Anyone may post logs here for roleplay scenes that have pertained to events in, around and related to Half Moon Bay Weyr. Please give fair warning if the logs are of any rated above a PG13 rating, just to warn people if there are scenes that may not be appropriate for younger readers (or anyone who might be at work with a boss hanging over their shoulder) We really do love having logs to read, as they can offer viewers a chance to see what Half Moon Bay Weyr's folks are like.

The format that one should use for posting general roleplay logs is as follows: log:MMDDYYYY. Additionally, if there multiple logs for a single day, a - symbol and a number (i.e. 1,2,3, etc.) should be added. For example, for the second log posted on April 1st, 2011 the following format would be used - logs:04012011-2.

If you prefer, logs may be sent to Kadesh at moc.liamg|1xynaytsa#moc.liamg|1xynaytsa for posting.

Logs made with the button below or the one at the side of the wiki should contain the correct tags and automatically appear. If you create the log by had, you must include the "logs" tag, as well as the month tag "_apr", and the year tag "2011". The logs template must be used, with the Date and Cast list filled out.

Please make sure to tag everyone! For example, if your cast list is Enka, S'rorn and Zi'on you should add the tags _enka _srorn _zion to the list. This will add the logs to individual character pages.

Add a New Log

Enter in the date as MMDDYYYY-#. For example, for the second log posted on April 1st, 2011 enter 04012011-2.

Title OOC Date Cast
Bruises January 1, 2018 Kelani, R'sner
R'hyn Did It! January 02, 2018 Sundari, Ila'den
Take. Another. January 2, 2018 J'en, R'hyn, S'van
Rescue Attempt - Failed January 3, 2018 J'en, Risali, S'van
Broken Ribs Debacle (Backlog) January 04, 2018 Ila'den, R'hyn, Fioreyla
Taverns, Tattoos, Scars and Alcohol January 5, 2018 D'lei, J'en, Kaitlyn, Laria, R'az, S'van
Old Wounds Reopened January 5, 2018 Kelani, R'sner
First Meetings, Cool Greetings January 7, 2018 Alida, Ila'den, R'hyn
Garden Snuggles January 10, 2018 J'en, S'van
Broody Dark'ness McWherface January 11, 2018 R'hyn, Ayushi, Ila'den
Strip Uno and Wagers January 13, 2018 Ila'den, R'hyn, R'sner
Imperfect Goodbyes January 14th, 2018 Tanit Cenrie
Babies, Booze, and Algal Blooms January 14, 2018 Ayushi, R'hyn
Lime Wars: Return of the Tanit January 15, 2018 Ila'den, R'hyn, Tanit
Alida Antics January 16, 2017 Alida, Tanit
Mudfight!! January 31, 2018 R'hyn, Ila'den
Glitter Bombed February 17, 2018 Tanit, Sundari, Zeltan
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