Gold Sevaruth and Bronze Gilanth's Hatching

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch. Spread about the sands are the 18 eggs of gold Sevaruth and bronze Gilanth's clutch, watched protectively at all times by dam and sire.

Public Announcement from Jolie: In just about 10 minutes, Sevaruth's newest clutch will be hatching on Western's Sands. If you'd like, please @tel to #35 and watch from our Galleries.

Jolie rushes out to the sands with a swish of skirts until she reaches Sevaruth's side to look back at the eggs there on the sands. Sevaruth for her her part is opening up the chorus of humming that welcomes dragonkind to the world.

M'kail heads out shortly after, straight over to Gilanth's side as the bronze is humming softly, but gradually getting louder by the second.

Sunshine and Rain Egg wobbles slightly on the sands, rolling around in the divot its dam had made for it and practicing for its big moment.

Sprinkled With Stardust Egg rolls on the sands, moving this way and that as the hatchling within struggles to get itself out.

With a rattling noise, the Bare Cupboard Egg begins to shake and split. Cracks sliding down along the wood grain, exposing ever more of the emptiness found there on the shelves. Finally spilled out on the sands is an Aged Wooden Brown Hatchling that moves to shake the stiffness out of his limbs first, before heading directly toward the line of candidates. Several girls eyed and then dismissed as he looks for just the right one. His partner. And that is found in one Sarmon, who vows as S'mon. "No, Ubarth, I'm not lonely anymore."

The candidates file onto the sands. There's a little hesitancy, a little uncertainty, a little eyeing of the two very large dragons, but it's hardly any time until they're formed into a fairly neat semicircle. At some signal that's invisible from the galleries, the whole group bows in unison towards the clutchparents. Someone's been practising!

Jolie starts, laughing and turning to M'kail. "Did you see? Already out, even before they all get their bows out of the way." She tilts her head. "A brown for Sarmon, well, S'mon it seems."

Phaedra hastily finds a place beside near Alorye, giving one clunky sandal a shake to get the cool juice going. Her eyes are on her foot at the key moment and when Sarmon's voice peeps up not far from her she gasps. "Oh, crumbs! I missed it. They're coming already." Her eyes are wide, and she offers an awed sort of wave as S'mon passes with his brown.

Velika's eyes bug out when Sarmon impresses right off the bat, the brown dragonet given a look too but it's not a longing one —not from her, oh no. "If I had to guess on that one, I would've said…" her voice drifts off as she mutters the rest and settles in next to Nealon, post-bow.

Kyla swallows hard, the excitement of the moment forming a lump in her throat. She glances to the candidates who have settled to either side of her, sharing the nervous expectancy and starting at the crack of a shell. Attention is focused then fully on the clutch,a soft ooo as the brown emerges and finds his mate.

Ezyia gets on the sands, bowing along with the others to the dam and sire, eyes darting over to the first egg to hatch, eyes going wide as the brown hatches and Impresses.

M'kail smirks to himself and headshakes. "Yup.. no waitin' around it seems." he murmurs to himself, and watches as the action ensues.

Alorye has gone very nearly as pale as her robe as she stands there, shaking one sandal then the other, hands fidgeting in her robe. She's looking towards the weyrwoman and weyrleader when that first dragon comes out so suddenly to make his choice, but she catches sight of it at the last minute and makes a… well, a grunting kind of sound. "Oh shards," she mutters, glancing towards Phaedra when the girl comes near. "Why'd I e'er 'gree t'do this?"

Errakiel stands by Fincayra, almost hiding behind her friend. She does give a look up into the gallery to see if she could see a friendly face or not.

Flakes of the brilliantly crispy crust on the Fresh Baked Pie Egg start to fall, mingling with the sands as the ovoid starts to crack. Finally, after a lengthy time spent rolling and even twisting, a Motley Collection of Patches Blue Hatchling is emitted onto the sands. After time spent wandering, creeling in a sing song pattern, he finds his own obsession in Odette, even as the weyrleaders look on and shake their heads. "Yes, Quatreth. You found me, and I'm yours and let me get you something to eat."

Naveen eyes the new pair, a look of surprise crossing her features at the sudden impression. The girl mutters something to herself, then peers out of the corner of her eye at her 'neighbors' before her attention goes back to the eggs.

X'an trots out with the last of the candidates, only to already be ushering weyrlings along. "This way S'mon.. this way. You'll have to get him fed." - directives given, he swiftly returns, panting a little.

Sunshine and Rain Egg rocks forcefully to one side as cracks spread like spider webs over the once smooth shell. Chips from the egg spin over the sand before there is one last shove and the egg melts to reveal the hatchling within.

Stormy Start and Sunny End Green Hatchling
Hidden in the depths of a storm, is the dark emerald of this dragon's hide, from her sharply defined head with the deepset eyes, expressively highlighted by clouded forest jade, trinkets near hidden. Powerfully built, with her hide entrapped in a collage of green hues and shades that overlap and layer amongst each other in the storm collection of imagery and cloud. Rain slides down along her neck, puddling along the ridges there before splashing off along her shoulders and following down her body to flow across her sides and flanks. That leaves her hide a dizzying display of fanciful minor shades of green, a mottling that blends in the distance. Angular, powerful feet are tipped with claws green gold in tone, strongly curved crescents to be used in balance against the storm that captures her and anchors in the tempest. Shrouded wings, the flash of the storm once again across her 'sails and billowing up against her wingspars in the flailing deep treachery of the monsoon. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Lyrriva.

Hester stalks out, her fingers behind her head. She almost looks like a girl what with being clean and in a dress-like thing, oh, and that 15 pounds she's gained. Skinny, but not 'my bony protrusions will make you bleed' anymore. The speedy impression makes her jump a little and circle around behind several other candidates. "Hey!" She chirps cheerfully, prodding Ryu in the Shoulder. You have been chosen to stand by the Hess. The Hess bids you, feel honored.

Jandria finds herself standing next to Errakiel and another girl. She glances from one neighbour to to the other with a somewhat strained grin. "Well, this is it. Good luck, you two - oh, that was so /quick/! A brown!"

Nealon hasn't been practicing, which is probably why he nearly topples over in the odd sandals. "These are awkward Phaedra. Couldn't you have made them less.. weird.." He mutters quietly before his pale eyes catch the sight of the new brown and weyrling heading off. "Wow! One already? You've got to be kidding me!" He turns his head to peer at Velika as she makes it to his side and he waits before Lenka takes up his other side. "Hello sweetness. Feeling okay?" Yah right.

Ceresy glances around, eyes sweeping across the eggs, the dragons, the other candidates. She hops a bit, but not too badly, and its quickly forgotten as an egg hatches, drawing her attention like a moth to a flame.

Ainolique shuffles over to fall into place beside Phaedra, keeping a close eye on the eggs - and blinking surprisedly, she notes the first Impression. "Ooh! Wonderful," she half-squeals, before turning her eyes to the galleries to wave at a few people who've called out her name. "Well…"

Ryu moves up beside Hoki, and leans towards him. "You aren't nervouse as the rest of us. You've done this before, right? "

Errakiel blinks as one of her favorite eggs hatches and sees the lovely green, "Ohh she's pretty, don't you think so Fin?" The older girl nods.

Nathan moves off to the far right end of the arc of candidates, and watches, trying hard to look calm. But that someone's already Impressed is… astonishing. They aren't even all in place.

Jolie is trying to keep up with the new listing of pairs, a new blue and then a green hatching to stumble out on the sands. "Odette. She got that blue. Are we sure we should have let her stand, now that we know that?"

Phaedra gulps, then offers Alorye a weak smile. "I was just wondering the same thing." Ainolique gets an absent nod and then she just shakes her head. "Look at how fast they're coming. I didn't know it'd be so hard to keep up."

Naveen is now eyeing her sandals, which seem to have a faulty cooling system. "Phaaaeeedra," Naveen fairly whines as she lifts a foot and gives it a little shake before setting it back down on the sands. Because of course Phaedra can fix this /right now/ and all. Riiight.

Velika arches a brow at Nealon's choice of 'pet' names and smirks at him a little, nostrils flaring. "I'm fine, sweetness," she replies back to him with far too much sugar in her tone. She crosses her arms over her chest and just stands there, eyeing the hatchlings with a decidedly stubborn look upon her face.

Hoki takes a deep breath, looking around. Apparently, Phaedra's sandles are working, to some extent. As ackward as they are, they are keeping his feet cool enough. He marvels at the quick impression, the fastest he's seen, then leans over, and replies to Ryu. "Yes. Just relax and stay with me…

"Well, seems like th'blue needed her Jolie, e'en if she was a frisky lil' bint." Mik, so politically correct, shakes his head. "Gonna be interestin' fer R'al an' his crew anyway." Gilanth hums a little louder, proudly looking on at the rocking of his offspring's shells.

Lenka looks up at Nealon, commenting, "No." It's rather blunt, the poor girl looking a shade of white as she turns back towards the sands, noting now the next two, the blue and green. Watchig the first impression, she manages a muted, "Congratulations.." Almost immediately looking over towards the green, she comments to Nealon, "Not so bad.. So far."

Ezyia glances about at the others, chewing her lip as she goes to stand by some random group of people. "Happening so fast!" she comments. This is nothing like all the stories she's heard!

Stormy Start and Sunny End Green Hatchling takes a few steps, shaking herself off to get rid of egg goop and to uncramp muscles that were just a bit twisted in that tight egg. Ah, there they are. Let me go see as she picks up her pace, and only stumbles slightly on her way toward the candidates.

One of the AWLm team ushers weyrlings on, new pairs checked off on a chalk slate.

"I like that one, the one that looks like cobblestones," she points out the egg. "I just hope one likes me," she mutters under her breath, shifting her feet nervously.

Phaedra cranes her neck around at the wheedling tone from Naveen. "Hmm?" Taking a peek down at the plastic sandal she smirks slightly. "You gotta /shake/ it. Hard. Like this." She demonstrates, looking downright ridiculous as she waggles her foot around with force. The frantic shaking pauses as the green hatchling wobbles closer. "Here comes that green."

Alorye watches the next impression intently this time, eyebrows together as a name gets called out and the pair gets dragged off. "You'd think there'd be… sparks're sommat," she says vaguely, rubbing her hand across her forehead. Phaedra gets a halfway grateful look - at least Alo's not alone in feeling that way - and she nods. "Tha' was Odette, weren' it?" she adds, trying to keep an ill sort of smalltalk going on, even as she watches this new green with misgivings.

Flights of Fancy and Imaginotions Egg sways back and forth for a brief instant, its motion akin to a bow being drawn across the strings of a violin.

Hester pretends to be interested in the goings on, as far as chatter goes, but she really isn't. She shuffles her way between Ryu and a nearby candidate Pilla to gawk at the gooey baby dragons that hang around long enough to be examined.

Not a Scrap Egg twitches a little, shivers a layer of sand off of itself, then stills, leaning a little offbalance.

Kyla watches, quiet for the moment as first a blue, then a green emerge. The blue finding its way, so fast, it's all goign so fast, and then there's the green, and she watches, shifting from foot to foot.

An Epic Battle Egg shakes just a tiny bit. Not quite ready to make much effort yet, it seems.

Someone had managed to get Bridget bathed and into a new tunic or robe as the case may be, today. So it was that after the Ring of Laughter Egg hatched, dumping out its Poxed Virulent Green Hatchling that she knew just where to head, toward her somewhat cleaner than expected, but definite life partner. After headbutting the girl, Bridget was heard to giggle and solemnly swear. "No, Yersiniath, we don't have to bathe very much at all. Only when we absolutely can't get out of it. And I'm pretty good at getting out of it."

"It's crazy stuff, yeah," Ainolique replies to the techie-candidate, keeping an eye on the newly-hatched stormy/sunny green. "Ooh, nice coloration on that one," she says appraisingly, nodding. "Lovely." The weaver-candidate issues something of a subtle beam, before clasping her hands behind her back and squinting her eyes just a bit amid the heat.

Jandria takes deep breaths to calm herself. She eyes her footwear, and gives an experimental shake according to the plastic-crafter's instructions, then plants both feet firmly on the sands, and smiles at the journeyman-candidate. "Hey, Phaedra. These sandals really work!"

Ryu offers a hand to Hess. "ARe you as nervous as I am," she whispers.

Errakiel peeks around the other candidates, staring at all the hatchling. OK, maybe this isn't as bad as it going to get. The little green looks kinda cute.

Nealon likes his petnames, that much is apparent by the beaming smile on his face. "Well.." He taps his sandals on the ground, hoping to get them working again. His gaze follows the little green along before the next green impresses to Bridget. "Oh shards. We have Odette and Bridget in the same clutch. I'm scared.."

"Well couldn't you have, you know, made them last a little longer than two minutes?" Naveen says, giving her left foot a hard shake and then her right one. But there's not too much time to be preoccupied with defective footwear, for there's candidates right and left getting Impressed, and so there's other things to worry about, like those rather, um, largish hungry dragons.

Trotting over to Bridget, X'an directs her with her new green, over toward the other AWLM's. "Congratulations, Briget. Yersiniath… lovely name."

Ceresy bites lightly upon her lower lip to suppress an excited squeal as she watches the stormy and sunny green right herself and move in the direction of the gaggle of candidates, torn as her attention is dragged at by another hatching egg over there, she really should have expected this…

"I'm not sure I'd want to be stuck with them," Velika replies with a nod at Nealon, her lips quirking a bit. "But guess I won't have to worry about that too much —you will though." She's apparently very sure of that.

Alorye can appreciate that pairing, oh yes, particularly overhearing what the new rider says to her new dragon. Even through her vaguely nauseated appearance, Alo gives a low laugh, and tilts a little bit to speak towards Lenka. "Didya see tha', Len? Bridget." Who'd a thought. Shakeshakeshake the foot. "These sandals are exhausting, Phaedra."

Lenka manages to catch the latest green impress.. To whom? None other than.. "Bridg??" Lenka gapes, quite obviously shocked, "Congrats!" With a shaky chuckle she comments to Neal, "Guess the marital plans will be put on hold indefinitely then.." Alorye is given a nod, Lenka gushing, "I know, I can't believe it."

Hoki smiles as Briget impresses the pretty green, still breathing a little nervously. He glances over at Ryu and Hester, then to the various other candidates, wondering who's next… "Yeah. Maybe make them just a little bit lighter."

Stormy Start and Sunny End Green Hatchling isn't taking too much of her time, busily looking at first one candidate and then the next before she continues on. No, no and no. Ah, perhaps down there. So she trundles on, still looking and inspecting as she trails the line.

A flash of light signals the pulsar movements of this stellar performer. As the universe expands so too does the Sprinkled with Stardust egg. It expands from within and stretches the shell so that fissions of light break through the starry sky image. The white expands, becoming a network of fine cracks from which suddenly sprouts glistening points of midnight hide. Small, delicate nostrils pause to take in the first breaths of hot hatching ground air and then, with a final heave, the top of the shell falls away to leave behind a darkling blue.

Twilight's First Star Blue Hatchling
Twilight comes on velvet wings cloaked in opulent midnight hue and wraps around this somber figure to paint him the deepest of night-born blues. From the near black of fragile sails held on slender spindles of bone and draped sedately along his back to a full bodied midnight torso that lightens slightly as he stretches crisp, clean limbs along the ground, this dragon is tempered by the color of the night time sky. His is a deep silken blue hide, cloudless and starless as when the last rays of light have just faded from the land. Jewel bright eyes glisten within the squared block of his dark, dark head to be mimicked by the only spots of color brightening his skin. Pinpricks of pale green and turquoise sprinkle the spread of his back between his shoulders and wing joints, but only visible when his sails are aloft. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Jolie.

Ryu catches the comment about the footwear. "Stupid idea anyways. Boots would be more comfortable. Snad keeps getting in these things."

Hester eyes Ryu a moment. Touching? Her nose crinkles a little but she takes teh girl's hand slowly. "Why? Aren't getting flayed. Just a little warm and in a sack. Could be worse." She says, brightening to look at teh ahtchlings a bit more.

Phaedra gives her eyes a bit of a roll at the pairing of Bridget and the green. "Oh, lovely. Anyone could end up with one of them it looks like." Jandria gets a flash of a smile, then she peers back at Alo. "They're not supposed to need /so/ much shaking. Maybe your feet just feel hot 'cause you're nervous or something?"

Jolie reaches out tentatively for M'kail's hand, from where she's standing near Sevaruth and she licks at suddenly dry lips. "Always so fast, it seems and all."

Ceresy slips her hands from before herself to behind, shuffling her weight from one foot to the other, enthralled enough in watching the eggs and the hatchlings, that most of the discomfort felt through her rather mundane sandles is not noticed.

Nealon gives a bit of a shudder as the true understanding of Odette getting blue sinks in. "She's a dragonrider now. She can stalk me all over Pern! Nuuuuu…" He lets out a mournful whimper of sorts before reaching down to grab Velika's hand. "Hold me!"

M'kail cranes a look at the latest offering from the eggs, nudging Jolie lightly on the elbow. "He's a pretty fella." commented to the weyrwoman, he laces his fingers over hers and offers a little squeeze.

Flights of Fancy and Imaginotions Egg titters undecidedly.

Jandria has her eyes firmly on the green hatchling. Not so her neighbour, Landra. The harper is still staring at Bridget. "A green. Well, who would have thought it. She should think herself very lucky to have impressed even a green." No doubt what that young woman thinks her own destiny is.

Errakiel comes to stand closer to the front of the girls, watching the little green. Just who is she searching for? She clutches Fin's hand, "Who is she searching for?"

Naveen eyes the green hatchling and her inspections before she gives her left foot another vigorous shake and mutters curses under her breath. Then the blue hatches and Naveen looks up to watch that, a mixture of curiosity and panic on her face.

Velika uncurls her arms from around her chest long enough to slap at Nealon's hand that's grabbing at her. "Let go you sissy! You don't have to take /me/ down with you too!"

Chiming the Passage Egg isn't doing anything right now. It's just being patient.

Alorye's gaze drops down to her feet, then sideways to Phaedra. "M'no' nervous," she mutters, though she stills the sandal shaking and goes back to simply fidgeting, scratching at the back of her sweaty neck and fiddling with the side of her robe. "No' nervous 'tall." Pause. "Sharding petrified." That last is added seeing the lovely blue come popping out of his egg.

Nathan moves farther away from the other candidates, almost to the opposite side of the clutch from the entrance, watching the eggs with no small amount of interest.

Ezyia watches the eggs hatch, and the green wandering around. She clasps her hands together and dances a little in place, looking /incredibly/ nervous.

Ryu giggles nervously. "You as scared as I am, Hess?" she whispers, clenching her hand without realizing it.

Stormy Start and Sunny End Green Hatchling found her person, staring up into slanted green eyes and then nudging the girl if that wasn't enough to make her realize that who she now belongs with.

Errakiel stares into the greenest eyes she's ever seen and nods, "Uhh… Ih Keorith."

An Epic Battle Egg wobbles fitfully. All this noise is not conducive to relaxation.

Flights of Fancy and Imaginotions Egg wobbles quickly then does a slight spin.

Keorith has left.

Errakiel calls to Keorith and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Twilight's First Star Blue Hatchling was taking his own sweet time, leading off with one foot, and then the next as he walks across the sands and stares into faces. He knows, he just knows that his own is here somewhere.

"Keorith? Congratulations, she's lovely Errakiel." X'an heads over to the trader-dancer now a rider, and smiles, ushering her off to the side. "This way Erra.. we'll get her fed and oiled hmm?"

Hester tilts her head a Ryu. That's what she gets for pretending to be nice. A mercy contest. "Probably not. Considering I'm not scared that I can pin point. Then again.. me, not good with the fear.. feeling it anyway.." She's managed to confuse herself. "There goes Erra.."

Kyla shifts with nervousness. The eggs are cracking and the hatchlings emerge and impress, quick, almost to quick. Eyes dart back and forth between green and blue, and then to blue with murmured congratulations to the newest weyrling as the green makes her choice known.

Nealon is slapped at. He gives another pout as he's rejected and turns towards Lenka. "How about you, will you save me from Odette?" He inquires as he casts a look to his side to watch those dragons who are idly wandering about the sands. As Errakiel impresses he.. just blinks and then lets his eyes shift to his favorite egg on the sands. It's moving! He can see it.

Sweets? That wouldn't be Gustav's favorite thing at all. But even so, when the Don't Steal the Tarts Egg hatched and spilled out a petite You'd Better Obey Me or Else Green Hatchling, that's where she headed. For once, when he opened his mouth, the words falling out were not about tubers, in any way, shape or form. "Alysth, yes m'dear. I will definitely be your G'av." He smiles rather stupidly at the dainty hatchling. "Just right this way, my darling. And we'll find you, your dinner. She'd like something suitably bloody."

Jandria finally notices something other than eggs and hatchlings. She edges closer to Eyzia. "Don't worry. You'll be all right if you just keep your eyes open and don't get in their way - that's what they told us, isn't it? Look, Errakiel got a green.!

Phaedra offers Alorye a faint smile, though her own typically overenergetic hands are active as always. She plucks at the hem of her robe, then twirls the end of her runnertail around a finger. "Me too. It's all a lot more chaotic than I thought it'd be." She games then as Errakiel heads off with the green. Her mouth opens to offer congratulations but they're out of reach so she calls one to Gustav instead. "So fast!"

Naveen calls out a congratulations to Gustav and Errakiel and then she watches where the blue hatchling is headed for, distractedly shaking her right foot.

Errakiel helps Keorith out of the Sands, seeing X'an, she gives a grateful look. The poor former trader looks as if she's going to faint.

Ezyia looks at the green and watches her Impress Errakiel. "Congratulations!" she squeaks out. Jandria is glanced at, and she nods. "I'm not worrying about anything." she says, and grabs for the other girl's hand. "It's just…so important and life-changing!"

Velika's mouth drops open slightly in surprise as a few more impressions are made, but she visibly makes an effort to draw her chin back upward and gives her head a little shake. "Is it just me, or is this going awfully quickly?" Small talk, yes, and it fills the time in between the more joyous sounds of impression.

Errakiel has left.

And the pretty green's Impressed! Ainolique grins and shoots a "Congratulations, Errakiel!" to the newly-made Weyrling, before settling back somewhat. "The blue's not bad lookin', either." Aine's a little more laid-back after the initial few Impressions, keeping a close eye on the clutch as always. "Gotta wonder what'll hatch next, Phee," the young woman ponders aloud. "I'm thinking brown. Betcha… quarter of a mark."

Lenka rubs her hands together, shouting a congratulations to Errakiel and watching the pair be escorted from the sands. Nealon is given an odd look, "Of course.. She's got a little one now, she won't be paying you much attention." She shares a wink with him, turning back to watch the progression of the blue. Briefly she registers Gustav's impression, Lenka widening her eyes, "A green - Oh!"

Hoki sighs, as Errakiel impresses the green, eyes following her for a moment, then turning back to the subject at hand. Which egg's next? Well, all we can do is wait, and see what happens, having been through all this before…

Jolie tightens her hold just barely on M'kail's fingers as she looks at the hatchings. "Well, another pairing that I would not have bet on, at all." She dimples. "G'av, now it seems. And another green."

Flights of Fancy and Imaginotions Egg jumps suddenly into the air, landing outside the crater which its weight had impressed upon the hot sands.

M'kail chuckles slightly, squinting over that way. "Y'know, fer some reason.. seems appropriate. I can jus' picture him an' Bridget gettin' proddy t'gether.."

Alorye's eyes are dragged right between hatchling, impression, hatching, impression - dizzying, really, and she shakes her head. "Erra?" she repeats, hearing the girl's name getting called out a lot, and finally recognizes. Oh, that's where the green went. And then Gustav! Her eyebrows raise, pale smile quirking again. "Tha'll be int'restin'. Wonder wha' Bridget'll think o' tha'."

An Epic Battle Egg shifts restlessly in its bed of heated sand, suddenly stimulated by the creature inside. The gentle motion grows into a practically frantic rocking action as its occupant challenges its shell in a fierce but short-lived fight of its own. With one last, tired wobble, the ovoid returns to stillness. The egg has won, for now.

Ceresy shuffles back a bit, then forward a step or two, struggling among the distraction to maintain her place in the general semi-circle, noting the impressions here and there with a wide grin that finally tugs firmly enough at her lips to displace them from her own gentle bite.

Flights of Fancy and Imaginotions Egg wags from side to side as if attached to the backside of an exuberant canine.

Flights of Fancy and Imaginotions Egg explodes outward as the impatient occupant inside of it extends its extremities from within, exerting all the might it can muster. Wings spread, tail and head held high, a flash of emerald dazzles the senses as she rears on her hind legs for one breathtaking, albeit brief, instant. Colorful pieces of the shell that once held her prisoner sprinkle down upon her in the aftermath, catching the light like a whimsical shower of glitter being sprinkled over the sands. Tada! Shimmering Emerald Green Hatchling has arrived!

Shimmering Emerald Green Hatchling
Blue-tinged emerald tones bestow the slender torso of this green beauty with an almost iridescent sheen, as if she were made of the very minerals that abound on the verdant, tropical isle where she was born. Handsome and angular are her features. Enormous, deep-set eyes, surrounded by delicate ridges, sparkle like jewels, offsetting a slim, pointed muzzle and delicate, attenuated headknobs. Her neck is a sleek, glistening brush stroke, long and lean as it sweeps into a chest which, although substantial and robust, seems deceptively underdeveloped. A spattering of bottle-green tourmaline and peridot hues speckle her muscular back, spilling onto the top of her wings and seemingly infinite tail. So minute are these specks that, as she moves, they create the illusion of glitter strewn haphazardly across her taught hide. Wingsails stretch over prolonged, curving spars that taper into fine, graceful tips. Lithe and fit, legs and arms are of an extravagant length that is almost out of proportion with the rest of her body, while eloquent, expressive fingers extend from distinctly articulate hands, dissolving into dark, forest green talons. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Auberaan.

Phaedra blinks at Ainolique in pure disbelief. "I don't have enough marks for that sorta' bet. And how can you be thinkin' of that at a time like this anyohow?" She shakes her head, then forcefully pulls her hand away from her hair and clasps them both together in front of her instead. "Breath," she mumbles to herself.

Ryu is just staring, first from one pair, then another. She's beyond the ability to form coehrent thoughts now, and just grins nervously at each new pair. She realizes she's been scrunching Hess's hand, and lets go, her hands searching for non-existant pockets.

Not a Scrap Egg shimmies again, leaning now the other way, a furious spurt of activity and then a quelling. Still once more.

Jandria squeezes Eyzia's hand. "I know. That is a bit scary. How about we try to help each other not panic, OK? Look there's another green just hatched - she looks almost shiny."

Twilight's First Star Blue Hatchling is trotting right along on the sands, searching like the faithful one that he is and pausing now and then to take the measure of a candidate before going on.

Hoki moves over closer to Ryu, hand out if she wants to take it, but not pressing the issue. He watches the hatchlings.

Lenka grabs at Nealon's robe absent-mindedly, "Oh look, that green, she's a lovely one!" Though it's not long before Len's attention is soon carried off elsewhere, namely to settle on the blue roaming the sands, gaze following along the line of the path it takes.

Hester scratches her head a little, her hair standing at all angles once disturbed. Her newly released hand is peered at, then wiped on her hip. Not doing that again. She looks out at the newly shuffled line up of eggs, hatchlings, and left over candidates. "And here I was, thinking this was going to take like 6 hours what with how many of them there are. Huh." Shrug.

Alorye watches the green hatch with a critical eye… and, somehow, siezes upon Ainolique's words. "Betcha after this 'un it'll be brown," she says, after swallowing and releasing a deep breath. Hearing Phaedra's words, she nods, rubbing at the back of her sweaty neck. "Breathin's pro'ly a good idea. Leas' it's goin' fast. Won' be out 'ere too long."

"… pooh, and it's a green. Well, since you didn't consent to the bet, I don't have to give up a thing!" Ainolique grins semi-triumphantly. "Not that the green is /bad/ or anything, I just don't get any money from it. She's still quite pretty though." Her eyes follow the dragonets as they move over the sands, particularly the green one.

Nealon pulls back at the Flights egg explodes. He wasn't expecting that, and as the green is spit out he nearly bounces. "I /knew/ it was going to be green." He lies and reaches out to tug on Lenka's arm. "Didn't I tell you it'd be green?" Uh.. no.

Shimmering Emerald Green Hatchling leaps over the crescent moon contour which remains of her egg, landing much too close to Hester, Ryu and Hoki…but a sharp flick of her head towards Lenka and Nealon makes it clear that these are not for her.

Ezyia looks about as more dragons hatch right and left, a blue here, a green there. Looking over the green admiringly, she nods at Jandria. "Yes, shimmering almost, might be because of the goo, but I don't think so. What a beauty."

Twilight's First Star Blue Hatchling finds his one, right here. Here she is as his own rapidly whirling red tinged eyes look into deep grey and there is a croon of everlasting love toward the girl he chooses, now and forever.

Ryu takes Hoki's hand gratefully, leaning up against him. "Come on, c'mon," she whispers, to whom is not known.

"Lotta greens," Naveen comments quietly, under her breath. "And these sharding sandals aren't working, Phaedra!" she calls out, although perhaps it's more of something to take her mind off the important and nerve-wracking event in front of her than a serious complaint. Of course the wonky sandals probably better than no such sandals, although Naveen hasn't enough experience to know that. A quick look is given in Phaedra's direction before she watches the blue Impress.

Ceresy grows still when a hatchling draws particularly close to her, watching them attentively until they decide to pass back on, rising onto her toes within the sandals, a bit of a trill slipping from her throat as she stifles a somewhat excited giggle.

Velika is beginning to doubt her wisdom in eschewing the newly designed sandals from Phaedra, her feet sweating horribly on the sands —it's a swamp down there. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone…" Blink. Her expression goes blank as she stares down at the blue hatchling who has so suddenly planted himself before her. Her mouth drops open and she stares a bit more before finally saying, "Dz.. banth? How'd you get in my … oh, well… er."

Dzbanth has left.

Velika calls to Dzbanth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Lenka turns back as Nealon grabs her arm, "What?" She frowns, "I don't remember…" And as her gaze looks towards the green she notes it's own gaze distinctly focused in their direction, "Oh Neal.. Uhh… Look what you did, she's looking /this/ way." Lenka shifts again, debating wether to stand her ground or head for the hills - or Alorye, actually.

Phaedra follows her own advice and takes a deep, slow breath. "Yes, breathing. Good thing to do," she mumbles, then abruptly shifts her weight from one foot to the other. "I'd say it's about time for a brown, sure. But I don't bet anymore. Lost a passel o' marks about a turn ago, so you're safe." Her dark eyes flicker over the green and she nods. "She's a right pretty one." And then Naveen's whining again. "Do you want to switch?"

Jandria raises her free hand to flick hair out of her eyes. "My feet are fine in Phaedra's sandals, but it's still really hot in here. My hair was wet when I came in, and it's dry now. This is going to be tiring if we're here long," she tells Eyzia. "Now who's that blue going for? Velika! It's Velika!"

An Epic Battle Egg trembles once more, its occupant struggling valiantly for release. The ovoid's frantic swaying slows quickly, the creature inside succumbing wearily. Another battle is lost, but the war is not over yet.

Nealon freezes in place as the green looks to him. And just as he turns to ask Velika if she sees the blue staring at him too well.. she's gone and gotten herself impressed. "Oh /shards/. Vel! Congrats!" Now he's really scared for this class. "Wait wait.. we're supposed to move out of their ways aren't we?" He quickly unclings from Lenka and starts to inch away.

Shimmering Emerald Green Hatchling takes a few steps away from the candidates, keeping her attention on the new group she's spotted, an unsteady step and she stumbles. Lenka's voice catching her attention.

"Ooo…'Lika got a blue. What a sweetie," Ryu calls to her friend.

Ezyia blinks as Velika gets a blue. "Well look at that!" she says, sounding a bit surprised. "Yes, the sands are hot. My feet are probably going to peel, they're getting so scorched and dry." she says with a sigh. The green's path gets observed.

Kyla gets jostled as the girl next to her shys from the mere look by one of the hatchlings "It's ok." Kyla comforts in soft murmured words and then wipes sweaty palms on her robe and when she looks back the blue has found its partner, so its to the green adn the eggs her gaze tracks.

There's a deliberate rattle to the Wind in the Trees Egg, before it seems to fall from its high perch on the sands to a small dip below and as it does, there goes the cracks that spiral up the ovoid's sides. Limbs of the trees even falling, directly to the sands below and exposing a Silent Lullabye Green Hatchling After a time of looking around, taking her time in rather silent footfalls as she seems to float over the sands. Pilla was standing, somewhat off by herself and there is a moment of shocked silence, before she answers the extremely quiet green in front of her. Yes, Shhuhth. I'm right here and listening to you."

Zigzags of pressure split the equator of the Not a Scrap egg as it rocks for one final time, splitting asunder under the force from within, and with an audible crack of the shell, the disk splits from side to side to permit a slim blue nose to extend through. With a shrug, and a further cracking of his housing, the Draped in Finery Blue Hatchling steps regally out onto the sands.

Draped in Finery Blue Hatchling
The essence of regal finery clothes this blue in shades of aristocracy. Beginning at his crown, a ring of ice blue fire touches around his long, backward swept headknobs, akin to a diadem, highlighting the cascade of midnight blue sworls that wend their way down his neck to his shoulders. His face is frosted with whiskers of the same ice blue shade making his muzzle seem finely chiseled, a contrast to the midnight hue. His throat sports a gauche of platinum, spreading down over his chest with minute shifts in the silvery blue. From his shoulders on down, the deepest, richest of royal blues forms a uniform down across his haunches, to the base of his tail, where the selfsame midnight forms a dorsal streak to his spade, over an undertone of pale moon silver shade, like the finest of sisals. His wings the shade of monarch cerulean are dappled all along each spar, with a smoky, dark flecked hue akin to a fine fur trim, a fine cloak spread out behind him. Each foreleg sports well-hooked talons of stony granite, tinged with rust, encased up to the elbows in an overtone of prussian shadows, almost like gloves. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by M'kail.

Hester pouts, "How much fun will it be to annoy Velika now that she has back up? I swear.. no one ever thinks of me first." As they're supposed to?

Phaedra catches sight of Velika and Dsbanth and gasps. "Oh, Lika! Congratulations!" Not that the girl is paying attention to that sort of thing at the moment. Her nose wrinkles faintly then and she steps back from the eggs. "Velika, Odette, Bridget, Gustav… poor weyrlingmasters."

Shimmering Emerald Green Hatchling takes a few quick moments to regain her orientation. Flicking an unintentional rain of sand behind her, she tears off to inspect the other small gathering of white robed creatures. A creel of excitement suddenly blasts through the air, breaking up like jovial laughter as its echoes bounce off the stone walls, and she latches her attention to a thin, young lad with slate hued hair.

Velika has left.

Lenka looks over at Neal, hissing furiously, "What the shells are you doing, how can you just leave me?" She's frozen to the spot as Neal moves away, gaze swinging back and forth between him and the green.

Ryu giggle, this time for real. "Lika's in for it, now she has someone to boss HER around," she agrees with Hess.

Jolie whispers something soft to M'kail, shaking her head in amusement and laughing slightly as she looks out at the sands. "So quickly, and yet so long, if I remember correctly."

Alorye watches Velika impress with… surprise. Oh yes, surprise. "Well," she mutters, brow arched. "Well." That's her extent of her witty vocabulary, and she goes back to the breathing, and eyeing this green dragon still milling about suspiciously. "No' goin' at all how I'd've 'spected," she says, agreeing in low tones with Phaedra. She blinks, and shakes her head with another wan little smile as the green makes her choice. "No' 'tall."

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M'kail nods his head lightly, "Yeah. Seem'd like ferever fer me." he squeezes Jolie's hand again, and squints, much as Gilanth does, at the recently arrived.

Draped in Finery Blue Hatchling lifts his head, bugling as imperiously as he can manage, and lifts his little head high, wings flaring wide. But he's clumsy, and one wing snarls in the ruins of his eggshell, causing him to snarl an irritated growl at his former home. This is /so/ ignominious. The wing is freed, and he ignores the activity around him with a recollection of his composure, attempting to waddle as dignified as a newly hatched blue can manage, toward the white shapes he can see. His attention lifts to one, then another, dismissing the second with a shove of his nose, as he searches for the right one. Where.. where is that voice he heard?

Ceresy whispers softly to herself, voice lost among the din and chaos across the sands, noting further impressions in a slightly detached, but happy manner, not really having a clique of her own to cling to throughout all of this.

Fluffy Clouds of White Egg is rolling and dipping across the sands before it settles into a pattern of rocking before it cracks wide open and spills out a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Bronze Hatchling. He sits for a moment, to preen and make certain that he's noticed before starting his swaggering walk toward the line up of candidates just for him. While it might appear random, he makes a sudden informed choice in choosing, to a lad that's much too busy for a moment talking to someone else to at first recognize what has happened. Then Kassel, now K'sel is reaching forward to smile at Rambouilleth, "Yes, yes. We'll get you something to eat straight away."

Naveen looks somewhat confused as yet another person gets Impressed. This is all so confusing, now isn't it? "Congratulations, Nealon!" is called out, and she scoots a bit closer to a random grouping of people as the candidate ranks thin out. Don't want to stand out of the crowd.

Hoki turns back to watch the green, waiting patiently, although he squeezes Ryu's hand gently, glancing over to her for a moment with a reassuring smile. He takes another deep breath, still nervous, no matter how many times this happens. Seeing Nealon impress, he grins, and nods his head, but says nothing.

Ryu shifts from one foot to the other, looking like she's ready to dodge anything that comes her way. Her hand grips tighter on Hoki's, practically white with the effort.

Nathan is quiet, not congratulating the others, not calling encouragements. He's watching the eggs, possibly trying to guess what order they're going to crack open in. He hardly seems to move, even.

Phaedra gapes, her mouth dropping open as Kassel becomes K'sel and with a bronze lifemate no less. "You have /got/ to be kidding me. Do these dragons have no taste?" She snorts dismissively at the bronze weyrling, the reaches over to tug at Alorye's arm. "Nealon, did you see? Congrats, Neal!" That at least seems to gain her approval before her attention is snagged by the newly hatched again.

X'an hurries over toward K'sel and Ramoubilleth, ushering others along too, as the chaos ensues. "This way, this way."

Ne'lon is still moving away before he's snagged and with a blank stare he suddenly steps forward to touch light upon the green's nose. "Milaiyoth.. Of course. We shall start right now, as soon as we get you food.." The young man shakes his head from side to side before leading the young green off.

Ainolique smiles as more Impressions are made. "Ahhh, she picked out a good one, methinks," notes Aine to Phaedra, canting her head towards the older candidate. "Then again, somehow, dragons always pick out good ones. It /is/ an inborn thing with 'em. At least that's how I always think of it, y'know." She lifts a few strands of errant auburn and tucks them behind her ear.

The inhabitant within An Epic Battle egg has waited long enough to make its appearance. With a splintering sound, a spider's web of cracks spreads across the top of the ovoid, bulging in the midst of the fractured area. Once, twice, thrice this protrusion rises before the damaged shards loose their fight to remain intact and flake away, allowing a head and neck to emerge from its gaping hole. The partially exposed creature turns its muzzle, casting a casual glance about the sands and all upon it. This must be the place. With methodical care, the hatchling goes about extracting the rest of itself like one slipping off a heavy but delicate robe. Finally free of his useless burden, the newborn Moonlit Knight Blue Hatchling strides forward to seek his meal and his mate, leaving an empty and mostly intact husk behind.

Moonlit Knight Blue Hatchling
A vision of glistening majesty is this statuesque blue, every inch of him an image of strength and beauty. Streaks of silvery azure dance upon a thick, pointed muzzle, widening to meet the broad expanse of his wedge-shaped forehead and crowned by a subtly arched pair of back-swept headknobs. Somewhat heavy eyeridges carefully guard the watchful eyes beneath, ascribing to them an almost pensive quality. Smoky blue and turquoise drip liquid bands of light and shadow down the length of his neck to gather in pools of radiant aqua that ripple across chest, shoulder and torso alike. Sharp edged neckridges tipped in steely sapphire hues lead to mighty wings, twin shields swirling with tinges of icy flax and burnished thistle. Thin pencil strokes of granite add a touch of filigree-like scrollwork along darkening, navy-girded, muscular haunches, trailing tightly linked circles to his tail spade. From the cerulean gauntlets of his hands and feet emerge talons of deep onyx, adding a final touch of shine to this princely creature. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Argawne.

Milaiyoth has left.

Ne'lon calls to Milaiyoth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Alorye's face is getting some color back in it. Red, admittedly, from the heat of the sands, but it's better than the ghostly pale. This far into the hatching without anything dreadful happening? She's probably safe. She raises one sweaty palm to gesture to Lenka, then allows herself a single sandal shake, and goes back to meditating on the… impressions? "Kassel? Sharding /Kassel/?" she says, moments after Phaedra.

Ezyia dances a little in place again as Nealon gets the green. "She's beautiful Nealon!" she calls out, grinning at him. Then another egg hatches into a blue, and she gets distracted again.

Ne'lon has left.

Lyn motions Ne'lon over to the sides

Lyn has left.

Draped in Finery Blue Hatchling seems to be getting increasingly irritated. Petulantly, he squeals his displeasure in a highpitched voice, and rears up on his hind legs, attempting to pose himself almost like a heraldric beast… the Rampant Blue! The height appears to be what he needs as he falls back onto all fours with a thump, and he chirrs energetically as he picks up his pace some, charging toward the candidates!

Lenka just stares at Neal, looking rather shocked, "Neal?!" The green at his feet is given another look, Lenka then turning, still shocked, back to Alorye. Both blues on the sand are given the once over, Lenka swinging her gaze back and forth between the two.

Blood in Bloom Egg shivers for a split second, then all motion stops.

Naveen mutters something under her breath as Kassel Impresses. Scary boy. As someone said, the dragons apparently have no taste whatsoever. Naveen's attention shifts back to the eggs and hatchlings, specifically the blue one, as she edges towards Ceresy, who also appears to have no one to cling to or be near.

Moonlit Knight Blue Hatchling has no intention of rushing to anyone. His pace is gracefully slow, apart from the occasional drunken sway that so many just hatched newborns exhibit. The blue pauses in his progress to eye a group of likely subjects.

Chiming the Passage Egg is still. Yes. Very still.

Ryu's other hand joins her left, and now both hands are hanging onto Hoki. "It's your turn now, your turn," she encourages the latest hatchling. "This way," she coaxes it under her breath.

D'nte moves into the hatching sands, from the entrance to the hatching grounds.

D'nte has arrived.

Jandria falls quiet for a bit, though she smiles as the green impresses. She starts to look around the other candidates, those who are clustered together, apparently looking for someone without success. Then it's back to watching the hatchlings. She's still clinging to Ezyia's hand, though she might have forgotten she's doing it by now.

Kyla looks a bit lost in all the activity and just does her best, calling congratulations to those she knows and watching out for herself from the wobbly hungry dragonets as bets she can.

Lyn has arrived.

M'kail blinks a little. "Nealon impressed eh?" peering around as it doesn't appear that the young man's still here.

Ceresy winces as the new blue squeals sharply, shaking her head a bit. The girl draws a hand up to check her hair yet again, growing a bit unsure of herself in all of this as the initial giddyness fades away.

Phaedra lets out a soft squeak as the beautifully bedecked blue charges. "Shells, he looks so stately and then… wham. Which way is he going?" She wobbles a bit, as if trying to figure out which way to dodge should he come this way.

Draped in Finery Blue Hatchling arrives after his mad charge, finding a note of respite in the presence of one in particular. Looking up at the inventor of amazing footwear, he croons quietly. Look at me already will you.

Jolie is still clinging momentarily to M'kail's hand as she watches, as hatchlings twist and turn on the sands and dart about looking for their lifemate.

Alorye draws a face as the one blue lets out that squeal, and she shoots it a sharp look. "They all make sounds like tha'?" she says, the question directed to no one. She steps backwards too. Steps backwards when it gets closer, eyes narrowed at it suspiciously. "Wha' is i'…" she begins, then trails off to then squint, redly and sweatily, at Phaedra.

Hoki smiles slightly as Ryu clings to him, then it turns into a grin as Phaedra impresses. Still he says nothing, turning back to watch the eggs again, just waiting…

Hester is gawking. Yup. Nothing even remotely interesting to add. But wait! "Wonder how long they'll let y… Phaedra? But she's /my/ bauble!" This is /so/ irritating. "I don't think I'm going to be doing this again. Just when I start to encorporate other people into my spiral of madness.." she gestures at Phaedra, "They escape!"

Ezyia watches both blues, one charging, the other approaching slowly, and shakes her head. What a difference! Then when one of the approaches Phaedra, she blinks. "Congratulations!"

Blood in Bloom Egg rocks gently titling slightly to one side.

Jandria has apparently just become aware of her feet again. She raises one chunky plastic sandal and wobbles unsteadily as she tries to shake the foot without it being too obvious, hanging tighter onto Eyzia. The process is repeated for the other foot. "Congratulations, Phaedra," she calls, though she probably won't be heard.

Landra had to be persuaded on out to the sands this afternoon, and she's quite roundly cross as she stands there, with her arms folded across her chest. Even the fact that she's getting an up close view of the sands perhaps for later songs doesn't bring a smile to her face. But once the Twinkling Diamonds Egg hatches, dumping out a Glittering Starlight Green Hatchling, her face does light up for that little green makes a beeline for her. "Mireilleth. Yes, I'm right here. Right where you expected me to be."

D'nte comes back from the escorting the last impressee to the barracks and just watches and waits for the next vict… err… lucky person to impress.

All nervousnessness now forgot, Ryu squeals with glee as Phaedra impresses, and does a little jig, yanking Hoki's arm up and down as she does. "You next Hoki," she bets.

Ainolique peeks. Oh, look, a blue's taken her conversational partner. "… oooh, he's lovely! Congrats, Phee… have fun being a Weyrling." Aine develops a very bright smile, pleased with the circumstances. "Beautiful."

Ceresy hovers nearer to Naveen, almost reflexively, relaxing a bit with the proximity as she does what she can to relax herself, clear her thoughts, nothing to worry about at all among this, right? Sure its chaos, but still, nothing to worry about, nope.

Blood in Bloom Egg jerks out from the other eggs, wobbling a bit before becoming still again.

Without a hint warning, Blood in Bloom Egg bursts forth like a fanfare of trumpet blasts announcing the arrival of royalty. A rain of crimson shards fall to the ground creating the illusion of a carpet of deep red rose petals for a queen to tread upon, and rising as if from a solemn bow, Exsanguinated Gold Hatchling steps onto the sands of Western Weyr to find the one who will share her throne.

Exsanguinated Gold Hatchling
So fair is the color of this lithe queen that, if not for the ethereal caress of gold which tints her form, she might be perceived as a reverent carving of pale saffron tinged ivory. A dusting of coppery bronze resides in the dips and valleys of her regal features, accentuating the shadows that dance across her hide. Evenly spaced over a refined, rounded muzzle, insubstantial eyeridges surround multi-colored orbs that glisten like crown jewels. Stately headknobs swoop back towards a majestic expanse of neck to meet a scattering of candle's light which worships her slender back with hues still and silent as a whispered prayer. When fully extended, pools of amber, wheat and flaxen yellow dapple her wingsails like beams of light shining through the panes of a stained glass window. Each steepled ridge of her graceful tail is burnished with a hint of gilt at its very peak. Legs and arms are no more than sensible in their construction, proportioned to carry out their specified functions with a dignified elegance. Adorning her delicately boned forearms and narrow feet, pearlescent talons arc down like curved spires covered in a mist of myrrh tinted smoke. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by Auberaan.

Phaedra's tension abruptly drains away, that tightly coiled spring of readiness to flee dropping away like a cloak. The color in her face likewise disappears and she swallows hard, then nods. "Chevalyth. Your as lovely as I thought you'd be…" One wobbly hand reaches out to caress the blue's neck, then she nods. "Food, yes."

Helping out the weyrlingmaster with all these new weyrlings, Lyn stands by the weyrling cavern entrance. As Phaedra impresses she motions the girl over "Let us get your new baby fed.

Chevalyth has left.

Phaedra calls to Chevalyth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Lyn has left.

Phaedra has left.

M'kail stares for a beat or two, then nudges Jolie in the side. "Gold." is all he says to the weyrwoman.

Ezyia just stares as a gold hatches. "A gold!" she exclaims, holding tight to Jandria's hand. "Look!" as if no one else sees her. "From that scary egg." She shifts her feet in place, gulping slightly.

Moonlit Knight Blue Hatchling moves on, his one not hiding among that group of candidates. Seemingly unconcerned, he continues to pace along, his muzzle nodding back and forth as he takes in the sights. Wonderful party, having a lovely time. There is a sudden hesitation as his head bobbles in their direction of another white-robed gathering. Could it be? Yes! Throwing caution to the winds, the blue wobbles over to them, crooning ecstatically as his nose gently caresses the thigh of an pale skinned ashen blonde.

Hoki watches the hatchlings. Pretty gold, but not interested in him of course. He concentrates on the blue, squeezing R'yu's hand idly as he waits…

Lenka follows the blue's beeline straight to Phaedra, eyes widening, "Oh, congratulations, Phae!" Lenka is still quite alone on the sands, gaze turning back towards the sands, lingering on the gold momentarily, then back towards the blue. Too many thing to look at.

Exsanguinated Gold Hatchling ruffles her wings with the calmest composure, to free them of the wet droplets which anoint their expanse. Her long neck bends with ease as she scans her subjects on the sands, but it is one that she seeks, and once found, it is that one which she sets out to approach.

"Landra and Mireilleth… and Pahedra and," D'nte waits and then nods, "Chevalyth. Over here… this way, quickly now."

Jolie tilts, turning her head slightly and then shaking it. "Oh dear." That's her only comment for the moment as she simply stares after a while.

Alorye watches this up-close impression thoughtfully. Watches Phaedra go off, thoughtfully. Then thoughtfully mutters something and makes her way over to plant her clunky sandals right next to Lenka, right when the gold makes her appearance. "Wha's alla th' noise 'bout?" she mutters vaguely, just before her eyes fall on the queenly one. Stare. Squint. "Huh."

This is the point where Ainolique's eyes look like they'll pop out of their sockets. Of course, she tries to act more subtle than /that/. "Well, now," she manages, "it's been considerably long since I've seen a /gold/ grace the Western sands," notes the young woman, scooting to stand a little more by herself. "Had a pretty egg. Even prettier dragonet, though."

Naveen's eyes go wide as a gold hatches, forgetting the fact that Phaedra is leaving the sands. A quick glance is given to Ceresy and then she looks back to the gold and the eggs.

Jandria chuckles. "Not scary, really. Just… red. I never expected eggs would be red. And /she's/ a real beauty. Oh, my: Landra's impressed. I hope she thinks a green is worthy of her!"

With a clatter that sounds remarkably like birdsong, the Tribute of the Birds Egg hatches, with very little fanfare. A creel, a trill as the Sweet Song of Mourning Blue Hatchling arrives on the sands and picks his way amongst the hatchlings. First one, then the next is dismissed as not quite right, before he stops in front of an adoring Cloya. The girl reaches forward, pressing her fingers against the blue's hide and laughing in delight, and love. "Yes, Yes, Linneth."

Exsanguinated Gold Hatchling stops to take a quick glance around the sands, continuing onward without a hint as to her hesitation.

Chiming the Passage Egg gives an audible thud, testing for weak spots from inside.

Ryu has Hoki by the waist now, practically dancing with excitement. "Shards, they're so…" words fail her.

Nathan looks a trifle worried for a moment when the gold's gaze just happens to go his way. Nnnnaaaaah. Not going to happen. But for a moment, it seemed like she was eyeing him.

Lenka drops to her knees as both a caress and thought enter her proximity, brushing mind and body. With a bright grin, she speaks, "Tiordth! Yes, yes we will. Come, I'll get you some food." With that she leads the small blue from the sands, gaze continually focused upon him.

Tiordth has left.

Lenka calls to Tiordth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Lyn has arrived.

Lenka has left.

The Chiming the passage egg seems to have reached the end of its patience. First there is a sound of impact, like the beat of a drum, pounding out an ominous rhythm. Thud. Thud! THUD! Then finally the surface of the egg begins to crack along the winding trail, showering the sands with cobble stone sized chunks of its casing. The shadows seem to fall away from the path as the surface erupts finally, rent entirely asunder by the blocky head emerging from confinement. Shoulders pressing forward in a heave, the Hooded Compassion Brown hatchling finally leaves behind his prison of the past few months

Hooded Compassion Brown Hatchling
The visual presence of this Brown is one of contained power. His head is a solid shadow atop his muscular neck many shades darker than the rest of his hide almost as if he is wearing a caul. Bright swirling eyes look out from beneath this hood, deep set under pronounced 'ridges. This dark mask ends in a visible line half way down his thick-corded neck, where the colours lighten to the tone of rain-soaked earth. By the time this hue reaches his shoulders there is almost a ruddy nature to it - bay and tawny, the shade of blood soaked leathers. His entire body is made of stout blocks, solid and strong, muscle rippling under the surface. The rust seems to puddle about his feet, tainted a vivid terracotta with hooks of deepest black forming his talons. His long, spaded tail is the hue of a tarnished axe behind him, as if ready to chop anything that stands in his way. His wings seem like sturdy mahogany, no light penetrating the dark membranes even when raised, save for a spider-work of cinnamon so vivid it seems almost to be gold lining. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by M'kail.

D'nte has left.

Hester whines, "I'm not going to have anyone to annoy if all my favorites Impress!" She stomps her feet a little before posing her hands on her hips. Hurmph.

Ezyia chews on her lip as all the eggs seem to have hatched, and she looks over all the ones left, as well at the gold and the brown who just hatched. "Wonder who she'll go to." she asks, looking over the other girls present.

Jolie is swinging her head this way and that, to watch the hatchlings out there on the sands and then stare at the remaining eggs. "Well, not taking any time about it, are they."

Exsanguinated Gold Hatchling moves onward at a steady pace toward a group of young women, each calculated step, part of a ceremonial procession which comes to an end at the foot of her altar. One sparkling eye turns regard the object of her idolatry, and thus she announces her devotion of a young woman bestowed with dark curls and hazel eyes.

Alorye's distracted far too easily, eyes torn away from the gold hatchling by the sound of a familiar tinkling voice. She scans the crowd, eyes finally falling on Cloya with her new bond. Alo hisses a few choice words, low enough that they'd only be heard by the people standing on either side of her, and slowly shakes her head. "Did y'see tha', Lenka?" Lenka? She looks over. Oh. "Len." The name is just murmured with surprise and the first note of gladness at an impression. She watches the girl go off with a hint of a smile, then turns back to the eggs with her sweaty hands folded together in front of her. "I mus' be luck o' some kind." Phae, then Lenka. Hm. She goes on watching as the Chiming egg goes popping open, and she stares at the blocky hatchling that comes out. "I kinda liked tha' egg."

Hooded Compassion Brown Hatchling spends several long moments just standing in the ruins of his eggshell, egg goop dripping disconsolately onto the sands. He inspects his feet, looks over his back at his sticky wings, and curls his tail around, lashing it left and right to check it works. Then with a quiet, gruff grunt he looks at his parents, and finally at the candidates. Right. Solomnly the chunky fellow takes his first steps forward, sniffing the air as he approaches the ranks of white

Kyla winces as she rests on one foot a bit to long. Ah well, thank goodness for hte sandals, what little protection they do provide. The emergence of the queen and then brown get a looong look and her voice joins the soft murmur of appreciative anticipation. So much potential.

The Wall of Bricks Egg simply collapses, in a sudden rain of shards that leaves vitally unprotected the Cobbled from Pieces Brown Hatchling as he makes his first movement out on the sands. He stumbles, awkward in his movements as he trudges along toward the line of candidates. After a show of picking, he places his head against Funkena's side. She smiles, reaching down and laughing softly even as she shows off to the others. "His name is Colchesth."

Romantic Night at Sea Egg rocks back and forth in its place, the dark blues of the shell seeming to bleed out and engulf everything as the stress from the hatchling's efforts begin to crack and dent the once hard, unblemished, surface. Finally, with a snap and the shell crumbling apart, the hatchling within is freed, leaving a gleaming wet bronze on the sands. Confused and squinting his eyes a little, he lets out an odd 'hoot' like sound before awkwardly getting to his feet.

No Nonsense of Nothing Bronze Hatchling
By colour alone, a deep and rich, elegantly burnished brazen, might he stand out, dressed in a perfectly tailored suit of hide. By physical appearances however, this bronze would be lacking in some places. A slightly overly long and rounded muzzle adds to the smallish wedged shaped head tarnished a darker blackened iron hue, offsets heavy eye ridges and small, but slender, head knobs. A long and thin neck boast a mixture of both darker and brighter bronze, the two overlapping each other right down to his narrow chest, neckspars of finest backswept coiffing out of place. Overall he has a thin build to him and his long limbs seem a little crooked, causing his large feet to turn inwards, pigeon-toed. This does not seem to cause him discomfort but does give him a bit of a bandy legged look. A patina of aged copper-green slips down along his lithe sides in a fetching hue all the way down to the very tip of his short, wide spaded, tail. A final touch of paled golden with darker hues speckled here and there covers his wings and become even more translucent along the wide sails. OOC: This Egg is currently being puppeted/created by T'burk.

Nathan remains standing on his own, opposite the entrance, just watching, ignoring the sweat trickling down his back, watching the eggs, watching the hatchlings, almost still.

Ceresy 's eyes slip from the gold, to the brown, the a new impression across the way, a nervous humming escaping her for a few moments that might as best be heard by Naveen, and even then its not likely. Things should be over soon, yes, for better for worse…

M'kail blinks a few times, seemingly lost in the moment as he stares up at Gilanth, humming beside him. "Stop bein' so smug." muttered.

Naveen eyes the single egg left standing and the bronze hatching. Well the bronze is definitely not for her, so that just leaves a single egg. And then Naveen eyes Ceresy for a moment before she watches the gold Impress and the bronze dragon.

Hester starts to rock on her heels, "Not many left now." Ayup. Only have to stay clean just a /little/ longer. "Back in the Hovel in no time!"

Hooded Compassion Brown Hatchling walks the distance across the ruins of his clutchsiblings shells, miandering slowly around larger chunks and lifts his gaze up to one or two faces, only to dismiss them with similarly gruff grunts. A stumble has him falling to his chin, and with a quiver, he lays on his belly for a beat, before getting up again, and progressing ever onward with determination. This one? no. That one? No. Aaah.. over there…..and he picks up his pace for a final determined plod toward one in particular…

Ryu has finally managed to get control of her body and is standing still, but still clutching Hoki. Her eyes are wide as she watches the gold and the brown seeking for their life-mates, a little whimpering in her throat each time a hatchling looks their way.

Jandria glances uncertainly at Eyzia. She knows the answer to that question, now. Then she drops to her knees, all her attention compelled to focus on the imperious hatchling in front of her. "Delisth. Yes. You're hungry. Of course you want to eat. We'll play upon the oceans later." She staggers to her feet.

No Nonsense of Nothing Bronze Hatchling takes a good look around the hatching caverns, swinging his wedge shaped head side to side, swirling eyes still squinting slightly as he finally seems to make out the sea of white robed candidates. What's this? Strange world he's happened upon, for certain. Taking a few hesitant steps forwards, he pauses only to croon to Sevaruth and Gilanth, before looking back to the candidates with renewed interest.

Alorye's eyes pass over the newly hatched bronze with only passing interest - there's no danger from that guy. "Liked tha' egg too," she says thoughtfully, talking purely to herself by this point, having lost her friends. "'Sfunny noises these beasts make."

Ezyia watches the gold Impress, and she cranes her neck to see who was so lucky. The Wall of Bricks egg hatching into a brown and Impressing, then the next to last egg hatching into a bronze distracts her a bit, but then… "Jandria!" she squeals, letting go of the girl's hand and steps back. "Congratulations!"

Jolie isn't saying a word as she watches the crowds of folks on the sands, She's craning her head to try and see. "Who did that one pick? Who do we have to deal with?"

The Placid Rolling Hills Egg starts to roll, shaking as its occupant attempts to get out and join the world at large. With a great shuddering crash, it opens and spills out a Fallen From Grace Green Hatchling. She blinks bewildered eyes at the crowd of candidates on the sands. She shrinks back, hiding from them at first before in her haste to avoid the larger grouping, she runs into Margessa. With a surpassing lack of her normal whining, the girl leans forward to daintly cradle the green's head. "Yes, Antoineth. I am here to protect you."

Hoki is blushing now, as he has a Ryu clinging to him. He's not objecting, of course, but there are the hatchlings to consider, as he watches the brown. Occasional glances are directed at the gold, as she makes her choice. A smile is directed at Jandria as she's chosen.

"Congratulations!" Naveen calls out to Jandria and Margessa. All this shifting of attention - it's just plain dizzying, really.

Lyn bounces as her Mentee impresses and motions her toward the weyrling cavern, "Over Jandria come feed your new dragon. I guess I lost my dolphineer." She comments in good humour.

Ainolique grins. "Jandria's our newest weyrwoman, I see…" A small grin, albeit a restrained one, issues forth from the young lady, and as the last one Impresses, the grin turns to a slightly more rueful smile. "Once again, I'm standing. - hey, wonder if any unImpressed people wanna come party?"

Delisth has left.

Jandria calls to Delisth and she bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Anoryn has connected.

Jandria murmurs weakly, "I guess you did. That wasn't supposed to happen…" She follows Lyn off the sands, with Delisth nudging at her legs.

Jandria has left.

Hooded Compassion Brown Hatchling stops infront of one of the remaining boys, snuffs, and dismisses, heading on as if he had no thought to that one at all. Aaah. Finally, he slows to a stop, looking the short way up to a half-pint, auburn haired face.

Ezyia looks over at Ainolique. "Well there's still the bronze and brown." she says a little hopefully, looking at the brown. But then the brown chooses someone, and she sighs a little. "Oh well."

No Nonsense of Nothing Bronze Hatchling wanders over to a mixed cluster of girls and boys, sniffing both over. He gives one candidate an odd glance. No…not what he's looking for. Interesting, but still no. He gives a bit of a impatient whuffle, his pace quickening a little as he goes down the group of candidates. Where or where are you hiding? Suddenly he halts, tilts his head a little and with a hopeful croon makes his way over to one particular candidate, possibly giving him a bit of a happy nudge. There you are!

Hoki sighs, smiling at Hilarion as well. Anyway, there's still the bronze, but it's not likely, to be honest. He glances over at Ryu again, sighing as he knows she's left standing, and that he's likely to be as well…

Jolie is relying on her hold on M'kail's hand at the moment, shaking her head as the last of the eggs hatches and soon even the very last pairs seem to be forming.

"I'd be up for that," Naveen says softly to Ainolique with a wane, forced smile. Although if the other candidate even heard her…

Alorye is in the midst of opening her mouth to say something to a fellow standing next to her - mouth open, attention distracted, and then it all stops. Just abruptly stops, with that little stocky brown hatchling in front of her. She turns. Looks. Stares, unabashedly. "I…" she says, then stops in confusion, looking perfectly lost. "Garroth. Yes… long wait…" Finally she breathes again, properly, reaching out a hand to cautiously touch the dear gooey hatchling in front of her. Then she looks up. Help?

Garroth has left.

Alorye calls to Garroth and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Lyn smiles over to Alorye "This way..lets get him fed."

Alorye has left.

Lyn motions the new brown pair into the weyrling cavern.

Ceresy breathes a soft sigh, relaxing as it all seems to pass for the time, well, for the most part it passes anyway.

Hester crosses her arms across her chest. "I can't even bother X'an you realize." She chirps at those nearest to her.. then again.. it probably wouldn't have matter if any one was near her at all. "He'll be busy."

X'an has left.

Ezyia watches the last dragon hatch, and sighs a little. "Oh well. Maybe next time." she says, looking over at the rest of the candidates who got left standing with her.

M'kail looks sidelong toward Jolie as the final impression is made, and straightens his back with the fading of Gilanth's humming.

Ceresy nods, seeming rather content, all considered, "Aye…"

"They're gone? All of them?" Ryu asks, as if it wasn't obvious, looking around as if she's trying to find one hidden somewhere.

Kyla lets out a soft sigh as the last pairings are made, looking about the now egg empty sands.

Nathan peers for long moments as the bronze speaks to him. "Um.. Yes, Rombulath… We'll get you something to eat, right away." He gently scratches the dragon's eye-ridge, and starts off. "We've plenty of food ready, I assure you."

Lyn motions Nathan and his new lifemate to the weyrling cavern. "Come on over here and let us get him fed."

Jolie leaves off holding on to M'kail's hand as she moves to speak to the candidates, heading on toward the center of the sands. She stops there for a moment, before speaking, loudly enough to carry even up to the galleries. "Western wants to thank you, for being a candidate on our sands for this hatching. Just because, this time there was not a lifemate for you, doesnt mean that you will not impress. Just that, in this clutch your lifes partner was not shelled. Wed like you to remain here at Western, if you choose as youve become an important part of our weyr." She stops, and offers a smile then to everyone left.

Nathan calls to Rombulath and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

Hoki sighs, and nods to Ryu, sighing unhappily, as he tries to bow to to the galleries, then turns to leave…

Hester quickly pulls her sandles off and goes scampering out of the cavern, giggling like a fool. Or a crazy person. Whichever you'd rather believe.

Ezyia shrugs. Western's her home anyway. So off she goes. At least she got Kryp.

Naveen watches in wide-eyed disbelief as Hester exits and then trudges herself towards the exit as well.

M'kail looks to Jolie, and then to the remainder. With a light sigh he turns to the weyrwoman. "I think I need a drink." he murmurs. "Somethin' long and cool." It's never easy, the final moments on the sands. "Shall we?"

Ryu starts to head for the exit, then stops. She turns and looks back, then nods to herself, and paces carefully on the hot sand to the clutch-parents. Stopping in front of them, she pinches the sides of her robe and ducks her head, doing a credible curtsey before the pair.

Jolie nods her head slowly. "Definately, something to cool my throat." She's swallowing after a bit, although about what is never quite clear and she offers Ryu a wave before she makes her own way off the sands and Sevaruth is moving as fast as she can toward the hunting pens.

Auberaan wanders over to the entrance to the hatching grounds.

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