A skinny Seacrafter brought to the Weyr just a day or two before the Hatching, Haebor got his name shortened to H'bor after he Impressed a blue who he constantly has to promise that he won't go swimming until an hour after he's eaten.


The Forgotten Sea Blue Hurrikath
Awash in prismatic purity, the coloration of this small hatchling is none other than a pristine aquamarine shade that saturates his hide from the tippy tip of his little nose to the very end of his tail fork. He's a rather plump hatchling — surprisingly so after a long time spent within the shell, rounded at all angles of his limbs and body; tubby sides belling out on either side which gives him a somewhat lopsided appearance. His wings are certainly wide, broad like a child's inflatable raft that one might use in the shallows of the Weyr lagoon on a hot summer's day. Along his hide, little ruffles of white like foamy froth can be seen — tiny wavelets dancing across the oceanic expanse of dragonhide. Everything about him speaks of lazy comfort combined with mellow peacefulness.

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