Gold Embreth and Bronze Varbaeth's Hatching

Candidate Dorm
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

A soft humm starts, becoming louder and louder, until the walls begin to lightly vibrate. This, the indication that the Western hatching is about to start!

Public Announcement from Lor: Greetings one and all! Western Weyr's double (but only one PC) clutch will be hatching at 8:30 PM EST… In about 22 minutes! The

Yasa comes dashing into the barracks from the lowers caverns as the thrumming of the dragons starts. "Candidates! Into your robes! Now!" She shouts, shaking the cots of some that might be asleep. "And line up!"

Kei blinks, head hanging off the cot, looking at Yasa…. upside down. "Now?" Uhm, that's what she said, Kei, now get the heck up. The girl rolls out of her cot where she had been resting, and finally wriggling her robe from underneath it. Dress, dress, shuffle, shuffle.

Anoryn rushes into the barracks and through the entrance just as the humming becomes loud enough to lightly vibrate through the rock. Her hair is quite damp as it would seem the greenrider /was/ enjoying a bit of a bath. Even her clothing looks hastily thrown on. She arrives shortly after Yasa, nodding her head. "Listen to her!" Ohh. Smart?

Rayne jumps up and does as she's told, losing her clothes and putting on the white robe. Sandals are quickly laced up and hair is bound. Som, Deathe and other f'lizards a shooed away. Okay, this one's ready.

Thane blinks at Yasa though he remains calm throughout the chaos, quickly moving to the press holding his robe. The top is opened and the robe pulled out and smoothed out once it's placed on the bed. Then he begins to strip down.

Tirae gasps, loudly and /runs/ to her cot, nearly tripping over someone else's. Coyle flings off her shoulder as she tosses on her robe, pulling her hair back and up, neaty enough. She stoops to kiss her little blue on the head and grins at him, "Wish me luck Coy!" she chuckles as he chirrups merrily to her along with a barrage of other noises. She runs to stand in line, nearly tripping ove her own feet this time she manages to keep her balance. She peers for Thane, "Thane! Quick!"

Rakiyan nearly falls off his cot, sitting up as fast as he did. "What? Is this-" He stops before he asks if this is some sort of joke, because it obviously…isn't. Eyes grow a few sizes as he goes about throwing his robe on, then trying to take the clothes underneath off without choking himself. The belt is tied on easily enough, and the sandals, and he nervously pokes at his hair as he stands up, ready. He knows the hair isn't important…it's an unconscious nervous reaction?

Yiasy brushes her robe down with her hands, then does so again as she waits, moving from foot to foot already in an excess of energy.

Natane is readjusting the sheets on her cot for the hundreth time, switching the blue with the purple, and then back again. "Ooh, shards," she mumbles, tearing them off once more. "I just can't decide!" As Yasa and Anoryn appear, her head snaps up, and her gold-rimmed eyes widen. "Hatching? Really?" Sheets are dropped as she claps her hands together in delight. "Ooh, this'll be SO much fun! Oh, joy! If only my robe were purple…" Sigh. Oh well, there's more important things at the moment. She leans over to pull her robe out from her clothes press, and then slides her feet under her cot, slipping on the sandals. "I'm ready!" She announces, beaming.

Tadiera is asleep… Well, she was /trying/ to sleep, dagnabit. She falls /off/ her cot, hitting the floor with a thud. Her head lifts and she blinks slowly, "Say wha?" Eyes blink slowly and she shakes her head to clear it, standing. "Robes… right… Uhm…" Eyes flit about as she attempts to find hers… She digs through her stuff, coming up triumphant. Ah-ha! She disrobes (haha) and then tugs on the white cloth, belting it smoothly. She then flops down to lace her sandals.

Thane smiles at Tirae, "Everyone's in such a rush. Stop and smell the fresh air, I say!" he remarks as he pulls the last clothing item left on his body, slipping into the white robe with a grin. Rope taking his place with her. "Don't worry, Tirae."

Rahem is sprawled across his cot, covered lightly by the sleeping furs piled about his slumbering being. So, indulged in his much need rest, he doesn't seem to notice the hussle about him.

Tirae laughs at Trist is…or rather was, distracted, laying on his back in his cot, holding his rake above him, eyeing it quietly. A blink a bit at all the sudden random chaos and all such, and rake is quickly discarded. Ooooh. He pops to his feet, A quick rumage through box at the end of his cot, and robes come out. Robes. Check. Sandals. Check. Belt. Check. Good nuff…he pushes off his cot and slips to feet, getting himself all dressed.

Yasa watches them put on their robes and start to line up. "Make sure your flitters or other petsa do not follow you, they are to stay here, no matter what." She says, which causes some protests from candidates that wanted to bring their flitters with them. "And no food." She eyes them. "Get in line! Now." She points to just ahead of her.

Zhyfene says, quite cleverly: "What?" Thud. Off the cot and onto the floor she goes, grey eyes wide with surprise. "Like … /now/?" Ohdear. Candidate streaks to a corner, strips, and returns in white. Twitch. Twitch. That would be her gaze, jerking startledly around.

Kei gets to her feet, after tying the shoulder of her robe off in a neat fashion. Ma always said she was too hyper to play with needles anyway. Once done, she nods a little at Yasa's comment, before glancing over to lizards and canine. "You hear that, Ein?" The dog just sits there, tongue lolling out of its mouth, but the lizards look a touch more attentive. "Stay put. I don't want you three becoming dragon bait. Ma'd be upset." To put it mildy. Sandals slid on, she gets in line with everyone else, scrunched behind Jalenye.

Rayne blinks for a moment, then snaps at Yasa's orders. Falling quickly into line, she looks for Yiasy and several others. "This is it guys." Why's she so nervous?

Anoryn steps up beside Yasa, nodding towards the bluerider as she watches the candidates rush about to prepare and shuffle into line. She gives a bit of a reassuring smile to sone. "You'll be all doing fine! Good luck to you all and you'd best listen to Yasa." And now the greenrider beams.

Tirae laughs at Thane and grabs his arm, pulling him into the line beside her. "Thane!! This is it!" she beams, peering around for her fellow candidates with an excessively large grin pasted on her face. She whispers 'this is it…' again as it sets in, emotion flooding into her mind and heart. This is it.

Jalenye hastily sets aside graphite stylus and paper - she was just in the middle of another letter to Fort - and slides off her cot onto the floor with a soft plop. She pushes off, helterskelter, and makes a dash for a box beneath her cot. The box is hastily thrown down and opened, and Jalenye yanks out sandals, robe and belt, quickly dropping the sandals to the floor. She shrugs out of her clothes and into her robes, slips her feet into her sandals, and ties the belt about her waistline. Ties are grabbed from the same box, and Jalenye actually puts care into pulling it up, securing it in two places. Then, it's over to the line.

Yiasy scurries after Rayne, glancing around as she straggles into the line and then stands on tiptoes to see around still, looking for Jalenye.

Rakiyan raises an eyebrow at Thane. "Ah…well we all can't be filled with the utter calm you so luckily posess naturally…" He gives a slight grin, then touches at his hais again, noticing Rahem. "Ah! Wake up!" He goes to poke the boy's shoulder repeatedly. He'll try calm kater.

Natane waggles a finger at Fox and Luke, and says sternly, "Stay here, you two! I don't want you causing trouble…especially for aesthetically pleasing gold dragons!" Shiny thing disease, perhaps? With that comment made, the girl scoots into line, offering loudly, "I'll stand next to anyone! I'll be glad to provide commentary!" After all, when as Natty /ever/ shut up?

Yasa waits till enough are in line, before she starts sending them out two at a time. "Jalenye, Kei, out you go." She says. "Natane and Rahem next." She adds, ushering them out to the sands.

Thane winks at Tirae, letting his arm be grabbed by her as the arm's hand reaches for her hand. "Yes, this is the moment of truth, indeed." A little nod and smile. How un-Thane like! However, he keeps a eye on Tirae and the other on Yasa.

Rahem sits up stock still, dashing into his robe immediately after he's poked, then he's out the door.

Tirae peers around and spies Rakiyan poking at Rahme and giggles, "Raki!" she calls to him, motioning him to hurry as she dances about in line listening for her name, grasping hane hand tightly.

Sandals finally on, Tadiera stumbles to her feet, jumping up proudly, "Tah-dah!" Whoo. She glances to Trist and leans out to snatch at his hand, "C'mon! We gotsa stand together!" She looks after Rahem, "And we'll stand by Rahem… protect 'im from Nat." She nods, in a wise sort of way, and bounces into line.

"Rayne!" Latch-latch. Zhyfene wiggles up to her fellow Candidate with a nervous beam. "Hold my hand out there?"

Trist watches Rahem dash out with Natane, a roll of the eyes. "Poor him…are we allowed to reshuffle once we're out there? I wanna stand by…" gacks, well Tad went and said it for him. Right, Rahem. Boy is going to /need/ their protection, no doubt. He gets tugged along by Tad, and resits. "Wait till she calls us Tad, calm down."

Rayne nods to Zhy. "Of course. Yiasy? Do me the honor as well?"

Rakiyan rushes up to Tirae, momentatily grasping her hand with a weak grin before his hands fly tohis hair again. He then realizes what he is doing and snatches them a away. He takes a deep breath. "Ah…good luck to everyone!"

Yasa watches. "Alright! Rakiyan! Rayne!" She says, ushering them out. "Tadiera and thane." She adds.

Yiasy nods her head. "Yes." Indeed, she reaches out toward Rayne now.

Thane glances at Rakiyan for a moment, grinning at the boy for a moment, returning Tirae's squeeze to her, waiting for Yasa to say his name.

Thane glances at Tirae for a moment as he lets go of her hand and disappears.

Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The sands beneath your feet are
uncomfortably warm.

In the candidates barracks> Yasa smiles at the finaly candidates in the barrackls that are getting anxious. "Trist, Yiasy, and Zhyfene! Go!

In the candidates barracks > Zhyfene fidgits in her line, rocking back and forth slightly upon sandle'd feet. "Good l — oh!" There's her cue.

In the candidates barracks > Trist nods quickly, and ducks out as well.

As the draconic harmony grows in intensity, the candidates file onto the heated sands to participate in the ongoing cycle that will lead some of them to Impression. The line pauses before the senior queen and her rider, each candidate equidistant from the next, and as a united group they offer their respect by bow or curtsy before moving further along to form a loose semicircle around the hardened eggs.

Legasse enters with the candidates and starts the dance of the candidates. "Hot sands…" He mutters as he falls into step with the others candidates.

Thane enters the Hatching Ground with dignity, pausing once he reaches the sire and dam, bowing deeply to them for a long moment before glancing up at them. Then he moves on towards the other Candidates, joining them. A wave is sent to Tirae, moving over to join her.

Yasa comes in after the candidates, making sure any stragglers are out here. She nods to the queens and mates,and riders, before she moves with Anoryn…

Yiasy glances around, quickly finding a place between Rayne and Jalenye before her attention turns toward the slightly rocking eggs.

Tadiera bowed. That's for sure. Hmph! She had to go before Trist, but still… she grabs his hand after the bow, shuffling towards Rahem, reaching her hand towards her other friend. See!? You're stronger as a crowd. Plus, maybe if you're shaking and there's others near you… people might not notice. Tad is nervous, very much so, so she doesn't really react to the heat quite yet. Will she react at all? Who knows.

Puffy White Cumulus Clouds Egg continues to twitch a bit more obviously. Yes, finally a twitch. Then a one-hundred eighty degree twirl, waiting a few moments and then continuing the last half of her complete, circular movement. Something is so eager to come out. A bit to the left, maybe to the right, another whirl or two..

Trist sidles in next to Tadiera and Rahem after the bow to the queen, jostling into positions so that he can stand with his two closes friends in the semi circle. He eyes the eggs a moment, some how…all that much more impressive now. Though it was never as big a thing for the touchings, now it's the big day. He acks as Tad grabs his hand and tugs him after. "Taaad. Calm /down/." poor hyper friend.

After shaking to the left, shimming to the right, and twirling in all other directions, Puffy White Cumulus Clouds Egg has now begun the climatic point of the beginning to a whole new life. With each roll several cracks appear on all sides with little chips of white clouds flying all around. After shimming once more to the right a tail pokes out through the egg, then it disappears as a head tries to squeeze it's way out too. Finally a little hatchling has arrived onto the sands..

Corrupted Radiant Princess Green Hatchling
An upclose look at this corrupted green reveals the brawness through shades of evergreen, seafoam, clover, and emerald swirl together formulating a shimmering mosaic on her hide. From her stomach, emerald green disperses up, letting vine of rich ivy spread on both hides, each vine eventually branches out into smaller green limbs until fading into other colours. The ivy bleeds into lime, which journies along her back, starting from her upper neck and cascading down. Cucumber-yellow particles dribble down her back forming a funnel near her tail, and then vanish into mint. Rosemary appears on her tail in splashes, streaks, and splotches on a shamrock based color. Hindlegs and thighs are naturally oily looking, thus making the seaweed coated hide with dolphin-gray shimmy into other shades of green when hit by sunlight. Shamrock spouts to her large silver talons with tiny jade speckles. Forelegs are quite similar, though downed in a white-green, much like lamb's ear. Green grassy strokes covers her chest and under neck. Neckridges and upper chest are bounded by luscious green tinted ovals with yellow-green petalling out of each. The leaves connect at the tips, circling around her neck into a totally green lei. The same pattern goes across her long jade wings, with the occasional zig-zag of olive on the tips. A long muzzle of a rich honeydew is hidden by jade swirls criss-crossed about it. Large oculars stare out curiously, sockets are made up with golden hints of teal. Ridges around her eyes of a thick, pasty celery tint marked by a dash of blue. The crown of her head is the most spectacular marking of all. What appears to be seven different colors, emerald, jade, teal, seaweed, lime, and olive, look to be like gems aligned in a circular fashion to look much like a tiara. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Khayla.

Natane shuffles over to her place in line, bouncing a little as she goes. "Aesthetically pleasing dragons," the weaver chants, her voice a lilting singsong. She avoids the rest of the candidates - not only are most of them terrified of her, but she wants to be the center of attention when she impresses that shiny dragon. Beam. "Ooh! My egg is moving!"

Tirae finishes her bow and beams at the beautiful sire and dam and their eggs. She stands next to Thane, waving Raki over as well. She straightens her garb, hands briefly flitting about her hair. Her eyes gaze wide as one egg starts to spin, then another…

Kei stumbles out after a while, though she gravitates over to Jalenye. Hot, hot… and frankly, it wasn't this hot before. Maybe it's all the thrumming, the sounds of the people in the crowd… or maybe she was better protected. Regardless, holds Jalenye's hand, blinking just a little when the first dragonet appears. "…. would'ja lookit that."

Rayne completes her bow and moves forward to find Yiasy and Zhyfene, along with Jalenye and Kei. A deep breath is taken. She can't look afool out her on the sands, word having reached her that Ista had shown in full force for this hatching. "Zhy!" The former guard points. So fast, it begins.

Rakiyan moves over towards Tirae and Thane, eyes fixed on the eggs. "Oh, the first!" He stands still for a bit, peering closely at it. "Beautiful…" He begins rocking back and forth on his sandals, close to hoping in an undiginified fashion already.

Thane blinks at the eggs already breaking apart. "They're so fast…" he says quietly to Tirae and Rakiyan, sparing them a glance though his attention is capitivated by the eggs' motions.

"Raaaaaaayne!" It's the distress-call of a flustered Zhyfene, who flurries across the Sands with the last of the Candidate group — drat that z – to latch onto Rayne's hand. And then, as the first egg cracks: "Ohdear. Rayne. Look at /her/." Twitch. "She's /green/." Very good!

Rahem reaches his own hand towards Tadiera, pausing momentarily to bow to the queen, then begins moving after Trist and Tad, stifling little cries of surprise. "Tad! You're way too excited!" Well, upon saying that he gives alittle bounce. See, he's excited too! Then, he settles down, eyes appearing to become quite wide upon the arrival of the green. "Ooooh."

Yiasy reaches out towards Jalenye's hand and then blinking rapidly as the first of the eggs cracks and a green is hatched. A smile towards the other istan before gaze is riveted on the first hatchling.

Tirae swallows hard as the first green hatchling arrives. A grin of awe and amasement spreads over her face as she reaches for /someone's/ hand, probably two of them. "So beautiful.." she manages to say, and blink as well, must remember to blink.

Cosmic Egg rolls out from under Embreth's wing and shakes a few times.Q'lonia smiles as the green hatches. "Not a bad one to start the clutch" she murmurs. Then smiles indulgently, "No Spirith, she's not as wonderful as you."

Natane beams, bounces, and gasps. "She's a /girl/!" Squeal. The candidate shuffles her feet against the heat of the sands, shifting ever-so-slightly towards the rest of the candidates. "And she's pretty, too…and aethetically pleasing, I'll have to admit." She tilts her head in acknowledgement, and then shifts to musing over the coloring of the dragonet. "You're the one who loved my scarf that I made for you…you can't be bad!"

Eeek! Okay, so Tadiera doesn't really shriek, or do much. But her eyes go wide, then huge. Dinner plates, anyone? Yes, green. "Oooooh. Its a /green/, Trist!" Hello, Miss Obvious. She hops from foot to foot. Not from the heat, but from the excitement. "Me? Excited?! Naaaah." She sniffs a bit, then stops to start rocking on her heels. The Cosmic Egg is noticed and her eyes widen, "Hey… Trist, look," she nudges him with her elbow, "Its out from under Embreth! Isn't it pretty?"

Jalenye walks sedately (or, as sedately as one can walk in the heat) to a place between Kei and Yiasy, accepting offered hands with quick squeezes of security and reassurance. That's the best she can offer. Her brows raise as she gazes over the newly hatched green. "That was rather sudden." And then her gaze shifts to the Cosmic Egg. She blinks quite a few times. "Where did that…She was hiding that egg the whole time!" Gape! She glances between her companions.

Corrupted Radiant Princess Green Hatchling innocently looks about, offering a gazed slightly confused look towards everyone one standing around /her/! Trying to gain her steady balance, sending egg goo all over not counting a bit of her shell too! Now, what all is going on here..

Smooth Alabaster White Egg rolls over once, and trembles as the dragon inside claws its way into the new world. A high-pitched screech sounds off as a blue claw punches through the now flimsy surface of the shell. This, in turn, spills the contents of the egg onto the sands. A glistening wet navy-blue hatchling sits in a puddle of egg goo, creeling its' displeasure with the sand now stuck to his underside… He seems to harbor so much strength for such a little creature. Getting to his feet, he waddles for a few moments, shaking the back legs up in the air at random. A dark-haired young man, with a rather innocent nature about him, carefully watches shadows being cast around the sands. He sidesteps to avoid another candidate backing up towards him, and in turn, runs back to side with the young blue. Both startle, and fall over. "What? I'm sorry, Gamgeeth! I didn't see you there." And a pause from our young Faroladon. "Gam.. I know you won't leave me, I know. I'm glad it's you." F'rodo embraces his newfound friend, and then picks himself up off the ground to go hunt down some food for the hungry hatchling.

Thane takes one of Tirae's searching hands, squeezing it tightly, not wanting to take his eyes off the green hatchling and the eggs still rocking wildly. "Yeah…" he replies to Tirae, wrinkling his nose. "Gooey, though. I dislike that… But she's pretty otherwise."

Many Shades of White Egg wobbles a bit for the time being then slowly begins to shake more and more before finally coming to a rest again. Not quite time yet. Soon.

Kei ponders that, herself, though she doesn't exactly shuffle. Not yet. She's too busy squinting at the egg in question that Jalenye pointed out. "I… have no idea. But look. She's moving." That about the green that sits long enough to gain her surroundings. And soon enough it seems that someone impresses, causing the girl to whip her head around slightly to see. "So /that's/ what goes on!" What… think she actually stood long enough to /see/ a hatching before?

Rakiyan takes Tirae's hand without looking, eyes still trained on the first hatchling, glancing about crazily to see who it might be walking towards. "Ah…don't worry!" He offers to it. Ha. Don't worry. Not like he wasn't worried or anything… Quick glance over. "Oh….already!"

Trist eyes the dragonet already bustling about the sands. My. "We were cutting that a little close weren't we? The first one burst almost faster then we could get in place." he peeks along the line, trying to see where everyone is, before settling a bit, though as soon as he does, the candidate shuffle begins…weight on one foot, weight on the other. Guh as Tad babbles on at him, and a small laugh. "Yes, yes, and yes." in responce to her rapidfire words. Trist is trying to remain a bit more calm about everything. THough the excitement of his friends is a bit infectious, and is beginning
to light him up as well.

Natane squeals, and shouts, "Good job, F'rodo! I'll give you and Gamgeeth that makeover I promised after the hatching…don't worry!" Most likely, the poor boy will have to hide in the barracks to escape Natty. She shifts her attention back to the green - Cosmic Egg unnoticed - and says, almost meditatively, "You'd make a good lifemate. You /will/ make a good lifemate…for someone." Her, perhaps?

Q'lonia nods, "Well, there's our first lucky pair" she gives an odd smile. With her as an AWLM could they turly be lucky?

Rahem turns his head slightly to eye the egg that Embreth has, then arches an eyebrow over towards Tadiera. "You are beyond excited. Is that better?" Now he eyes the progress of the green, lifting his feet up with an obvious look of — pain? What else, for the sand's magically managing to get into his shoes. Then — "Good job F'rodo!"

Tirae beams, somehow managing to tear her eyes from the eggs and glance around the room at her fellow candidates with pride. Her eyes fling back to the sands as the blue hatchling emerges. She chuckles at Thanes comment on the goo, "Beautiful goo…" She squeezes both Thane and Raki's hands surprisingly tight, just once though as the boy impresses.

Yiasy shifts from foot to foot, somewhat from the heat and some from nerves as she clings tightly to the hands of the candidates on either side of her, gaze shifting rapidly as she tries to watch every where at once.

Rayne chuckles as the Cosmic Egg reveals itself. "How clever." Eyes wander as she avoids doing the 'sand dance'. So much to take in! Zhy's hand is held tightly in reassurance. Breathing increases with growing excitement. "Just think, Zhy.. A single second that can change an entire lifetime." Oh yes, she has spent too much time with the harpers on that subject.

Corrupted Radiant Princess Green Hatchling sends a glance towards the already impressed blue who hatched after her, well /she/ has better Candidates to choose from. Of course she is moving, it's not like she is just going to sit around like an idiot now would she? Shuffling about she heads towards the gangle of Candidates with Trist in it. Hrmph. Inhaling the aroma all around him and his fellow Candidates. him, he smells /awful/! What about Tirae. She is kind of pretty, just like herself – and her goo! Curiously tilting her head to see what that girl is all about. Quite peculiar!

Cosmic Egg shakes a bit more violently now, its presence quite visible on the sands. It spins once, and quiets again.

Tirae watches the green, squeezing Thane and Raki's hands very tightly now, she simply beams as she is watched. Her foot shifting halts, bowing her head lightly to the beautiful green one.

Thane notices the green hatchling coming closer to them, particulary Tirae. "Look. It's coming, I think she likes you, Tirae." he whispers to the girl beside him, squeezing her hand in brief excitement. "She's beautiful, perfect for you."

Jalenye wrinkles her nose as the green shakes and sends egg goopies flying. "Mmm. Just what I wanted." She begins the classic dance of the sands, eyes sliding over the eggs and their dam, and finally her gaze comes round to rest fully on the green dragonet and Tirae.

Rakiyan moves back as the hatchling peers at Tirae. Eyes flick over to the still twitching Cosmis Egg, but he quickly enough returns his attention to the green. He nods at Thane's remarks, not being able to make any of his own, just smiling.

Zhyfene fidgits some more, but settles for hanging on to Rayne with all she's made of, wide grey eyes flick-flicking to and fro. The green is watched — then another glance to the wobbling eggs — and then she tilts her head confusedly at Rayne: "..a single sentence? Which sentence is that?"

Natane's gold-rimmed eyes glance towards the dam, and then…"Oooh, shards!" She exclaims, eyes widening in surprise. "There's /another/ one! And it's even prettier than /my/ egg was!" She beams, and her bouncing increases in speed. Her eyes flicker to the green, and she squeals again. "OOoh! Tirae's gonna get a new friend!"

Kei eyes that green, now that the first pair of weyrling have been taken off the sands. "Look." More whispered to Jalenye than herself, the girl peers toward the other side of the circle to see that green at … Tirae. Well, what do you know. "Least they're not wasting any time," is commented slightly, before her gaze flickers back toward the other eggs. In particular, the spinning ones. There, there… and there. That odd one that came out of nowhere. Guh. Do they hide eggs all the time like that?

Tadiera cheers, now, "Yay, F'rodo!" Bounce! Poor Rahem and Trist's arms are probably being tugged and pulled. Boing. She watches the green again, tilting her head. Then begins giggling as the green comes towards them. She looks a bit forlorn as it goes, "Aww… Not quite, huh, Trist? Seems she likes Tirae more, I think." She falls a little quiet then; she notices the heat. "OW!" Whimper. Owwie. Hop. Skip. Hop. "How… Ow…" jump, "Long… will this… eep," hop, "be anyhow?"

Is it White? Egg has been furiously rocking back and forth for some time now as the hatchling within fights for its freedom. Several pronounced cracks race across the once smooth surface, a sleek brown muzzle poking through and then replaced by talons that tear at the confining shell. Determination pays off and the egg splits appart, causing the brown hatchling to tumble out in a flurry of dark coloured hide and wings. With a bit of a startled cry, he struggles to his wobbly legs, coated now in egg goo and sand. Darkly coloured from muzzle tip to tail tip, what can be seen of his hide is also covered with dapples and random dustings of beige and sandy browns. He looks momentarily puzzled, glancing over at the many candidates. So many to choose from! But that doesn't stop him! With a loud and brassy bugle, he races across the sands and right into the legs of a very startled candidate. A brief entanglement, and the browns cries become joyous as well as those of the dark haired girl he ran into. Zashya is quick to proudly call out, "He says his name is Onamerith!" The new pair are then escorted off the sands by the nearest weyrlingmaster.

Corrupted Radiant Princess Green Hatchling quickly changes her mind about Tirae. No, not her. A bit /too/ pretty for her, and her friends - how can they assume something like that!? She is just looking about for a change, having been in an egg for so long! Hrmph! Who is that smiling boy over there? Almost like gliding over towards Rakiyan. Aw, he is handsome. Hello? Can you even say hello, besides smiling? Come on. Speak up! Hardly even bothering to glance at his neighbors, they weren't /as/ important as Rakiyan!

Legasse looks around and up when he hears the shouts from the Bakercraft. He grins but suddenly looks away as one of the eggs near Embreth shivers, an egg with the hues of varying types of bloodshot fat. As he looks the egg shakes and shivers mixed in with the flurry of candidates… Bam! The egg shatters and a small reddish brown emerges, his wings fluttering with the essences of spices and that which is a brown…Legasse drops to his knees as the little one strides toward him. "Emerilth! C'mon Let's go get you something to eat…"

Rayne watches the green hatchling, unsure of any sudden movements. "No, Zhy.. I said 'second'. You know, time, moment.. Something like that." A brief glance over at Zhy and Rayne grins, her attention immediately shifted elsewhere with the hatching of the brown. "Too quick" is whispered.

Trist is indeed yanked back and forth a bit as he tries to watch the green's movements about the sands…blinking a bit as it comes towards them, and then awwing softly as it edges away again. "It durn't like me." he informs Tad and Rahem, but looks a bit amused by the whole thing…not particularly fancying any of the three of them to be green anyhow…he want's to see his friends on the top of the top…and doesn't see himself on a dragon a'tal. Personal opinion. He's thoroughly enjoying the whole experience. A snicker at Tad and a mysterious "As long as it takes. The dragons will know." Playing off the old joke among the candidates about 'when the hatching will be.' He blinks as the green turns again…guh. "She can't make her mind up atall can she?"

Q'lonia smiles, nodding to each of the new pairs as they pass her. She remains for the moment, ready to escort a weyrling pair, yet still watching the hatching.

"Oh!" Zhyfene plays the consumate blond, eyebrows twitching upward in response. She's witless when harried. "I — /look/! Is she looking at Raki? Is she? Is she?" Candidate cranes onto her toes, peering over the bobbing sea of heads to get a better look.

Tirae nearly squeals as the green hatchling approaches, hearing Thane and Natane in the back of her mind, nodding lightly to their words, perhaps not even listening right now. Her eyes remain on he green, grin pasted on her face as her eyes mist slightly as the dragon changes direction. She still grins though, happy enough to have been considered even. She notices it wander to Raki ad beams at /him/. Fumbling over her her own words, "Go Raki…" she chants once as she shifts her footing about nervously. She peers back to the eggs, "Wow." she says at the experience. Just 'Wow.'

Natane gasps in shock as the green /changes/ course…of all the nerve! However, this negative attention is soon diverted as the green makes her choice - and Natty squeals her delight! "Ooh! Raki! Now that you're a greenrider, you /have/ to let me give you a makeover! It's a must-have!" Right?

Rakiyan's eyes widen even more as the green changes direction and looks at him. "What? Me? But…" He trails off not saying anything else for a while, just staring. "Hylaeth? Oh…it's a wondrous name, it's perfect…" He reaches out tenatively touch her, a grin coming to his face. "Food, yes, of course!" He moves from astonished to halway giddy in a manner of seconds.

Thane blinks at the green hatchling's sudden change of mind, looking between the hatchling and Rakiyan. "Him?" he whispers to Tirae, raising a brow momentarily, waiting for the emotional moment called Impression to occur. The heat is still unnoticed.
Rahem winces as his arm is suddenly pulled by the cheering and overly excited Tadiera, earning the candidate a grimace in her direction. "Oooh! Look guys, Legasse Impressed!" The newly Impressed is offered a loud cheer and a grin, his free hand waved above his head. "Look, the green seems to like Tirae." But then, she abruptly heads towards Rakiyan. "Did he Impress?" Grinning, he looks over towards Trist. "How can a hatchling not like you? It probably thought my robe was a little too messed up for her taste." Laugh.

Yiasy moves to hold on to Jalenye's hand a bit tighter, her gaze following the green as she wanders on the sands, blinking as she inspects along the line of candidates, then quietly offering up her own congratulations to Rakiyan.

With a horendous *CRACK*, the once quiet and non-visible egg that had been hidden beneath Embreth's wing is revealed. The hatchling inside the Cosmic Egg, whether it's mother wants it to or not, is coming out… Shards of shell fall to the ground as the egg crumbles.

Goddess Hi'iaka Rainbow Gold Hatchling
Somber waves of brilliantly colored oil-spills wash over the pale hide of this regal little golden-champagne dragon. Exuberant brass filigree splays back over her cranium. The decadent designs surround her head knobs in a delicious presentation of craftsmanship. Her muzzle is the palest part of her body. It seems to have been bleached from lazy days under the blazing sun, which she has yet to see. As your gaze descends, the coloration becomes darker. It begins to resemble a tropical sandy beach, shimmering, inviting and warm, the illusion making it almost too tempting for anyone to go up and caress her golden hide. Both her hindlegs and forelegs are quite muscular, revealing how powerful such a young dragon can be at birth, each rippling over a blonde hide with marks of a darker straw tint. Each large, sharp talon is touched with the brilliance of fire opal. As the light hits each claw at different angles, a rainbow of colors shine through the pearly crescent moons… Colors such as amber, sapphire, jade, peach, rose, and even a bit of tangerine. With wingspars extended, the wealth of bullion displayed is blinding. Very subtle swells of stormy blue highlight the sails of each wing, hinting a warning of some great storm. To complete her outstanding features, the tip of her tail boasts a deep tanned hue. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Lor.

Kei continues to watch, lower lip bitten for just a moment, before she finally hears a name. "… looks like the need for sweets are going to have to be set aside for a moment," is grinned at cheekily, before she glances back toward the next egg. And what's in it… well. "Uhm… Enye?" Tug. Tug. "Look." Not that the girl's eyes remain upon the newest dragonet long… there are other eggs, and just as equally clumsy dragonets falling out of them.

Mystery in White and Blue Egg tips and turns a bit. Look who else is moving, all of it's brothers and sisters have appeared so now it's this ones turn! A few cracks start to appear, but nothing has happened..yet..

Tirae beams at Raki, "You did it!" she cheers for him, side-long glance at Thane, "/He/ deserves her." she assures him and looks back to the eggs as the gold emerges she gasps, "Look!" She clings to Thanes poor hand now, with both hands.

Thane blinks in surprise as Raki Impresses, "Good job. She's beautiful, congrats!" he offers to the boy though once he glances back at the eggs to see what's happening, the gold hatchling immediately steals his attention. Blinkblink. "A /Gold/?" he asks softly to Tirae, his one hand trying to accumulate Tirae's two.

Zhyfene coughs suddenly, and does a double-take. "Uhrr. Look, Rayne, gold." Hatchling is eyeballed, nerves evident in the rapid shifting back-and-forth on sandled feet. "I didn't think they'd be so …. shiny." Oggle.

"Rakiyan! Congrats!" Jalenye shouts out, managing a few moments of excited tiny bounce-hops and lightly swinging the arms of those beside her. And then, she glances as Kei tugs on her arm, at the gold. "But…" Gape, yet again. "Kei? Yiasy?"

A smile tugs Rayne's lips as she watches the green go Raki. Amazing to her, it is. Her gaze follows Kei's and the istan just shakes her head. They look so gangly and gooey at birth. Strange irony, that. A shimmer of blue catches her eye as the Mystery in White and Blue Egg moves. Talk about sensory overload. "I don't know who to watch, Zhy.. Do you think the gold will take as long as the green?" Decision is key, ya know.

Goddess Hi'iaka Rainbow Gold Hatchling trumpets a greeting to the world as she shakes the goo off her head. Eyes whirling in red hunger and agitation, the hatchling then turns to those white robed things on the sands. Interesting, interesting indeed. She gives her little body a good shake, spreads her wings, and takes a few steps forward.

Natane absolutely screeches her delight as the gold hatches, her hands flying to her mouth, and her eyes widening to twice their normal size. "The /gold/!" She exclaims, and then - remarkably - falls silent. Twitch, twitch. And it /is/ aesthetically pleasing…but somehow, even Natty's graceful and stylish words won't allow her to do a gold justice. "Perfect…" Not that she won't /try/.

J'vry smiles "Looks like you have someone that will be staying here for a while Lor…Wonder who Embreth's daughter will choose…" He gestures to the Impresses."Over here please…"He points to the edge of the sands where a few wingriders wait with food.

Tadiera giggles, and would clap for Rakiyan, but… her hands are now tugging even sharper at Trist and Rahem, "Oh! Look at her! Isn't she gorgeous!" She's giggling again, shaking all over… But her /feet/. Oh dear. Owwie. She hops about a bit more. Then grins, broadly, "She's very pretty… but she seems a bit… loud, huh?"

Yiasy shakes her head slightly, glancing toward the gold and then at the other eggs moving, so close to hatching. Nerves become worse, her fingers squeezing as she clings to Rayne and Jalenye's hands.

Q'lonia smiles, "Good luck to the pair of you" isn't that normally what you say -before- impression? She notes the appearance of a gold with a smile. "She's a fine one isn't she?"

Mystery in White and Blue Egg tips and turns some. Nearly falling completely onto it's side, just as a shatter can be heard..oh there we go!

Lor turns with a grin and leans over to J'vry, whispering something to the man.

Mystery in White and Blue Egg seems finished with being mostly immobile. Time to get this show on the road! Rocking back and forth furiously for quite some time the blue tinted shell gives way to the widening cracks along it's surface, crumbling away to reveal the dark bronze hatchling beneath.

Darkening Sunset Bronze Hatchling
Vibrant, yet soft, sunlight drifts in feathery whisps along his forehead and down the back of his proudly arched neck to pool at his shoulders. Pure bronze lays beneath, covering lithe form from muzzle tip to the darkness that slides along haunches and tail. It seemingly lays untouched, almost barren of the marring of any other shade, until the pure shades reach his muscular chest and its here that they are abruptly put to an end. Laying in the near center is the vibrant circular spot of near-gold or even something close to yellow. Like the bright sun shinning out against early morning sky, delicate shades of paled gold stretch out along his sides, only to disappear against the darker bronze and copper shades along his haunches. The same shades continue to slide and twist down his long tail, the final touch ending in such a deep shade of the two colours that it appears almost black. Long and slightly large bronze wings lay folded against his sides, the hidden display along the sails hidden until unfurled they will reveal dustings of bronze-greens and the fairly odd shades of ghostly blues. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Anoryn.

Rahem gawks immediately at the gold, then turns his wide eyes towards Tadiera, grinning. "Maybe she'll go for you, Tad!" Then, he gasps inwards as his favorite egg hatches a bronze, eliciting an adoring look from the candidate. "Look! My favorite egg hatched a bronze!"

Tirae watches the gold in awe. "Wow…a gold…" she replies dumbly again, not really knowing anything else to say at the moment. One hand, flies over to her robe, tugging it straight. Her eyes dare to wander past the gold to the Dappled Egg. She watches it at the moment, grinning of course, waiting to see what's inside.

Kei eyes Natane from where she stands, blue eyes rolling skyward for just a moment. Wherry poo on a stick… it's another dragonet, not the end of the world. The dragonet's trumpet does catch her off guard, causing the girl to wince slightly, before she peers back to the eggs. To find one missing… and a bronze in it's place. "…. Huh." Blink. Give her a moment, and she'll think of something else to say, but right now, she says a foot, stepping to the side, allowing the soles to cool with those thick sandals. "You okay, Enye?" is asked of the older girl, before she lets out a sigh. Hot out here.

Zhyfene, along the little Candidate-chain, furrows her brow slightly at the gold, lips twitching to the side in a frown as she considers. Nervously, of course. "Um. I hope not?" Boldly, she goes forth: "Maybe they'll all Impress really quickly!" Twitch. "Really, really quickly." Yes, please.

Goddess Hi'iaka Rainbow Gold Hatchling walks straight up to a cluster of boys, takes a whiff, and snorts. Not what she was looking for. Her muzzle turns and directs her back to a cluster of girls. Each is glanced at in turn. She pauses in front of a girl with brown hair, considering her carefully. No, this isn't the one either. But wait… There's one… What lovely fiery hair.

Trist snorts softly. "Like you and Natane over there." he teases both Tad, and a side shot at the other odd girl in the crowd. Weird people…in his mind. But fun. "She /is/ beautiful though…what an impress…" words trail off, and gaze darts to the bronze on the sands instead, grin broadens. "That one was your favorite Rahem? G'luck then!"

The Tooth White Egg has had altogether enough of this boring hatching business. The happy presense inside wants out! So, bursting into a shower of shards that litter the sands about the small egg, the small blue within bugles on a long note, announcing his presence. Without much ado, he saunters forward, seeming to slide along the ground before undoubtably face-planting it into the sand, a shriek muffled when his muzzle is buried. Despite warnings of Weyrlingmasters, a small girl Searched from Eastern edges forward, glancing over the blue slightly, then, "Oh, Shreketh, I didn't mean to let you fall into the Sand." Then, helping her lifemate up, Fiona directs Shreketh over to the food.

R'an nods quickly at J'vry's words, leading his beautiful Hylaeth over to her much wanted food, glanicing back ones to give a good luck wave to the others.

Thane blinks. "And a bronze?" he adds after his statement about the Gold. "Look at him." he says softly, attention stolen.

Q'lonia steps forward, and leads Rakiyan and head green off the sands. "This way Rakiyan" she says, moving to lead the pair off the sands.

Jalenye sways a bit for a moment as her gaze switches dizzily to the newly hatched bronze. "I'm fine, I hope…" Her gaze switches across and the sands and she glances at the gold hatchling momentarily, then looks down. She releases her companions' hands momentarily, wiping them on her robe. And then she grabs for her friends' hands. Help!

Darkening Sunset Bronze Hatchling flings goo a short distance away from his shattered egg pile. Excitedly trumpling over towards a group of girls. Carefully observing the short, tall, thin, chubby, blondes, brunettes, ones with freckles, tan, pale..before finally recognizing they were the wrong sex he wanted. Eww! GIRLS! Not what he wanted at the moment at least.

Tirae tears her eyes from the still Dappled Egg to the girl who just Impressed the blue. She beams as the small girl proudly enough before her gaze snaps back to the Eggs. She looks to the bronze Thane speaks of with a grin, "He is gorgeous Thane!" she comments, squeezing his hands with encouragement.

Rayne chuckles to herself. "My favortive egg would have to hatch a bronze.." Heat of the sands is slowly melting away as her thoughts go elsewhere. "Oh look! Another blue!" Then something tingles on her mind and her eyes refocus, closer.. On gold. Ilveraeth… I.. I can hear you.. You called me Ra…" Tears glisten and all the world fades away. "I am yours. Come.. let us find something for your belly. I've been waiting for you…"

Many Shades of White Egg finishes with its fairly immobile status, shaking itself awake vigorously before retreating back into the silence that had engulfed it before.

Tadiera giggles lightly at Rahem, shaking at his arm, "I liked that egg too. Blue is pretty! Its like the ocean an' all." She then looks over to Trist, bouncing a bit, "Bronze! Yes. One of you should get it, definately." This is punctuated with a firm nod of the head, before her gaze scans the eggs again, watching as they hatch, impress, hatch, impress, "It… almost makes me dizzy." She looks at Rayne and the gold, letting a small smile tug at her lips, "Congrats, Rayne.."

Yiasy clutches back at 'Enye's hand, her fingers tightening as she does although she continues to hold on to Rayne's as well, before she lets go and just calls out her own congratulations.

Thane stands up a little more straighter, hopeful as he watches the bronze. "He is." he comments, eyes locked on the hatchling, though the gold is glanced at once in a while. His hand returns Tirae's squeezes.

Natane juts out her lower lip in a pout as the gold heads towards the group of girls…instead of heading towards /her/. Sniff. "But I'm the aesthetically pleasing one!" She wails, stomping her foot slightly in annoyance. "Oh, and it chose /her/! She didn't want a makeover…hmph. I wouldn't want that gold anyway!"

Rahem nods his head vigorously, shifting his eyes occasionally from the gold that Impressed to Rayne and from — Wait a minute! The gold is eyed and so is Rayne, a jubilant shout echoing from his throat. "Go Rayne! Congratulations!" Then, as Tadiera talks, he shakes his head slightly. "No. I bet Trist is going to get him, not me." Nod.

Zhyfene drops Rayne's hand like a hot tuber, instead clasping her own two together excitedly. "Rayne!" She's not shouting, she's exclaiming. "Oh, she's lovely, Rayne!"

Jalenye gapes, and then grins. "Rayne! Congratulations! She's fantastic!" Her mouth drops again in a combination of joy, surprise and awe for the newfound bond between the pair. She nudges Yiasy. "Grab Zhyfene's hand."

Kei watches as the gold chooses, leaving the bronze being… well, not a trouble, either. Holding onto Jalenye's hand from where she stands near the end, there's a bit of a smile at Rayne gives her lifemate's name, before her gaze flickers back to the sands. "You know… this is going a lot faster than I thought." Which is a good thing. Igen's sands are hot… but not this hot. Nose wrinkling, she continues to shift this way and that, before peering around.

Tirae watches as Rayne Impresses, grinning immensely. "She got the gold! Way to go Rayne!" she beams at the woman who saved her, tears being fought back with all her might. She pulls her eyes back to Thanes bronze. "Beautiful." she states the obvious with a grin.

Ilveraeth rumbles softly to her lifemate, giving her a loving nuzzle.

Yiasy ooohs softly and then reaches out for Zhyfene's hand, still smiling after Rayne, before whispering softly. "She certainly picked a wonderful lifemate in her."

Many Shades of White Egg shakes again, returning from its brief respite, though the shaking is abruptly turned to a twirl. Did everyone see that? If they didn't, the performance is repeated just for show before it recedes back into stillness.

Zhyfene latches onto Yiasy. Twitch. "Look at how many more there are …" Thane grins, nodding. "Rayne's a good one. She'll make a good Weyrwoman." He says to Tirae, having caught that Impression. The bronze is ignored for the moment, glancing down at Tirae.

Dappled Cream Egg hasn't been moving much, save for the slight twitch now and again. But that is soon to change as the cream spotted egg does, indeed, begin to rock gently. Brief pauses are taken before its picked up again. Trist smiles amusedly. "Rayne huh…I wouldn't have figured her a gold rider, but…" voice lifts. "Congrats." is thrown to her. A glance to Tad. And he nudges her softly. "Well things are going fast huh? Soon enough we'll be off the sands again…" he glances to the Many shades egg, and makes a face. "It keeps moving, but not hatching…I relaly want to see what's in
that one."

Ra watches as slowly the world around her comes back. "Food, right, love." She looks around to the weyrling masters. "She needs food!" Ra can't bring herself to move more than a foot away. "Come, Ilveraeth." She smiles like a child lost in a dream.

Tadiera lets her lips twitch a little… Well, that cuts down on the trio, mm? "Hey, guys… Sorry I couldn't keep up your promise?" She winks, but glances to the egg Trist mentioned, blinking a few times, looking rather lost. "Eh, it takes a while, I guess, for some?" She looks at her feet again, whining a little bit, "These sands are /hot/!"

Darkening Sunset Bronze Hatchling tries to avoid any more minor cases of seeing those girls again, scarred his virgin oculars for now. Thumping along across the sands trying to get the attention that was directed towards the just impressed gold. Here! Me! Hello! Glances towards some of the boys. Ooh, someone mentioned about him being someone elses, was it Rahem who said that? No no! Trist isn't his. He has someone else in mind truly..

Tirae looks to Thane with a nod, catching the Dappled movement from the corner of her eye she gasps, "Thane! It's that one!" she fumbles her words out as it decides to move. Her favourite, ah yes. She squeezes Thanes hand again.

"Aye, she picked a strong one. Strong rider for a strong dragonet," Jalenye says as she watches the pair, still in awe of that bond that occurred so close in front of her. Her gaze swivels toward the bronze, and she watches him, a craving to see that bond created again.

Rocking becomes more noticible now as the time nears for the Many Shades of White Egg to release its hidden prisoner. Moments pass before cracks appear and the egg falls over on its side, giving the final blow to finally shatter the hard shell. Replacing the egg and laying somewhat sprawled out is a fairly startled brown hatchling.

Bubbles and Golden Sunrises Brown Hatchling
Bubbles and specks of beige twist and wind their way around the frame of this sturdy brown dragonet, disappearing with a last kiss on this brown's forehead. His muzzle is dappled with faint splashes of gold, which melts into warn chocolate that claims his arched neck, thick with promises of muscle to come. Winding tendrils of sepia come to a rest at his shoulders, spilling onto the spread of his wings with a vengence. Those great pinions are blessed with varying hues of cinnamon which push back the throes of darkness as dawn makes its elegant appearance with the illusion of slighted mists. Among the cinnamons are the remains of cloaked dust, obscuring the splendor of hints of ochre that taints his 'spars. Again, flashes of gold and auburn sweep down his muscled back, caressing his flanks with contrasting lightness against night that receds from impending sunrise. Threads of tanned sand embrace powerful haunches from which a long tail extends, tapering down to a point at which again fiery sepia takes hold. On his forelimbs appears to be dirty flecks of mud — as though he'd been recently wandering in the dirt — overpowering light tints of pale beige, while his rearlimbs are dark, where night has yet to recede from day, emphasized with almost silver talons. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Anoryn.

Thane grins, nodding as he turns his eyes from Tirae to her favorite egg. "Yes, I wonder what that one holds inside. Whoa. A brown." A wink. "Handsome guy, he is." Now his attention is divided between the bronze and brown.

Yiasy beams over at Zhyfene, still smiling even after Ra left and then giving Jalenye a grin as well as her attention turns to the bronze as he looks over the assembled candidates.

Natane is somewhat lackluster…but can't help but smile at the newly hatched brown. "Lookie! He's got gold on 'im too…so he can't be all that bad!" Right? Because shiny things are good…

"Brown-ness," Zhyfene notes sagely as she shifts back and forth. Swish. Swish. Look is slanted partner-ways, caramel-complected Candidate noting: "Yiasy. My … my robe is sticking to me."

Q'lonia smiles to the newly impressed pair. "Rayn.. Ra, would you and Ilveraeth follow me please?" she says, leading the way out.

Tirae grins leaning to Thane, "I wonder…who…" she trails off, grinning merrily. Her eyes only look to the brow quickly, then shoot back to the Dappled Egg as if she was afraid she'd miss it.

Rahem tilts his head slightly to one side, his lips twitching in a sad smile for Tadiera, squeezing her hand reassuringly. "Don't worry, Tad." Then, he glances towards the bronze, quirking an eyebrow towards the dragonet. "I wonder who's going to get him. He is a pretty thing, isn't he?"

Lumpy Oatmeal White Egg shivers a few times before finally it really begins to shake, rattle and roll! Cracks work they're way along the shell before it breaks apart with several loud snaps, a green slowly straightning herself out and stepping neatly away from the shards of the egg that once held her. Her damp hide is a pleasant shade of forest greens and pine, joined by the random dappled appearance of blue-green along her head and sides. With a very loud warble, she makes her presence known and known very well. Wings extend a bit to help balance her as she streaks forward to waste no time in finding that one candidate whos to be her's and her's alone. Its not much of a surprise when she stops infront of an equally loud candidate known as Elyianna and the girl nealy shouts, "Diablieth!" before dropping to her knees to hug the green.

Darkening Sunset Bronze Hatchling silently phews, that boy just isn't suitable for him. Energy-filled and loving it, he glances at Rahem. Hello there. Hovering above Rahem, he looks at his front, and then his back, and sides. Physically he is suitable. Mentally, well..hmm..maybe so!

Kei shifts just a little, rocking back on her heels, lips pulled into a soft grin. Lopsided, even, if anyone wants to know. But for now, she watches as the bronze tries to figure out who it wants, before seeing the brown escape it's prison. This… is kinda cool. She'll have to tell Ma that, one way or another. But for now, she pauses as the bronze finds someone to check out, brows lifting just a touch to see who it is. "Well… whatta know…" Seems something interesting happens every moment… she's just hoping she can see them all.

Tadiera watches the bronze that studies Rahem, letting her hand slip from his as she lets a grin tug at her lips. Hey, she's guessing what's coming. No other dragon has hovered about this long with anyone, right? So, Tad can guess. She mutters at her feet, glaring to them. Ow! Ow and ow again. Hmph.

Thane grins at the bronze's chosen one. "Rahem, right?" he asks, trying to recall the boy's name. "That bronze certainly knew who to go for." A little shrug as he glances down at Tirae with a grin. Then his eyes move to the one Tirae has hers on, the Dappled egg.

Bubbles and Golden Sunrises Brown Hatchling shakes his head from side to side, scattering egg goo to those who surround him. That done, he shakes himself briefly before walking towards the grouping of candidates, sniffing those he meets. Wait a minute… He comes to a girl, recoiling however politely, turning away. Where's his? He wants one, though he'd never admit to that if he was forced to.

Rahem blinks in surprise, edging backwards just that slightest bit, glancing in surprise towards the bronze who inspects him. "Me? Afraid? Never." Still, he blinks dumbstruck towards the bronze before him. "You're here to help me Zavadoth? Well, I can help you." Then, he turns around, releasing Tad's hand. "Food?" His hand reaches forwards with a leap of faith to brush's the bronzes skin.

Yiasy nods her head back to Zhyfene, trying to unobtrusively pull the cloth of her robe alway from her skin as well. "It's so hot here." Then she beams as she glances toward Rahem, calling out a congrats to him.

Trist smirks faintly as the bronze studys Rahem so intently. "I thought you said you had no chance at bronze huh? Next time I tell you something, you ought to listen." he informs his friend, amused, a grin. "Congratulations." he continues to shift a bit. "Feet holding up okay Tad? I think we're gonna need numbweed by the end of this."

Tirae rocks back and forth a couple of times anxiously, and to distribute the heat from the sands away from her feet somehow. She looks to Rahem, grinning as the bronze appraoches him. "Yes…Rahem." she assures Thane with a squeeze. "Rahem!" she calls out excitedly. She glances at Thane on her way to look at that Dappled Egg again, "You'll get one, don't forget." She assures him again with a grin.

Dappled Cream Egg continues with rocking back and forth, now adding a bit of shaking into that mix. Faint cracks appear along the shell as the efforts of the hatchling within seem to be paying off.

"Oooh! That was Rahem!" Zhyfene, despite her slow wilt within the Sands' heat, perks up and pushes back sweat-bedraggled hair-wisps as the bronze Impresses. "Beautiful!" Or handsome. Whichever you choose."

Natane just beams. "Rahem!" Squeal…another one of those nice candidate-boys. She shuffles to the side, further away from the group of candidates that she knows. No more shiny ones in those eggs, most likely. What's a weaver to do?

Tirae gasps, clutching onto Thanes hand as cracks appear in the Dappled Egg. She hops slightly, not very noticeable but she does anyhow as the anticipation of whats inside overwhelms her.

Jalenye snickers slightly at Zhyfene'searly comment, with a laughing "Aye" uttered to Yiasy. At about that moment, her gaze shifts to the bronze … and Rahem! "Oh! Rahem! R'hem! Congratulations!" She calls out a bit loudly. "He was a bit choosy, but he chose the right one it seems!" That comment done, she clamps her mouth shut.

Bubbles and Golden Sunrises Brown Hatchling goes towards another grouping, though his slow walk is disturbed as his feet refuse to go along with the rest of him, sending him flying into the sand. He creels as he hits the ground, struggling to regain his feet and then looking at where his feet have taken him. Ooh. That one right there is interesting.

R'hem looks around still more, grinning towards Trist, hand still laid upon bronzen hide, momentarily confused. "Where do I go now?" That question is slightly plaintive in itself. "Hmmm."

Tadiera gestures towards Q'lonia, "Her? I think?" She shrugs, but looks at the Brown hatchling, grinning a bit, "He's pretty, isn't he? Browns are like that. They're… smooth, I guess it is." She nods, then, "Numbweed. Definately. I think I have some in the barracks…" She hops a few times, then tries rocking on her feet to help with the heat… Owwie.

Thane grins at Tirae's reaction to the egg cracking. "Yes, yes, I see. It's going to be amazing, I'll bet." A little wink to Tirae as his hand is clutched onto so tightly, watching that egg.

Q'lonia steps forward, "This way R'hem" she says, leading to where the food and oil awaits.

Shaking with more vigor and urgency now, Dappled Cream Egg begins to bare more and more cracks. First the thin black lines spread across the silvery and pale grey shell before widening thicker, flashes of blue appearing as the hatchling within fights for freedom. Tap, rock, shake! Finally shell gives way, snapping into several shards that scatter across the sand while some remain clinging to the damp hide of the somewhat bewildered blue hatchling that sits where the egg once was.

Endless Rivers and Oceans Blue Hatchling
Vibrant tendrils of aqua and cyan race across the deep and dark blue hide of this thin and lithe blue. They dance and mingle in a forever frozen clash of colours while azure and aquamarine soon join in as bold streaks along his sides and curving upwards to his lower back and down his long, slender tail. With the play of colours marring his smooth hide, he seems to be made of the rushing waters of a river. Paled yet strong highlights of azure and blueish whites spring up along his muscled chest and underside, rising up over the darker blues in whispy, curling fingers of mist. Electric cornflower and deep sky blue zig zag their way from the tip of his slender muzzle, across his forehead and slipping up to cover pointed head knobs and back down to caress the ridges long his neck as well before disappearing completly, no other part of him graced with these shades. Long and powerful limbs slowly pool from dark blues to slate and the appearance of navy as the final shade accents the steel blue of his talons. Muted greyish-whites form wavey lattice work along the curve of his back in the form of highlights, sneaking up over his shoulders and slipping from view along the folds of his closed wings. When wings are unfurled and fully extended does the highlights reappear but far more brillant against the rich sky blues and dark blues that play along his wingsails. Greyish white forms the same lattice work of patterns across the darker shades, melding in as though it were truly the reflection of sunlight beneath the cooling waves of the ocean. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Marja.

Kei watches the brown continue to look around, gaze flickering from spinning and twirling eggs to come back the 'conversation' between R'hem and his lifemate. Nose wrinkling yet again, there's a glance to Jalenye, then the other eggs… anything else going to pop out? Probably. But she hops, ever so slightly, skinny legs bending once she hits the ground. Must… cool… feet after this. It isn't painful… but it's hard to tell with all this heat. "…. Blue." Girl is amazing with that perception, isn't she?

J'vry calls out to R'hem."Congratulations."

R'hem follows willingly after Q'lonia, keeping his hand close to or on Zavadoth's neck, making his way towards the food. "I'll help you Zavadoth, no worries."

Bubbles and Golden Sunrises Brown Hatchling looks up, getting to his feet and shaking his wings out. This one will do quite nicely. He looks up lovingly towards Thane, eyes whirling purple.

Jalenye watches the brown tumble and look around, and then witnesses the blue's hatching. She squeezes her friends' hands, swinging her arms gently with excitement, and finally witness the brown's Impression to Thane. "Yeah Thane!"

Decided To Be White Egg twirls and crunches about before finally being able to see a cute little green tumble out her egg. Guess who is here!? Coming up on a sneak attack, the horny little green hatchling from Decided to Be White Egg snuffles around skittering up towards Jalenye and inhaling smells of soap suds and Candidate-smells. Uhm, yuck! Steering clear of several others nearby the soapy smelling Candidate, the little green hatchling swishes her tail, just as it moves towards her left heading towards that semi-shy Candidate towards the back. The tail curling out father and farther until finally tapping the girl on the ankle. MINE! The Candidate, Mariyane, is silently, mentally caught hold of. After several minutes she announces thrillingly, « Of course Risianith, I'll be yours! » Giggling, « I love you soo much, and I'll be M'yan just for you! » With that M'yan and Risianith are offered food and disappeared off into the back of the sands after now finding each other.

Zhyfene misses the brown's Impression in her attempts at pulling sticky white cloth away from her body, and looks sharply upward upon Jalenye's congradulation. Chorusing: "Thane!"

Yiasy grins, calling out to Thane, "He's lovely.", before clutching once more at her friend's hands, feet shifting nervously as she turns to watch the other hatchlings.

Tadiera blinks at Thane, then grins, cheering, "Congrats, Thane!" She glances over the eggs and the candidates, wow'ing softly as she lets her feet rest fully on the sands… She's becoming used to it now. Her feet are like, so hot they've become numbed to the pain, "Its starting to empty out, huh?"

Natane purses her lips into an 'o' shape, and then exclaims loudly, "Thane! And a brown! How wonderful!" She's back to beaming and shuffling from foot to foot in agitation. Of course…it /is/ a double clutch. Could there be two shiny things hiding beneath the sands? "They're so nice! I love them!" Bounce.

Tirae does that small hop again, a light squeal escaping trough her teeth as the blue emerges from the Dappled egg. "So…beautiful.." she comments for lack of better words. She still clings to Thane though as she notices the dragonet near by. "Thane…" she trails off, eyes watching the brown as her hand releases his. She grins, "You did it!" her eyes mist up but dare not spill forth her tears of joy for him. She takes a light step away from the two to give them space.

Trist blinks a bit, a wave is tossed, as well as the usual congratulations…but well, he never really got to know Thane, so can't say all too much at this time about that. He turns attention back to the dropping number of eggs. "Not too many left now huh? Well here's hoping." A glance too amongst the other candidates. A reassuring smile to Tad. "Hey…things are finishing up, you might not be the only one to break the promise, so don't feel too bad huh?"

T'ane blinks and blinks and blinks, rocking back on his heels. "Cimaeth!" he calls out, pulling his hand free from Tirae, reaching his hands towards the brown's head to stroke the soft hide. "Yes, yes, of course. Food. Come on, we'll go get food." Judging from his expression, he's in a daze, not hearing the others' congratulations.

Endless Rivers and Oceans Blue Hatchling slowly, but surely, gets to his feet and shakes a bit of the egg goo and sand from his hide. He lowers his head a bit to nudge at a large shard of what was once his egg in mild interest before he remembers there's something he needs to do before hand. Glancing towards the white clad candidates, he begins to carefully wander towards them. Hmm. One of these he's too chose. But who?

"Who knows, there might be a… green or something left in there for me, right? No shame in green or blue or brown…" Tadiera looks to where the weyrlings have been going and mutters to Trist, "Though… I admit… I really had my hopes on gold." She lets shoulders rise and fall, looking at her feet and studying them… See? They're… interesting. Yeah….

Silvery White Egg quakes in the sand where it lays, the being inside itching to get out, made evident by the scratching sounds emitted from within.

Q'lonia smiles, "Food's this way" she says to T'ane, moving to the back of the sands where the others are with the food and oil.

Kei watches as Thane Impresses, that lopsided grin widening even further. This isn't taking too much time at all. Rolling on her feet, back and forth in some odd sort of rocking motion, she hears the dragon's name, letting it roll along her lips. "That's really a nice name. Cimaeth." Nose wrinkling, the girl glances back to where the blue is going, endless oceans rather confusing… but it's zooming along at its own pace… apparently. Shifting, her free hand mopping the sweat from her forehead, she continues to watch, seeing yet another egg rock.

A dark green hatchling tumbles from another egg, this one from a smaller egg towards the back of the clutch, and a young man from the Healers gets a cheer… This little hatchling lifts her glowing blue eyes and locks eyes and nearly stumbles into him."E…easy W…Weedth… I'll t..take of you…"Naruhuma stutters, though his name is now N'hum.

Tirae stands fairly alone for a moment before moving closer by one measly step. Her hands wiggle slightly at her sides with excitement. Her eyes flow over T'ane and his dragonet with pride "Congrats!" she whispers almost now, eyes going back to the Eggs left.

Silvery White Egg loses a fragment of shell as a talon pokes through the side.

Jalenye raises a brow as the green sniffs at and rejects her. She gives a slight shrug of her shoulders and looks between her companions, brows lifting to accent her motions. "Huh." She glances towards the blue and watches.

Yiasy offers Jalenye a smile back, gaze shifting to the blue and then to the remaining, moving eggs. "So few left."

Endless Rivers and Oceans Blue Hatchling wanders over towards a smallish group of candidates and takes his time passing by each one. Nope. Nuh-huh. Errr….no. Those aren't for him, then who is? He gives a bit of a creel and looks as though he might just stay where he is and let his come to him, but something catches his attention. There? There! Wings unfurl a bit as he moves forward again with a bit more speed, stumbling a bit and right into Tirae. Looking up at her he croons happily. Ah-ha! Found you first.

Unbearable heat from the sands is all you seem to feel for the time being as your attention is taken to the wandering hatchlings, to rocking eggs and the miracle of Impression of fellow candidates. But what's this you hear? A trickling of water, so gentle, yet so near as it soon becomes louder and more pronounced. Soon it's as though a river as seeped into your mind, washing everything away. The sands, the heat..all of it disappears in one clean swoop as now you see only the trickling and play of colours like clear water of a river in your mind. Soothingly does it slip in, that tone, that voice you know sounds so familiar as the words ring clearly. «I search, I search and oh, how I search and now I've found you!» It exclaims as you find yourself overcome with joy and everlasting love. «I've found you Tirae! You are mine and I am your Gwellareth! Forever we will be together now!» Suddenly the sands come back into view and you find that a blue dragon is impatiently nudging you gently before he asks a simple request of his newly found lifemate. «Can we go eat? I'm famished!» Sure enough to his words, you feel an overwhelming sense of hunger as well.

Trist nods his agreement to Tad. "Yeah you're right. There is no shame in that huh? Who knows. I know you did. But if not now, maybe next time…" a grin. "Maybe if you don't impress any others, it means you were ment for gold, just not /this/ gold. Right?" right. Trist logic, of course.

Natane claps loudly as Tirae impresses, calling, "You go girl!" In a slightly squeaky voice. See, there's lots more hatchings to go to, and plenty more chances for her - but she'd had her heart sent on impression. "I want another /aesthetically pleasing/ one, the girl complains."

"Aye, so few…" Jalenye, even as tall as she is, cranes her neck to better follow the blue's path. "Oh! Tirae," she says to those beside her, then calls out: "Congrats Tirae!"

With a violent shake that sends the egg rolling onto its side on the sands, it would seem that the hatchling hidden within has decided now it the time to break through. Cracks appear along the various shaded or otherwise white shell as it begins to give way. Finally with a loud and audible crack and popping noise, Silvery White Egg almost seems to errupt in a flying mass of shards, a bronze hatchling tumbling out rather embarrassingly on his back.

Erupting Volcano Bronze Hatchling
Deepest and darkest copper and bronze creep along the heavy-set form of this large bronze. Masking his long and narrow muzzle, the two colours dance and twine down his almost too long neck to simply continue to pass across his muscled chest and disappear beneath his underside. Up from the copper and bronze does the dazzling array of colorrs appear brightly against the darker shades beneath as the near oranges and yellows reach up to his back almost before disappearing into a meer dusting. Dustings of rust and sienna rest crown his large wedge shaped head as well as the back of his long neck and the ridges that line it. Brighter and angrier shades of near reds dapple his back to the tip of his narrow tail. Short limbs are striped with earthy browns that eventually shift to almost an greyish-black to match his ebony talons. Wings seem to lay barren of nothing but the normal shades of bronze save for the tips which have been dipped in the same near yellow shades that marr his sides. But hidden is the display of vibrant and pure oranges, yellows and reds that explode in overlapping splatters along the entire sail, only shown when his wings extend. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Anoryn.

Tirae looks to the blue who ran into her with a surprised squeek. "Gwellareth!" she calls out excitedly and falls to her knees, embracing the dragonet and closing her eyes briefly as tears rolls down her cheeks, "Food!" she calls out soon enough, followed by a 'Wow!' She peers around at her fellow candidates and doesnt bother to wipe at her eyes.

"But what if I'm not Searched again?" is Tadiera's reply to Trist, rolling her eyes. She grins, lightly, as Tirae Impresses, tossing out a 'Congrats'. Wow… all the people she knows are nearly gone, huh? She shakes herself a bit, before her gaze flows back to the eggs. "That silverish one hasn'- Eep! It just hatched!"

Here! - A rattling sound permeates throughout the cavern as another egg rolls several feet towards the circle of candidates, this egg is Got White Milk? Egg. About a yard out, the shell explodes in a shower of shards spuing out shells of all different sizes and shapes, leaving an exuberant little green hatchling in its wake. Regaining it's steadiness it quickly moves towards the group of girls, as she knows there is one in there with such great potential. It wastes no time in finding it's lifemate. A B-line is made for Urianna. "Orteth? Orteth!!"

Kei shifts just a bit more on her feet, before watching that blue unfurl its wings at Tirae. "Well, I guess if one doesn't like ya, another might?" It's actually a comment given somewhat cluelessly, as Jalenye confirms what she thought she just saw. So few left? Well, she's not complaining, as another egg shatters, sending a bronze onto the sands. "Well… we've had a full round of everything, though." Head bobbling, but mostly to herself, the girl continues to shift, one foot lifted, and then the other.

Yiasy grins as she turns to call out her congrats to Trist, "He's beautiful." before she whispers softly to both Zhyfene and Jalenye.

Tirae rests a hand on the swirling blue hide, "Food?" she asks desperately, loving glance at the blue, "I'm trying sweety!"

Trist grins quietly, a little laugh. "And a blue for Tirae…lovely." as for Tad. "If they searched you once, they will agai. I really wouldn't worry too much about that. ya'know?" a blink as the silvery white one finally breaks free, and broad grin skims lips for a moment. "Wow…now /that/ is an impressive creature. He's beautiful aint he?"

"Tirae!" Zhyfene squeaks brightly. "Lovely name!"

Erupting Volcano Bronze Hatchling looks momentarily puzzled as he finds himself laying out on his back. Everything is upside down? That isn't right. So off the bronze goes spending a moment or two just trying to get back upright and the /right/ way. Finally he manages, with much frustrated creeling on his part. Hrmph! Now he takes notice of the candidates and takes a few steps forward. This is much better and much more interesting! No? First group of candidates is met and rejected, none seeming to suit his preference. Yet.

Tadiera looks at Trist… then the bronze. Hmmm. She looks at her hand, still holding her friend's hand. She grins a bit and slips it free… Hey, she's guessed before. Maybe again? The girl hops on feet a few more times, letting another mention of 'owwie' come out.

Jalenye shifts her weight from toe to heel, and then stands on her toes to get a better look at the bronze. "Wonder who he wants?" She squeezes the hands of the girls next to her. "Shall be fun to watch at any rate! And two eggs left." Her tone colors with excitement, maybe a twinge of apprehension and hope.

A boy stands by some of the other candidates, clutching hands with a few that were not chosen… A small blue breaks free from his shell and wanders the sands in search of someone special… A creel and a nosedive into the sands in front of his has him chanting."Get up… Get up!" As he rises to his feet, his eyes meet his and he drops hands with his neigbors…"Oh Otisth We'll go on so many adventures together!" M'ilo beams, and wanders off with Otisth at his side.

« In Tirae's Mind, says, <* Food, oh glorious food! You'll feed me right? Lots of it? Please? Then can we go explore? I've so much to ask! Now I'm confused? *> »

Trist blinks a bit as Tad let's go of his hand. He looks confused at her a moment. "Hey…" before gaze goes back to the loverly bronze creature wobbling about. A faint snicker at the upside down predicament. Poor thing. "So little left to go…soon it'll be time to get off the sands and pick life up again."

The Vanilla Sweetness egg bursts open, spilling out a young brown onto the sands. With an inquisitive bulge, he turns and looks at his prey… er, his choices. He takes his time walking up and down the remaining few, but nudges a young girl by the name of Pralla in the stomach. "What?! Oh… Oh! Hello, Vortath.. Yes, I'll go feed you, right away." And the two are lead off the sands.

Tirae beams and nods, standing beside her pride, "Yes! We'll do /everything/ together Gwellareth! Everything." she reassures the blue beaside her as she grins, strocking his hide.

Kei shifts here and there, though seeing the bronze right itself. That's a lot better. Head bobbling once again, the girl continuing to rock back and forth, there's a glance to those that are left… as well as the eggs.

"Well, we won't have too much longer to wait, hmm?" That is said to Jalenye, hand squeezed, before she goes back to see. Bronze… impression… a few eggs. Very little left at all, at this rate.

Natane bounces on the balls of her feet, taking a step forward, and another one back, hoping to relieve the heat of the sands by her constant movement. "Two eggs left," she mumbles, glancing towards the ever-diminishing group of candidates. Ooh, and there's a bronze - probably headed for Trist. "Where's another /gold/ one! There's two queen dragons…why not two queen eggs?" Hmm?

Yiasy continues to whisper softly to Zhyfene before she offers Jalenye another smile, craning her head around to see where the bronze is looking. Q'lonia smiles, "Tirae" she calls, "This way to the food, which I'm sure Gwellareth will be wanting about now" leading the way.

Tirae looks to the others awaiting on the sands she calls to them, not knowing if they hear her or not. "Don't give up guys!" she reassures them on her way out.

Hatching Grounds Entrance
The entryway is in the shade, but its no escape from the heat. The heat of the hatching sands nearby is such that it warms even a cavern as big as the one before you. The edges of the entryway look to have been carved by a dragon's claws, possibly the original queen who first chose this place and broke down the wall to make it posible for her to enter. The rest of the cavern looks like a natural formation, except the seats of the galleries perhaps.

R'an belatedly answers R'hem's question, meticulously rubbing the oil into Hylaeth's hide. "R'an…that'll take me a while to get used to." He finally notices T'ane's brown. "Ohh…congratulations! Parts of him look like chocolate…" That's a compliment. He's a baker, chocolate is wonderful? He looks back to Hylaeth, apparently having to explain now. "Chocolate? Oh, it's wonderful…comethng to eat, very sweet…I'm not sure if you're supposed to eat it, yet. I'll ask, but I'm sure a little wouldn't hurt you. You'll love it, I think."

Q'lonia smiles, "Food" jerking a thumb food-wards, "Oil" jerking a thumb oil-wards. "You should feed and oil your lifemate."

Tirae nods, grinning uncontrollably all the while. She heads over to the food-wards and feeds Gwellareth proudly, nodding to Q'lonia, "Thank you." She beams, glancing over at R'an and T'ane with a grin.

T'ane waves at Tirae, "We did it, Tirae! Our pact worked." A wink though his attention is suddenly stolen by the eating brown, "Yes, it tastes good."

R'hem grins, bobbing his head towards R'an. "Well, just to let you know, Zavadoth says I'm R'hem from now on." That said, he grins and caresses his bronze with a touch to a headknob. "Congratulations, everyone!"

Tirae beams, "It did! Wonderfully well too!" She peers around at her friends and their beautiful dragons, not as beautiful as her own of course, but they are right up there! "Yes, Congratulation!" She agrees with R'hem.

T'ist edges in from the sands, being led on by a bronze, an amused smile on face as he trails it. Though faint thoughful look as well. Poor Tadi. He grins quietly to the other new riders, a quick wave. "Allo…" before he moves to retrieve meat for his hungry new bronze.

Q'lonia smiles, "there's the meat, and the oil. You'll be wanting to feed, then oil your lifemate now" in a tone which suggests you'd better be.

April practically skids from the galleries, not sure how to find her.. friends? Then a smile breaks out on her face at the sight of T'ist. "Trist!" She calls, wondering if he may have a second.

T'ane moves his Cimaeth over to the oiling vats, grabbing a paddle. The brown seems to stay away from the other dragons, regarding them with soft eyes, staying close to T'ane. Then the oil paddle is applied to the brown's hide.

Tirae beams at her blue and clings to him as he munches away merrily.

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