With puberty many turns behind her, and growth no longer an option — the evidence is clear. While she will never be a particularly tall, long-legged woman, she is no diminutive waif either. Average of height, but tending towards slightly pudgy, a long neck leads to a rounded face, stubby chin defining the curve of her jaw. Her nose is long, and narrow, a slight tilt at the bottom of it, as if she were forever turning up her nose at people. Full lips, plump and bold, dominate the lower half of her face while her eyes, large and dark, lie below thin arching brows. Her hair is a sun-streaked reddish color, possibly not entirely natural, and is cut short in whispy spikes that rest along the angle of her jawline and hide her ears. Her complexion is soft and fair, the kind that burns easily in tropical sunlight.

Dressed modestly in a simple smock and a long skirt, the colors are of a muted and economical shade of brown and natural cream. Sturdy shoes encase her feet, and she wears a simple knot that designates her as a resident of Western Weyr, threaded through by a white cord that signifies her as a candidate.


Born at Telgar Weyr some twenty-nine turns ago to Demira, the rider of green Nandianth. Like so many weyrbrats, Dalima was the result of a flight in which her father's blue caught her mother's green and after a night of flight-fueled passion, he departed for Igen Weyr — never to return. In fact, it's unlikely he ever knew he had a child, as neither Nandianth nor Demira were able to ask either the name of the bluerider nor his dragon — and in the aftermath of the flight, talk was the last thing on either female's mind. In any case, the girl grew up well, fostered off to the nannies as she as she was able to. Given chores and tasks as she got older, Dalima proved a deft hand with sewing, and eventually became a seamstress of Telgar Weyr. Like many raised at the Weyr, she grew up around dragons, and knowing that her parents were both riders naturally assumed that she too would become partnered with a dragon once she reached the proper age to stand. That day never came, and clutch after clutch, she watched the dragons pass her by. Turns and turns passed, she grew older and older, and was continually passed up. Such dreams were not to be, she decided.

After a time, she found a boyfriend — caught up in the aftermath of a flight and provided consolation to C'mrel, a brownrider after his dragon lost the chase. They grew closer and closer, and eventually became weyrmates. Dalima gave birth to their first son, a boy they named Damiel when she was twenty-two. They doted on the child, and wished to have more, but to no avail. In the mean time, her mother found a new weyrmate, a brownrider named J'luus, and Dalima gained a stepsister, a young weyrwoman named Enka although the two were not particularly close due to the distance at which they lived. Sadly, not long after Dalima turned twenty-eight, her weyrmate and his dragon died in a freak accident leaving her bereft. She soon found out that she was pregnant again, and gave birth to C'mrel's posthumous son that she named Coll.

In what was a twist of cruel irony, at twenty-nine, long having given up the dreams she had as a teenager of being a rider, a dragon from Western Weyr searched her out for Miraneith and Glyith's current clutch that was hardening on the sands. Nearly too old to stand — for this would be her only and last hope and chance — the seamstress packed up her sons and brought them to Western Weyr to be fostered out there as she moved into the candidate barracks.


Name Relation Location Position
Enka Stepsister Western Weyr Senior Weyrwoman
Demira Mother Telgar Weyr Wingrider to Green Nandianth
J'luus Stepfather Telgar Weyr Wingrider to Brown Baranath
Unknown Father Igen Weyr Bluerider
C'mrel Weyrmate Deceased Brownrider
Damiel Son Western Weyr Weyrbrat
Coll Son Western Weyr Toddler


Wealth of Water Lillies Green Nymphaeath
Pondwater green — a murky verdant shade that hints of mystical forest streams and dappled woodlands — flows in sluggish torrents over the hide of this small and dainty little green dragon. Mossy green shades the curve of her belly and flanks, quiet pools of shadowed meadow green that sweeps over the long curve of her neck. A patchwork of lily pad splotches cover her in a random pattern, droplets of darker green muddled haphazardly over her body. With broad wings of emerald-green, the sails tinted to a much paler shade of pastel, she's delicately built, and pretty in her own uniquely patterned way.

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