Anyone may post logs here for roleplay scenes that have pertained to events in, around and related to Half Moon Bay Weyr. Please give fair warning if the logs are of any rated above a PG13 rating, just to warn people if there are scenes that may not be appropriate for younger readers (or anyone who might be at work with a boss hanging over their shoulder) We really do love having logs to read, as they can offer viewers a chance to see what Half Moon Bay Weyr's folks are like.

The format that one should use for posting general roleplay logs is as follows: log:MMDDYYYY. Additionally, if there multiple logs for a single day, a - symbol and a number (i.e. 1,2,3, etc.) should be added. For example, for the second log posted on April 1st, 2011 the following format would be used - logs:04012011-2.

If you prefer, logs may be sent to Kadesh at moc.liamg|1xynaytsa#moc.liamg|1xynaytsa for posting.

Logs made with the button below or the one at the side of the wiki should contain the correct tags and automatically appear. If you create the log by had, you must include the "logs" tag, as well as the month tag "_apr", and the year tag "2011". The logs template must be used, with the Date and Cast list filled out.

Please make sure to tag everyone! For example, if your cast list is Enka, S'rorn and Zi'on you should add the tags _enka _srorn _zion to the list. This will add the logs to individual character pages.

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Enter in the date as MMDDYYYY-#. For example, for the second log posted on April 1st, 2011 enter 04012011-2.

Title OOC Date Cast
Well, That Escalated Quickly July 1, 2017 Sevran, Krenn, Baylee
Duct Whisperers July 1, 2017 Riohra, Sevran, Kassala
Slice Of That Weyr Life July 1, 2017 J'en, Kelani, Sevran, Shanatea, Tiysa
Chats and Stuff (meeting Tanit) July 1, 2017 Kassala, Sevran, Tanit, Catwin
Post Garden Stress Discussion July 1, 2017 Catwin, Sevran
Life Advice July 1, 2017 Elixyvette, Riohra
Oysters At Sunrise July 2, 2017 Tanit, Sevran, Baylee
Wherries and Garden Gnomes July 2, 2017 R'hyn, Sevran, Sundari, Taline
Drafted - Dragon Washing July 2, 2017 Sevran, Sundari, Tanit (and Samiryth)
Candidates Eat Dinner, too. July 2, 2017 Shanatea, Sevran, Catwin
Crabs at Noon July 3, 2017 Tanit, Taline
The S'ndri July 3, 2017 Catwin, S'ndri, Tanit
Candidate Fashion Show 2: Armed and Fabulous July 3, 2017 Baylee, Citayzleat, D'lei, J'en, Jingum, Kassala, Riohra, Risali, Serena, Tanit
Ping-Pong, Booze, and Bronzeriders July 4, 2017 Baylee, Krenn, Sevran, J'en, Tanit
Chatting Over Breakfast July 4, 2017 Baylee, Sevran, Tanit, Sephany (NPC)
Morning Tag July 4, 2017 Taline, Baylee, Sevran, Tanit
Cookie Jar July 5, 2017 Tanit, L'ton
The Deep Sea Hustle July 5, 2017 N'talya, Riohra, Kenai, Jingum
Caught. July 5, 2017 Sevran, R'hyn
To Terms July 5, 2017 Elixyvette, Riohra
Steaks and Stuff July 6, 2017 Sevran, Tanit
Eggs over Klah July 6, 2017 Kassala, Riohra
Of Eggs and Romances July 7th, 2017 Riohra, Tanit, Baylee, Sevran
Fish and Guts July 7th, 2017 Sevran, Tanit,
An Eggcellent Picnic July 7, 2017 Citayzleat, Sevran
Antisocial People Socializing July 7, 2017 J'en, Taline
Conversations July 8, 2017 Sevran, Tanit, Kelani, Catwin
Letters Home July 8, 2017 Citayzleat, Tanit
A Long Lunch Break July 8, 2017 Elixyvette, Sevran, Riohra, Relaera, Baylee, Catwin, Tanit,
gifts and bruises July 8, 2017 Kelani, Riohra
Shield and Spear July 9, 2017 Elixyvette
Rum Cakes and Kitchen Dogs July 9, 2017 Riohra, Sevran, Tanit, Baylee, T'ana, Niki
The Cake isn't a LIE July 9, 2017 Catwin, Riohra, Shanatea, Tanit
One Way or Another July 10, 2017 Elixyvette, L'mal
That Obligatory Robe Fixing Scene July 10, 2017 Sevran, Krenn, Baylee, Riohra, Catwin
Other Choices July 10, 2017 Kalen, Tanit
Morning Shenanigans July 11, 2017 Sevran, Catwin, Riohra, Tanit, Baylee
Talks with Krenn July 11, 2017 Krenn, Riohra
Strain Pain July 12, 2017 Sevran, Kelani, Jingum, Kalvin (NPC)
Sex > Food July 12, 2017 Shanatea, Sevran
Celimoth and Xermiltoth's Eggs Hatch July 13, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Citayzleat (Citayla), Elixyvette (Xyvette), Jingum, Kassala, Kelani, Krenn, R'hyn, Riohra, Sevran (S'van), Shanatea, Sundari, Taline (Aine), Tanit
Aftermath - Weyrlings July 13, 2017 R'hyn, S'van, Citayla, Baylee, Sundari, J'en, Catwin
Hello- Goodbye July 13, 2017 S'van, Riohra, Catwin, Baylee
Free July 14, 2017 Xyvette, Nehehkath
Slingin' Mud aka ALL THE FIGHT July 14, 2017 Citayla, Risali, D'lei, S'van, Baylee, Sundari
If it fits? It sits. July 15, 2017 R'hyn, Tanit,
All The Things! July 15, 2017 Baylee, Krenn, S'van, Catwin
Another Goodbye - Tanit Leaves for DOC July 15, 2017 Catwin, S'van, Tanit
Healers, Dragons and Dolphins, Oh my July 16, 2017 Kelani, Kalen, T'ana
Letters between siblings July 16, 2017 S'van, Tanit
Strapping Good Times? Or Not. July 16, 2017 Baylee, Catwin, Sundari, S'van, Tanit - Aedeluth, Fascath, Irkevalath, Myrakath
Letters between friends (Catwin and Tanit) July 17, 2017 Catwin, Tanit
The Truth July 17, 2017 Xyvette, L'mal, Nehehkath, Maurth
Afterbath July 18, 2017 Inri, L'kan
Dropping in on a friend... July 19, 2017 Riorha, Xyvette, Nehehkath,
Dancing and Defense. Same thing, right? July 19, 2017 Catwin, S'van
Dragons Grow Bigger July, 20, 2017 Catwin, S'van, Baylee
A Lovely Little Chat July 21, 2017 Baylee, Kelani, Jingum, Sephany (NPC)
The De-evolution of the Human Mind (AKA All The Broken) July 23, 2017 Tanit, S'van, Bracen, Catwin
Lube Is Important (aka We Broke Baylee) July 24, 2017 Baylee, S'van, Kelani, Krenn, Catwin
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