Gold Zephyruth and Brown Ceannath's Hatching

Ashes of Life Egg wiggles about, then falls quiet.

In the candidates barracks> Anyone hear that? It sounds so distant, so far away. But within seconds it envelops the room, a deep humming of several dragons. It vibrates through the rock and it's hard to miss on what exactly is taking place. And one certain greenrider Weyrsecond is quickly making her way up to the dorms. Anoryn doesn't even hesitate opening the door and pretty much throws it open, scowling as she enters the room. "Up with you lot!" she barks as an order. "Get your robes on and get into line. Hurry now, those eggs won't wait all day!" Ahh, good old Anoryn, snappish as usual. She stands by the door way, arms tightly crossed against her chest as she waits.

Public Announcement from Rayne: Dragons have begin to hum, the tone growing in intensity as it makes its way around Western Weyr. The eggs are about to hatch, folks, and we invite you to join in this time of joy! @tel to #35 or to Western's Central bowl, #2222.

In the candidates barracks> Taidan blinks a bit amd he scurries into his robe and then drops his firelizards on his cot and pulls his hair back out of his face with a white thong.

In the candidates barracks> Illyrah jumps slightly as Anoryn enters, smoky gaze merely gazing widely at the Weyrsecond for a long moment. Without saying a word, she gets up off of her cot and quickly changes into her robe, fumbling for a moment to get her feet into her sandals. Whipping out an umber leather strip, she just as efficiently ties her fiery tresses back into a runner's tail. And then she merely waits, too enthralled in the moment to notice anyone or anything else in the moment.

In the candidates barracks> Argawne jumps to her feet and throws on her white robe. She looks around nervously as she gets into line behind another candidate tying her hair back with a piece of scrap fabric.

Not So Happy Kingdom Egg shakes, then stills.

Of Madness and Joy Egg shudders slightly in place, displacing a few grains of sand from it's side.

In the candidates barracks> Anoryn eventually enters the room and ushers a few other candidates to hurry up. "Straighten your robe. Don't forget your sandals either, unless you wish to have your feet baked off on the sands." she mutters gruffly, while directing more into the line.

In the candidates barracks> Argawne smoothes the front of her robe, fidgeting with it a bit as she waits in line, totally focused on Anoryn.

Jolie is standing next to Sevaruth, eyes widening as the oldest clutch on the sands suddenly starts to move and she backs up just a bit more, until she's well out of range of the other clutches of eggs.

In the candidates barracks> Illyrah nervously smoothes down her robe and then steps into the growing line, giving someone near her a slightly nervous smile. One that's also weak, querulous, and a little shaky.

Rayne walks over towards Jolie as Ilveraeth continues to watch the galleries with mild interest. "Get ready for a wild ride."

Ceannath deepens his humming in joyful greeting of his impending children. His neck is fully extended, head held high, to send the welcoming song out as far as possible. P'rlan steps away from his lifemate and the eggs with a shake of his head. "It's no a thing ta get sa worked up fer, Cean." he teases the brown.

Jolie glances over to Rayne with interest. "You don't think any of them are going to head in this direction, do you? I mean, they should all stay right over that way, where the candidates are."

In the candidates barracks> Anoryn barks out a few more things and then stands a bit to the side and to an odd looking opening. She begins to call out a few names and some candidates begin to head out. The Weyrsecond then looks down the line with a narrowed glance and smiles somewhat. "Argawne and Illyrah, you two are next. Go down the tunnel, it'll lead right to the sands."

In the candidates barracks> Illyrah gulps, glancing at Argawne. Taking a deep breath, the former guard nods and begins to walk down the tunnel.

Rayne smiles and points to Sevaruth. "She'll keep them straight, as will Zephyruth and Ilveraeth. You're safe. Besides, we have P'rlan to protect us, yes?" She grins as the looks over towards the rider of the clutch sire, watching rider and dragon a like. "It'll be over before you know it."

In the candidates barracks> Taidan watches quietly, his head tilting a bit as he waits quietly.

In the candidates barracks> Anoryn watches the candidates leave and then turns back to the few remaining in line now. She points to the same direction their companions just left. "Taidan and Ralin, get out there too." She then steps forwards and organizes the last few pairs of candidates. "The rest of you, wait a few seconds and then follow." Then, rather belatedly, "And good luck."

Jolie nods once more, although she tilts her head enough to give a sunny smile to P'rlan. "Well, that's good. Because I just don't think Sevaruth would like me with another dragon."

Illyrah treads a steady path onto the sands, coming to a halt at last near the first few Candidates that came out. She seems about to step into the semi-circle, then hastily bows deeply to Zephyruth and Ceannath. Whew! That done, she takes her place near the others, gray eyes riveted on the eggs.

Taidan bows as he comes out onto the sands, bowing to the dragons and then the riders before he moves over to stand with the other candidates quietly.

Argawne strides into the hatching grounds, her eyes entirely focused on the eggs before her. There is a small smile on her lips and a look of determination on her face as she bows to the dragons and gathers with the other candidates to wait.

P'rlan winks saucily at the weyrwomen. He gives them both with an overly elborate bow, "Dinna fash, lassies, I'd no let harm come ta such beauties." There seems to be just the hint of hesitation in his 'mate's humming at that load. Both both males behave, for this pair, by turning attention to the arriving candidates.

Ashes of Life Egg shifts uneasily again, enough that it rolls a bit and comes to a stand still at the bottom of a small dune.

Embrace the Dark Egg shakes a little in its spot. Softly at first and then a little more strongly. Faint cracks begin to appear, but probably not easily seen.

Of Madness and Joy Egg shimmers again in place, adding just a hint of rock, as if the egg were about to spin on it's base. Then it falls back silent and still.

Anoryn strides out onto the sands after the last pair of Candidates. The Weyrsecond then quickly makes her way over to where the rest of the group is standing, offering a quick nod and a slight smirk. "They're all here." she notes briefly, before turning her attention to the rocking eggs.

Illyrah twitches involuntarily as some of the eggs begin like motions. Any sense of calmness she may have had seems to have evaporated the moment the heat began to rise through her feet. The Candidate hastily lifts one foot, then another. Ow.

Jolie is still staying way back, content to watch this hatching and not be directly a part of it, although she does eye the small clutch near Seva with some concern.

Argawne watches the eggs hawkishly as they rock and shift. Although she seems calm, the slight jiggling of her left leg reveals her inner tension.

Taidan watches the eggs as they start rocking and he blinks some as he shifts from foot to foot on the heated sands, uncertain as to what is going to happen as the hatchlings appear. He stands next to Argawne, eyes drifting for a moment over the galleries before looking back at the eggs.

Embrace the Dark Egg is finished with this whole deal of rocking and shaking and finally gives into the increasing number of cracks along its shell. Splintering into many shards, it allows Shadowed Illusions Blue Hatchling to stumble free.

Shadowed Illusions Blue Hatchling
A myriad of almost every shade of blue, from palest to the darkest of navy. His medium sized, lean and nimble form is coated in those blues from the tip of his somewhat short muzzle to the very tip of his tail. Pale sky blues mask his face and head knobs, slowly fading into darker rich shades of blue along the long curve of his neck. Again, the blue fades away around his chest and down his forearms and wings. It's a long his back, sides and flanks that a trick of color comes into play. While seemingly regaining a rich medium blue, some areas appear lighter and other areas darken to near navies. Like the play of light and shadows, they subtly intertwine along his smooth hide, permanently held there. A deep, rich midnight blue pools into the sails of his large wings and this same shade coats his ridges and sharp talons. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Anoryn.

Jolie is startled. It happens to her everytime an egg cracks and then she's leaning on Sevaruth for support, shaking her head. "This isn't good for me. Not good at all."

Tirae peeks in the door, late as usual. With a sheepish grin she steps inside the Cavern and sidles up where she's supposed to be and watches with glee. He chest rises and falls quickly, as if she ran here to make it even! She offers silent nods to the room and after a glance up at the galleries, green eyes set on the eggs.

Churning, burning, the Scent of Burning Asbestos Egg seems to pulsate, that single flamey spot on the shell glowing just a bit. It's then, that with a violent shake it cracks, the hatchling within spilling on to the sands. The rather frazzled looking young brown stumbles but doesn't make a sound. It is only after he stands up and shakes himself off that a strange, hardly understandible creel emits from his throat. And with that battle cry he stalks towards his bond, appearantly having made up his mind log ago. Selecting a rather pudgy blonde girl she squeals, "Pykeeth! His name is Pykeeth!" And the new pair of Eireen and Pykeeth are led off to the alcove.

Rayne laughs at Jolie as she watches the chaos unfold. "Ah, blue. Very nice. Calm down, Jolie, or else you're in for a long night." The weyrwoman simply folds her arms across her chest and watches the brown impress. "Ah, one that knows what he wants!"

Illyrah inhales sharply as the first egg cracks, and a blue breaks shell. "Oh … " she murmurs quietly, staring at the hatchling for a moment. "How colorful for a blue. And quite handsome." One of the Candidates near her whispers something, and she grins a little.

Argawne blinks at the sudden emergence of the blue. Her leg jiggles a bit more as she watches the hatching enter the world. From the corner of her eye she notices another egg hatch and it's immpression. She turns her head and nods her congratulations to the new pair.

Taidan blinks in startlement as he sees the blue dragon and then the brown. "Wow, it's so quick." he says as the brown impresses to the blond girl.

Shadowed Illusions Blue Hatchling wastes no time letting everyone know that he's arrived and bellows out the loudest, slightly high pitched, creel he can possibly muster up. He peers down at the sands for a moment and then cocks his head to the side a little. Oh dear, what now? A quick glance at the shifting, nervous Candidates and he begins to move forwards. With awkward steps, he makes his way to a small group of candidates but finds nothing of interest there. He swings his head from side to side, almost throwing himself off balance, but managing to stay upright. And also catches a glimpse of something interesting. With another creel, he stumbles forwards.

P'rlan shifts lazily across the sands until he finds himself standing closer to Jolie and Rayne then he was to Ceannath. He nods once in acknowledgement, but doesn't seem too inclined to get involved in their conversation.

Tirae gasps lightly at the beautiful blue, memories come flooding back from her hatchling where she impressed Gwellareth and she can't help but smile fondly. She shifts her weight and crosses her arms as one impresses already, nods and mouthing of the word, "Congrats" follow.

Jolie sighs softly, relaxing slowly and she nods. "I know. It's just startling, you know? All the sudden another dragon out here." She's soon enough lost though, in watching the blue make his way on the sands.

Anoryn stands to the side and mutters some choice words about the heat of the sand. One hand rises up and pushes back the strands of hair that have begun to cling to the sides of her face rather annoyingly. When the first egg hatches to reveal a blue and then another a brown, she smirks lightly, but chuckles a little. "Interesting looking bunch. Quick to choose."

Illyrah's gaze abruptly moves from blue to brown, as the second to hatch is the first to Impress. "Congratulations, " she manages to murmur in the direction of the blonde. Falling silent once more, stormy-hued eyes return to the blue's stumbling path, the girl wincing as the dragonet creels.

Argawne nods to Taidan in acknowledgement, "It does seem to happen fast sometimes doesn't it," she mumbles as she watches the hatchling stumble around them.

Quietly, and almost unnoticeably, the Down in the Dumps Egg starts to rock ever so slightly. Soon it almost shudders as it built up the courage to actually attempt an escape from its' now hardened confines. A loud tap can be heard as a thick crack suddenly appears on the rough eggs surface. The oddest thing is, the crack stems directly from that white patch on the side. After taking a break from all that hard work involving the cracking of the eggshell, the Down in the Dumps Egg rocks slightly once more. A loud crunch echos throughout the sands and a Suddenly Shy Blue Hatchling tumbles clumsily onto the hot sands! After a suprisingly melodic and oh so curious chirp is made, and of course after a quick goo-flinging shake of his head, the little hatchling takes a bold step foreward. What are those white things there? They smell interesting… He stops, with great hesitation. He's searching for something… but what exactly? He lets out a wary and frightened warble. He looks so lost and frightened though he takes more steps towards the white things. His tiny self looks to runty and weak, so vulnerable. Surely enough the one he runs into and knocks down shakes her head and with a triumphant croon the Suddenly Shy Blue Hatchling has found his Lifemate! "Oh Seymanth! I'll be your Audra and we'll be together till forever!" The fair haired girl runs a hand over Seymanth's speckled blue muzzle with tear filled eyes and the two head out to fill their bellies and start their new life together.

Taidan nods a bit as he watches the blue moves across the sands creeling, wincing a little as the thing creels loudly,m and then the second blue hatches and finds his bond.

Not So Happy Kingdom Egg shifts a bit, as though it wants to join in, but little more action is taken.

Shadowed Illusions Blue Hatchling lifts his head up a little higher when what he spotted before comes a little more closer to him. And the closer he gets, the more he croons. He found what he was looking for and promptly settles himself infront of the candidate he chose.

Aether Imitations Egg wiggles and wiggles on the sands, creating a furrow where one wasn't before.

The cold sterility of the madness and joy egg can no longer contain the insanity within. Below the fountain of color littering one end, the shell begins to bow. Pressure builds until with a final *crack* the shell shatters and sends a new rain of confetti across the sands. A newly hatched brown continues to push his way out, crushing the last of the shell in his wake.

Waiting for Spring Brown Hatchling
Winter sunlight on dried grass; streaky illumination across the hazelnut strands of the dappled hide of this brown dragon. That bright light plays across an angular form, from his narrowed wedge head down the sharp peaks of his neck ridges to the lengthy expanse of his tail. Wide set eyes sit in a narrow face, followed by upswept head knobs shadowing his long sinuous neck. Traces of marigold glimmer over a set of sharply angled, yet blocky shoulders before they lead into the rest of his overly lean body. Hints of violet tinged blued chase shadows in the hollows of his flanks, then trail down into the rich, moist soil of his belly. The windswept grass strands curl across the pale brown, nearly hiding a faint tint of forest green where the new spring grass waits protected by the dried grass of winter. The opaque membranes of his sails run gold touched; the wheaten strands have soaked up the light and send it spilling down his ailerons, to trickle onto his talons far below. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by P'rlan.

Argawne raises her hand and nods her congratulations to Audra and her new lifemate. She calls her congratulations as they walk out of the sands. Her eyes zip back to the sands as yet another egg hatches, revealing a brown. her breath comes sharper as tension builds within her.

Taidan ahhhs a bit as the next brown hatches, ahhing a bit as he looks it over and his eyes widen a bit at it's color, though his eyes look over at the blue again as well.

Illyrah freezes suddenly, heat of the sands quite forgotten. Feet rooted in the sands, the red-head can only stare, widely and unflinchingly, back into the whirling eyes of the blue before her. "Hesanoth?" she squeaks in surprise, then raises a hand to her cheek. "And I'm your … Lly'rah." Slowly she extends a hand toward the hatchling. "I'd be delighted to join you for your first meal." And now she just simply beams.

P'rlan grunts to himself as his eyes narrow. He gazes from hatchling to hatchling to hatchling, then on to his own brown. "Dinna need ta make so many laddies, did ya?"

Jolie attempts to hide a giggle or two as she watches the impressions going on in the further part of the sands, although her smile is completely for P'rlan's somewhat distaste for the hatchlings so far.

Aether Imitations Egg rattles and shakes. A hairline crack starts at the top, then splits into millions or tiny cracks, as if a huge lightning storm were rolling over the egg. The egg then almost bursts open, letting a strong healthy Dreaming Sandy Bronze Hatchling roll out into the world. Without a noise, he shakes himself free of goo, letting it fly from his lithe frame without a second thought. He pauses and gazes around dreamily, then with a determined chin the Dreaming Sandy Bronze Hatchling sets out to search for his one and only lifemate. The little fellow seems determined as he tromps along the line of assembled Candidates, sniffing the air around them before crooning disappointedly and moving on. Then, with a sudden change of pace the Dreaming Sandy Bronze Hatchling nearly knocks over one of the Candidates! A strong dark haired boy gazes down confidantly at the Bronze and a smile creeps onto his stern face before he nods, "Yes, Sarnath, I will be your D'ter. Let's fill that empty belly of yours." The two head out to eat their fill and start their new adventures as Man and Dragon.

Ashes of Life Egg begins to rock, the shudders seemingly random, but growing in strength.

Anoryn smiles lightly and briefly as the blue chooses and seeing that most of the other riders helping out are busy, she steps forwards. "Lly'rah, Hesanoth..if you'll follow me, I'll bring you to some food." She waits a moment before carefully directing them off the sands.

Hesanoth has left.

Lly'rah calls to Hesanoth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Lly'rah nods, dazedly turning toward Anoryn and slowly walks off of the sands, an eagerly rumbling Hesanoth following.

Rayne looks back at P'rlan and grins. "Ceannath did a fine job. And to have to deal with not one gold on the sands but three, I say the two of you deserve a reward."

Taidan blinks a bit at the bronze that hatches and impresses and he ahhhs again as he keeps switching from foot to foot as the heat penetrates his sandals. He keeps his eyes drifting from the hatchlings that are moving, eyes narrowed a bit as he tries to keep track of everything.

Argawne lets out a shout of happiness as Illyrah…Lly'rah immpresses. "Congratulations to you both!" she calls as they leave. She also calls her congratulations to the bronze and his mate. It's getting hard to watch the pairs and the eggs at the same time.

Tirae can barely hold herself still with all the excitement, she drops her hands to her sides, then casps them behind her as more Candidates impress. "Congrats Lly!" she says quietly with a huge grin. She shifts her weight and pulls some loose hairs behind her ears hastily. Green eyes gleam as they survey the Candidates, hatchlings, and eggs.

Waiting for Spring Brown Hatchling struggles out of the last of his original home and onto the warmth of the sands for the first time. He braces himself on his forelegs, lifting long, slender neck up to bugle a tremendous sound of joy. Unfortunately for him, all that comes out is a squeaky noise. The shock of it is enough to overbalance the little brown and his head slams down to prevent falling over. This knocks his chin hard into the last shard, driving it into the ground. But it settles him down enough that he takes notice of the candidates and begins to saunter in their direction.

Jolie watches the new hatched brown with some particular concern. "That one, looks a handful and a half for someone." She peers at Ceannath. "Did he give his boisterous personality over, I wonder."

Anoryn returns after having settled the last pair down in the barracks, only to return to the chaos of hatching and rocking eggs. Even if she's in a foul mood, the greenrider can help but smile a little. She flinches slightly as the brown falls and then shakes her head a little. "Happens." she murmurs, returning to her usual spot to the side of the sands.

Argawne shifts her weight from her right leg to her left to ease the growing heat on her foot. Her right leg begins to jiggle as she watches the brown move foward, smiling at it's attempt to bugle and wincing as he knocks himself over. "He's a happy little beauty isn't he?" she says aloud to no one in particular.

Taidan winces a bit for the brown's fall and he shakes his head a bit as he hops from foot to foot as his feet get hot from time to time.

Another shake, another tremble and a wide, intruding crack splits right down Kiss in the Dark Egg. It tears down through the two vague shapes of people kissing and moments later it is nothing but dozens of tiny shards on the sands, leaving a startled, thin looking blue to peer around the sands. With a high pitched creel, the blue begins to move, his pale hide making is build appear even thinner then it really is. He seems almost paranoid of the large crowd of candidates around him and then decides maybe to just wait a moment longer. The blue begins to back up, only to bump into a young boy, causing him to fall backwards. Giren blinks a little and goes to untangle himself from the blue, but stops short. "T..Tpeurth"? And the boy, now G'ren, just stares at the blue for a moment before a brief nuzzle from the hatchling brings him back to his senses somewhat. When both are back to their feet, they are led off the sands and to the alcove for food.

The Ashes of Life Egg rocks and spins, rolling down a small dune of sand. Come to a stop, it vibrates hard until, bit by bit, small pieces of shell begin to fall away. Breaking through, the creature inside will be contained no more.

Life in Text Brown Hatchling
A gangly, russet brown he seems just a little bit out of proportion with himself, one part too large, another offset or just too small. The large head maintains the brown shading, the color consistent save for his near-black maw. Large, whirling eyes set a bit farther apart than normal, the ridges rather dark. His lean headknobs tilt back at a sharper angle than most, covered in that bright burnished tint. Light chocolate shades continue down his long, slender neck, conflicting with the darker hues of the same to cascade down from his neckridges. That pattern ceases where his neck widens and meets with his broad chest, the muscles beneath the hennaed russet hide rippling with his movements. His color remains consistent along the barrel of his body and along his slender wings, with only a pale filigree of lighter hues tracing their way around the wing spars. His legs seem almost too long, even awkward, for his body, with the brown shades again turning dark as they reach his long, black talons. His tail too, is rather lengthy, balancing against the lanky length of his legs with the chocolate coloring of his haunches changing to the slight red of chestnut along its length. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Rayne.

Ralin hasn't, really, made too many friends during this candidacy. Therefore he stands, relatively, alone - or at least tries to, but he won't stray too far from the groupings, nope. So he stays near the edge. As each person impresses he give them congratulations, like most others do, but nothing more. Right now, like many of the other Candidates, he is watching the Waiting for Spring Brown Hatchling, which he stops for a moment to clap for G'ren and to watch as Life in Text Brown Hatchling comes from it's egg.

Waiting for Spring Brown Hatchling shifts from ambling walk into a bounding trot as he finally gets the feel of his feet underneath him. This walking thing isn't too hard. While the direction he takes isn't exactly straight, he does end up in front of a young girl. He snifts her over carefully, then gives a distainful sneeze. Six crab steps away from her brings him in front of a pair of emerald green eyes. Again he attempts to bugle, this time it comes out more like it should, though still high pitched. He leans forward to rest his head against his chosen.

Life in Text Brown Hatchling creels loudly, fighting off the last few shards of shell that cling to its wings, sending a spray of goo across the sands. Taking one step, then another, it stops and begins to waver before tipping over completely. Creeling again, it forces itself up, peering all around. Its here! More sure of himself, the creature surges forward towards the first group of candidates it sees.

T'ai blinks a bit and he rests a hand on the Brown's muzzle, "Easy Freiheith, we'll get you some food right now, but shhh, perfection can be quiet and peaceful at times."

Jolie pauses in her chattering to watch as yet another brown hatches from the eggs and she shakes her head. "Wow. That's a lot." She's smiling though, very glad that tonight is just her turn to watch.

Tirae nearly, /nearly/, screams with joy as 'T'ai' impresses to the adorable brown! Very nearly screams. Instead she opps for letting out a funny sounding squeal, covering her mouth quickly as she blushes. "Go T'ai!" she manages to say, though rather loudly, glad he accepted Gwellareth's proposal of standing on the sands.

Anoryn seems rather surprised at the amount of browns and blues hatching and shakes her head a little. Straightning up, she steps forwards again and towards another newly impressed pair. "T'ai and Freiheith? Follow me, I'll take you to some place quiet where you can get some food." Again she waits before carefully walking towards the exit.

Argawne lets out another shout, laughing happily, "Good for you T'ai!" She calls out gleefully, her leg no longer jiggling. Seems she just needed an emotional release. She again faces the eggs and another brown hatchling approching. Her breath is coming in gasps but she's still smiling.

Freiheith has left.

T'ai calls to Freiheith and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Ralin claps again as Taidan… no, T'ai impresses the Waiting for Spring Brown Hatchling, like he was told he should. He almost joins in calling out like the others, but does not as he turns back to the eggs and the brown hatchling still on the sands.

Life in Text Brown Hatchling surges again, plowing right through a grouping of candidates. Stopping, he seems to examine each one before hissing and creeling loudly, rejecting each. Choosing a new direction, and takes careful steps towards another candidate. He lingers for a moment, but then again, rejects. Where is the one?

P'rlan rumbles out a deep chuckle rather like a small dragon himself. "Ooch, Jolie, sure I am that yer lassy will do just as fine a job." But there does seem to be a trace of smugness about the brownrider as he eyes his own brown. "Tis my favorite color I must admit."

With a shuddering twist the Sunlit Beach Egg starts to break apart, the little dragon inside wanting to be free of it's prison. With a jolt the egg bursts apart, shards of the egg spilling onto the sands with the dragon falling head over tail after them. Dazed and confused the small absence of shadows green stands up, crying with hunger, looking for the one who would take care of her and diminish this pain in her middle. She examines the white clad things surrounding the sands and heads towards them, searching for someone to feed him. She bumps into one of the candidates and searches her face to see if she is the one, then shakes her head in dismay. Without looking where she is going the hatchling runs right into Camus and knocks him over. She lands with a thump before looking at what she hit, and instantly C'mus calls out in joy, dropping to his knees in the hot sands. C'mus scrambles to his feet and helps up the small green before hugging her, "You didn't hurt me Meurseaulth. Yes, of course I'll feed you. No, that shoe isn't good to eat. I'll get you real food just follow me."

Life in Text Brown Hatchling shakes its head, his wings flapping to send another round of goo across the sands. Creeling again, a bit of desperation in its voice, it seems to want to plop down and quit. Looking around one more time, it finally sees what he's been looking for. Launching himself forward, he takes a few tangles steps towards an auburn haired girl. He's found the one!

Not So Happy Kingdom Egg shakes again, more violently this time.

Argawne calls out another congratulation to C'mus and his new weyrmate. This is happening fast. She takes a deep breath as she watches the brown reject the first candidates. She remains speachless as he stumbles to her. A mind sudedenly joins with her own and she cries out in surprise and happiness. "Me? Really?" She reaches out to hug the beautiful brown head to her, tears falling sown hwr face. "Thank you Gabraeroth. I'm yours."

Ralin watches the brown hatchling after clapping for a green's impression to C'mus. He doesn't like this - his feet are starting to get hot. He claps once more as the Life in Text Brown Hatchling is impressed to Argawne, and looks back out to the sands - one egg left.

Though there has been turmoil in the kingdom, the problem is about to be resolved in the only way it could have been. The Not So Happy Kingdom Egg begins to shudder furiously. Almost in a fit of rage, it explodes, expelling shards in all directions and getting some impressive distance to boot. Amidst the ruins of her former palace, a green emerges.

Ancient Copper Statue Green Hatchling
Like ancient copper, soft earth tones peek out from under the vivid matte green that the metal forms when aged. Her extremities are brightly shining. Talons, wing spars, tail spade and head knobs all glitter as if the copper was newly poured. As attention migrates inward however, the copper fades to a dark shade of brown and only inches farther, transitions to a glowing sea-foam green at her joints; elbows, hips, knees and the top of her spine. It is this color that dominates her athletically toned form. But even this isn't to last. Wide spread wing sails reveal a green so pale it's more of a green tinted pearl than a true color. Her delicately proportioned head holds the darkest of the green shading, while the greenish-pearl color coats her throat and under-belly. Faceted eyes are wide and alert, barely ringed with that freshly poured copper hue. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Eh'rim.

Jolie laughs softly, shaking her head at P'rlan. "Oh, I've no doubt she'll do well. It's me that's going to be the nervous wreck about it, I'm sure."

Anoryn is only just returning from having to deal with the last pairs of weyrlings as they adjust to having a dragon bonded to them. The Weyrsecond catches the tail end of the brown impressing to Argawne, smiling briefly again as she steps over to the new pair. "Argawne and Gabraeroth? This way please." And she motions to follow, heading down the same path she's already taken others just moments ago.

Ancient Copper Statue Green Hatchling nearly rolls out of the explosion that was an egg just a few moments ago. Unfurling her wings, the creature announces her presence like those before her. Her eyes are firey red with hunger and anticipation as she takes those few first steps. Once sure of herself, she begins the hunt, her movements rather sleek and fluid for one just hatched.

Gabraeroth has left.

Argawne calls to Gabraeroth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Anoryn finishes with settling the last pair into the barracks and returns to the hot sands. She glances around, noticing the last egg has already hatched and she smiles quite widely this time. "Finally, another green!" But then the Weyrsecond squints her eyes a little and then seems a little surprised. "Interesting coloring on her." Anoryn then lets her gaze settle over the remaining candidates and her good mood dries up again. "And soon comes the hardest part." she mutters, wandering back to her spot on the sand.

Ralin doesn't like these robes, he feels like a… well, girl out here in them. He doesn't like robes - and white ones? Ew. he watches the newest hatchling impatiently.

Ceannath warbles encouragement to his daughter, the last of the hatchlings to begin her hunt. He seems unusually puffed up and not at all like his normal sassy self. But Parry's not one to pass up the opportunity for a dig. "Ceannath, laddy, yer no supposed ta be flying without yer wings. Tis so big a head ya've now, yer like to blow up like a balloon."

Ancient Copper Statue Green Hatchling slips towards a few candidates. No, no, no! They are not what she wants at all. Hissing, she even reaches towards one candidate with a harsh movement, talons exposed. Turning quickly, the green continues on. Coming to a stop in front of one boy, she peers at his light brown hair, an almost scoffing look. But the look lingers and softens as the fire seems calmed. This one is acceptable, indeed.

Jolie attempts to hide a smirk, although she does give a fraction of her attention then to the brown clutch sire. "Well, it was a fine clutch P'rlan." Still, her gaze keeps going back to the green, before her face softens further as the little one chooses.

Ralin is still impatiently watching the newest hatchling he doesn't even notice it is in front of him until 'too late'. His breath seems to leave him, and he blinks. "Zelinath? Food?" he says, after a moment's hesitation. The point that he may look like a girl is forgotten.

Anoryn smiles as Ralin, now R'al, impresses to the last green to hatch. She makes her way over to the pair and motions towards the way off the sands and to the barracks. "R'al and Zelinath, follow me and I'll take you to the barracks where there is some food."

Tirae shifts and fidgets as Ralin impresses the beautiful Zelinath. She grins and claps her hands together infront of her, "Congrats R'al!" she cheers merrily.

Marhiya, who has been lingering in the shadows watching the events, now steps forward. Looking each candidate left on the sands in the face, she gives them a sympathetic smile. "To each of you left, do not lose faith. It has been discovered that you contain what is needed to be a rider, your lifemates simply were not here tonight. Each of you are welcome to stay here with us at Western, or return home as you decide. We were honored to have you here." With that, she slips away to her own lifemate, tired and ready for a soft bed.

Zelinath has left.

R'al calls to Zelinath and she bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

P'rlan sighs somewhat saddly as the last pair are escorted off. He wanders back over to Ceannath, who is still watching the new hatchlings at their first feeding. "Well done, laddy. Ya've made me proud." Ceannath turns to nuzzle his rider as for just a moment, they share one of those very special rider moments.

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