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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Weyrling
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Dragon Green Lalasath

Tall and lean Fyffe is everything you could want in a runner. Fast, efficient, a good memory, and pretty cute as well. Okay so her blonde hair does tend to get kinda messy and she doesn't exactly style it for elegance. And yeah maybe she's a bit more inclined to get dirty than most and she doesn't seem to care about it. But she does have big blue eyes and an easy way about her that means she makes friends very easily. Definitely an asset to any township.


Fyffe is a runner, it's all she knows. Run from one place to another, collect things, deliver messages. All nice and simple, right? Wrong! One particular run she had to change route to avoid some of the native (and rather unfriendly - they wanted to bite her) wildlife and managed to fall down the side of a hill. Luckily for Fyffe her chasers were scared off by a rider from Half Moon, not so lucky was the ankle sprain that landed her in the infirmary for treatment as soon as she was brought to the weyr. Still, she's a candidate now so it didn't all go wrong.


Name Relation Location Position
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Amongst Them All Green Lalasath

Bright and vibrant, everything about this green seems to demand attention – lime green streaking across her body from the tip of her delicate snout to the end of her long, lashing tail. Here and there, the blinding hue is tempered, at least somewhat, by more grass-hued tones that seem to gather mainly upon her ridges, though it can also be seen here and there, peeking through on her sides and belly, and on the spars of her long wings – though nothing can counter the dark forest hues of her talons.


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