NPC Riders and Weyrfolk

A Weyr can't run itself with just a few people, there's always someone in the background making food, cleaning laundry and doing the dishes, or sweeping out the living caverns. With such a large community to oversee, NPCs are vital members of the setting, and they help fill out the roster and add some color and flavor to the goings on as the Weyr needs them. In fact, NPCs make up the bulk of the Weyr population, as a Weyr like Half Moon Bay can have hundreds of people living there, but only has so many PC players.

Listed here are some of the NPCs that currently call Half Moon Bay Weyr home. We always accept more however, so if you have one you'd like to see listed here, you may post them up yourself, and you are encouraged to create a page for them. Please keep us updated on anything that happens in the lives of our many NPCs, will they have children? Have they got a new job? Did someone die? Feel free to edit pages.

Optionally, you may @mail Half Moon's Staff if you'd like someone to make changes.

Atoll Wing - Administration and Leadership


Led by the Senior Weyrwoman and Weyrleader acting together in joint partnership, Atoll Wing consists of the administrative officials of Half Moon Bay Weyr. It's the duty of the members of this wing to be responsible for the Weyr overall, as they handle the management and health of the Weyr. Atoll Wing's primary duties involve diplomacy, inter-Weyr and Hold relations, and the management of the dragon population within the Weyr. The wing is always associated with the Weyrleaders, and other members of the wing include the Weyrsecond and the Junior Weyrwomen. The Headwoman and Steward are expected to make reports to this wing based on the avaliable supplies and needs of the Weyr at large. In short, this is the governing body that keeps Half Moon Bay Weyr in the autonomous position it enjoys and part of the political landscape of the Pernese world.

Name Dragon Name Position

Archipelago Wing - Search And Rescue


When there's an emergency to be had or disaster strikes, the highly trained members of Archipelago Wing are the first responders in a crisis.

Rider Name Dragon Name Position
A'xar Brown Krijuesth Wingrider
D're Bronze Atrupennath Wingrider
E'wrd Bronze Chaeth Wingrider
Fyffe Green Lalasath Wingrider
Greta Green Madaneth Wingrider
Inara Brown Shanweith Wingrider
Judienne Green Ariadneth Wingrider
Myalli Green Stoth Wingrider
R'oy Blue Opicheskiduth Wingrider
Taleekah Green Aydoth Wingrider
Teniqua Green Maitayth Wingrider
T'lau Blue Tivonth Wingrider

Seamount Wing - Transport and Delivery


Without the efforts of Seamount Wing, Half Moon Bay Weyr would be a very different place indeed. As this wing specializes in delivery and transport, the flow of goods and services in and out of the Weyr is largely dependent upon the riders who make up the wing membership. Naturally, they work frequently and mainly with the merchant-type crafts (Vintners, Weavers, Farmers, Glasscrafters, etc.) These riders are carefully drilled and taught, as transport and delivery of goods across Pern is important to the export and import trade of Half Moon Bay Weyr. Seamount wingriders are very reliable and dependable, and they are trained carefully because of the need to be so.

Rider Name Dragon Name Position
B'lly Bronze Keenth Wingrider
C'lyde Brown Zaloth Wingrider
Dalima Green Nymphaeath Wingrider
Dora Brown Agridhath Wingrider
H'bor Blue Hurrikath Wingrider
Il'nys Bronze Diyazaith Wingrider
Kashie Blue Azimuth Wingrider
M'cha Brown Nebtawyth Wingrider
M'gaal Bronze Zaqalekhth Wingrider
M'rio Green Booth Wingrider
O'hit Bronze Cimarroth Wingrider
St'nes Green Gaeath Wingrider
T'riq Brown Velocirath Wingrider
V'der Green Yodath Wingrider

Islet Wing - Weyrling Training


The Islet Wing is in charge of weyrling training and bringing up the young dragons of the Weyr. Naturally their attendance changes throughout the Turns as dragons are hatched from clutches and graduate to full riderhood. Weyrlings undergo a strict training program designed to help them learn to care for their dragons, and ensure that they survive through the most important turns of their young dragons' lives. There is an emphasis in this wing on turning out capable riders who will be able to go on and take their place in the more active working wings of the Weyr, and be contributors to society.

Rider Name Dragon Name Position
Pieta Green Inayath AWLM

Unassigned Wing

The people of the Unassigned Wing are as mentioned: Unassigned. Not a true wing, this group exists solely for accountability purposes until they have been reassigned and retrained. Visiting Riders are often attached so they're accounted for as well.

Rider Name Dragon Name Position
Enola Blue Olsoth Wingrider
F'ry Green Siltyth Wingrider
Gu'u Bronze Proeliath Wingrider
G'xxar Brown Dosquith Wingrider
H'lf Blue Hyperboleth Wingrider
Hansel Brown Lanzuuth Wingrider
Klara Green Tairath Wingrider
L'jos Bronze Bormith Wingrider
Liz Brown Desuzakith Wingrider
N'u Green Hollaicheth Wingrider
O'odle Brown Olobgneth Wingrider
Raye Blue Yojokitobuth Wingrider

Sandbar Wing — Watchriders and Retirees

Sandbar Wing is made up of the elderly riders of the Weyr, ones who still desire to serve a functional purpose, but are too old to be allowed to fly Search & Rescue or too infirm to serve on transport duty. Watchriding duty consists of time spent up on the Weyr rim, greeting visitors and new arrivals, and overseeing the Weyr. Watchriders are expected to keep an eye out for trouble, and remain alert, a task that suits the elderly riders well. They generally draw middle of the day duty with the early mornings and late night shifts being regulated to younger riders who are on the convalescent roster.

Note: Sandbar is a purely NPC wing, as all PC riders not currently serving in a wing will be considered as unassigned.
Rider Name Dragon Name Position
E'len Bronze Antiquityth Watchrider
S'chez Blue Churuth Weyr Gossip

Posted Crafters

Name Position
Litral Journeyman Vintner


Name Position
Cosima Headwoman
Henerail Stablemaster
Hertha Baker
Lothae Laundress
Sierrian Stablehand
Malaakh Cook


Name Former Home Former Position

Creature Feature!

Name Position
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