going to take her over to the baths before this-" He cringes as the language escalates, as if his isn't all the worse most days, "I'll meet you there, later?" It's not kidnapping if mom approves, but D'nyl wants the baby out of here.

Sundari chuckles and grins at Zi'on before shrugging. "It isn't like she told the whole Weyr Zi'on." glances to D'nyl and nods a bit at that. "Yeah.. sure I'll see you there." She offers while smiling to Sarina to show all is fine. Sarina is looking at Cassara though, and soon starts crying! Oh boy.. Sundari turns then and is up trying to get between Zi'on and Cassara, yes she is attemping to /stop/ Cass from wailing away upon Zi'on. "Bugger off Cass! This is not the way to do things.." Which means she is trying to get old of Cassara's arm in the process of pulling her backwards a bit if she is even able to get /that/ far.

"Well then you shouldn't have opened your big fucking mouth!" Cassara yells as she drags Zi'on along the table, wiping off food to either side in the process. "I was just waiting for a fucking excuse anyways!" Cassara hops up on the table mounting Zi'on's waist to pin him down. Clearly she's getting ready to pound the hell out of him. She draws her fist back before Sunny grabs her arm. Cassara has some bullish strength and Sunny can feel it as Cassara jerks her arm about to try and get her off. As strong as she was, she can't punch with a grown person hanging on her arm. "S-Sunny! This isn't your business!"

Zi'on tries to wave Sunny off. "Sunny… be careful… she's crazy…" But the bluerider's efforts do give Zi'on a chance to at least fight back! He gives Cass a hard shove, hoping to move her backwards enough where he can sit up and then pin her back down on the other side of the table. And maybe escape the madness. "What! You've been holding a grudge this long after some shit I said while I was drunk!?"

Sundari keeps a hold of Cassara's arm, as best she can, sure she is an adult but she isn't /that/ big. "Cassara this is not he way to handle things!" She still has hold of Cassara's arm, basicly wrapping her arms around it to try and give Zi'on a chance to escape, but in the meanwhile she is yanked upwards and shoved back in the process when Zi'on goes about shoving and working on pinning the brownrider back to the table. Which at least gives Cassara a cushion thanks to Sunny being there. Though this also means she has to let go of Cassara's arm. "Shards! Both of you act like blood damn adults!" She snaps out towards them both, though she isn't sure they will hear her over themselves.

Makoto rushes in with all the screaming and commotion. She was supposed to meet Zi'on and… well, there he was, the center of attention. Or maybe that was Cassara. Regardless, the smith runs over as fast as she can, eyes already tearing up "Zi'oooon!" She's not very graceful as she runs over but she at least tries to grab on to Cassara's other arms. "S-Stop it stop it please stop it!" She begs as she tries to help subdue Cassara.

"OH YOU WERE DRUNK?! SO WHAT?!" Cassara isn't too easy to move from a mounted position. Sunny certainly wasn't making it easy for her. Zi'on's shove makes her readjust her weight and almost fall back. He was too close to punch now, she instead her left arm folds and her elbow swings out to catch Zi'on on the face. It was a hard, practiced blow and clearly not some desperation tactic. "HOW MANY WOMEN HAVE YOU HARASSED WHILE DRUNK, ASSHOLE?! HOW MANY?!" Regardless of if it hit though, it'd be her last, as Makoto grabs her other arm. She couldn't fight against the two of them — at least without trying to hurt them. In an act of desperation, Cassara tries to headbutt Zi'on, but at this point she was probably too far away. She screams in frustration. "LET ME GO! HE DESERVES THIS! HE DESERVES TO BE BEAT! LET ME THE FUCK GO!"

Zi'on hasn't done anything to deserve this! Okay. Maybe he has sort of. It's hard to hear Sunny's voice of reason with the throbbing in his head. Zi'on spots Makoto also trying to subdue Cass. "Makoto! Stay away! She's dangerous and crazy! Go find the guards!" Cass is good at mounting people, it would seem! Zi'on takes the elbow blow right to the face and is knocked back down to the table. His nose is bleeding profusely now. Instead he grabs Cass's arms and tries to wrestle her off the side of the table, and throw her to the ground. He narrowly avoids the headbutt. "Go find the guards!" He reiterates. "GET OFF ME YOU PSYCHO BITCH!" There's a tremendous roar from outside. From Suldith, no doubt.

Sundari grunts as she hsift and moves trying to grab hold of Cassara once more and takes a few hits in the process from elbows and table bits, was tha a fork? She shifts forward suddenly and moves to try and loop her arm around Cassara's neck in a headlock of sorts. "Zi'on back the hell off!" Is yelled out though if Cass goes flying from that last move she will going flying as well. There will be plenty of bellows and roars as Irk is sweeping down from his ledge and is even shoving his head into the caverns. Good luck getting the guards with a bluedragon in the way of the door.. The blue means well, honest!

Makoto looks deeply confused! "W-What happened!?" Was that Hotaru's mom?! Oh goodness it was! "W-What happened with you and Hotaru's mom?! Y-YOU'RE BLEEDING!" Makoto pulls harder with Sundari and Zi'on to get Cassara off the table and subdued. "S-Stop hurting him, please!" She begs the brown rider as they hopefully go down to the floor.

Cassara tucks her chin as Sundari comes behind her for the headlock. She wasn't about to let her self be choked out… but neither was she going to fight two innocent women, one of which she was definitely fond of. Sundari and Makoto could feel Cassara 'relax'. She was still tense but not struggling. She looks at Zi'on with hateful eyes. "… You lucky motherfucker…" She hisses. How true that actually was right now.

Zi'on grunts at Sunny. "What the fuck do you want me to do!? She's attacking me!" He doesn't really have time to go into the details of why Cass is pissed at him. But yes, it is Cassara, Hotaru's mother, and she is pissed! Sunny at least gets Cass in a headlock, and Zi'on is able to pull himself free. He moves around to keep some distance, including some tables, in between him and the crazy brownrider. He puts his hands up to his face to wipe at the blood, but there's plenty all over his shirt already. "Bitch broke my nose…" He says to no one in particular. Like his nose needed to be any bigger! "Fuck you, Cassara! I'll have you sitting in a cell for this! You'll be lucky to even see your weyrmate ever again!"

Sundari wasn't even thinking of trying to chock Cassara out, she was justt rying to get a hold of her that she hopefully wouldn't lose. "Cassara.. Please.." Is offered to the brownrider, her tone firm and holding an edge to it none the less. This is the last thing she ever wanted to do with Cassara, she trusts and respects the brownrider after all. She doesn't let go of Cassara though she sends a slight glance to Zi'on watching him a moment. "Honestly Zi'on.." Is snapped out at his comment on the possiblity of Cass not seeing Hika again.

Makoto runs over to Zi'on once he mentions his broken nose! "A-Are you okay?!" she grabs some napkins and makes her way over to him. "A-Are you sure it's broken?!" She looks it over and tries to clean up the blood. "W-Why did she do this to you, Zi'on?" She looks back at the cold looking Cassara giving him a death glare. Was she just crazy…? From what Hika and Hotaru said, while scary, she… didn't seem like the type of person to attack someone for -no- reason…

Cassara has stopped struggling. She lets Sunny hold her back without much struggle at this point. "… Yeah?" she sneers at him. "… And you just get to get away with your bullshit because you're a bronze rider, eh?" She scoffs at him. "Some fuckin' justice that is. Bet there are more than a few women who'd be glad I broke your fucking nose." Cassara didn't just hate Zi'on, she also hated a lot of what he represented to her and the disdain in her voice drips with that.

Zi'on winces as Makot tries to clean off his blood. "Ow… ow… Of course I'm sure…" Not really. But it might be! It's looking pretty swollen and turning colors now. "I'll explain it to you later…" He says to Makoto, trying to brush her aside, basically. "I get to 'get away' with it because I'm not fucking crazy. And don't project whatever insecurities you have about bronzeriders onto me." He starts heading towards the exit.

Sundari isn't sure what to say, her gaze follos after Zi'on as if something comes to mind but it is quickly gone as she looks back to Cassara. "Cassara.. I'm sorry.." Is offered softly to the other rider, she didn't want to manhandle her after all, but someone /needed/ to do something. She will also hold onto Cass until Zi'on is out of the picture it seems, to make sure that it doesn't starts all over agin. She looks to Makoto and glances to Zi'on to try and get the smith to follow after him it would seem, as she can't at the moment.

Makoto follows Zi'on and tries to take one of his hands. "Zi'on…" She sighs to her self, not sure what to do. She looks back and forth between Zi'on and the other two as they head toward the exit. "W-What are you going to do…?"

Cassara pats Sundari's legs and starts to pull away and sit up properly. "… It's alright, Sunny." she scowls at Zi'on's response. She was perhaps projecting on someone like D'nyl, but with her experience with Zi'on, well… No. "Yo, you!" She hells to Makoto. Clearly his girlfriend or weyrmate. "… You wanna know what he did to me?" She grins a bit. "He hit on me. Which is cool, whatever… But when I told him I wasn't interested, he kept pushing. When It old him I didn't do guys, he kept pushing. Asked about my daughter. Asked about my weyrmate. Mr. Hetereonormative over here can't understand that a woman doesn't wanna fuck him!" She chews the air in anger. "… And when I finally tell him to piss off before I fuck him up, he freaks out, pulls rank and told me that he wished he'd win my weyrmates flight! Which he did! And here the fuck we are!"

Zi'on sort of growls at Makoto. Well, more at the situation and his broken nose. "First to the infirmary, to make sure she didn't fracture my skull, and then who knows. Maybe to the guard barracks." He laughs a bit. "So here we are almost a turn later, and you're still as crazy as ever. No matter how many times you break my nose, I'll still have fucked your weyrmate, brownrider. During a flight, so get over it."

Sundari lets go of Cassara and glances to her and then back to Zi'on, a faint sigh escapes her while she slowly shifts, standing herself up and brushing bits of food and the like off. She'll hurt later that's for sure. "It was a flight?" This questioned while she peers at Cassara a bit before glancing over towards Zi'on. She is just quiet, noc comments from her right now..

Makoto blinks. "… You said that stuff to her..?" She blinks and looks back at Cassara "What do you mean… asked about your daughter in weyrmate?" Makoto seems rather confused but… increasingly upset. She looks up at Zi'on with concern and talks to him in a whisper. "I..If you were rotten to that woman, you should apologize!"

"He asked in a 'maybe they'd like to fuck' sorta way. Said 'oh, your weyrmate is a green? I bet she likes guys. Probably gets caught a lot by other people' or some shit. Just ruuubbed it all in." Cassara gets to her feet, though she doesn't look like she's about to make a charge or something stupid. "… You dumb asshole, do you know how many of Hika's flights I've lost? If it wasn't clear to you when I explained it to you that night in Ierne, this is because -you had no fucking respect for me as a human being-. If I knew shit about you I heard after that I woulda beaten your sorry ass right there! This? The flight?" She scowls. "It pisses me the fuck off, but really it was a good excuse." She looks back to Makoto. "… You really wanna be with an asshole like this?"

Zi'on furrows his brow at Cass. "I don't care how many of her flights you've lost. Clearly this is a sore spot with you, so of course I rubbed it in. I've never seen a grown rider get so unnerved about their weyrmate in a flight before. Or someone who won't even let something go after a turn, and then beats someone up over what they said while they were drunk." He gives Makoto an angry glare. "I'm not apologizing to her. She lost all hope of that when she attacked me like a lunatic. Anyways if you want to take her side, it's fine. I'm going back to Ista." He says, heading out.

Sundari covers her eyes slightly at the conversation goes on, a faint sigh escapes her while she soon looks to Zi'on, Cassara and Makoto. "He won't apologize, and honestly I don't blame him.." She then glances to Cassara. "I'm sorry your so upset about this, but that is /not/ the way to handle it. A lot of people say crap when they are drunk. Sarina was here, do you understand that?" This questioned with a faint tone, that is what Sunny is upset over, her daughter was here and if D'nyl wasn't there to take her out, then what could have happened? She couldn't stand back and just let them fight, well she could but wouldn't do such a thing. "Zi'on go see a healer before you go bloody between you damn well know better then that. Cassara, go back to your weyr and stay there until you cool down. Makoto can make up her own mind about who she wants to be with or not."

"I-I'm not taking her side!" Makoto says in frustration, tears in her eyes. Makoto looks at Cassara as Zi'on leaves. "I… I'm sorry! That's not who he really is! B… But Sunny is right! Thats… I… I have to go!" She cries before she chases after Zi'on.

Cassara doesn't push the issue until they're gone. She looks back at Sundari. "… How many women have to believe the excuse 'oh he was just drunk' every day…? It's no fucking excuse." She lets out a loud sigh. "… I didn't know that back then, but I know that now." She rubs her face and sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. "… I'm sorry you had to get involved. But… that was between me and him."

"How could I not Cassara?" Sundari questions while glancing to her a moment, a soft breath escaping her. "Zi'on doesn't always act like this… Not around me, or Makoto it seems." She points out. "Though knowing Zi'on he can say a lot though, and he honestly doesn't mean everything that he says if you wish to believe that or not."

Cassara takes off her heavy gloves and starts unwrapping her hands. Clearly she was ready for some far worse beatdown. "… I didn't even know you would be here." She sighs, looking about the carnage. "… Yet I hear he's quite a lot of… scummy things about him." she leans back against the table. "… Regardless, he deserved that. Maybe he didn't deserve what I wish I gave him, but…" She sighs again. "… But you didn't deserve any of that. Again, I'm sorry…"

Sundari shrugs a bit. "Perhaps I did.." She offers softly while shifting to settle down upon a chair. "Zi'on is alot of things this is true, but you have to remember he is also a Weyrleader Cassara." In otherwords, don't get into a fight with a weyrleader! "Are you hurt?" This questioned while she looks over the other.
Cassara chuckles a bit. "… D'nyl is gonna wanna kill me I bet." She hangs her head back. "… I know he is. So what? That means he can be rotten to people? Just because he wants to fuck em…?" She shakes her head. "No, I'm not okay with that… now he knows that even a weyrleader can get their nose broke for being a shithead." She shakes her head. "Not as far as I can tell… good headlock by the way…" she chuckles. "… Wanna get a drink? I don't see any guards yet but… I probably shouldn't dwell around here."

Sundari lifts her hands slightly. "That is not what I mean Cassara, no one should be treated like that.. Please that is not what I'm saying." There is a moment and she smirks a bit. "Why would D'nyl do hat?" She chuckles softly and grins. "Sorry.. I didn't want to do it but I didn't want you to kill him." She ohs at the bit on bring drunk and nods. "Sure, drinking sounds good.. Away from here for certain."

"… I know what you mean but… Ugh, someone has to do it, you know?" She take deep long breath. Adrenline was still lingering for her. "… Because I'm sure I banged you up a little…? Cursed in front of Sarina?" she chuckles a bit and starts to get up. "… I wouldn't kill a rider. Dragons wouldn't deserve it." she grins a bit. "… Tiki alright?"

Sundari waves a hand slightly while she is moving off to head towards the cavern door. "I'll be fine, had worse then a bunch of bruises. Sarina will forget by the time she sees you again so all is good honestly." This said with a glance over towards the other. "Come on, first round is on me."

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