Formerly Heyyu
Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Occupation Beastcraft App./Weyrling
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Blue
Dragon Green Katsuoth

He's one tall drink of water. Tall and lean and well muscled. Heyyu likes to envision himself as Beastcraft Apprentice Extraordinairre. Light bown hair, curls upwards on the crown of his head, but is otherwise kept neat and short on the sides. He has a habit of going around topless when he can. What better way to beat the heat and work on that glistening tan? He hails from near Monaco Bay Weyr, and in fact had been working at the stables and racing runners on the side and in fact had been racing and engaging in a little fun on the side at Half Moon Bay Weyr, when one of the dragons took a fancy to him. He's a flirt and an equal oppportunist when it comes to flings.




Name Relation Location Position


Paragon for a Peaceful Nation Green Katsuoth
Prim and dainty is this little green, possessed of slender head painted the color of dew-dropped ferns. A caustic effect ripples like sun-dappled leaves that caresses along the uppermost part of her eye-ridges and head-knobs in a shade closely resembling the fresh sprouts of spring. It continues thus, weaving and winding along the entire length of her slim neck as well as kissed upon each ridge until her tail-fork. Her body is particularly lithe and swathed in soft mossy tones which lend her a decidedly velvety appearance, especially over her ribs and sides. Summer's morning light itself touches gently across her back until her tail is bathed in the full glow of star borne glory. Diminutive limbs are darkest pine, a shadowed forest at night, with a hint earthen oak just there at her talons. Long, delicately boned wings mantle around her, the palest wintergreen contrasted sharply with veins of deep juniper.

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