Tall and broad shouldered, in his mid twenties. He's got long black hair that he ties back, and a thick bushy black beard that he has been known to tie bits of red paper into to make it look as if his beard was on fire. He's very broad and heavy, well suited to the huge bronze that he calls his dragon.


Turns after the first Edward was searched and impressed a bronze dragon, another young man with the same name was plucked from the bow of a trader's ship and whisked off to the Weyr by a blue dragon. Unable to really get along with his fellow candidates, he was nearly kicked out, but redeemed himself at the last minute, Impressing to bronze Chaeth from Miraneith's first clutch as senior queen of the Weyr. This Edward became E'wrd, and he's since strived to become a wingleader, although he has yet been given the promotion that he desires, convinced that he and his bloodthirsty bronze are being denied what is their rightful honor and due.


The Queen's Revenge Bronze Chaeth
Massive, this bronze is, from the incredibly broad expanse of his chest to the broad billowing spread of his wingsails — a deadly dreadnaught of power and strength embodied in the form of a dragon. Incredibly stocky and broad, a hue of a bronze so dark he nearly appears black wraps about his form, smokey-bronze glinting in a few taunting places such as along the curve of his ribs or the angle of his shoulders fore, and haunches aft. In contrast, his wings are pale, a creamy hue of silvery-bronze that unfurls from the contrary angles of his wingspars. Adding to his stocky appearance, a stout thick neck and a rather large short tail contribute to his fearsome appearance. His head is dangerous as well, large and well set on that short neck, there's a ferocious angle of jaws, just right for biting and mauling, or spewing out bursts of flame.

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