Spry and trim even for a fellow of advancing age, he's gifted with a careworn face, crows feet that hover at the corner of his eyes, and smile lines indicate he's a man who smiles and laughs often. His hair is trimmed neatly, stark-white and thinning upon his pate. He's skinny, lanky and walks with a permanent limp. Often he's seen wearing what can only be called "old people's clothes" — something that looks about seventy-five turns out of fashion.


Emlen was born over ninety-three turns ago at Fort Hold, the son of a simple middle-aged stablehand, Emroin, and his young wife, Lenisha. The youngest of three sons and four daughters — of which all were his half-siblings — Emlen grew up buoyed by the love of his family. Simple and poor they might have been, but they were all hard-working souls who made sure that everyone in the family would want for not. There may not have been fine fabrics and equally fine wines to go around, but at least everyone had enough food. At least until his father passed away suddenly of a heart attack while mucking out stalls. With that, the family was torn asunder, Emlen's mother having been forced out by his older half-brothers, and his half-sisters having found marriages for themselves. With almost nothing to her name, Lenisha took her son and fled to the sanctuary of her parents' home at Fort Weyr. There, her son was raised, and when he was searched, at the mere age of twelve turns, it came as a surprise to everyone when he impressed a bronze who made himself known as Antiquityth.

Perhaps it was just as well that Antiquityth injured himself not long after their weyrlinghood was complete. Having broken wingbones, the bronze was laid up for nearly two turns between the injury and rehabilitation, which gave his young rider some time to catch up growth-wise. Shuffled into a wing and trained carefully, E'len spent many turns as a wingrider. His bronze was never quite a good chaser when it came to flights, never having regained full use of his wings after the injury which had nearly been his undoing, and thus never succeeded in catching a green or a gold — but he chased nonetheless which left his rider quite frustrated, and dearly in need of relief. Most of which could be found as companionship from the Lower Caverns — something he came to appreciate as he got older and older. He fathered a number of children, none of which he can really remember. While E'len strove for a position of authority, they were steady enough to be promoted to Wingsecond, although he was unable to rise further — and since Antiquityth could never catch the senior queen, Weyrleader was adamantly denied.

Turns would pass, his family would die and be forgotten, and slowly but surely time was catching up to E'len. He was still a spry enough fellow for his age, but he just wasn't the same. Especially not after the mudslide rescue that injured Antiquityth yet again, and left E'len with a permanent limp. And it was becoming difficult for him to breathe at times, the cold and the damp of Fort Weyr making his bones and joints ache. At the advice of the healers, it was advised that the elderly bronzerider relocate to a tropical island Weyr — and Western Weyr would surely be the place.

He's been at Western ever since, a member of the watchrider wing, content to spend his days on the Weyr's rim with his old bronze, letting the two of them soak up the sun.


Name Relation Location Position
Emroin Father Fort Hold Deceased
Lenisha Mother Fort Weyr Deceased


Timeless Bronze Antiquityth
More gray than weathered bronze these days, the bronze is still in good shape for a dragon of his numerous turns. His wings bear scarring and the abnormalities of breakages along the bones, covered with scar tissue. The rest of him is lean and fit. His hide gleams with a good oiling, but the bronze hue is fading fast. He's more content these days to sit in the sun and soak up the warmth.

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