Hertha is rather large for her small stature, standing at the height of 5'2 with quite the extra girth on her. She has a tendency to eat a lot without too much care and it is rather obvious that she doesn't attempt to exercise much. Not that she is an unattractive woman; she has dark brown hair that is often kept short to frame her face, deep blue eyes that are rather wide and open, taking in the world. She has a dark tan as had a tendency to hit the beaches quite often, and still does when given the chance.


Hertha was born and raised in Sykan Hold from a rather large family. They joined their grandparents in having as many children as they could, Hertha was the first of six. Because she was the oldest she was stuck raising most of her siblings along with her mother, being primed to raise her own big family later. The aspect of this never pleased her, so after she turned eighteen and remained unwed, she left and became a baker in the Hold. It was one day, after the clutch was laid, that she was making some bubblies when a bluerider came in to the Hold. He claims he was drawn in by the scent of the bubblies and offered Hertha the payment of a knot for her tray of bubblies. While she only gave him three, she still made off with the knot and was brought in to Western.


Hertha is the eldest of six children, which is a rather hard job when you are stuck raising most of your siblings with your family deeming it as practice for your future.

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