Gold Ilveraeth and Bronze Xalmyrilth's Hatching

Seyin is bored, very bored. Standing up, he turns to eyeball the other candies around him. Ah, prime target…Jolie or Tresa, c'mon..he hasta hit one of them with his pillow…Tresa is closer. "Hey, Tresa..C'mere." he calls sweetly, looking just bored. Tsk..not good.

Tresa looks up from where she's sitting on her cot. She tilts her head a bit and rises, pushing her auburn hair from her face. "Yes?" she queries.

Tresa moves over to Seyin.

Kowszik just lounges in his hammock, reading a hide. He seems unaffected by the hubbabaloo of hatching time; a veteran at this.

Dherjenim is perched on his cot, his 'door' partition open enough for him to peer around. He interestedly gazes into his fishbowl, sprinkling small pellets for the fish to gobble up at its digression. Utterly captivated and borderline serene, he makes face at the fish through the glass.

Lyrriva chases after her little blue fire lizard, who has taken her belt for her robe and is having fun playing keep away from Lyrriva with it.

Seyin giggles softly, "Oh, Tresa, dear friend..I just wanted you to see…" he grunts softly and swings the pillow towards the other candied "..this! Ain't it lovely?" he asks, grinning innocently as he lets the pillow arc towards the other candie.

The pillow hits Tresa full in the face and she takes a stumbling step back, grabbing onto the pillow and with an expert spin hurls it right back at Seyin. "Beautiful!"

Cicilia is sitting watching Seyin as he sneaks towards Tresa and giggles softly. "Wow has he changed.. " Cici shakes her head and laughs again as Tresa gets hit square in the face. "Oh dear.. he got her! "

Kowszik glances up from his hide momentarily to croon over at Cicilia, Jolie, Tresa and Lyrriva, "Either of you lovely ladies care to hold my hand on the sands?" Blue eyes blink innocently, but one takes time to wink.

Seyin giggles and laughs softly, snatching up another pillow and swinging it back as he gets buffeted by the pillow, "Glad you like it!" the young boy notes, eyes laughing as he swings it more for her side now.. Haha!

Lyrriva finally gets her belt back from the blue and looks over at Kowszik, "Why, are you nervous?" Smiles as she watches a few of the candidates start a pillow fight.

Jolie has to laugh grabbing a pillow to hold it up as a shield, though before she does so it's swung towards Tresa and Seyin.

Tresa darts out of the way, crouching low as she still grips the pillow that hit her in the face. How rude. With a grin she steps in closer to Seyin and swings back, not really aiming but just wanting a hit.

Cicilia looks towards Kowszik and suddenly blushes.. "Hold your hand?? " Cici blinks several times. " It's an excuse to hold hands with one of us Lyrriva.. I just know it.. " Cici giggles trying to hide her red face.

Dherjenim flicks his eyes up just enough to take in the reason for the noise and crinkles his nose, killing serenity and replacing it with irritation, "All over soon enough." he mutters and looks back to the fish bowl. Unconsciously he curls a protective arm around it, as if the activity in the barracks will cause it to spill.

Kowszik grins broadly at Lyrriva, "Why no, stems. I'm just offering a strong shoulder to lean on in case any of you are nervous. " He winks again at Cicilia, "Why… are you complaining my dear?"

Seyin laughs softly and brings his pillow down in Jolie's direction, the young boy darting tween the females to get them both from behind. Hey, this /is/ more fun than sitting around.

Lyrriva smirks at little at Kowszik, Stems oh my. She looks over at Dherjenim and smiles, "Don't worry. Either a dragon will attach itself to your leg or you'll head back to your cot."

Tresa lets out a squeal as she's hit yet again, shifting her grip on the pillow to get better swing as she tries to track him around.

Cicilia chuckles and looks over towards Kowszik again and grins.. " Of course not. When have I ever complained about you paying attention to me? "

Jolie ducks Seyin blocking with the pillow a foot darting out to try to trip him.

Seyin snickers softly as he stumbles over the foot and falters, but doesn't fall. Oh well, grip on the pillow is lost and the pillow goes flying towards Kowszik even as Seyin grabs up another unused one off a spare bed.

Kowszik grins and winks at Ciclia, "That's what I like to hear. Care to have a seat on my hammock?" he offers politely to the girl. He grunts in response to Lyrriva's comment to Dherjenim, "Or crawl back u under the ocean rock he crawled out of ." He watches as the pillow soars past his head and bumps up against he wall, flumping harmlessly on the floor. He shakes his head and tsks quietly.

Dherjenim looks over at Lyrriva and quirks a brow. "Hut. I'll be back in my hut. How many times must we go over this?" Not terribly rancorous in tone, but, as ever, holding the Dherjenim dryness. No use threatening him with that nonsense.

Tresa takes the opprotunity of Seyin reaching for another pillow to try and hit him soundly in the back.

Public Announcement from Rayne: The a light humming is beginning as Western's dragons are drawn towards the hatching caverns. The hatching shall commence at 9pm EST! Come join us! @tel #35

Seyin giggles and flops on the bed, ready to swing his new tool. "I'm hit!" he calls, laughing loudly and suddenly bouncing up and swinging at the open shoulder Tresa left 'hanging out'.

Cicilia grins at Kowszik and blushes again. "I don't think thats a good idea Kowszik.. maybe some other time.. "

Tresa ows, laughing as her shoulder is hit. "Hey!" she protests.

Kowszik perks up at the humming and doesn't even notice being shot down by Cicilia. Legs swing over the edge of the hammock and he standds up, stretching his back with hands on his hips. "Well. I suppose it's show time, eh?"

K'rin walks into the caverns. "Up and at'em, kids. It's about to start. Get yer robes on and get in line!" This unfamiliar face wastes no time in ordering the candidates about.

Tresa blinks, startled and drops the pillow on Seyin as she hurries to snatch up her robe, looking around for her sandals, glancing at K'rin frequently.

Lyrriva tilts to listen to the humming before rushing over to her cot, "Now where did I put that robe?"

Kowszik walks over to stand in front of K'rin, becoming part of the quickl,y forming line. He has no problems taking orders from a stranger… as long as they make sense to him. He is already clad in the simple white robe and plain cork sandles.

Seyin blinks at the humming and is hit by another pillow. The boy blinks and drops his weapon, still standing on the bed. Hopping over a couple, he lands firly on his bed and shrugs out of his clothes and into his robe. "Perfect!" he squeaks, starting towards the rider to line up, he was ready. He was! "Come stand by me when yer done Jolie!" teh young one calls, grinning and then standing in a good nice place in line.

Dherjenim blinks a round and quickly draws his curtain door. After some scuffling noises, he opens the curtain and emmerges in a much too large robe. But hey. He picked it specifically for the form masking ability. He looks back to check on his fish one more time then meanders towards the ordering rider.

Tresa gulps and shoves her feet down onto the sandals, leaping to her feet and scurrying to her place in line.

Cicilia blinks, having done this before; Cici isn't as frantic to get on her robe as she was last time, almost falling down several times in the process. She moves over to her cot and grabs her robe and quickly puts it on. Slowly turning back to the fray of busy candidates she makes sure that her firelizards are detached from her person. "Now you guys stay here… Don't go following me for a change ok? “Cici don't think they will understand… but she has to try of course.

K'rin claps her hands together. "Come on. I know you can move faster than this." She particularly yells at two incoming candidates who run to get their things. "Alright. Listen up. Nothing goes to the sands with you except yer clothes. That's it. No trinkets, no anything. Cept the clothes. Got it?"

Tresa nods, looking down at herself to make sure she's got on nothing but robe and sandals. Check.

Lyrriva pulls on her robe and forgets all about anything to go on her feet and hurries towards the waiting candidates. Nods to K'rin and checks to make sure she doesn't have anything else.

Kowszik nods once.

Seyin shivers a bit in his anticipation, all hyper and ready to go. "Stay Usagi," he orders his green flit as he looses her from his shoulder and she flits off towards his gear and stuff. Squeak. "Oooh, cool, I don't have nothing but my robe. Perfect." he mutters.

Dherjenim nods absently and looks around at the barracks a bit. Out of here in no time. No coming back. Free! He reaches up and swipes at a curl irritatingly draping in his eyes and smirks a bit. Free free free. Dher could almost dance.

Tresa moves over closer to Jolie, giving a nervous smile.

Cicilia nods towards K'rin quietly and moves towards the other candidates quickly.

Public Announcement from Rayne: It's starting. Western's Hatching is about to begin! Come join us and see what the sands will give us. Will Western have a new queen? Only time will tell! @tel #35

Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm.

City of the Tsars Egg gives a little shudder before it stills again.

God is a DJ Egg begins to move a bit, the slides still.

Fall Misery Egg begins to shake a little in place from its spot on the sands, seeming to answer the dragons hum by its movements. It'll be awhile before anything visible shows, but at least it does begin to rock now too.

All the candidates walk out onto the sands, some hesitantly and other boldly, all dressed in white robes that make them look more or less alike. A few candidates, who were able to find suitable footwear, walk out on the sands while others, who weren't able to find any, walk with hopping strides. As one the candidates stop just before the clutch and bow to both Dam and Sire before making a loose circle around the eggs.

Hometown of the King Egg shakes in its mound, sending a bit of sand flying.

Rayne walks over to her own weyrmate, watching the candidates come onto the sands. Returning the bow with a salute, she smiles. Ah… Soon, sweet release from the heat of these sands.

Red Rock Country Egg sits in its home of sand, unmoving amongst its clutch siblings.

Tresa moves from foot to foot trying to take some of the heat from the bottoms of her feet, watching the eggs as they begin to move "Jolie look I think one moved." Is commented quietly to the girl beside her "I wonder which color will appear first."

Lyrriva walks out onto the sands and finds herself a nice place to stand near enough to a few of her fellow candidates but far enough away so that she doesn't get the urge to hug them to death.

Festival and Flowers Egg is making the faintest of movements at the moment, compared to some of the other eggs.

Kowszik swallows a little but just stands there, trying not to look nervous, and thereby looking nervous.

Z'ac watches the candidates, his eyes reflecting something of pride as he stands beside his weyrmate. Murmuring something to her, he nods his acknowledgement to the candidates and glances toward the already moving eggs, his eyebrows raised curiously. The time has come.

Dherjenim's glee at the idea of an end to this scenario apparently didn't take into account the actual hatching part. Looking a touch shaken at the movement of the eggs, he quickly hardens his expression and trudges off to loiter on his own patch of sand.

Seyin shuffles silently after the person in front of him, stopping a short ways away from someone and then eyes his position, somewhere near the eggs. Looking over towards the others, he grins hesitantly towards Kowszik, who seems to be kinda close to him.

Back Porch Swingin' Egg spins hard, tossing bits of sand about. The creature within seems to want out.

Fall Misery Egg is rocking quite hard now and with far more speed then before. Cracks begin to spread across the shell, the fist signs that this egg is probably going to be the first to go, as the hatchling within seems to be determined to get out fast.

Cicilia has somehow ended up right next to Kowszik by total coincidence? Hmmms.. perhaps not. Cici looks out at the mound of eggs, butterflies swimming in her stomach as she looks them over. Turning her head slightly she nods to Kowszik and then looks around to see who else is near her as she shuffles back and forth.

Lyrriva shifts uneasily from one side to the other. Of course, sandals, that is what she forgot to grab well she is paying for it now while dancing from one foot to the other. Watches Fall Misery Egg as it starts to crack.

City of the Tsars Egg goes quite still in it’s mound as if the shudder took all of it's energy.

Fall Misery Egg gives another shake, another round of rolling in it's small place on the sands and the cracks in the egg's shell finally widen enough to allow the hatchling from within to break free. The egg splits into shards and in it's place is a fairly pale, but healthy looking brown hatchling, who's almost instantly back on his feet, but not before much clumsy stumbling on his part.

Not Quite Sweet Brown Hatchling
Vibrant shades of tan and light beiges pool and spread over his large muscled form. They darken to a more dusty shade of light brown down his somewhat short limbs and end at his dark brown talons. Said dusty shade also adds random speckles to the hide along his broad chest and up his narrow sides, only ending at the tip of his rather short tail. Bold, vivid amber brown starts as mere splotches along his thinly tapered muzzle. They broaden into faded stripes along his forehead, dripping down around his large eyes and up along pointed head knobs. The amber continues down the long curve of his neck, fading again into the tan coloration in the middle of his back and standing out against his light brown ridges. His wings are dusted in freckles of amber and dark brown while the sails themselves remain purely tan with very faint patches of beige and sand brown.

Red Rock Country Egg wiggles once, twice, three times, and falls still once more.

Hometown of the King Egg wriggles and wiggles, before it goes still.

Jolie rocks back and forth as well between Tresa and Seyin, answering Tresa with a mild "Sands are hot." an understatement "Maybe blue?" eyes search over the eggs and she nods "I think.. wait did another one and another?" eyes widen "boy was I wrong. Make that Brown."

Tresa ohs quietly as the first hatchling appears "Look at that one, isn't it beautiful. That coloring is something else. I wonder where it will go to." Her voice tapers off as she watches the hatchling with wide eyes. Her gaze only strays back to the other eggs to see if any more have broken open to reveal the hatchlings they hold.

Dherjenim looks down the ring of candidates to the left and then to the right. His glance darts between eggs, sandals, and random specks of color, people no doubt, on the gallery ledges. All the while he keeps his arms firmly crossed over his chest, rocking on his heels ever so slightly. The hatching of the first hatchling draws his attention for a moment before he seems to try and make himself invisible.

Seyin grins slightly as he shuffles over a few steps towards Jolie and Tresa, His hands pressed together, the seemingly elated candidate grins at Jolie, "Lookit 'em move." the boy notes, shivering a little from the anticipation and maybe a touch of fear that suddenly hits him. Sandals? Nope, he's not wearing any either…but he doesn't seem to notice the extreme heat of the Sands under his feet either. "Oooh!"

Tresa shifts her feet and nods at Seyin, saying nothing, eyes watching the brown hatchling closely. "Look'it his wings…" she mutters.

Cicilia blinks and grins as she sees what the Fall Misery Egg deposits onto the sands. "Wow.. I didn't really think that it would be a brown that would come out of that egg. " Cici watches the brown with mild interest before looking back towards the eggs, wondering what color will hatch next.

An Evening With Coffee Egg shakes, then lies dormant.

Jolie nods to Tresa quite impressed "quite beautiful." eyes drift "So is that one." she points out with a grin to Seyin as he moves closer to them. "I'm glad we don't choose, but they do." she adds.

Kowszik unconsciously shifts his feet as he turns his head, watching the brown dragonet put in an appearance. The other wiggling eggs briefly catch his gaze, but for now, it's the newly hatched dragon that has his attention.

God is a DJ Egg shakes a little, almost doing a small hop down the slight dune of sand around it. Rolling gently, it comes to a stop.

After the tiniest rocking motion, the Neon at Night egg remains true to it's colors. A small and equally loud crack appears at the top of the egg's ovoid shape, splintering out in a lightning pattern of cracks. The egg is soon consumed in these lightning-like squiggles and soon enough the shell completely shatters; leaving a gooey, and very hungry looking, green hatchling fully exposed. A very different hatchling indeed, a dark green hide is interrupted with brighter green swirls. They fade from the dark into bright gradually, all alongside her body. Her wings are stripped with the same brighter color, the same stripes lain horizontally from her talons to her knees, and again along her tail. Her entire head, from nose tip to just past her head knobs is the brightest jade color, with peculiarly darker circles around her inquisitive eyes.

Seyin's eyes widen as he peers about, grinning and nodding towards Tresa. "I know, what a pretty young man." he notes, eyes flitting in the direction to the Red Rocks Country Egg for a moment before beaming again at Jolie "Yeah! I am too, Jol.. Best if they choose and I don't." he notes, grinning. "This is so exciting." he notes, like any other unfearful child.

Tresa nods at Jolie. "I wouldn't know which to choose!" she admits, and then oooohs and points. "Now a green!"

Lyrriva smiles as the brown breaks from his shell, "He has a cute tail." Keeps shifting her weight but the heat doesn't seem so bad any more, which could or couldn't be a good thing. Looks at the other eggs that are shaking a bit too and then almost claps as another egg hatches to reveal a green, "Lovely."

Small bits and pieces of the Back Porch Swingin' Egg fall off, a slow collapse until the egg is no more with its architecture lost now in a pile of shards. First to appear amidst the destruction was a narrow angular head, shaded in summer's brightest blue. The rest of the hatchling's lean body follows as he makes his way onto the sands and toward the waiting circle of candidates. A tall dark-haired boy from Telgar, Nouvel is watched, inspected for a moment before the summer blue pushes his head forward, dropping the boy to his knees. A shout of joy, as N'vel announces his bond now to Zuliouth.

Not Quite Sweet Brown Hatchling tumbles free from the remaining shards of his egg, stumbling awkwardly to his feet before experimentally extending a wing or two. All intact? Good. His head tilts a little to the side as he begins to move forwards, his steps slow at first but soon he's picking up speed and kicking up sand as he begins to head straight for the candidates. Then he halts, reconsiders that and pauses. Well.. maybe he'll still look from a bit of a distance, but not for too long.

K'rin steps forward to collect the first of the impressees. "N'vel, come this way please."

Tresa claps and calls out "Congratulations" as she sees that one of the candidates that she knows has impressed. Looking away from N'vel to watch the other hatchlings and eggs "Wow that was not like I expected at all."

Jolie nudges Tresa or attempts to Seyin gets a grin in response "See look it! First to impress was blue!" she crows and grins to both "wonder if one of these browns are going to choose you Tresa or you Seyin?" she asks with a grin to both. To N'vel she calls out her congratulations "well done!"

Tresa grins and bounces a bit on the balls of her feet. "Or you, Jolie?" she asks the other girl with a grin.

Cicilia looks over to one of her favorite eggs and notices that it has deposited a green upon the sands. Cici looks around as the hatching begins to precede its normal quickness as she calls out congratulations to N'vel. "Congrats N'vel!" Cici shifts between her feet nervously back and forth.. doing the normal hot sands dance.

Seyin laughs softly and nods as he calls out his own congratulations and then bounces up and down in the Sand once, leaning over towards Jolie and winking at the girls. "Its amazing, its so neat. I've never seen anything so powerful." he notes, grinning. "Nah, such prestigious colors such as brown and bronze wouldn't want a common scribe." he teases, grinning.

Kowszik offers a quiet "Congratulations" to N'vel and his blue, before scanning the eggs and hatchlings on the sands for more movement.

The swirly vibrant green hatchling stumbles about for a moment. Then testing her body with a wing stretch there and a head shake here she lets out a bold and piercing squawk to announce her arrival. Tripping over her feet, she decides to go see what those white things are.

Lyrriva smiles to her fellow candidate, N'vel, "Congrats! He looks strong with beautiful coloring, N'vel!" Watches the brown hatchling since she doesn't want to be run over anytime soon and you know how they can get. Also keeps an eye on the little green since you can't be too sure where they might run to next.

Dherjenim impatiently scowls a bit. The rocking on his heels halted to a subtle tapping of the right foot. "Yes well." is his only muttered comment to the first pair, his attentions more taken up with looking surly and unapproachable.

Tresa points to the green hatchling, " I bet that one will be an interesting life mate for someone." Falling quiet as she returns to watching the hatching unfold before her. "Woops, careful."

Not Quite Sweet Brown Hatchling lumbers closer and closer to the candidates, eventually beginning to weave in and out of a group of them, creeling his upset of having to have to look so hard. In his haste, he bumps and almost knocks over quite a few of them while passing through not even hesitating or stopping to check on them since really doesn't care. He's got one think on his mind: finding the one for him and food. Okay, so that's two things. His cries become more demanding as he continues along his way across the sands.

Cracks jut unevenly down the rounded middle of the Red Rock Country Egg, creating the illusion of footprints trailing down the rocky formations. Shifting slowly, even lazily, the Red Rock Country Egg collides with Ruins of Civilizations Past Egg and shatters, spewing hundreds of shell fragments across the sands. From amidst the mess, Sweetheart of the Month Hatchling makes her debut, the spotlight on her as she prepares her performance.

Sweetheart of the Month Green Hatchling
Sensuality and glamour are key in the makeup of this petite green. Apple green falls seductively over the muzzle of this small lady and wraps about her maw, trickling down her neck and fading into tawny over her slender belly. Rapturous lime is brushed across her slim shoulders, sultry tones of jade picking up where the lime leaves off, whispering over the smooth curves of muscular limbs. Neck ridges of the most elegant pea fall evenly from neck to tail-tip, saffron creeping in to intermingle seductively as they drift down her back. All shades of green - apple, jade, lime, pea - dapple the expanse of wing sail stretched between the deeply colored 'spars in a coquettish swirl with no one hue clearly defined. Enamoring shades of mixed ivory and verdigris wash themselves along her short, thin tail.

Jolie shakes her head "nah they don't want me." this to both Tresa and Seyin her head's shook negatively as she shifts again from foot to foot. "And why wouldn't they?" she counters to Seyin "You do important stuff." she adds with a grin eyes following Tresa's point and nods "probably!"

Seyin giggles and nods, eyeing those eggs carefully, eyes floating then to the green. "I'm sure whomever her life mate is probably an eager soul." he notes, grinning. Unlike the quiet scribe, he means. Wincing, he turns to eyeball that brown, biting his lip for a moment as he watches. "A scribe can't be an important person," he states, grinning stoically at Jolie and gaping as he points towards the green. "Lookit her! She's gorgeous!" he squeaks.

Kowszik warily watches the brown hatchling make its way through the candidates. He swivels his head to check and make sure the green isn't doing more of the same, and gives the eggs another quick scan.

Tresa shakes her head at Seyin and Jolie. "You're /both/ important." she says, before matching Seyin's point to the green. "Ooooh!"

Lyrriva steps out of the brown hatchlings way, "Well you can tell that one is on a mission and won't let anything or anyone stop him." Smiles as another egg cracks open and another green spills out onto the sands, "These hatchlings have lots of color on them and in such patterns!"

Cicilia looks over at Seyin and grins at him as he points to a green. Cici chuckles softly, letting laughter fill her nervousness with happiness instead of letting herself be drawn into it. Looking over at Kowszik then towards the brown that is weaving its way through the candidates, she side steps quickly as it moves by her.

Jolie has to ooo "Yeah she is.." gaze trails over grin and she nudges Seyin "maybe she's for you." she comments teasingly before gaze shifts to follow brown "Watch out!" she squeaks as some get tripped up or knocked around by him.

Tresa giggles and then takes a step back, eyes wide at the brown's progress.

Not Quite Sweet Brown Hatchling finishes his way across and gives another demanding creel as he pushes past a few more candidates in his way. Finally, he halts for a moment, before whirling around and almost falling face first into the sands by doing so as he hastily makes his way back to one particular candidate, butting his head into her legs and crooning happily. He looks up at the brown haired candidate and has chosen.

Seyin grins brightly and moves, wedging himself in between Tresa and Jolie and grabbing one of each of the girls' hands. "You two are both special." he notes, grinning and then dropping the hands to bounce a little. "Wow, she is so lovely," he notes, grinning at that pretty Sweetheart green before standing back a step or two.. Grinning, the boy glances up for a moment, and then beams, looking all proud and starting to blush. Thanks.

Sweetheart of the Month Green Hatchling sweeps her small green wings away from her sides, ridding the egg goo from them with merely a few, graceful shakes. Taking her first step almost nervously, self-confidence builds as she advances on her audience in search of her director - the director who is bound to make her great. Her head held high, she begins her performance, each movement of her lithe body infatuating and desirable. Whirling eyes of the most electrifying yellow concentrate on her white-robed audience, searching for the one that will make her a star.

Dherjenim keeps to himself. Quiet. Agitated. He looks at the eggs and the unimpressed hatchlings, breathing a quiet sigh of relief as the brown finally chooses before venturing close enough to tear off a piece of Dher's hide.

The swirly vibrant green hatchling makes her way closer and closer to those tall white things. What are they? What are they doing here? Do they have food? So many questions, all saved up for one lucky new life mate. She makes her way past the most of the white things towards one small girl at the far side, letting out a shrill squeal at the others; outta the way everyone! Soon enough she bumps right into that girl, Liora, who soon reassures Variath that she will get fed now.

Tresa grins as Seyin "She is beautiful your right." tipping her head to watch the green intently "I love her colors."

Hometown of the King Egg begins to move again, harder this time as the hatchling wants out.

Jolie curls her fingers tighter with Seyin's, her head turning to catch a glimpse of everything that is happening so fast. A blur of green that goes past before her grip tightens just a little bit. She grins back toward the boy, before trying to catch Tresa's attention then once more.

The glittery surface of the God is a DJ Egg begins vibrate, the creature within gaining more and more force to finally break free of the shell that has entrapped its body. Slowly, a small muzzle begins to break through the shell, but then goes completely still. Then, in one burst of energy, the creature bursts through the shell of its egg, creeling loudly as it shakes off the remaining bits of shell.

Mysteries Unraveled in a Beat Gold Hatchling
From muzzle to head knobs, dark shades of aged gold fade to a fine champagne, darkening again only at the tips of the rather pronounced 'knobs. Her eyes are large and wide-set, cast crimson in the agitation of hunger. Whirling at a fierce pace they appear a start contrast to the pale honey hide. Between her eyes a faint filigree intricately webs its way in stades of the palest gold, ending at her copper-tipped head knobs. The lighter champagne shades darken again along her neck to a shade of ancient gold, spreading across her wide chest and down the thick forearms, clashing with the paler shades that vine upwards from the sheaths of deadly, opalescent talons. The rest of her body is the soft shade of buffed gold, her hindquarters and legs a bit small in comparison to her upper body, giving the appearance of being top-heavy. Following the lean outline of her lower body, her tail tapers off slowly and seems rather long. Like that of her dam, the tail ends in a final burst of the darkest shade of gold, almost bronze. Wings unfurled, they seem a little long for her body, each thin golden sail freckled with spots that appear almost a dark shade of blue. Folded, they appear to lie awkwardly against her back.

Lyrriva blinks a little taken back before getting another nudge in the side gets down on her knees and wraps her arms around the browns neck, "Of course I'll be your Lyrriva Anonmyth! Yes, I'll get you food right away!"

Festival and Flowers Egg rocks a little more now, a few faint cracks appearing before the egg goes still again.

An Evening With Coffee Egg shudders once more, just to let everyone know it's still there.

Anonmyth has left.

Lyrriva calls to Anonmyth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

A rippling motion consumes Hometown of the King Egg, before it abruptly splits into sections and leaves exposed a mottled green hatchling. She wastes no time in contemplation, heading directly for the crowded group of candidates on the sands. She is calm in her pursuit, heading directly for the one that is for her, until she bowls over her choice in her haste. She creels then toward the redheaded lad, concern coloring her voice to Dramis. It takes him a moment or two, but Dr'mis is then able to reassure Alineth that yes he is just fine, just overwhelmed at meeting her for the first time.

Kowszik shifts his feet as the gold dragon hatches, looking away from both the brown and green hatchling's Impressions after offering a 'Congratulations' to the new life mates.

Cicilia moves her wandering eyes back to the mound as she hears another egg crack. Cici blinks several times, gasping softly as she sees the Gold hatch, her breath caught up in her throat. "Ohh my.. she is just beautiful!" Cici who hasn't really commented on any of the hatchlings so far can't help but to gasp at the absolute beauty of the gold that has hatched.

Seyin giggles softly and eyes the Impression down the line, clinging as he is to Jolie's hand now. "Congrats Liora." he calls softly, eyes turning back to the dazzling green as he stands 'tween Tresa and Jolie and a few steps back. "Wow! Look at that gold," he purrs, laughing softly and nodding. "Oh, that green is more than lovely, she's almost as gorgeous as that gold. CONGRATS Lyrriva!" he calls, squeaking softly as he partially hides behind the two female candies, not really meaning to hide.. "Oooh!"

Mysteries Unraveled in a Beat Gold Hatchling creels at the top of her lungs, shaking bits of goo off left and right. Eyes red, fierce with hunger, she lunges forward, seeking out what it is she must find. Stumbling a bit under gravity, she runs towards a cluster of boys, sending them flying in fear.

Lyrriva smiles to all her fellow candidates as she helps her brown hatchling along, "Come Anonmyth, there is food right over here for you."

Lyrriva has left.

City of the Tsars Egg seems to come back alive as it gives a shake.

Tresa gasps softly "Look there’s a gold hatchling, I never thought that there would be one." The candidate’s voice is filled with amazement as she watches the creature on the sands, taking a few moments to let her eyes dart this way and that to watch other people and the clutch.

Sweetheart of the Month Green Hatchling follows the semi-circle of candidates with alluring interest, her warbles almost coming as seductive murmurs of appreciation for their attention. Moving slowly, tantalizingly, she finds her attention on one of the better-looking candidates and moves toward her, deciding. Will she do? Will she shine the light on her just so that she may shine as the brightest on Pern? No, she won't. Warbling toward the girl, she moves slowly away, her search continuing.

A bit of jittery rocking from An Evening With Coffee Egg sends it rolling onto it's side, a slow almost deliberate motion, like a liquid even. The narrower end of the egg cracks and tumbles away hastily. Then, as if a giant invisible hand tipped it over, a deep dark bronze hatchling pours out of it's confining shell to the open outside world. Besides being larger than his chromatic siblings, this hatchling is rather quiet compared to the rest of the room. He calmly observes the goings on in the room, especially those white things. A deep base of blackish brown is a nice relaxing tone coveted by a thin blanket of shimery bronze, with brighter points at his talons, tail, wings and head. Subtle streaks of pale brown stream down from under his chin down along graceful neck, ending in a sort of puff at his shoulders. A creature of calm grace and pride.

Jolie tilts her head, keeping a close watch on the new hatchlings and an even tighter grip on Seyin's hand at this point. She nods once more at both her friend's comments even as she keeps looking out over the sands, trying to catch each movement, not wanting to miss anything happening.

Tresa calls out "COngrats Lyrri" as the girl leaves the sands. Now her gaze is on the green and the gold, as she tries to watch them both.

Festival and Flowers Egg shakes again, having seemingly decided it's about time to get back to business. The egg spins a bit in place, the faint cracks becoming more apparent and much wider with each movement the egg takes. Soon, soon.

Cicilia watches the gold's every move, the butterflies returning to her stomach as she watches her..

Seyin giggles softly as he peeks his head out to watch that Sweetheart green, his eyes glowing and wide as he watches her search. "Wow, she really knows who she's looking for, its gotta be someone super special.. and very important." he notes, grinning as he clings to Jolie's hand and then moves his head back behind the two girls with the rest of his body for a better view of the happenings.

Dherjenim snorts a little. "That should keep her occupied." he murmurs towards Lyrriva. The gold barely getting a glance. Evil for one thing by the way she's charging at people, and no threat to his sanity, Dher being obviously male, for another.

Mysteries Unraveled in a Beat Gold Hatchling turns quickly as the flock of boys scatters. Her head moves around as she peers over the group of candidates, the small white dots coming in and out of focus as her new eyes adjust to the light of the cavern. She wanders up on another candidate, another lad of dark hair. Sniffing him, she seems to calm for a moment before reaching out violently to claw at the lad. Just grazing the boy's side, he stumbles back. The young queen simply moves on, noticing nothing. She is on a quest.. She must find something to calm this fury in her mind.

Tresa tips her head even more "My she's a feisty one" is commented toward the gold. "It'll take a strong person to be her life mate I think." gaze now totally leaving the green to just watch the gold as she searches the line of white.

K'rin has left.

Sweetheart of the Month Green Hatchling struts across the hot sands, burbling and chattering toward her audience, as if telling them a compelling story. The green arches her back and switches her tail, almost dancing across the sands as she makes an effort to discover her director. She finds her eyes on a candidate surrounded by girls, and almost smiles draconically, her eyes gradually changing from yellow, to green, to that captivating blue. He will write her the perfect script, and she will be the one to perform it effortlessly. They will make the perfect pair, they will. Approaching Tresa and Jolie, the green announces her decision with an enthralling warble. She has chosen Seyin - they will make a famous pair.

Jolie finally notices that Lyrri was called away before she half catches the rest of Tresa's comment and gives a bare nod. An impatient glance as she tries to stand taller, to see where each hatchling may be headed before she drops Seyin's hand in something akin to shock.

Tresa claps and grins "See I knew you would impress, and to a wonderful green too." dropping the boys hand and backing away to give the pair some room.

The deep dark proud bronze hatchling stretches his wings carefully and deliberately. He lets out a low quiet warble as he stands, then tumbles a bit, though quickly regaining his composure. No one saw that. Sure. What /is/ that? He makes his way to the candidates.

S'in blinks and gasps softly, "Its you!" he gapes, kneeling and getting an enthusiastic head butt to his chest. "Its Aeleojaith!" the scribe cries softly, "And I am her S'in!" he adds, face reddening. "Come darling, lets get you some food love.." he purrs, standing, tears on his cheeks and starts towards somewhere…

Kowszik says, "Congratulations," again, as another candidate impresses the green hatchling. He shifts his feet again, this time as much unease as the heat, as the gold dragonet leaves a mark on boy, then turns to watch the bronze as well, doing his best to keep both dragons in his line of sight.

A defiant crack begins to tear along the seamless purple fog of the City of the Tsars Egg, ripping apart the images of ancient monuments and tragic history. Emerging with force, there seems nothing but darkness for the first brief second, before a cry of freedom erupts from the hatchling within, its walls now shattered on the sands beneath it.

Rogue Of The Night Bronze Hatchling
Antique russet washes over this bronze dragon's hide, like a base coat on a piece of refurbished furniture. Further down his body the russet seems to be blended in with other colors, turning darker, nearly black as they move down his body, adding colors of midnight cinnabar, and obsidian. He is small, and lithe, but he's anything but weak, muscular limbs are washed in the colors of midnight rust and very dark auburn, the true colors being revealed when the right light hits him. As his wings spread out to his side, they look as though like they were dipped in ebony paint, devoid of any other colors at all. Yet when light reaches them they're revealed to be a dark, reddish bronze, with even a bit of midnight blue and awashed with small, white points like stars in a midnight sky. His tail, from his hips to his pointed tip is slightly lighter then the rest of him, being a darkish mahogany bronze. His whole body shines in any light, illuminated to the point of looking like he's been enameled to preserve his looks for all time to come.

Cicilia beams happily as she turns to notice Seyin has impressed to the green. "Congrats Seyin! I knew you would impress a green!" Cici smiles for her friend quite happy for him. Cici grins, knowing that T'burk will be so proud of his new adopted son.

Aeleojaith has left.

S'in calls to Aeleojaith and she bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

S'in has left.

Jolie takes another step back or so, unconsciously closing the new gap between her and Tresa by a step or two closer to the girl and she looks around. A fair amount of blinking at yet another hatchling, having lost one she was following before or so it seems.

Ruins of Civilizations Past Egg does a little jig, falling out of its sand hollow and rolling until it's stopped by one of the other eggs.

Dherjenim is mildly distracted by the impression of Seyin and the rampaging gold to really pay all that much attention to anything else. "Validates my point exactly." he says sourly in regards to the gold. What he's talking about? Well no one listens to him anyway so he's probably the only one that knows.

Mysteries Unraveled in a Beat Gold Hatchling begins to wander the sands again, though angry yells have turned to sorrowful tones. Looking left and right, could it be she is not here? That part which will bring peace to her world? The walks slowly and eventually plops down on the sand, creeling sadly. Somewhere.. Somewhere..

For Festival and Flowers Egg the rocking increases, as does the shaking. Soon the entire, once colorful, shell is covered in cracks and tiny holes where small pieces of the egg have already broken loose. Then, with an echoing snap, the shell shatters apart to reveal a fragile, light blue hatchling. He stumbles to his large feet, seeming to organize himself a little before he lumbers off in the direction of the candidates. The blue's hungered creels become more joyous as he approaches a brown haired girl, looking up at her. Lynnetta, who was rather quiet during the Hatching suddenly bursts into laughter, shaking her head in disbelief. "Alright Evisith, we'll get you something! Not that way though."

Tresa looks at the gold "What a lovely yet lost looking gold. Kinda makes you want to reach out and hug her." spoken quietly where only Jolie might hear her.

Ruins of Civilizations Past Egg continues to rock back and forth, the shell soon giving way and splitting apart, revealing a rather large, stocky sandy hued brown . He clumsily gets to his feet before stalking across the sands and directly in front of a young boy with curly black hair. This brown was quick with his decision but his happy croons show he's found the one for him. Milton, now M'lton, looks overwhelmed and just seems unable to speak as he reaches out to touch the damp brown in front of him. Finally, he grins widely and proudly announces: "His name is Caernoth!"

Rogue Of The Night Bronze Hatchling snorts and peers down at the remains of his former home, before he raises red tinged eyes to peer across the sands at his clutch mates, and candidates. He flaps his wings to get a few last egg shards sticking to them, before he starts his saunter across the sands, slow at first, but soon picking up speed.

Cicilia looks back towards the mound and notices the bronze hatch. "Wow.. he has some of my favorite colors on him. " Cici chuckles softly and then her heart lurches as she hears the cries from the gold. "She seems so sad.. " Cici nods in Tresa's direction and agrees softly. "Yeah.. that’s what it seems like to me too.. "

Jolie tilts her head to catch Tresa's comment before she looks back to the hatching, her head nodding slowly as her attention is reclaimed by the newest hatchlings wandering around. She reaches out in offer to hold Tresa's hand then, her gaze not leaving the sands this time.

Tresa takes the offered hand and gives it a squeeze.

Dherjenim looks away from the gold as she goes immobile for the most part, "A plain evil one right there." he says with a nod. He hunches down a little as the brown emerges the bronze glanced at for a moment before Dher tries to huddle in on himself again. I am air. I am invisible.

Wait, the deep dark proud bronze stops before the line of candidates, as if to show himself off to them. He seems to have lots of time, though the pain in his stomach intensifies he /has/ to make sure they all get a good and proper gander at him. His eyes follow along the line of white things calmly. He investigates one of them, the boy with the dark black hair, Darik, yes… he is handsome enough to be his life mate. Sure enough D'ar stoops to the bronze and says softly, "Yes Ketath, I'll feed you."

Mysteries Unraveled in a Beat Gold Hatchling forces herself back up. What is she doing? She can't stop looking now. There is too much to life to waste such time! On the move again, she circles, looking at each candidate squarely as she seeks out her other half, the human part of her that, when merged, will bring peace to two minds, and unite a single soul. Then, her work can truly begin. Stumbling along as she must, the hatchling first passes a girl of chestnut-shaded hair, but she stops. Those eyes.. Those spring green eyes.. The queen pauses before Jolie, crooning a note of pure peace.

Tresa drops Jolie's hand "COngrat.s is whispered softly to her friend "I knew she was for you." is said with a smile as she backs a few steps away.

Rogue Of The Night Bronze Hatchling eyes his clutch siblings a moment, before he looks back to the candidates, examining a group, before he moves on down the line. He pauses as he notes his siblings’ impressions, and he flicks his tail, before he continues down the line, pausing every so often to examine one.

Cicilia gasps softly and begins crying.. left standing again.. her heart lurches in her chest with pure and complete sadness.

Jolie drops down to her knees, her fingers slowly slipping from Tresa's as she reaches out for the one who stopped in front of her. A shaky voicing of a name. "Yes, yes. Sevaruth." And then she abruptly closes her mouth and nods. "Of course. I'll stop wasting time."

Sevaruth has left.

Jolie calls to Sevaruth and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Jolie has left.

Kowszik watches Jolie and her gold leave the sand, calling a congratulations to them as they pass. Then his gaze is back on two.. no now one bronze left, and the eggs remaining.

Cicilia looks down at the sands quietly, unmoving

Rogue Of The Night Bronze Hatchling stops and watches his siblings, and he snorts, where’s his at, he knows he must be here /somewhere/, and so he continues on his way down the line of remaining candidates, giving each boy in turn a scrutinizing look, before he shakes his head and moves on. He rumbles softly in frustration, before he sees the one he wants. His eyes quicken in movement, and he moves quickly toward where a tall candidate with an attitude is, and he skids to a stop in front of him, nearly running into him, before he looks into his eyes.

Tresa wipes away a tear, but she's happy for Jolie. Turning to watch the rest of the eggs hatch and hatchlings impress.

Eh'rim blinks, then swallows. Normally quick with the cutting comments they are caught in his throat. "Eh'rim? Me? Musimth! Shaffit, food. Right." The last of his words trailing to murmurs as he leads the dark bronze off the sands.

As things settle down on the sands, Rayne emerges from the shadow of her very satisfied queen. She speaks loudly in hopes her voice will reach the galleries as well. "I thank each of you for coming and partaking in this most beautiful of occasions. To my dear candidates," she pauses to look to those still on the sands, "do not lose hope. In each of you was found something special. Simply because you did not impress today does not mean you will not one day. Your mate simply wasn't shelled on these sands. Keep faith, for time will tell your destiny." Nodding to each candidate, Rayne slips back to the edge of the sands, ready to escape with her own life mate and resume some amount of normal life.

Musimth bounds to your side, and falls into step behind you as you move.

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