A'xar (Caxandar)


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Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth High Reaches Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Hair Dark Blonde
Eyes Blue
Dragon Brown Krijuesth

Cax's posture reads spunk from head to toe. He's not quite as ready to break out into an all-out brawl as some candidates in the class, but he isn't at all shy, either. This reads in his stance, which always gives him the image of leaning forwards, ready to delve headlong into the next big thing. Blue eyes are wide and alert, thin lips often quirked up in a smile, and his hands have a bad habit of perching on his hips in a cocky fashion when at rest. His dark blonde hair is cut haphazardly by choice, always giving him a wind-whipped, flyaway look.


Caxandar is originally from High Reaches Weyr. A Farmcrafter before he was searched, it's easy to see how all of his youthful energy was put to good work. Candidacy isn't quite enough to keep him busy, and it's often that he has to be given extra chores or duties just to keep youthful piss and vinegar from getting out of hand.


Name Relation Location Position
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Builder of Worlds Brown Krijuesth

He stands, an imposing earthwork of a dragon, gazing out with piercing eye. He is the color of good, rich soil freshly turned and damp with dew. Darker mud clings in the valleys of the powerful form where strong muscles flow with tectonic force to move the massive limbs and burly torso. Vast earthen pillar legs hold the stocky body firmly as a faint creep of dull green ivy crawls up each and spreads over the broad back and haunches. The short, thick tail trails behind, clear of all but rich soil. Pale clay ridges crest from the neckline, mountainous peaks dropping to rolling hills at the great plate of his shoulders. They support massive wings with great, branching spars. The loamy sails lighten as light strikes fine flecks of gold within them afire.


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