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Junior Weyrwoman Liora has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, that's for sure. And her dragon, tawdry golden Orraeloth, is simply useless. Having risen once, and clutched a paltry pair of eggs, there's little hope for the junior and her dragon. She seems doomed to spend forever at the back of the pack. However, when Orraeloth rose for the second time (shocking everyone) and was caught in a mating flight, Liora seems to have been convinced that both Miraneith and Shadhavarth were sterile as it's been a while since they last rose. Under the usual circumstances, that would make the first gold to rise the new Senior. However, Enka has not stepped down as Senior and Iris remains her chosen successor. This means that Liora is acting under delusional pretenses when she claims to be the new Senior Weyrwoman of Western.

The Story So Far:

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