Gold Dalisth and Bronze Caith's Hatching

Western Weyr - Hatching Sands
A wide, spacious cavern with a high, vaulted ceiling and ledges high above for dragons to perch upon. The pale white sands beneath your feet are uncomfortably warm, although they seem welcoming to dragonkind. Scattered shards remain from past clutches although the current brooding queen usually has a cleared spot for her own clutch. Just up from the sands are the ledges where dragons can land to watch, while along the eastern wall are the galleries for humans to watch.

Delisth is fussing over her eggs. Most of them have been half-buried, but she seems to be unearthing them now. Jandria watches curiously, then wanders off somewhere for a few moments.

Trisana steps into the hatching sands, from the entrance to the hatching grounds.

The hum of dragons rises from the ledges, and on the Sands, something is definitely stirring! Gold Delisth is pacing; circling her clutch as if to deny access to any who would approach. The eggs are spread on the sand, one or two half-buried but most in clear view. There's a slight twitch from a pale-coloured egg; a wobble from a darker one. Above, more dragons fly in, and the galleries are starting to fill.

Jolie hurries onto the sands, glancing toward Jandria and then back toward C'vex for a moment. "I was right. I told C'ren, before he left, that they would be hatching soon. And he still left."

Jandria scurries in just ahead of Jolie and heads towards the pacing gold dragon. "You would wait for the only moment all day that I've been out of here, wouldn't you!" It's not clear whether she's addressing the eggs or Delisth, but she strides up to the queen, her expression intense as she stares towards rapidly whirling eyes. Delisth backs off and retreats to the edge of the Sands, though she's still on her feet with tension written in every line. Jan looks round wildly, her eyes darting to the gallery where spectators are beginning to arrive.

C'vex looks towards Jolie, "Yes well, he'll learn never to underestimate a Goldrider now won't he." Smirking as he looks over at Caith who is quite nervous. "You would think this is the first time eggs have ever hatched or something." Moving over to his Bronze who is off in the back and out of the way. "It'll be alright."

Jandria walks over to Caith and C'vex. She's frowning and clasping her hands nervously. "Well, this is it. Don't know why I'm so twitchy: it's not as if they aren't going to hatch all by themselves."

Jolie stiffens her spine and settles to rebuking Jandria. "Calm yourself. Eggs always hatch, just fine without the goldriders worrying overmuch.

C'vex laughs mostly because of Jolie. "Hey do you remember your maiden clutch? It's nerve wracking. Jandria is doing just a fine job. But she is right Jan, we need to put on the happy face for the candidates." Like Cy who has the nice stone face expression upon his face now.

Several eggs are twitching now, and the hum of the dragon has intensified. Jandria shoots Jolie a pained look, then fixes a smile to her face and turns to watch. She edges closer to C'vex - nice, reassuring type that he is.

The candidates, led by the Weyrleader, arrive on the sands all in white. They step up and give a respectful deep bow to the clutch parents.

C'ren steps over to join the other riders assembled upon the sands, though not before he helps to arrange the candidates a bit, helping them into the proper formation then getting himself out of the way.

C'ra following in the wake of the candidates is the newest Weyrlingmaster. Well nothing too new by the looks of the middle aged woman. She looks over the group ensuring each makes their proper respect and moves around the sands before taking up her position near the side cavern entrance.

Ringed Link to Other Worlds Egg wobbles ever so lightly at first, the faintest of disturbances noticeable. Then they begin to gradually increase before a steady back and forth tempo is reached.

The candidates fumble about a bit, some turning to the galleries and waving to family or friends, some moving boldly towards the eggs while others hesitate, waiting to let others go first.

Adelle is quiet. Very quiet. After bowing, the teenager in the white sack simply stands off to the side, not really sure which way to turn. Looking up at the Galleries, she does manage to spot what looks like the forms of her parents, and gives them a rather unsure wave. The rocking eggs have her glancing away from the people and towards the rocking objects.

Mysarra watches the eggs, her eyes not lingering a bit. She shuffles her feet a bit as the heat sinks in and stands beside Adelle, not saying anything to her but watching as the hatching begins.

Zephalren lifts one foot after the other, following Ryu and Trilanna. He rather be behind. Safer that way. Once his attetion drifts, he finally settles into a spot, fidgeting once again. He absently looks at all the other candidates. Rubbing at his rope belt, the tall candidate licks his dry lips and mumbles. "Shards… I… um… wow.." Nervously, he glances up to the stands before absently exhaling. He seems to be searching for a familiar face. Then some movement catches his attention and he bites his lip now.

Delisth doesn't look too impressed by all these white-clad figures appearing. She watches them suspiciously, shifting her position and rustling her wings. Jandria turns to her, and she calms, settling down to watch.

Jolie merely sniffs at Jandria and turns to look at her weyrleader for a moment, although she doesn't move to leave the sands, choosing instead to watch from this vantage, rather than the galleries.

Trilanna shuffles into place, finally having regained her composure somewhat, she moves to stand close to Zephalren, chewing her lip rather nervously. Okay, so she hasn't regained all her composure as she fumbles to find Zeph's hand, to give it a squeeze. "Here we go." She mumbles quietly.

Ringed Link to Other Worlds Egg wobbles and shakes now, audible cracking noises heard as the shell begins to show the tell tale black webbing of cracks along most of the egg. The rocking increases now, the hatchling inside seeming to grow more impatient or frustrated as time goes on.

Ryu looks around and finds a likely spot. Been there, done that, and still just as nervous as the first time. "Zeph?" She spots him and shuffles over.

Kiniro walks rigidly onto the sands, his steps quick and businesslike but his posture revealing his inner anxiety. His legs are rigid, his arms plastered to his side and held in place by the hunch of his shoulders. If that's not enough to give away his emotions, anyone that chances a peek at his face may very well notice its complete lack of colour, the blood having long drained from his face to his chest into order to make his heart race as wildly as possible. He stops when the others stop, bows when the others bow, and tries very hard not to stand out nor to do anything wrong!

Caith looks about as impressed as Delisth but he allows them all to enter the sands.

C'ren cannot help but smile a little at Jolie, generally his normal relaxed self. He's happy enough to linger not far from her at the outskirts of the sands, surveying the candidates with an interest regarding who the next riders shall be.

Mysarra watches the clutch parents for a moment, a worried look crossing her face before she turns back to the eggs. Her lips are pursed and the fidgetting gets worse as the some of the eggs continue to move.

Z'yer brings up the rear, as the candidates are allowed unto the sands, then he's fading back to allow the eggs space.

Call from Beyond Egg answers the age-old summons as the crooning of massed dragons calls it into life. Faster and faster it rocks, until it seems that it must actually start rolling. Instead, it splits in two, and another clarion call is added to the din of the Hatching Grounds: the alarmed, high-pitched bugling of a gawky olive-green hatching. Shaking herself free of shards, she totters across the sands to nudge the knees of a rather plump girl with dark hair and deep brown eyes. Sallia's days in the kitchens at Half Moon Bay are over. She bends to caress the egg-damp head. "Senadrith? Yes, I'm hungry too. They said there'd be some meat." She looks around for help.

With a triumphant cry the olive-green hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Zephalren hears his voice over the sounds and turns about, glancing and noticing Ryu. Grinning widely, he silently moves a bit, so she can stand next to him, when those eggs start to pop open. His is nerve wrecking for him but he strives to keep his own cool. He doesn't want to look like an idiot. Nope. He realized that someone so suddenly found a lifemate and he ruefully murmurs. "Wow.."

C'vex leans back to get relaxed and he whispers something to Jandria and then there is an impression made and he smiles. "Beautiful green right there. It's all downhill from here."

Adelle shuffles her feet on the sands, looking around. Watching the first green impress, she sighs a sigh of relief, and turns - looking for the form of her sister. Moving towards some of the other Candidates, she peers at some of their faces, in an attempt to find her younger sibling.

Ryu sighs hugely with relief, and links her arm with Zeph's. "It's much easier when you've got someone to be nervous with," she whispers. "Awesome! Way to go, Sallia!" she calls.

Jandria purses her lips. "As long as they do all hatch. And nobody gets clawed." Because, this not-worrying thing is really easy to tell someone else to do. Then, though, the green appears, and she's all rapt attention, smiling and open-mouthed as her gold's first offspring appears.

Jolie turns toward C'ren, actually leaning on her weyrleader while she watches the eggs and the new pairings.

Kiniro sways slightly upon his feet, lifting out slightly and then the other, not a hyper dancing one commonly sees, but still a dancing of sorts. He blinks a couple times as he watches the first green hatch and impress in what seems so little time at all, though its not all that fast in actuality.

With a final, if not long drawn out shake, Ringed Link to Other Worlds Egg crumbles apart. And among the many multicolored shards lays a rather stunned, bright and darkly colored bronze hatchling. With an echoing loud creel, he shakes his head as though trying to clear something bugging him. Then, he turns on the remaining pieces of the egg he hatched from and promptly sends a few skittering away with a bit of a hiss as though he resented being confined in that egg for so long. Suddenly his head snaps upwards and his wet wings unfurl a little. Something has caught his interest and with a bit of a hesitant step, he begins advancing on the candidates.

Imprisoned with an Enchantment Bronze Hatchling
Fire-agate tumbles with warm carnelian, copper drips into molten jasper as if every bright stone were melting into one across the large frame of this bronze dragon. Rivers of burning rock flow and cool across a large head, while brightened bronze sweeps back over smooth eye-ridges and pours down a thick neck in rapidly fading curls and coils. Head is raised, high and fearless, and he holds himself in a way that seems to define a hint of defiance. Well muscled chest and sides cool to the natural bronze of his belly before into the darkened copper of his limbs, leaving his charcoal claws untouched. Sparks of bright flame flare along his ridges, only to scatter over his shoulders and up to the darker bronze expanse of his wings, disappearing like cooling embers from a fire.

C'ren slips an arm around Jolie as he feels the weight of her lightly against him, hugging gently but not taking his eyes from the eggs and candidates.

Mysarra watches and gives a small nod to the newly impressed green and rider. She turns her eyes to the next hatchling and grins as it is a bronze.

Adelle blinks as the bronze hatches, and recoils slightly, trotting back a few paces. "Lyda? You here?" she calls softly, moving around to the othoer side of Mysarra. "Hey, did Lyda come out here with the rest of us?" she queries, tilting her head to the side.

Trilanna watches the quick impression of the green and blinks. She watches as the greenpair are led off and turns back just in time to spot the hatching bronze. "Wow, this is fast." She mumbles quietly, shifting her feet nervously.

Ryu oooo's. "Look, a bronze. That was my favorite egg." She shakes Zeph slightly. "C'mon, little fellow, this way." She tries to lure the little bronze to her friend.

Zephalren lifts one foot and sets it back down, but doesn't lift his other foot. His arm jangles in Ryu's grip, but his nerves seem to be getting the better of him, with silence, and the sheen of sweat that's starting to collect, as he watches with awe.

Shaking ever so slightly, the Darkly Elegant Lines Egg begins to move. From apex to end, it tips until finally it wobbles once unto its side as the hatchling inside it begins the long struggle to be free of encompassing shell. Eventually though, even this effort is limited, the struggle muted for the moment as resting continues. Only the disturbance of sand around the egg shows that movement was even tried.

Tentatively, Barren Gaslamp Wasteland Egg starts to rock, then is still for a moment. Suddenly, it bursts, and with a jubilant creel, a light green head appears, followed by a compact, well shaped body, the hide darkening to a deep pine green shortly past the neck. The hatchling looks around, and almost immediately makes a beeline for one of the candidates, a slightly pudgy Starcraft boy named Saumel, who looks rather startled, and stumbles backward. Without wasting any time, the Green stares into his eyes, and the boy relaxes. "Of course, Lucieth. We'll go find you something to eat now, and I promise it won't be cold."

With a triumphant cry the impetuous little green has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

C'ra motions to Saumel and Lucieth to move to the side of the sands, "Come on over here and we will get you fed, What is your name now lad?"

Jolie continues to lean on C'ren, watching as several of the new hatchlings find their partners. Darting a look toward a few of the weyrling masters on the sands.

Mysarra watches carefully giving nods to the newly impressed. She has begun to sweat, small beads down her forehead and she shuffle's her feet back and forth, trying to reduce the heat inflicted on her feet.

Imprisoned with an Enchantment Bronze Hatchling steps closer and closer to the candidates. With a determined rumble, he seems to gather himself up and peruse whatever it is he's seeking without much hesitation. He stops by one candidate, eyeing them rather suspiciously before simply stalking off in another direction. Definitely not what he wants but he continues on down the line.

Kiniro's dancing stills for a time as a couple more hatchlings free themselves, and one even impresses. The slight relaxation comes from experience, what little there has been so far, its not quite as startling now that he's seen one or two hatch and impress.

Ryu is bouncing on the tips of her toes with excitement, her nervousness forgotten. Her eyes are on the little bronze, waiting to see which one of her friends will be the lucky one. She suddenly notices Zeph's rigid frame. "Hey. TAke a breath," she reminds him, and pokes him in the ribs.

Adelle brushes some of her dark curls away from her face. Silly escaping locks. Pulling them back, she attempts to pull them into her hair-band, but to no avail. "Sharding …" she mutters to herself as she shuffles back and forth.

Trilanna stays close to Zeph for the moment, watching the bronze making his way along the line. Once the bronze gets close to her little group, she'll step backwards to avoid getting in his way if he should choose someone from her group.

Rapid jerks begin as the Darkly Elegant Lines Egg slowly succumbs to the inevitable and the change of time. Faint cracks start to show in the dark brown coloring, lighter tracery of color on the dark. Eventually, it spreads to every part of the egg, across the silver flash near the top and zig-zagging its way down to even underneath the egg in a cacophony of sound, the shattering noise of cracking.

Zephalren, take a breath? Air does whoosh into the lad's lungs as he breathes, wistfully eyeing that new Impression just made. With an absent gesture, he wipes the back of his neck with his free hand, seeming to be more in his own personal world, adoring the hatchlings, and Impressions as they come.

C'vex watches all that is going on, taking a mental tally of the hatchings that are going on and the new candidates that are bonding them.

Mysarra watches darkly elegant lines egg and smiles, as she remebers the personality on said egg. Mysarra continues to move from foot to foot, attempting as she dances to keep up with all that is happening.

Imprisoned with an Enchantment Bronze Hatchling continues to search, his path causing him to almost bump into two candidates when they fail to step back quickly. This doesn't stop him for too long, as his pace seems to quicken a little now. He creels softly. He's close but still can't quite seem to find what he needs.

Adelle continually strives to put her hair up. After a few more moments of random pulling and sandhopping, she manages to get most of her curls held back in the wherhide strip. Score one for the Delle. Tugging on her white-sack of a robe, she turns to Mysarra. "Doing alright?"

Wickedly Carved Stone Egg shudders within its cradle of sand for a moment, then stills, hairline cracks now marring the grey-hued surface. Before three breaths can be drawn another attempt is made by the hatchling within, this time the cracks widen until finally the egg splits off into three irregular pieces, exposing a wiry blue who is already upon his feet. He hops free from the shell, more of it shattering beneath vicious looking claws as he angles for the gathered creatures in white. It takes him little time to sniff out his target, a younger candidate from Western itself with mousy hair and rather narrow features, apparently just the one for him. Once Peledon and now P'don looks a bit shocked, "Yeah, I'd go for somethin' myself, Arronth."

With a triumphant cry the wiry blue hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Kiniro remains settled at first, his eyes watching the bronze as he moves, of course he has to hop back a bit when the young one passes a bit too close. At least to his mind it seems like this talons didn't miss his unprotected feet by very much…

Now, it takes very little time at all for the Darkly Elegant Lines Egg to begin to split apart. Sections of the shell fall off, littering the sands as a dark blue hatchling is exposed now. A shaking of wings as he gets to his feet and then a confused creel as he starts a shuffling, stumbling gait toward the line of candidates.

"Tch." Ryu bends over to twitch a sandal-strap back into place, then quickly studies Zeph. "Breathe again, you silly," she orders him. She turns her head and looks at Trilanna. "You okay?"

Dark Winter's Night Blue Hatchling
The slate-blue shadows of a winter twilight colour this dragon's hide, from the lean and overtly angular planes of his head, with its bluntly tipped muzzle and forward tilted headknobs, and along a neck that curves like snow-laden branches. Intense cyan, as at an iceberg's heart, forms a procession of sundered floes as spiked ridges trail down his back, decreasing in size towards the forked tail-tip. Narrow shoulders support him in front, that same frosty blue as his back, before his coloring starts to darken slowly as it drifts across sculptured flanks down to his fine boned limbs and the needles of pure white crystal that tip his bony feet. Watered azure, like a winter sky, fashions his wings, the deep shade that outlines his leading edges carved by the paler icicles that mark out his wingspars. Crystalline frost invades and patterns his wingsails, until they lighten to palest blue diamond on the trailing edge.

Trilanna blinks as she's queried. "Huh? Yeah, just don't wanna get in his way." Meaning, of course, the lumbering bronze. She goes back to quietly chewing on her lip, shifting nervously now upon the sands. She notes the impression and hatching of the blues and grins a bit, smaller dragonets, easier to deal with.

Zephalren silently looks at Ryu, just blinking as he lifts his other foot up slowly, to relieve it from the heat. He's not doing the sand-dance, just as his face isn't covered with sweat. Really. Exhale, inhale, Zeph seems to just let Tril and Ryu talk by themselves as he wipes away more sweat, just.. watching. Awe-struck. Wistful.

Imprisoned with an Enchantment Bronze Hatchling comes to a rather sudden halt and turns his head slightly. There. Right there is what he wants. Opening his wings slightly as he turns, he raises his head up high, his creels becoming curious and then more certain croons. His steps are slow now, but he hasn't far to go before he stops in front of one particular candidate, silently gazing up into his eyes.

Kiniro watches the bronze's tail go by him, absently wondering for a moment if it might make a return trip, and left entirely unsure. Soon the emerging blue draws his attention however, and his thoughts get drawn and torn as he soaks in the image quietly.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Imprisoned with an Enchantment Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Art in Motion Egg begins to make small movements, pulling to be free of the sand like a boat that's lifted from the beach by a gently rising tide. As the movements continue, they build into a swaying rhythm, still calm and slow.

Dark Winter's Night Blue Hatchling takes it own sweet time with first starting to walk. A glance here and there, as he swings his head around before slowly starting to shuffle on toward the lines of candidates.

Mysarra watches the bronze and then her eyes settle on the blue smiling and waiting for his next move. She looks to adelle and says, "I think so." Her voice sounds a little less then confident.

Jolie turns toward C'ren, still leaning on the bronzerider as she continues to watch. "So many impressions, so fast and all."

Adelle blinks to Mysarra. "Are you sure?" she asks, turning to watch the bronze apparently find a mate, and then seeing the blue hatch. "Look at the coloring on him, he's like some flowers that I've seen up north."

Zephalren inhales, and looks down into the bronze's eyes, then exhales with a loud *whoosh*. "Shards and shells.." Is all he manages to utter, as he just stares in awe and amazement, struck dumb. "You? Me?" He's both shocked and delighted, and so caught up in the moment he doesn't realize tears are leaking down his cheeks. "Yes, yes Irilanth, we'll do something about that noise.."

Slab of Stone Table Egg wiggles in place, as if nervous about what is to come. Soon this wiggling turns into a little jump, the inevitable cracks beginning to form upon the surface. The final hatching is slower than many of the surrounding eggs, a set of wet claw puncturing the egg's surface with a series of crackling sounds, soon followed by a head from this point, and another limb from that, the brittle shell slowly falling away. A green hatchling is seen amidst the rubble of eggshell, and then heard as she calls out while righting herself and treading towards the assembled candidates. Despite her slightly sluggish hatching she wastes little time in searching out the candidate for her, staring slightly up at the first girl she comes to, Aliva, a rather large young woman with short, dark, hair and a muscular frame. She stammers briefly as her eyes go wide, "Yes, Nurmth," and she looks around searchingly.

With a triumphant cry the green hatchling proclaims that it has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

C'ra watches as impression after impression occurs, one might even notice a softening of her gaze upon the sands, but it could just be a trick of the light. As the bronze impresses she motions the pair towards the weyrling cavern, "On you go now, lets get him fed."

C'ren nods slightly to Jolie as he glances towards her, "And more faces to get used to as well… but it'll come." He squeezes gently for a moment.

Trilanna is suddenly glad she stepped back as the bronze heads for Zeph. She gives a whoot. "Congratulations Zeph, and Irilanth, what a lovely name." And, that's all the sound she makes as Zeph is led off and she turns her attention back to the still wandering blue.

Z'yer turns to walk toward the new bronzerider, smiling. "You and and Irilanth. If you will come this way with me?"

"Woo-hoo! Bronzerider Zeph!" Ryu crows with delight. She steps back and watches the pair, beaming with parental pride. "Way to go." She stands there with a silly grin on her face, oblivious to everything else.

Art in Motion Egg is truly in motion now. The gentle swaying has changed to a wild rocking from side to side, tilting the egg like a storm-tossed ship on its beam ends. The harsh treatment is beginning to take its toll. Cracks appear, as if spars were splintering, timbers parting. It seems that disaster is imminent!

Kiniro is growing more and more used to the pace of things now, knowing he can't really hope to follow everything he starts to focus more upon his surroundings. Well, that doesn't really work so well when he's trying to follow the blue with his eyes and getting distracted with so many others dashing around him and impressing.

Zephalren is still struck dumb, but he's moving off to the side to feed his new lifemate.

Mysarra grins and says, "Congrats Zeph, nice job." Her eyes turn to the blue and she nods, "Yes, very gorgeous." Her eyes linger on the remaining eggs.

Dark Winter's Night Blue Hatchling continues to search the sands, peering up into faces as he shuffles along the sands. There's getting to be a bit more of a droop into his strides though, and a downcast look as he keeps searching, desperately looking up into each face that he passes.

Trilanna realizes she lost her standing partner and glances about, she scoots closer to the other candidates, though not too close. The girl's shifting increases briefly as she watches the blue with a slight frown at the drooping. "Keep searching." She murmurs quietly.

A final harsh lurch, and Art in Motion Egg is wrecked. The shell parts, its side pierced by a pointed muzzle that's soon followed by a curiously peeking head. Shards fall to the sand, until a small blue hatchling is seen sitting among the flotsam, blinking in surprise at the wide, wide world. He lifts a forearm, experimenting with its claws, then tries those large things on his back. They move, too! Leaving them not entirely folded, he starts to test out his legs. Yay! He can stand!

Pelagic Vistas Blue Hatchling
A warm sea shimmers under a cloudless sky as the myriad hues that blend and flow in its clear depths lave the hide of this small blue. For a dragon, he's almost dainty, boundless energy condensed into this neat form. Cyan-tinged headknobs stand proud above sparkling eyes and tapering briny muzzle. The celestine contours of back-curved ridges rise cliff-like over a neck of sunlit aquamarine that sinks through every depth of turquoise as it laps over the arched back and rounded flanks and ripples along the slim expressive tail towards the slender fork at its tip. Warm teal reflects sky-cast shadows on firmly muscled haunches, while lean forelegs showing every sinew are tipped by cruel talons that stand out as white foam crashing against a dark headland. As limpid sea reveals the form of sunken reefs, so the spars and ribs of perfectly proportioned wings are seen in silhouette against the heat-hazed azure of his sails.

Ryu suddenly realizes she's standing by herself, and looks around. She spots Trilanna and scurries over, sighing with relief as she joins her friend, holding out her hand hopefully. "He's suer pretty isn't he," she says, then notices the new hatchling. "They both are."

Kiniro debates silently as to whether the first blue upon the sands might be shy or just very deliberate in how he tends to watch the ground, look up, move on, in what seems a kind of peculiar fashion.

Mushing Through the Snow Egg doesn't seem to move at all, but one moment it looks as white as ever, and the next jagged cracks begin to cover it, spreading rapidly across its surface as you watch. Many of these cracks meet other cracks and splinter in new ways, the shell quickly losing its integrity and starting to crumble away in large shards. A brown hatchling forces his way free in the midst of this destruction, damp wings stretching and causing more shell to fall free of him. He stumbles away from the mess a few steps then seems to get his stride, briefly examining a boy he first comes to, but quickly moving along. His next target is another boy, no, on second thought it seems to be a girl, with closely cropped blond hair and rather youthful, boyish features. A moment later the young girl from Half Moon Bay Hold, Allwyn and now A'wyn squeals with surprise and excitement, "Oh yes, Heath!" She embraces the young brown's neck tenderly.

With a triumphant cry the brown hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Adelle can truly appreciate color on dragons. "Oh, and look at the teal colors on that one," she says, blinking at the newly hatched form. "They're so bright," she says, offering Mysarra a grin as she glances back down at her feet.

Trilanna nods with a little wistful sigh. "Gorgeous, just like my dads' blues." Okay, so the girl seems to have a fondness for the blues apparently. She wipes at sweat as it threatens to dribble into her eyes. "How many are left?" She asks as she stands on tiptoes to try to get a glimpse, and a count, of the remaining eggs.

Mysarra watches as the eggs leave, and her face turns to the remaining eggs. Her eyes do not leave them, and her fidgeting has stopped.

Ryu ducks her head trying to see around other candidates as she tries to count, then gives up. "Five? Six? What do you get?" She leans to one side. "Who got the brown?"

Dark Winter's Night Blue Hatchling turns to look up finally at a young lad on the sands, eyes calming from their earlier distress as he moves to stand up to him and then buts the greenish hazel eyed boy in the knees. A soft croon as he stays there, butting the lad again in the knees.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dark Winter's Night Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Pelagic Vistas Blue Hatchling doesn't seem to want to move, at first. He stands looking round, his head moving jerkily as he takes in all the new sights and sounds. But, there are those interesting white things out there. And there's something he wants, needs, that's somehow linked with them… Slowly, he puts one foot in front of another and starts to pick his way towards the candidates, sinking into the soft sand with every step. He's distracted for a moment, and turns to look at something dragging behind him. Oh, yes! He's got a tail!

Kiniro's mouth hangs open momentarily and he gazes for a long time at the young blue. His eyes appear to be glued to him for all eternity, when suddenly he looks down at his hands folded across his stomach. "R-r-r-r-r," he stumbles, looking up again at the young creature and suddenly discovering clarity. "Really? Really, Esaminth?" The boy doesn't appear to wait for an answer, reaching out to stroke his nose, a smile now appearing on his face. "Esaminth." He whispers happily.

C'ra looks over to the blue as it makes its choice and gives a bit of a smile, yep she smiled people. Nope, no blue bias here. She waits for the impression to be recognized before stepping down and ushering the blue pair toward the entrance, "Come on and get your Esaminth fed."

Kiniro calls to Esaminth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.

There is a slow rocking from the Cruel Grey Metal Egg, as it wobbles back and forth on the sands slowly. Eventually the movements get stronger, as cracks start to spread across the surface, shattering the pale silver of the shell into fragments. Finally, a small green head pokes out, followed by the rest of a dark green body as an imperious green hatchling makes her way to the sands. She's quick on her feet, snakelike as she makes her way to the candidates and she's not one to take long about choosing. Leena, a blonde from the glasscraft, is nearly bowled over as the green makes her choice and with something akin to a gasp is trying both to keep herself upright and then cling to her new partner as well. "Yes, Jannerath, I'm right here. I'm sorry. I should have known better and been by your egg so you didn't have to search. I really am sorry. How can I make it up to you?"

With a triumphant cry the demanding green has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Adelle stretches her arms out in front of her, turning to look at Mysarra. "Do you think it will be over soon? I'm worried about Lyda.. she's supposed to be out here, and she's not. I'm scared something happened to her," she says, chewing on her lower lip. As Kiniro impresses, she blinks and offers a grin. "Esaminth," she tests out, tilting her head to the side. "That's a lovely name."

Kiniro follows where he's told, glancing only briefly up from Esaminth's eyes as he exits the sands…

Mysarra nods and waves to kiniro looking back to the last egg. She shows little hope, moving back a bit and sighing. Her eyes wander to the galleries trying to find J'vry.

Trilanna smiles a bit relieved as the dark blue finally chooses his partner. She watches the other hatchlings mulling about, wiping a bit more at sweat.

Pelagic Vistas Blue Hatchling gets moving again. He's really getting the hang of this walking business, now. He increases his speed almost to a trot, but that leads to stumbles, so he slows again. Eyes whirl wildly as hunger and some other need assail him. He's among the candidates now. If he can only find… What? Is it this? He pauses at the feet of a skinny lad with curly hair, but rapidly moves on, showering sand with a dismissive flick of the tail. The rejected candidate is sprayed and jumps hastily back. But that's not meeting his needs. He stumbles on, creeling urgently now, and needing to pick himself off the ground every few paces.

Adelle tilts her head to the side, blinking at the poor blue. "He's very cute," she says, tilting her head to the other side, a sign of musing. "Poor thing can't get moving very well," she adds, frowning a tad before shaking her head. Turning to look at Mysarra, she offers the girl another worried glance. "You sure you're alright?"

Jandria leaves Delisth for a moment, and heads over to Jolie and C'ren. "Nearly done now. The ones left on the Sands… who talks to them?" Her glance drops to Jolie's wineskin.

Mysarra nods and sighs, "Yes just sad, I'm not one to enjoy losing." She looks up at the galleries and smiles as she hears a yell from her family, she is still loved.

Depressing Northern Marshes Egg starts to wiggle slightly, moving around slowly, as a crack appears in it, like the opening of a tent. A dull blue head appears, looking about carefully, almost depressed. He steps out of the shards, body long and lanky. His eyes whirl in a blue slightly brighter than his hide, as he shakes off the last of the shell and starts to scan the candidates. Slowly, he goes by them all, seeming to shake his head in disapproval, before he selects a pretty girl with blue eyes and auburn hair, a techcrafter named Mavairla. Looking down, her eyes are caught by those of the blue, and she smiles. "Now, Glumeth, it can't be as bad as all that, you know. You've got to think more positively." Peering around, the newly bonded weyrling smiles, as she heads toward the Weyrlingmaster.

With a triumphant cry the cautiously pessimistic blue hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the WeyrlingMaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Adelle shakes her head. "Neither am I, really," she begins, offering Mysarra a slight grin, "but that's not really what this is about," she says, shrugging her shoulders. As the last egg hatches, she blinks and turns, wondering after the blue. "Did it impress too?"

Pelagic Vistas Blue Hatchling is beginning to sound quite agitated. He's blundered past most of the remaining candidates without finding the one, the only one. Suddenly he stops, head poised as if listening, then takes off in a different direction. Purpose seems to aid his progress he's less clumsy now. His speed increases as he charges towards his goal. It's too good to last, however. With a jubilant cry, he flings himself towards a girl with brown eyes and a plenitude of springy brown curls - and falls flat on his front, his breath escaping with an audible 'Ooof!' as he lands at her feet.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Pelagic Vistas Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Mysarra moves away and shrugs, a tear running down her cheek as she sniffles ever so slightly.

Trilanna watches as the last hatchling chooses its mate. The girl falls silent and just shuffles, waiting for 'the talk'. She's got her chin up, though, even if she is falling apart inside.

Adelle blinks down at the blue standing before her, comphrehension still not dawning on her for a moment. "Well, yes, I am a girl," she says, smirking slightly as she blinks. "Tierijith," she mumbles to herself, grinning. "And I'm Delle now? Fancy that," she says, offering a laugh, before nodding. "Yes, this is sand." A look towards the Weyrlingmasters, and she heads to where the others went.

Adelle calls to Tierijith and he bounds to her side, slipping in behind her.

Jandria apparently reaches a conclusion about that question she asked. Striding onto the hot Sands towards the remaining candidates, she beckons them towards her and raises her voice, though she sounds husky from the heat. Yes, must be the heat. "I know this is very disappointing for you. I want to thank you for giving your time to be a candidate for Delisth's eggs. The fact that you didn't impress doesn't mean that you won't ever. Our queens will have other clutches, and it could simply be that the right dragon for you wasn't here today. If you've come from somewhere else to be a candidate, we'd like to extend an invitation to make your home here, if that's what you'd like to do. We can discuss what work you could do here. Or, of course, we'll take you home as soon as you want to go." She smiles. "You'll want to get changed, and then I believe there are some refreshments in the Living Cavern." With that done, she heads back to Delisth.

Ryu slumps, then straightens her shoulders and pastes a smile on her face, moving over to Mysarra and Trilanna, wrapping her arms around their shoulders comfortingly as they listen to Jandria.

Mysarra hugs Ryu and waits sighing and listening, but not attempting to smile.

Jolie turns toward Jandria for a moment, perhaps to say something or not before she abruptly stops and sighs. She turns then to leave the sands.

Trilanna listens to the weyrwoman and, with a shrug, she glances up towards the galleries and ledges. She can't see well enough from here, though, so she slips out of the hug of the two other girls and just scuffles her way off of the hot sands, not looking anywhere but straight ahead of her.

Jandria makes her way back to Delisth. There's a silent conversation between woman and dragon, and then the pair head off the Sands for somewhere cooler.

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