Headwoman Cosima


A mature woman, she has wrinkle lines around her face,caused often by forced smiles — the act of which makes many fear because one never knows her true temper. She's got slightly wrinkled skin, a complexion tending a little towards parchment paper that's gone a little bad with age. She wears owl-like glasses and has her hair done up in a short, poufy style. She wears a brown dress and an apron, and is most often seen about with gloves for cleaning and a broom.


Hailing from Igen Weyr, Cosima was interviewed by Enka when the young goldrider first took the seniorship of the Weyr. Known for her rather tyrannical temper, and her habit of wielding a broom — ready to punish any miscreants, (most especially Weyrbrats) she has held her position for several turns now and shows no sign of wanting to retire. There are some who joke that the woman has far too much attachment to her broom to ever consider a relationship with any man at the Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Cossie Mother Igen Weyr Old Auntie
Mirdan Father Igen Weyr Deceased
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