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When Miraneith rose in mating flight in early spring of 2692, there was a general reshuffling of the leadership when she was caught, not by Glyith, but rather by one of the young bronzes from her second clutch at Western Weyr — bronze Suldith. As this meant a new Weyrleader for the Weyr for the first time in many turns, there was a general share of confusion and administrative hustle and bustle in getting things sorted out. A meeting with the Headwoman had Zi'on discovering a missing crate of fruit, the investigation of which by the Weyrleaders in the Dawn Sisters Market place leading to a rumor of a ghostly ship after a fruit seller was questioned. The fruit seller mentioned that several fisherman had seen a ghost ship, whereupon a really creepy old guy accosted Zi'on and proceeded to inform both Weyrleader and Weyrwoman that there was indeed a ghost ship with tattered sails.

It seems there's quite a mystery to be had.

The Story So Far:

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