Stablemaster Henerail


Small in stature, with a thickset upper body and a bowlegged stance, this older man boasts a balding pate. Tufts of white gray hair stick out over his ears and along the side of his head, leaving the shiny dome of his forehead and the center of his skull bare. Multiple wrinkles crease his brow, above deepset eyes lined with bushy eyebrows and a fleshy prominent nose. Thin narrow lips lie beneath a short, neatly trimmed gray mustache. With broad shoulders and thick muscled arms, he seems stout and strong.

He wears a patchworked shirt of gray, red, black and white, worn beneath a pair of drab brown overalls and thick heavy boots on his feet, crusted with mud, wisps of hay and runner manure. A thick pair of spectacles and a battered fedora cap are often worn as well.



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