Poor Clydeseymour was saddled with a really long name at birth. He went on to become a Dolphincrafter, and was searched for one of Miraneith and Glyith's clutches. He Impressed brown Zaloth, shortened his name to C'lyde and eventually became a member of the Seamount Wing where he serves with distinction. His brown, Zaloth, recently searched out Zwi from Nabol Hold.


Fur Coat and Flippers Brown Zaloth
From the way his brown hide, a fairly non-descript mahogany hue, is overlain with skeins of sienna and sorrel, there lies an impression of a curious furriness to his skin — but only the illusion of course. He's fairly blocky, a stout big brown with an impressively curved chest, a rather squat and powerful neck, and a broad head that narrows from a wide forehead down to a pointy little muzzle. His headknobs, rather tiny on such a big head, seem to point backwards just a little. From that impressive rounded chest and muscular shoulders, he only seems to widen — stout ribs and sides that move back to muscular haunches. His wings, are surprisingly in contrast to the rest of him, rather narrow while his overlarge paws are splayed out, almost like flippers.

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