Gold Sevaruth and Bronze Xalmyrilth's Hatching

Public Announcement from Jolie: Come one, come all to Western's Hatching. @tel #35 to view from our galleries.

Loving Mother Egg quietly becomes an omelette.

Santa Semana egg rocks back and forth, back and forth on the sands. A sharp jar is given before it is still, and, rocking one final time, it tips over onto its side. It breaks right along the 'seam', revealing Bell Pepper Green Hatchling. She makes her way across the sands, nudging first one candidate and then the next before she finds just the right person, tilting her head up at young girl from South Boll who was using a curtain of male candidates to shield her. "Yes, Xanidaetith, I'm right here. And I'll never hide again." Metha, now M'eta says.

Bell Pepper Green Hatchling
Solid in coloration from tail tip to claw tip to muzzle tip, her eyes have the appearence of a perpetual curiousity. Why? Where? When? How? They're all trapped inside those forever whirling eyes. Her coloration is so solid, in fact, that when the light hits her deep green hide, the light shines off a pure, beauteous shade of white-green. Very feminine, very soft features are juxtaposed by the sharp end of her tail, which constantly moves in the manner of a tunnelsnake. Also in complete contrast are the well defined muscles which comprise of her cheekbones and eye ridges; they give her the illusion of perpetual alert. Her underbelly, the only part of her which dare deviates from the overall tone, darker and sleeker than the rest of her. Her wings have that gauzy appearance of 'just hatched', but moreso than most. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Anysta.

Castle of Fireworks egg seems to twitch a little, fall still, twitch a bit more then fall still again. There is a strange unnatural bulge to one side of it and then the other. Each movement ending with a pause before renewed effort becomes obvious. It seems almost a relief when there is a sharp CRACK as the egg splits and falls into a million jigsaw pieces on the sands leaving behind a dazed brown hatchling who seems startled by his sudden freedom.

Forgotten in Time Brown Hatchling
From the tip of the headknobs to the tips of his claws, a solid chestnut brown hue courses the hatchling's body, serving as a foundation through which his variations may play. Starting at his chest these variations become clear, changing rather sharply to a light sand color. It runs down his belly, gradually darkening to a lighter shade of sepia brown on its way down. Aged, yet sturdy, tones of simplistic browns run the course of his neck, from the base at the head right on down to the end of his slim, finely pronounced tail. His head is held up high, proudly atop that neck, enhancing those colors which adorn on his 'knobs, muzzle, and head: deep variations of the chestnut, that when played against light provide a strong sense of simplicity, and, although he is yet young, a sense of antiquity. Deep chestnut gives way to earthy brownish green about the muscles at the sides of his neck, working down through his shoulders and right on down to the sleekly, powerfully muscled legs. Here, earthy brown streams become smooth rivers of dark, chocolate toned accentuations, providing for a more definite tone, the feet granted with dark, perfectly shaped claws that curve into a fine point. It is in his eyes, however, that this dragon's presence is affirmed: bordered by extremely accentuated eye ridges, within those finely set eyes, an eternal confidence emits. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Anoryn.

Tresa steps slowly and mincingly out on the sands, keeping with her aim toward the center. Bowing deeply in respect toward Dame and Sire then to each of thier riders in turn The first egg hatches so fast she almost misses it. "Congratulations," she calls to the Southern Boll girl and waves.

Kiernan barely has time to get settled around the eggs to find that one of them has hatched already and impressed some girl "Jeesh." he croaks and then watches yet another one hatch out, his own eyes bugging out. They're coming so dang fast! Eeep?

S'in grins slightly at R'al and then nods, nodding his head towards the side of the Sands, thats where they're supposed to wait for the candidates turned Weyrlings, you know. "C'mon R'al, we'll wait over here…" he notes, grinning slightly.

Zantos hurries out, hopping on the heat even with insulated soles. "Whuh." Yah, they don't stop to wait Zan. Well done for spotting that. He blinks as impressions already begin, and eyes the newly hatched ones. Whuh' indeed.

Wow, just on the sands and there's already a hatchling on the sands. Ainolique's eyes bug out rather a lot as she courses down to her assigned spot on the sands. "C'mon, Ser," she says, "hustle along, let's get in place. I don't want to miss anything." Her eyes are fixed, for now, on the green and brown hatchlings - almost as in a daze. "Congratulations," she dazedly calls towards the first Weyrling.

Taking to the sands quickly, Juti'ni gets time to see the first impression happen, but as M'eta gets a wave, Juti'ni goes to his spot on the far side of the sands to help people who impress over there.

Elgins pace is measured and careful as he enters the sands. He struggles past a few of the first candidates to make his way over to the far side. He bobs his bow quickly, as the eggs are already hatching and spilling new pairs out over the sands. To his right is a young girl by the name of Francis who is trying to hide in his shadow.

Kaisha yelps as teh eggs are already hatching as they come upon teh sands. The loud crack from eggs causes her to jump back into Fin. Ooh… sorry… She bows to teh parent dragons and hurries after the others.

Dante hustles his way onto the sands, huffing and puffing as he tries to adjust his robe. Muttering and cursing slightly under his breath and then it's all happening so fast that he doesn't know where to look or stand.

Laria bows to the Gold and Bronze parents as she enters the sands, she then makes her way to Elgin's side and smiles at him even as eggs crack.

Forgotten in Time Brown Hatchling shakes his head violently, shaking free the rest of the egg shards and peers around while attempting to wobble about. Bits of egg still drip from the brown body, dropping slowly as the creature makes progress forward, stumbling towards the first group of candidates.

Fincayra is on the sands in a rush, bowing to those necessary, then hurriedly finding Kaisha and Merola, and finally taking the time to look at the hatchlings, mouth open. "Already? That was fast. And a second, too. What a looker. S'fine, Kaish," she mutters.

Ser's filed in right behind Ainolique, eyes quite wide from the bustle of the sands and being rushed out there. That and the girl dragging him along isn't making him any calmer either. "Okay, okay!" he calls out, nearly bumping into her. "Congrats!" That's not even directed to anyone.

Adartomus's smile is firmly in place as he walks onto the sands. He deeply bows to the Gold and Bronze then turns to the eggs, two of which have already emerged with hatchlings. "Shards!" he murmurs as he eyes the creatures.

R'al nods once after putting a hand through his hair. "Glad we didn't loose one…" he mumbles before starting to move to where S'in indicated.

Jolie is standing next to Sevaruth, watching as the candidates come out and she grins as first a green and then a brown hatch out immeadiately, nodding her head to Z'ac. "I told you so."

Merola curtsies to the ClutchParents once she comes into view, given repectful nods to the WeyrLeader and WeyrWoman before moving with Tresa towards the Eggs. "I wonder where her Green would have went to find her has she been one of those who were late to get moving…" She whispers, looking almost sad that she'll never find out the answer to that question.

Ainolique forgot, momentarily, to bow… but after a considerable amount of confusion and watching people bob up and down, she pauses a moment and musters as calm a bow as she can, then keeps her eyes affixed on what's going on by the eggs. "… maaaan. Candidacy was so long, and now things are going so fast…"

Aeleojaith lumbers into the hatching sands, from the entrance to the hatching grounds.

Aeleojaith has arrived.

Twelve Wishes at Midnight Egg quakes suddenly, but so lightly that the movement is almost imperceptible.

Dante spies the brown on the sands and just stares, mouth hanging open until the dust gets into it. He lets out a strangled cough and manages to make his way over to Ser and Ainolique, "Too fast," he mutters out, trying to keep an eye on the hatchlings already out of their shells.

Honoring of Those Passed Egg wobbles just a bit, but then goes back to being still.

Zantos cranes his neck, looking around as he fidgets. "No, it's not hatched yet!" his personal .. odd egg, his wierd one. The Honouring of those passed egg is .. not all in pieces. "I forgot to bow didn't I? Kiernan..I forgot to bow!" which, although he does so jerkily, is accomplished now. Better late than never?

Kiernan watches the brown stumble out towards them all and then blinks, oh shards, the clutch parents. He bows quickly to them, eyes ont he brown however so he can dodge if need be. "Look at him Zan, wow."

Laria smiles as hatchlings stumble over the sands.

Forgotten in Time Brown Hatchling continues to stalk around, staring first at one group of canidates, then a pair to their right. His eyes seems to land on a blond haired girl for a moment, but the meeting results in an insulting snort from the dragon. Disgusted, the creature continues on towards another candidate, this one with darker hair than the last. Pausing, it tilts its head.

Z'ac has taken his place beside Xalmyrilth, watching the candidates intently. His gaze strays from the promising semi-circle of white-robed candidates and falls upon the already cracking eggs. Glancing over at Jolie, the man offers a shrug, "Does it matter? Success and safety should be the goal, not guessing colors." Hm.

Shuddering steadily in place, as though jarred by the vibrations of everything around it, the National Patriotism and Pride Egg teeters, wavering in its stance before falling over. Large cracks become apparent in the gaudy shell. Suddenly, a dark, wet talon breaks through. Then, an oddly light, claw-tipped wing. Finally, the rest of the shell is shaken away from its occupant, leaving behind a rather oddly-colored brown hatchling on Western's Hatching Sands. There are those first few moments of uncertainty as he stumbles jauntily away from his shards, but soon he makes his way quickly toward a thin, quiet, fair-headed girl. "Ferulath!" she exclaims suddenly, beaming at the brown. "Of course, I know you're hungry. Yes, we do have much to do and many stories to share — and steps to walk." And as she's beginning to be ushered off of the sands, Puella, bearing that name no longer, adds, "What's that? Oh — so I'm your P'ella, now."

An audible thud comes from the Twelve Wishes at Midnight Egg, whatever acrobatics were performed inside, causing the egg to shoot up into the air and spin wildly, its shell marked with a road map of fine cracks. Another thud as it lands, and an egg-wet hatchling spills out, various fragments of his former prison bursting out into the air. Dizzy from being spun around and blinded by a piece of eggshell that covers his eyes, he careens toward the helpless candidates he's out of confinement and /nothing/ is getting in his way!

Burnished Bronze Chest of Tricks and Treasures Hatchling
The absence or intensity of light that deems to play on this imposing creature's angular features tricks the eye, making him at times appear as a shadowy menace, or by contrast, convincing those who set eyes upon him that all that glitters is not gold. His body is well proportioned. Curious, whirling eyes sit evenly atop a large head that shines like aged, polished brass, deepening to a light copper tone that tints the entirety of his underside. Straight, tall headknobs, muzzle and knee joints are touched with hints of reddish copper that lend a touch of warmth to his coloring. Flowing down the length of a strong neck, back and tail, a thin stripe of near golden yellow dissolves almost imperceptibly into the burnished bronze hue that covers the greater part of his torso. Outstretched, wide, translucent wing sails seem to be a creation of smooth papier-mache strips, each strip outlined by a faint etching of muted verdigris stretched tight on a field of polished bronze attached to coppery spars. The muscular legs that support his massive frame are tipped with thick, gleaming russet talons that arc downward with symmetrical grace. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Auberaan.

Tresa stares amazed for a second at the young dragon, shocked as impression seems to be so close to happening for the blonde then it swerves away, the only words she can manage is. "What color? brown? I can't see." Quickly she returns her gaze to the eggs, especially the one which just moved. "This is amazing." she whispers hoarsely.

Feliz Navidad Egg wobbles in its small hollow, making a movement now and then.

Ser hobbles near Ainolique, shifting from foot to foot, looking down at his feet only briefly before tossing his head back up to look around at the hatchlings, eyes not falling still on any single one, just bouncing left and right for a look at each.

Kaisha watches the hatchlings now with aprehesive curiosity. At the pretty bronze hatchling, kaisha coos. So pretty. She watches teh brown that peruses about now. Heh… guess he didn't like that one.

Now that the first moments of chaos have passed with all the candidates arriving, Elgin settles into a comfortable stance which allows him to rock easily back and forth should his legs tire or heat up. Without even looking behind him, his arm sneaks back to pull Francis up beside him. "It will find you anyways, no point in hiding behind me." He comments to sooth the girl. Laria meanwhile gets a wink for her welcoming smile.

Fincayra shrugs toward Merola, then tugs Kaisha to follow Mer, answering on the way. "Probbaly would've found someone else, or else rampaged all the candidates first. Ack! Two, three more? Oooh, like his color. How many are out now?" Fin scans the sands, eyes wide behind her glasses.

Adartomus doesn't know where to look first. All the dragonetes seem to be hatching from all around and he wants to examine every impression. "I wish I'd brought my sketchpad."

And again, Ainolique's eyes bug as usual - brown, green, another brown, and then a /bronze/. "Oi, Ser, look at that one," she says, moving to elbow her standing companion and pointing towards the Burnished Bronze. "Or… those! Even if they've Impressed, they're… neat." Because she has sandals, she is blissfully spared from the Candidate Hotfoot Dance.

Zantos flings an arm out, gesturing Kiernan's eyes toward.. "Bronze!" squeak. Uh-oh, hangon, this means .. brown, bronze.. Arrgh. Which to look at? "Don'tcomenearme. Don'tcomeneare." a soft mantra directed to the little bronze. He can hope.

Jolie is astounding at the rapidity of the hatching, shaking her head as a brown and a green have bonded and a brown and a bronze are quickly looking for partners.

Dante takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. Calm, calm, calm that's the key to getting through this. The brown gets watched curiously as it appears to go for the blonde and then veers away. His attention is pulled away though as more eggs hatch and impressions occur.

Laria smiles at the bronze as he emerges from his shell.

Forgotten in Time Brown Hatchling continues to stand still for another moment before stretching out his wings, shaking goo and bits of egg everywhere. Again, he moves on forward, pauses to sniff another lad, then another girl. In frustration, the creature calls out loudly to those that would listen, but continues stumbling off in one direction of a lad that seems to be chanting to himself.

Kiernan ducks away automatically as shards go flying and loses track of just who hatches when where and waht. "Oh, wow." he says simply, his eyes wide as he just stands there mystified and then shakes himself at Zantos gesturing "Wow, he's a nice one isn't he."

S'in is happily standing aside, letting his assistant's pick up the Weyrlings first. He'll make his move, but at the moment he's having a nice chat with R'al and Aelaojaith, intermittently.

Merola shakes her head as the second Brown Hatches. "There goes that theory." She mutters to Tresa with a grin, her eyes following those young Dragon who have yet to choose their Lifemates.

Burnished Bronze Chest of Tricks and Treasures Hatchling continues onward with breathtaking momentum. The first thing to hit the ground by Ser and Ainolique is a few pieces of eggshell that come flying through the air. The next thing that /should/ hit them, is the realization that a dizzy, blindfolded and very enthusiastic dragonet is headed straight for them.

Kaisha starts again then hurries after, still glancing back at teh hatchlings. She didn't really seem to care what the others were saying.She was far too entertained by the dragonets.

"Izelth?" Zantos.. no /X'an/ rather misses at first that.. that whoa. We'll just have a breath as we stare down at this dragonet. "X'an? Oh good grief! Food. Yes. Er.. Food would be good yes! Sorry."

Loving Mother Egg shakes slightly, then falls still.

"So far I think I'm in the clear with my bets…" R'al grins as he watches the hatchlings quickly come out of their shells. "Already won about a ten-mark…" he gives a small laugh before waving to P'ella, "Common - Let's get you and him - Ferulath, was it - inside and get some food for you."

Laria chuckles "Better watch out there Ser and Ainolique." she watches the little bronze roll foreward.

Ainolique can barely belt out a "Congratulations" to Zantos - now X'an - before she realizes, OH MY FARANTH. "SER! Watch out!" Could her eyes bug out any more? This poor girl's just freaking.

Ser spots the advancing bronze and takes a step into Aine, "Shards I don't wanna get mauled." stumbles from his mouth, brows furrowing a little bit as he leans against the other candidate, trying to make himself very small, and not displaying too much courage at that.

Kiernan blinks a little and lets out a loud Whoop! "Way to go Zan!" he exclaims "He's perfect for ya." he says quite happily, without a trace of envy. Browns really not his color after all.

Tresa claps and cheers. "Congratualations Zantos!" she shouts as he impresses and moves off to the side "What was the dragons name again? I missed it with all the noise."

Dante gives a tug on Ser's robe, pointing, "Zantos… X'an… " he stops and pulls on Ser's robe with a garbled out, "Move!!!!"

The Loving Mother Egg shudders in it's little nest of sand, spinning away from one of it's other clutchmates before finally breaking free. Hair line cracks run up and down the shell before one final kick from the Hatchling sends shards flying over the sand and the little one spills onto the ground.

Exotic Baja Green Hatchling
A rich forest green color washes fully over the Exotic Baja Green Hatchling, slowly fading to a lime color at the tip of her tail. Once you get past the base color you'll find that there is more to this little Hatchling then you first thought. Her hide is covered in a pattern that looks like a tropical forest, a place that is hidden deep within an ancient land. You can almost see the trees, bushes, and other plants of the forest as she moves. To help outline the patterns that you find on her hide there are shades of bluish-green to make up the shadows of a forgotten place. Her eyes are sparkling and whirling with color as she views the world around her but you never know from those eyes what she might be thinking. From head to tail you can see that she is a beauty, all the way down to her golden claws that complete this little green. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Lyrriva.

S'in chuckles and grins, "Congrats, nice brown." he comments, more to himself than anyone else. NOdding to Juti'ni, he waves towards X'an.

Adartomus too cheers for Zantos, "That's the way, Zantos! Beautiful brown!"

Fincayra glances at Merola and Tresa for a moment, expression darkening just a bit, then she returns to Kaisha in time to look over and see first the bronze head for Ser and Ainolique, then the green spill out.

Burnished Bronze Chest of Tricks and Treasures Hatchling emits a shrill creel, now only a hair's-breadth away from Ser, he takes an abrupt turn. Large eyes whirl with the fury of a red-orange fireball as the shard of eggshell covering them slips off, his attention suddenly being captured by a black haired young man. Off he goes in a new direction, a thick, bronze tail stopping short of hitting the abdomen of his previous victim as he spins around to go after his objective.

Kaisha watches teh bronze, Ser and Aino in alarm. No. Eep! She hides her face in her hands, then… as is typical, squints out between her fingers.

Juti'ni gives a light grin as Zantos impresses. "Heya Zantos! Knew you could do it!. Come on, you two must be hungry, so follow me on out would ya?" the bluerider gives a grin to the new pair as he beckons X'an on over.

Laria grins and calls out "Congrats X'an"

X'an takes just a couple of moments, in the confusion of who's bodyparts are whose, to get going here. No, that's not his wing, and these are his feet. "Coming!" energy, he grins like a mooncalf fool. "C'mon, that's where the food is. Damn.. you can't use a fork."

Elgin's head turns to see what has Laria calling out and his eyes widen when the shellblinded bronze begins steaming their way. "Ouch, that's going to heart if they don't move. Woah! Did you see that thing turn? Shards they are both lucky he hasn't taken anyone out!" He remains fixed on watching this now dangerous seeming bronze. "It's going to get someone."

Exotic Baja Green Hatchling spills out on the the sands, tumbling over larger chunks of shell. A quiet cry escapes the young green's throat as it works to regain its footing. Finally standing, the creature attempts to shake off some of the sand stuck to its hide. Crying again, it manages a few steps before simply stopping and looking around, confused.

X'an has left.

Merola look at Tresa and shakes her head with a smile. "I'll get the names later and let you know if you'd like." She whispers, but at the moment her gaze is moving around on all the Hatchlings. "Well, there goes the theory that Touching the Eggs makes Hatchings safers." She sighs, seeing the near misses and missing Zantos' Impression to his Brown.

Juti'ni has left.

A few slow wobbles is all the movement that the Egg of Our Lady, the Virgin makes before it neatly splits down the middle, leaving just those few large shards to decorate the sands. The cracking leaves free a dainty hatchling to peer out across the sands and the candidates that remain. Without a moment's hesitation, the Sunlight Limned Green is on her way across the sweltering expanse in search of her artistic partner. Examining those she passes, the picky green finally discovers the piece of perfection she was looking for: a solitary lad with long dark hair from Telgar Hold. Norman stares at her in disbelief, sputtering before the announcement comes, loud and self-assured, "Yes, yes. I am N'ran and you are my Oraquynhath and we will paint a perfect Pern together!"

Honoring of Those Passed Egg wiggles again, moving on the sands for a long moment.

Kiernan watches X'an head off with the brown and then groans, now who's gonna be his moral support? Oh well, that's life. His eeys are dragged back the hatchlings, oh wow a green. He blinks a little, a confused looking one, better watch out for her. And then he sees yet another one Impress, my.. he never realized just how fast this would go.

Juti'ni has arrived.

Dante shakes his head at the near miss of Ser, "Gotta be more careful," he mutters, not that he's likely to be heard over the commotion going on around them. Eyes sweep this way and that, noting the green stopping in her tracks and the next impression of the Telgar lad, Norman.

Burnished Bronze Chest of Tricks and Treasures Hatchling is in complete control now. Egg-wet wings come half open, spraying gelatinous droplets in all directions, then, one magnificent leap gaps the distance between himself and his possession. He locks onto a squinting pair of steel grey eyes…

Tresa's heart stops for an intant as that bronze tail barely misses Ser, "That was close," she murmurs then smiles to Merola, "Thanks, I miss so much being short and half deaf, it seems."

"Ooooohshards." Ainolique /just/ catches her breath and pants heavily as the bronze veers away. "That's some scary stuff." Aine attempts to keep her heart from coming up her throat, and starts chanting… "I will not be scared, I will not be scared…" A few more silent moments of that, and she's regained a little composure. "… alright, alright, more dragons are hatching… ooh, green."

Blessing of the Beasts Egg wiggles to the right, wiggles to the left and stops, stillness possessing it once more.

Fincayra eyes Ainolique. "Hey, at least the lights aren't out for here, Aine- you would've even seen him coming."

Izelth has left.

X'an calls to Izelth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Kaisha erps, watching the bronze but seems to be rather entertained by the crazy hatchling. Silly boy. She looks, however, curiously at Fin. "Why would teh lights be out?"

Ser looks over at Dante, confused, "Well I do what I can!" he calls out, daring to take a step away from Ainolique to give her a little room. "Shells that's unnerving." he mutters. "Who…?" he asks, looking after the bronze that nearly missed him.

Anysta meanders into the hatching sands, from the entrance to the hatching grounds.

Anysta has arrived.

Dante lets out a moan as he grabs his head and closes his eyes to stop the mad rush of …. and then eyes open as he stares down at the fierce bronze that has claimed him, "Yes… yes… you have found me Orasth." He takes a deep breath again and winces, "Starving! Wait, slow down… " he looks around the sands, "Food, need food over here!"

A rocking motion and then several rolls as the Honoring of Those Passed Egg shudders from the movements of the hatchling within. Another wobble or to before it goes still for a deceptive moment. Abruptly, it cracks and shatters open, as fragments of shell fall to the sands, gravestones turned to meaningless shards as the bronze hatchling within is exposed.

Solemn Remembrance Bronze Hatchling
Shadowed in dark shades, this bronze dragon carries a somber collection of hues across his hide. Velvety toned bronze accentuates his head, darkening as it moves from muzzle to 'knobs and shadow pronounced eyeridges. Sharply peaked neckridges move down a thin neck and across his broad back before finally tapering off at the very end of his long snaking tail. Metal flecked with amber colors the hide of his shoulders, showing off the delineation of his muscles there in his strong forearms and back across a wide barreled body. Thickset haunches are gathered under his body, sturdily muscled and built for long flights before leading down to his smoke touched feet, swirls of near black grey across the deep bronze and nearly hiding the deep ebony of his talons. Shading most of his body though, are his wings in hues of deep sepia toned bronze, from the lighter markings across the body of the sails to the impossibly deep tones of the wingspars. Light flashes from his ailerons and back to his fingersails, a fluid reflection of bronze washed color. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Jolie.

Fincayra shrugs. "Power outage. I don't know. Last time I stood, they went out and it was dark - had to find a spotlight but it was horrible. Couldn't see too far in front of you."

Exotic Baja Green Hatchling attempts to move again, taking each wobbly step one at a time. Finally getting its balance, it begins to move cautiously, the green seemingly searching each face within its limited view. Taking another cautious step, it begins to fall again and ends up charging a small group of candidates that scatter out of the way. Wings spread, it tumbles to the ground again but instead of crying, emits an angry growl as it forces its way up.

Kiernan catches sight of another egg wiggling, his eyes darting to the wandering hatchlings. He's ready to dodge if need be. In fact he's so keyed up, he'd probably jump out of his skin and then suddenly he lets out another Whoop "Way to go Dante!" he exclaims and then jumps as the green starts charging.

At war with itself, the Conquest of Vanity eggshell seems to be expanding as flagging colors wrestle for supremacy. Alarming clashes occur where orange and red via with green and white until the whole conflagration must come to a end, or burn itself out in the process. The pains of this warfare find their expression in a fine web of cracks which spill across the shell slicing through all the warring colors. The final battle comes with one talon crashing thru the top of the egg. It rips through, exposing a flash of blue, then the shell crumbles around it and the Blue Curacao Margarita Hatchling spills out onto his back in the sands. It takes him only a moment to struggle to his feet. Ignoring the presence of any others on the sands, including parents and clutch mates, he arrows in on dark hair, cinnamon skinned Zaragoza. Before he can be knocked down, Z'go drops a hand down onto the blue hide and exclaims, "Careful, Pueblath. You don't want to get hurt. "

Tresa jumps up and down excitedly, "Alright Dante! Way to go! Nice looking dragon, very nice indeed."

Blessing of the Beasts Egg rocks wildly for several moments, the creature within its confines seemingly demanding freedom with relentless movement.

Kaisha shivers at the idea of these little ones in teh dark. "Did anyone get hurt?" She looks over to watch the bronze impress, and then a blue. Now her eyes flicker to the little green sprawling about on teh sands. "Erp, another ungainly one." Not like they all weren't.

Adartomus watches the approaching hatchlings in amazement, a wide smile spread on his face as he turns from his fellow candidates to the sands and back again just in time to see Dante impress. "An excellent Bronze, Dante! Congratulations!"

R'al is back from bringing P'ella to the Weyrling barracks and once again speaking quietly once more, but as a green is impressed to Norman the Assistant Weyrlingmaster waves once again to a new weyrling. "Congradulations, Norman - sorry, N'ran? - if you'll follow me we can get her some food. You, too, Zaragoza." and another two Weyrlings are lead off the sands.

"It all goes by so fast," pants Ainolique, looking every which way to see dragons bond and keeping her eyes fixed on the green hatching out on the sands, since the bronze is definitely a boys' thing. "Ser, I really, really hope you stay…"

Solemn Remembrance Bronze Hatchling shakes out first one foot and then the next, looking around for a moment as he gains his feet. Just where is he, exactly. A long look at his parents and then he's trudging forward toward that line of candidates. Someone there must be the right one for him.

Ser ha's brightly at D'nte. "Congratulations!" he smirks, genuinely happy. "He's beautiful! And he nearly tried to eat me too!" He blinks, looking around at Aine, "Shards should we really talk about that right now?" he asks, suddenly sullen.

Elgin's head is spinning from all the activity around him. Greens and bronzes and eggs together, not to mention the other candidaets. "Shells." Now even this one is very nervous. "Laria, can you watch them all? It's so fast I can't seem to keep up." Dante's impression is meet with a smile, and the second bronze a frank stare. "Least he isn't charging about dangerously."

Fincayra furrows her brow, thinking about it. "I don't recall. I think someone might have- hey, Dante impressed. And there's another bronze." Thank you, captain late. "Where's the green going?"

Getting back on the sands, Juti'ni just barely catchs the Dante impression as he takes a small jog over and says "Congrats Dante, if you and your lifemate would follow me? We're gonna get you two some food."

Exotic Baja Green Hatchling stalks onward, its momentum gaining as it searches through those on the sands. Quickly it discards one small lad, then another girl with auburn hair. Its speed increases as its patience seems to wear thin. Moving quickly past a couple of candidate, it simply glances at one girl, then stops suddenly. Breathing heavily, the creature stops in front of the girl, its eyes locking with her green eyes. Another pair made.

Merola spots the Impression of one Bronze and the Hatching of anothe. Taking her cue from Tres, as she's horrible with human names, the girl calls out in a low voice which carries easily. "Congratulations, Dante!"

Laria grins at Elgin "I've had practice, from up there" she points to the galleries.

Kiernan watches the new bronze, and then the green again. Bronze, green, oh boy. He scratches the back of his head and takes a long breath, remember to breath, breath

:Jolie is still standing next to Seva, staying way back from the rest of the folks on the sands and watching as first one pair and then the next forms. There's a full fledged smile on her face as she looks around, pleased beyond words.

Kaisha blinks at the green as she marches on up. Hunger. Oh. Her hunger. "Why… oh… I will always love you too, Soavth." She smiles and runs a hand over the dranet's muzzle. "Yes. Let's get some food. I'm sure we can find some around her."

Rayne stands quietly behind and to the left of Jolie. Unlike her senior, her face carries no emotion aside from intent interest on what's going on. She nods as each pair is made and make their way to their new destiny.

The Blessing of the Beasts Egg twitches, its movement continuous as it falls into a constant rocking. Energy continues to destroy the egg's previous silence as it falls off kilter and circles before toppling off of its mound of sand. Several moments of inactivity pass before the Blessing of the Beasts Egg explodes and Dynamic Rollicking Elemental Blue Hatchling stands in its place.

Dynamic Rollicking Elemental Blue Hatchling
Waves of cobalt, indigo and navy wash along the back of the abnormally small blue dragon, the variation in shading flowing from neck to tail-tip in a show of unique patterns. Oversized wings are designed in a rope of intertwined sapphire and cerulean, the mix gracefully dancing in altruistic markings, while the underside bears interrupting wisps of gold, auburn and orange in the expanse of blue. Upon his belly, a dappling of icy turquoise forms a gathering pool for the pale tears that slide down his sides, shadows and abounding emotion brooding in the darkness that reflect the muted color of his headknobs and neckridges. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Z'ac.

S'in jsut grins as he stands back, stroking Aeleojaith's leg as he leans against her somewhat. "Best get to doing my job, shouldn't I old girl?" he asks her, grinning somewhat and starting to stand up a bit straighter.

Laria calls out congrats to Kaisha and Soavth

D'nte catches Juti'ni's congratulations and instruction as well and gladly follows the blue rider off the sands towards the food, stumbling as he also tries to work out the new duality that has been bestowed upon him.

Tresa is growing hoarse from cheering but at least she's not frightened and nervous anymore. "She's a beautiful dragon, Kaisha!" she calls out, clapping her hands and smiling.

Fincayra squeaks, jumping out of the way of the green. "Shells!" Sidling away from Kaisha and her new lifemate, Fin then beams. "Wow! Kaish, wow! Soavth.. Congrats!" Of course Kaisha is involved in her new lifemate, so Fin moves toward Tresa, pausing when she sees the blue. "Wow. Gorgeous."

Orasth has left.

D'nte calls to Orasth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Solemn Remembrance Bronze Hatchling continues to walk, looking around for a long moment. He turns to give a look at first a blonde haired lad, but that's not right and he keeps searching, searching. There, he heads forward. He's find his one perhaps and he's shouldering though candidates.

"Way to go, Kaisha!" calls out Ainolique with a grin - alright, a bronze and a blue and one more egg left on the sands. "And Soavth too." She's bouncing a bit from foot to foot in anticipation. "C'mon, Ser, good luck good luck good luck…"

Kiernan dancings back and forth on the sands, really, it's the heat, not nervousness "YEah Kaisah!" he cries out. He yanks on his robe a bit here and there, oh shards there's another one he missed hatching, another blue. He watches it and the bronze both nervously.

Merola spots the newest Blue and smiles. "Even Miala would have trouble finding fault in him." She whispers to Tresa, glancing up at the Galleries, she catches sight of her two greens perched upon the rail and watching the events bellow.

Ser's actually distracted from the hatching momentarily, confused by the candidate to his side, "Good luck good luck good luck.." he tells her, shaking his head quickly to clear his thoughts and look back around him, spotting the bronze and taking a step back closer to Aine.

Laria smiles as she looks about and shifts her feet abit from the heat.

Solemn Remembrance Bronze Hatchling finally stops in front of a brown eyed, brown haired boy. Hopefully bronze doesn't clash to badly with brown, and with that the hatchling pushes his head forward at his chosen one, nudging him lightly to pick up on the fact he's been chosen.

Adartomus has his eyes fixed on the dragonets, trying to memorize thier lines, his pencil hand twitching. "I'm going to sketch this scene if it's the last thing I do," he mumbles smiling at the remaining candidates.

Elgin mummers softly to Laria at his side. "Not much left, and there goes the bronze too. This has been the fastest hatching I've ever seen." He stills as if suddenly realizing his time as a candidate is over and he might be left here standing.

Laria nods "Fastest I've seen."

Dynamic Rollicking Elemental Blue Hatchling lifts his wings in victory, freedom accomplished with minimal trouble. Ridding himself of excess goo, the blue wastes not another moment before racing toward the candidates in a series of circles, trips and stumbles. Screeching in pure annoyance, he manages to drag himself from the sand - now covered in a layer of it - and return to the task at hand: a playmate. Extending his wings for balance, the extremely small creature once more hurries toward the depleted semi-circle.

"So what's the score?" R'al asks, once more watching the Candidates, hatchlings and eggs (egg?). "Hard to keep track, going back and forth and all. Looks like we got one hard egg and… two crawlers?"

Ser blinks slowly, head tilted at a small angle as he looks at the bronze in front of him, "I'm Ser.. S'r.." His eyes go suddenly very wide. "Tenirth!" The boy's a little bit slow. "We can go eat. Over there." He glances around for one of the Weyrlingmasters. Somewhere.

Ainolique beams. Really, really, really beams. "Ser! This is wonderful… oh, oh, oh, you have him you have him…" For a moment, she's distracted as she sees the bronze make Impression. "He's beautiful." Gush, goes the Aine. "Looks like you're at Western for good, man."

After a rattle and a roll and few shards falling off, the Feliz Navidad Egg collapses into a heap of brightly colored remnants. Now free, is an Icy Crystalline Frozen Morning Green Hatchling that sets up an awful screech at having her home destroyed. A shake of ice caped wings and she is off, bombarding directly toward the crowd of candidates and nearly running over her choice. Sora, almost falls over as she is pushed, but her hands go around a light green dragon neck and then there's a tremble to her voice as she assures Crysyllyth that she is there, will always be there for her.

Kiernan is sweating for sure, the heat of the sands, so hot. His eyes dart back and forth between the lone egg and the dragons, to the bronze seems to have found someone who.. who has he found? Oh! "Yeah Ser!" he exclaims.. oh wait the last egg just hatched… it did? Wow!

S'in pushes off of his green's leg and starts out towards the sands, just grinning. "Congradulations, kid." he notes, jogging up to Ser with a lopsided grin on his features. "If you would follow me, S'r and Tenirth, we'll get you some food directly." Ooooh! Got eh Weyrlingmaster himself to move those legs of his, did we?

Laria says "Congrats S'r!""

Fincayra blinks. "One? Wow, one left! That was fast. Very very fast." Pleased, Fincayra starts to slink for the back, once she notices there's actually none left. "Hey, yes, we're about done, and I'm hot. Pause. "S'r - wait, what's his name?"

Laria says "Tenirth"

Merola grins as she spots the Green and nods. "I was off by one Brown since there was no Gold." She states with a nod. "Not bad…" Ser's Impression takes her attention away from the young Green who just Hatched. "Congratulations, Ser." She replies with a slight nod.

Tresa's eyes widen at the latest bronze impression. "Oh Ser! he's lovely, congratulations!" she calls to him, smiling happily. "And Tenirth's a wonderful name."

Dynamic Rollicking Elemental Blue Hatchling continues on his journey for someone to play with, energy pushing the blue to weave within the remaining candidates, expressing his distress in a serious of strange noises. Stopping in front of one of the male candidates, the blue sizes him up, silence resulting for several long minutes. An uncomfortable shift from the male causes the blue to turn away, obviously not impressed. Something catches his attention from across the sands the nervous step of a candidate; someone with energy to match his own; someone that would make a perfect playmate. He charges in that direction.

Adartomus raises a fist in Ser's direction, "Congratulations," he calls over to his fellow and grins. "Good for you, Bronzerider."

Fincayra mmms at the names. "Tenirth.. and Crysy-sy-ill-llyth? Huh?" Stumbling over the green's name, Fin is distracted by the blue. "Hey, whoa, look at him go!"

As S'in 'takes care of' S'r and Tenirth, R'al walk towards Sora and Crysyllyth, grinning at the pair ashe offers his hand to help the fallen girl up after giving her and her lifemate a few moments, "Come on - time to get some food for you two."

Kiernan watches the blue charge, oh sweet Faranth? Where's he charging for? Course he can't take his eyes the lone dragonet and then he looks almost ready to faint as he finds himself looking into the eyes of the blue and blinks "I.. I…" he swallows and then can't help but grin brightly "Of course I'll play with you Phailinugoth!" he can't help but laugh "Huh? K'nan?" he blinks a little and nods, likeing the sounds of that.

X'an has left.

Laria grins and claps for K'nan and Phailinugoth, "Congrats!!"

Tresa leaps excitedly once more as Kiernan too impresses, "Yeah Kier…ooh!" She looses her balance and nearly falls to her knees "Shardination" comes a grumbled oath but she still smiles at the pair. "What was that name?" She shakes her head and laughs, "Either way, he's lovely."

Merola grins and woops to Kiernan. "Congratulations, K'nan!" She calls happily, her head tilts to one side and she bites her lower lip for a moment. "Take care of him, Blue Phailinugoth."

Fincayra stares. "K'nan! Congrats.. Wow, how is that pronounced? Phailinugoth," she tries it, mangling the name badly. "Wow. He's a looker."

S'in jogs back out from where he left the other Weyrlings and heads over towards Kiernan, grinning. "Congrats, bud. Phailinugoth, eh? Lets go. K'nan." he notes, waving a hand towards where he led the other 'lings, "We can get you and Phailinugoth some food directly." he adds.

Ainolique is… dragonless, apparently, but nevertheless she looks a little bit relieved that it's all over anyway. Her face is a mix of bummed-ness, relief, and excitement that her standing-mate's Impressed. And, as Kiernan becomes K'nan - "…Phailiwhatwhat?" Gawp.

Elgin smiles as the last impression occurs. His body visible relaxes and he even goes so far as to give one quick gruff chuckle. "Well. That was…something, eh?" He extends an arm out to Laria, as if to pull her into his side. "At odds again, no?"

Adartomus pumps his fist into the air, cheering loudly for Kiernan, "Excellent immpression K'nan!"

Laria grins and nods and gives Elgin a hug. "Yes it was."

Jolie was caught quite flatfooted, by the speed of the hatching and she gives a slight look to both Z'ac and Rayne before she steps forward. "I know, that for some of you. Your lifemate was not on the sands this evening. That does not mean you will never impress. And we have come to enjoy having you here at Western very much. So much so, that we would like you to stay as part of our weyr."

Tresa sighs as the last egg hatches and the hatchling impresses. As final words are spokan she gives one last bow to dame and sire before mincing her way back off the sands toward the coolness of the bowl "It was a good hatching, good pairs we made." is whispered softly to Merola and any others close by.

Merola finally looks around and nods to Tresa. "Well, I'm going to go check on Pryytak." A smile plays upon her lips. "She'll want to know what all the Dragons were humming about."

K'nan is quite stunned but at Phailinugoths' insistant urging he begins moving off the sands "Phailinugoth!" he says again "He's wonderful!" he can't help himself, he's practically shouting. "Yes, lets get you some food. Huh? Umm oh, okay." he says to the dragonet and grins. Oh my.

Merola curtsies to the ClutchParents and their Lifemates before she follows Tresa out.

Ainolique musters a short bow before traipsing her way out with the rest of the other candidates. "Who's up for a shindig while the Weyrlings go work, eh?" she calls out with a grin.

Fincayra beams at Jolie's offer and calls, "I would definitely like to stay on. However now I want to get off these sands!" And thus she moves for the exit, intent on getting /cool/ - not before she remembers to pay her respects one last time.

Fincayra adds to Ainolique. "Me!"

Adartomus smiles at the Gold and Bronze once more, bowing to them and thier riders. "Thank you for the honor of letting me stand. I will always remember this place and the times I've had here." One more low bow and he turs away to seek his sketchpad.

Z'ac watches as the last pairs are made and Jolie steps forward to give the usual speech.

Elgin grins at the Weyrwoman as he starts to move out. "Well, this is my home. Don't know where else I'd go!"

Elgin wanders over to the entrance to the hatching grounds.

Elgin has left.

Rayne steps up behind Jolie and places a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "That was quick." A slight smile breaks on the woman's lips.

Adartomus moves over to the entrance to the hatching grounds.

Adartomus has left.

Jolie nods once more, before tilting her head up to Rayne. "I know. I forgot how fast they can be." She glances to Seva, who was watching as her children are now off the sands.

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