D'nyl's Character On Trial

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio
This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

The day has been fairly decent around the Weyr, a cool breeze is felt thanks to the sea not that far off. Sundari is settled a bench withher back aganst one end and a book settled upon her lap while she just lounges. She has a short sleeved shirt and pair of shorts on, even with her shirt untucked the baby bump is rather noticeable, not that she is attempting to hide it either.

Cassara pops up on the patio with her lunch and grins at Sundari before sitting down by her. She doesn't comment on the bump yet. "… Hey." She yawns out, throwing her feet up on an empty chair as she starts chewing on a sandwhich. "… Doin' alright?"

Sundari hums and looks up, she smiles an nods while closing the book for the moment. "Yeah, how have you been?" She questions while shifting a bi to make more room for Cassara to sit down.

"Pretty alright." Maybe some of her INTENSE DISAPPOINTMENT with everyone has faded a bit. "Little sore from the other night, still, but nothing too bad."

Sundari was amused more then anything at the way Cassara took that, it was a game after all. "Suppose that is commmon after all that huh?" She smirks a bit at the thought. "Have to start training up for next next." This said with a grin.

"… Heh, I guess. Shoulda maybe travels a bit to some of the other ones but… eh." She chuckles a bit. "One of them wanted me to try mud wrestling over at Fort. Sounds… kinda like a joke to me, though."

Sundari laughs a bit at that. "Mud wrestling? Now that would be interesting." This said while she grins. "If you do that I so want to tag along and watch."

"… I mean I guess it's still wrestling but… I mean whats the mud for?" She shrugs. "… Pfft, only if you did it too. But I don't think I'd bother"

Sundari shrugs at this and is sipping at her drink. "Why now? Sounds like it wuld be more complicated, make you work more for the win and all."

"… Eh, sounds like more an excuse to get to watch people roll in the mud than anything else." Cassara scratches the back of her head. "I still gotta find a good place to keep mats and stuff… to see if we can get some real sparring going around here."

Sundari chuckles and grins. "Wouldn't you like to watch some people roll around in the mud?" She wouldn't mind it. "Keep it in storage, or in the wing comference room, in the guard storage..?"

"… Maybe if they were cute? But then I'm not exactly watching for the wrestling." She shrugs. "Yeah, I was thinking the storage cavern… Generally has enough room open to roll em out too I figure… kinda private enough, not too far away."

"Most likely many would't be watching for the wrestling at that point. The watch to see who wins and well other things." Sundari said with a shake of her head, still she seems amused. "See.. That would be a perfect place."

"See though?! Ugh, that's the thing. I wouldn't want a bunch of gross people oggling me because I'm covered in mud while I'm trying to wrestle!" She rolls her eyes a bit. "… Mmm, just gotta get some people together… Though I guess you're out for awhile."

Sundari laughs at this and shrugs while peering over at her. "Depends on who is wrestling I suppse. If Hika was wouldn't you want to oolge at her?" At the rest she nods a bit. "Well.. yeah doesn't mean I can't help get stuff set up." She offers while letting her hand rest lightly upon belly.

Cassara laughs a bit. "… Maybe? I think I'd mostly be jealous and wish I was in there with her instead." Cassara nods a bit. "… Good to know" She was tempted to ask about D'nyl but she was feeling increasingly agitated with the Bronzer for this very reason.

Sundari grins. "Well there's an idea.. Mud wrestling for couples." She points out with a grin. Three is a slight pause while she merely peers at the other. "Something else o your mind?"

Cassara grins a bit. "That I could get behind a bit more, though I dunno how into it Hika would be. Once she was prompted she couldn't NOT say something. "… D'nyl still chasing Kyra's tail?"

Sundari chuckles softly. "What I thought." She offers wth an amused tone. The question makes her pause and she watches the other a moment. "Well… Yes." There is a slight pause and she shrugs a moment. "We're not a couple…" She can wish all she wants that D'nyl wouldn't be with Kyra but she knows it won't happen, that it might never happen.

Cassara's lip curls a bit. "Men… can never not be men it seems. Especially not bronzers." She takes a bite of her sandwich and even chews in annoyance!

Sundari frowns a bit at thatwhile shaking her head. "It isn't like his sleeping with half the Weyr Cassara." She points out while eyeing her a bit. "D'nyl isn't like normal bronzer, or even like most men."

"… Dunno, hanging on a woman until she leaves her weyrmate, knocking her up and then going off to chase someone else seems like pretty typical behavior to me. You don't have to be fucking half the weyr to be gross." Cassara grumbles to her self as she eats her sandwich.

Sundari just eyes Cassara a few moments at that while she sits up. "I left S'rorn for other reasons Cassara." She says with a thin tone. "D'nyl had nothing to do with it."

"… Yeah, I can understand that." She sighs, though her jaw is still locked into a… sour, disapproving frown. She didn't want to argue this with Sunny anyways. Right or wrong, she'd only upset the bluerider… so she just stews to her self and stuffs down the rest of her sandwich

Sundari just watches the other for a few long moments. "The point of the matter is, none of this concerns you. You don't have to like it, nor do you have to approve of it." So much for it being 'stopped' she saw that frown after all and could just figure what was running through the others head.

"I -know- I got no say in this, I'm just callin' a spade a spade. You can say he's not 'a typical guy' but he sure seems like one right now… I can't believe you're just okay with this!"

Sundari is quiet for a moment and glances off slightly. "I'm not saying that I'm ok with Cassara. Though if I want him in my life I'll have to deal with it right now."

Cassara could sure use a beer right now. The brownrider hung her head back in frustration. "Come on, I'm not sayin you need to stop feelin' ways about it. But admit it. Admit what he did was shitty. I'm not sure how you could say that -wasn't- shitty. It's not like you were some fun hookup, he -hung on you- for over a turn. Then he just hit it and ran."

"Admit what Cassara? His had feelings for Kyra longer then anything with me." Sundari offers quietly while shrugging a bit. "He still hangs around if you noticed. So I don't call that running."

"Oh…? Yeah? How does that make it better? That he hung on you, cuddled with you and tried to make sweet with you when he couldn't get Kyra's attention?" Cassara sneers off into the distance. "That makes it sound like he was using you. And that sounds pretty shitty."

Sundari frowns at that and is quiet for a few moments, thinking over her words perhaps, or letting that sink in. "The real problem here is that it bothers /you/ Cassara. D'nyl has not used me and never would." This said with a firm tone. If she's getting mad it is hard to tell at the moment.

Cassara's fist bangs the table and she throws her hands up. "You're my damned friend, Sunny, and I think it is fair that I am concerned that you might have been used… And when you can't even acknowledge that his actions were shitty, that concerns me!" She rubs her forehead. "… Where is Aerza or something. I need someone who isn't blinded by love to tell me I'm either right or crazy!"

Sundari isn't sure what to say now, a frown is seen while she glances to Cassara and shakes her head slightly. "I don't see it that way.." Perhaps she should? A faint huff is heard to the question.

"… I'm not saying D'nyl is the worst person on earth. I don't think he meant to use you. I don't think he's gonna run off on the baby or anything that…" Cassara shrugs. "… But he's a man. And he's letting his dick think for him. So just fuckin' remember all this when your putting your heart on the line for him." Cassara sighs. She liked D'nyl! Likes, even! But she couldn't help but to be intensely disappointed and also concerned for Sunny.

Sundari just blinks and glances over towards Cassara eyeing her thinly now. "One… D'nyl didn't use me, two… He would /never/ run off from our kid. Have you not see the way he is with Sarina?" Who is /not/ his. "He might have let his dick do the thinking but one thing I damn well know is that D'nyl will never hurt me, nor use me, nor leave me. Got that?" Well now she's mad.

Cassara gives a cold look at Sundari. "… Are you meaning to tell me he hasn't hurt you already? Or is that just what you're telling me so I don't think worse of him? You telling me it doesn't hurt every night you're sleeping alone?"

Sundari glowers a bit as eyes Cassara right back, she is so not standing down on this. "He has't hurt me, get that through your thick skull Cassara. We're not in a relationship how can I get hurt?" She shakes her head. "You already think worse of him so what could I possibly say to change your mind? You have a problem, you get thoughts and you hang onto them like some damn clamp and nevr let it go, never change."

"You telling me you can spent what… a turn… almost two, awkwardly flirting, holding hands, sharing moments and waiting for the chance to get close or actually fuck and not feel anything when you get shut down? Sunny, I know you're a tough fuckin' woman, but I don't by that for a second!" Cassara says in disbelief! "The only thing I'm not sure about is if you're lying to me or lying to your self!"

Sundari just eyes the other, lowly getting madder as the conversation goes on. "Honestly Cassara.. I'm not getting shut down. Why do you even think that?" She questions while eyeing the other. D'nyl has been spending time with Kyra lately but that's not the point, right?

Aerza is…well, she's really just here to enjoy a bit of quiet time so when she first spots Cass and Sunny there's a faint grin. She's about to raise a hand to wave, but that slowly lowers as she hears bits and pieces of the conversation. "What…are you two /fighting/?" These are the words that announce her arrival. She pulls out a chair, spinning it around to sit on it backwards with both arms draped over the top. "What in Faranth's name is going on?"

"Ez!" Cassara turns around! Thank Faranth, perfect timing. "We're arguing about your brother and how I am disappointed with him." Cassare locks her fingers behind her head and sighs. "… What do you think about him runnin' off to chase Kyra after fauning over Sunny for… some disgusitng amount of time? Just knockin' her up and running? I think he's acting like a typical bronzer, but for some reason Sunny is defending him still."

Sundari is about to say something else when she looks to Aerza and just eyes her a moment. She isn't sure it seems if the other bluerider is bout to jump in with Cassara and they both go about attacking her at the moment over the matter. Needless to say Sunny is on edge. "Hey Aerza.." Is offers softly, Cass pretty much summed it up so she doesn't comment on anything just yet.

"Has he started running after Kyra again, then?" Aerza scowls a bit before shaking her head and sighing. "Daran's a damn idiot, I can tell you that. I also don't approve of him chasing after other girls, but…he cares about Sunny, that much I know. Whatever he's doing, I can tell you that he isn't trying to hurt anyone." It seems that here the former guard is somewhat split on the issue!

Kyra likes to eat lunch at the garden sometimes, especially now that she can watch Loyth do his own thing from a distance - they do not have much of a clingy relationship. She taps lightly up the stairs, a lunch bag in one hand (along with a precariously finger-looped drink) and a sandwich halfway in her mouth. She slows a bit when she sees who is here and the overall atmosphere, lifting her free hand to pull her sandwich out of her mouth as she comes to a rolling stop, "…what the fuck?" It seems she heard at least some part of what was said. Mostly she just looks curious and uncertainly concerned, despite her use of a curse word.

"Yeah, apparently. And hust because you don't mean to hurt people doesn't mena you don't hurt people. I ain't saying D'nyl is a monster, but he is an idiot with an erection and Sunny is just in denial here. How you can claim that none of this hurt is -incredible- to me and would make you the thickest skinned human on Pern." Cassara turns when she hears the reaction. OH LOOK. It's the replacement. Cassara stays quiet and glances over to Sunny.

Sundari lifts a hand to rub at her eyes a few moments, she's getting a headache and it is all Cassara's fault here. "I swear… Again it is none of your damn concern Cassara. I'm not in denial." She snaps out and sends a narrowed glance ver to the brownrider. She looks to Aerza and taks in a breath about to say something more before she does catch sight of Kyra, mostly because of her comment then anything else. Honestly what can she say..?

Aerza glances back to Kyra for a moment and then back to Cass and Sunny. There's a moment where she considers both women and what they've said. What follows? It's a long sigh followed by fingers being swept through her red locks. "Daran's a kid with raging hormones, a fucking idiot. If it were up to me I'd beat the shit out of him and hope he came to his senses, but I do trust him and Sunny to work out whatever problems they might have with his chasing activities with each other. If she /does/ feel hurt, I think she knows that she can come to us with whatever she wants to talk about at anytime Cass. Forcing her to admit to anything she may or may not feel when she doesn't want to probably isn't going to help."

Kyra looks from Cassara to Aerza and finally to Sundari, propping her knuckles on her hip for a moment or two, "What are you guys even talking about? And what's with the look? What did I do to either of you?" Getting glanced at and then summarily ignored is about on par with the look she got from Cassara, no doubt. She rolls her eyes after a second or two before she focuses on Sundari instead, frowning a little, "Did you and Dar get weyrmated? Were you trying to?" That's a relatively straight-forward question.

Cassara grunts at Sundari refutation but listens to Aerza. "Ugh, which is why I didn't even want to get in this discussion!" Make Sunny feel mad and awful and accomplish nothing! Of course she didn't have the force of will to not engage. She throws up her hands defensively to Kyra. "… Didn't do shit." Wasn't her fault, even if Cass already had perhaps… unfair assumptions about Kyra.

Sundari isn't about to hash out anything of what they are talking about at the moment. For yes she feels attacked, and nor cornered to say the least. She is just blinking at the question from Kyra. "No we're not weyrmated.. I wasn't trying to do that. Why are you asking me /that/?" She told D'nyl to do what makes him happy, be with who he wants to be with.. This is what she gets?

Kyra relaxes slightly in response to Sundari's words, opening her lunch bag to put the sandwich in so she has a hand free for a moment, "To check. It's not like I'm trying to step on anyone's toes. Plus, well, they sounded like you guys were weyrmated." She nods her head slightly in Cassara and Aerza's directions, "Or something like it, anyway." She continues on towards them now, though not exactly close enough to find a place to sit at the moment. Instead, she just continues, "If that's the way it is, though, then they should get off your back. In my opinion, anyway. Did you want a sweet roll? You look like you could use about sixty-five." She plucks one free of her lunch bag and waggles it a little bit.

"Did I so anything against you?" Aerza glances back to Kyra and raises an eyebrow. "You haven't done anything and neither has Sunny. This is Daran's mess to sort out and that's about it." There's a faint twitch of the redhead's eyebrow at Kyra however, followed by a frown. "I'm not getting onto Sunny's back about anything. In any case…" Aerza trails off, running another hand through her hair, "this is probably a topic left to more private discussion between Daran and whoever he wants to take it up with than as a group powwow."

Cassara leans back on the back two legs of her chair. "… Doesn't matter if its you or anyone else, Kyra." she shrugs. "… Yeah, whatever, I said my piece…" and much more than that. "Think Sunny has heard… enough from me for awhile." The large rider sighs.

"No I don't want a sweet roll." Sundari says while just eyeing Kyra a moment. "Aerza isn't on my back on the matter. D'nyl know's how I feel that's all that matters." She sighs a bit and lowers her head to rub across the back of her neck. As for the conversation ending she would be happy for that, if not she is so going to be on the way out. A faint gance is sent to Cassara whom is just eyed, seems yes she has hear enough from the other.

Kyra doesn't hold up well when it comes to being overly defensive - so long as it has nothing to do with her height or her boobs, anyway - and so she looks apologetically over towards Aerza, "Sorry. Just… tense atmosphere." She waves the sweetroll at the garden overall, then looks back at Sundari before she exhales roughly, "Alright." Rather than linger to eat her lunch here, Kyra chucks the roll back into the bag, glances over at Cassara, and just turns to head back towards the stone steps. She'll eat lunch on the beach instead.

Aerza lifts a hand and waves off the apology from Kyra, "It's fine." The redhead lets go of things easily. Well, not /that/ easily but small things like a bit of misunderstanding yes. There's a glance between Cass and Sunny then, the redhead perhaps searching for a way to ease the tension. "So." Small talk? It has never been Aerza's strong point. "What do you think about the weather lately?" Yeah, she seriously just asked that. Seriously. One can practically see the painful awkward. Point and laugh, go ahead!

Sunny seems deep in thought so Cassara tries to focus on not being a total jerk. "… I'll take a sweet roll." The brownrider murmurs, holding out hand, lazily. For all she knew, Kyra could just be the next victim in Daranyl's WILD SEXCAPADES. "… Nice breeze today. Ugh, I still hate how wet it is here…" So any cool, breezy day was a treat for her.

Kyra will still give Cassara the sweet roll, but it's not without a certain level of trepidation at this point. Still, either way, she's not sticking around.

"Heh, I've gotten used that bit at least." Aerza finally cracks a grin before leaning on the back of the chair she's claimed. "We should go for a swim, or dip in the hot springs…or hunting even." Something to ease out the nerves that seem to have become so wound up!

Sundari is very much deep in thought, a soft breath escaping her as she looks afer Kyra as the other is leaving. She leans back into her seat hugging the book to her slightly. Small talk is not in her at the moment it seems. She just listens in to the two talk as her gaze wanders.

"… Swim, springs… Mm, some warm water might be alright. Ooh…" Cassara grins and seems to relax a little. "I got a whole bunch of gear stashed in the storage cavern now. My dad had some from when he was training Hotaru but he's a bit old to be rollin' around now so he let me have it."

"Yeah?" Aerza perks up at the talk of the equipment stash. "I've been told recently that I've gotten a bit stronger but I'm still out of practice with hand to hand moves." The former guard glances back towards where the storage caverns are. "With any luck, we'll get to use them soon."

Sundari tilts her head slightly at thet alk of going to the springs finally reaches her. "Springs sound nice." Just her thought on the moment for the conversation. Now like she can get into sparing right now anyway.

"… Ever looking for a punching bag or some stuff to bat on, it's all the way on the back corner… Just look for the rolled up mats. Actually hung the bag off one of the overhangs." She grins a bit. A shame with Sunny, too. Cassara might let her wail away on her a bit to get some aggression out. "… Mmm? we can do that. I got some time to kill still." Cass says, sitting up at the decision of hotsprings.

"I think I'll have to check out the back corner of that cavern. But first…let me go grab a change of clothes. I'll meet you both in the hot springs, yeah?" Aerza grins at the pair of them before standing up to make a quick pit stop to her wear.

Sundari nods a bit to the talk of them meeting up in the sprngs, a wave is sent after Aerza before she sends a faint glance to Cassara. "I'll just meet you all there in a bit." This said while she stands up, stretching a bit. "Want to go peek in on Sarina in the nursary."

"Yeah yeah, sure…" She yawns as she gets up and heads to the stairs. "… Sorry if I… got a little harsh there, I'm just… concerned." She sighs before giving a wave and heading off.

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