Anyone may post logs here for roleplay scenes that have pertained to events in, around and related to Half Moon Bay Weyr. Please give fair warning if the logs are of any rated above a PG13 rating, just to warn people if there are scenes that may not be appropriate for younger readers (or anyone who might be at work with a boss hanging over their shoulder) We really do love having logs to read, as they can offer viewers a chance to see what Half Moon Bay Weyr's folks are like.

The format that one should use for posting general roleplay logs is as follows: log:MMDDYYYY. Additionally, if there multiple logs for a single day, a - symbol and a number (i.e. 1,2,3, etc.) should be added. For example, for the second log posted on April 1st, 2011 the following format would be used - logs:04012011-2.

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Title OOC Date Cast
Bruises January 1, 2018 Kelani, R'sner
R'hyn Did It! January 02, 2018 Sundari, Ila'den
Take. Another. January 2, 2018 J'en, R'hyn, S'van
Rescue Attempt - Failed January 3, 2018 J'en, Risali, S'van
Broken Ribs Debacle (Backlog) January 04, 2018 Ila'den, R'hyn, Fioreyla
Taverns, Tattoos, Scars and Alcohol January 5, 2018 D'lei, J'en, Kaitlyn, Laria, R'az, S'van
Old Wounds Reopened January 5, 2018 Kelani, R'sner
First Meetings, Cool Greetings January 7, 2018 Alida, Ila'den, R'hyn
Garden Snuggles January 10, 2018 J'en, S'van
Broody Dark'ness McWherface January 11, 2018 R'hyn, Ayushi, Ila'den
Strip Uno and Wagers January 13, 2018 Ila'den, R'hyn, R'sner
Imperfect Goodbyes January 14th, 2018 Tanit Cenrie
Babies, Booze, and Algal Blooms January 14, 2018 Ayushi, R'hyn
Lime Wars: Return of the Tanit January 15, 2018 Ila'den, R'hyn, Tanit
Alida Antics January 16, 2017 Alida, Tanit
Reaquainted January 23, 2018 Tanit, S'van
Trials and Tribulations January 29, 2018 Kelani, S'van
Mudfight!! January 31, 2018 R'hyn, Ila'den
Oddly Nice to Meet You, Again February 7, 2018 Alida, Tanit
Keep Going February 7, 2018 Ila'den, R'hyn, Sundari
Aede Ate a Runner (and other tales from the Hold) February 12, 2018 J'en, S'van, Aedeluth
Glitter Bombed February 17, 2018 Tanit, Sundari, Zeltan
Glitter Me Seymour February 22, 2018 Kelani, R'hyn
Xanadu Hatching Feast February 24, 2018 D'lei, Kelani, Nailii, Ricki, S'van, Z'heir
Glittermate February 26, 2018 Tanit, Ila'den, R'hyn, Citayla
Seeking Smith Services March 2, 2018 Zeltan, Tanit
Jennet and the Weyr Welcome Wagon March 4, 2018 Jennet, Citayla, Ila'den, R'hyn,Tanit
Kneecapping Ogres March 5, 2018 Citayla, R'hyn, Ila'den
The Planning Committee March 7, 2018 Tanit, Ayushi, S'van, Zeltan
Startling Revelations March 8, 2018 S'van, Tanit
Seeking Shinies March 9, 2018 Zeltan, Kiele, Tanit
Songs are Hard March 9, 2018 Zeltan, Ayushi
The Performance of the Century March 10, 2018 Alida, Ayushi, R'hyn, Risali, S'van, Tanit, Zeltan
It's Been A Weird Day March 11, 2018 R'hyn, Sundari, Ila'den
Sides March 12, 2018 Tanit Sephany
Glitter Guard March 13, 2018 Sundari, Tanit
Pearls wisdom, Pearls of price March 13, 2018 Tanit, Ayushi, Kaitlyn
What Game Is This? March 14, 2018 Kiele, R'sner, Zeltan
Seeking Information March 14, 2018 S'van, Tanit
The Greatest Show on Pern March 15, 2018 Alida, Kiele, Sundari, Tanit, Zeltan,
Glittering Futures March 17, 2018 Kiele, Tanit
Upside Down March 18, 2018 Kiele, Valeska
Bad, Mad, and Dangerous with Abs (Ayushi and Kiele are Searched) March 19, 2018 Ayushi, Kiele, Ila'den, R'hyn
Weyrmates Ruin Everything (Tanit and Ashwini are Searched!) March 20, 2018 Ashwini, Tanit, Citayla, Ila'den
Soaked March 20, 2018 Tanit, Zeltan
A Green's Collection (Zeltan is Searched) March 21, 2018 Leeta, R'sner, Toith, Valeska, Zeltan
BLONK March 21, 2018 Citayla, R'hyn
Lessons in life March 21, 2018 Leeta, Tanit
I Thought We Were Being Serious March 22, 2018 Tanit, Zeltan, LimeCat
What Are You In For? March 22, 2018 Ashwini, R'sner, Tanit
A snake, a snake! March 23rd, 2018 Citayla, Ila'den, R'hyn
Lessons Learned (Or Maybe Not) March 23, 2018 Ayushi, Tanit, Zeltan
A Pan Can Be A Weapon Too! March 23, 2018 Ashwini, Kiele, R'sner
Once Upon An Egg (First Touching) March 24, 2018 Zeltan, Tanit, Ashwini, R'hyn, Ila'den
Not What They Expected March 24, 2018 Ashwini, Tanit, Zeltan
Beaches March 25, 2018 Kiele, Tanit
New Arrivals March 26, 2018 Ashwini, Kiele, LimeCat, Tanit, Zeltan
Wrinkled Soul March 26, 2018 Ayushi Tanit
Space Invasion! (Leeta is Searched!) March 26, 2018 Alida, R'sner
Plastered March 27, 2018 Ayushi, Ashwini, Tanit,
Gurl, Look At Them Eggies (Second Touching) March 28, 2018 Ashwini, Ayushi, Kiele, Zeltan, R'hyn, Ila'den
Scrambled Eggs (Third Touching) March 29, 2018 Tanit, Citayla
Castles in the Sky (Or Something) March 31, 2018 Tanit, Zeltan
Happy Easter Fools! (Egg Hunt!) April 02, 2018 Ashwini, Ayushi, Kiele, Alida(Leeta), Zeltan, R'hyn, Sylrain(NPC)
This Little Eggie Went... (Fourth Touching) April 04, 2018 Alida (Leeta), Anonymous AWLM (NPC)
Something Wilson This Way Comes April 13, 2018 Valeska, S'rorn (NPC)
Surf and Furf? April 13, 2018 Valeska, Theodocia, Ashwini
Aftermath April 14, 2018 Nassir, R'sner, S'rorn
Company Kept April 15, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
Not A Beach Party April 16, 2018 Ashwini, Baylee, Leeta, Nassir, R'sner, Theodocia
A Visit To Igen April 17, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
Surprise Inspection! April 18, 2018 Ayushi, R'sner
Storms April 19, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
Seeking Advice from a Trusted Friend April 20, 2018 Lani, R'sner
Surprises April 20, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
Hatching Aftermath - Feast/Brunch April 21, 2018 Ashwi, Ila'den, Lani, Nassir, R'sner, Tanit, Risali
Meeting Friends April 21, 2018 Lani, Nassir, R'sner
Unintentionally April 21, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
A Pleasant Conversation April 23, 2018 Ashwi, Nassir, R'sner
Nocturnal Creatures April 23, 2018 Valeska, Tanit
Reunion April 25, 2018 S'van, Tanit
Obstacle Course April 25, 2018 Ashwi, R'sner
Colors And Conversations April 25, 2018 Ashwi, Nassir, R'sner
When Zychaelth's Attack April 26, 2018 R'sner, Suyi, Toith, Zychaelth
A Quiet Moment April 29, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
Mount up! Ashwi Rides Jovianth April 30, 2018 Ashwi, Nassir, R'sner
Stars May 1, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
Merits of Anatomy May 02, 2018 Shetaia, R'hyn, Ila'den
Meeting New Dragons May 03, 2018 Ila'den, Tanit, Z'tan
Party At Xanadu! - Lani Graduates May 04, 2018 D'lei, Lani, Nassir, R'sner, Risali, Sephany
Awkward Conversations and... Mud. May 05, 2018 Nassir, Z'tan, R'sner
Not as Awkward Conversations and... no more mud. May 05, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
Beach Bath May 06, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
Profit Margin May 07, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
Take To The Skies! (Jovianth Flies) May 09, 2018 Ashwi, Nassir R'sner, Shetaia, Jovianth, Toith
Killing Time (Jovianth's First Hunt) May 11, 2018 Ashwi, Nassir, R'sner, Jovianth, Toith
Garden Walk May 11, 2018 Nassir, R'sner
HATS. May 11, 2018 D'lei, Nassir, R'az, R'sner, Risali
Blood and Gore! (Zychaelth's and Ysgieuth's First Hunt!) May 12, 2018 R'sner, Suyi, Z'tan, Toith, Ysgieuth, Zychaelth
Surprise, She's Yours! May 14, 2018 Jazhira, Z'tan
Weyr-Shattering Revelations May 17, 2018 R'sner, Tanit, Z'tan, Chauth, Toith, Ysgieuth
Challenge Accepted! (Toith Rises) May 18, 2018 Ila'den, I'am, J'son (NPC), N'kon, R'az, R'sner, Valeska, Dolth, Ilicaeth (NPC), Mecahisth, Teimyrth, Toith, Toskavath, Tsarziath
No One Said Not To May 19, 2018 Tanit, Z'tan
Away We Go! (Jovianth and Ashwi go Between!) May 23, 2018 Ashwi, R'sner, Jovianth, Toith
Tattoos and Touching May 23, 2018 Nassir, R'sner, Shetaia, Triven
BURN EEEET (Jovianth Learns To Breathe Fire) June 6, 2018 Ashwi, R'sner, Jovianth, Toith
Someone Is a Winner June 15, 2018 Tanit, Z'tan
Fire and Water (Meeting Jazhira) June 16, 2018 Jazhira, Tanit
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