Long tresses of sunlight-blonde drape easily from a crooked parting, her hair darkening to a toasty brown at the crown of her head. Falling past her shoulders, her hair is a tumble of waves and curls around a lean aristocratic face. Her brows are nearly the same hue as the hair at the top of her head; darker than the rest of her hair, and rather narrow, rising above a pair of lash-rimmed hazel-green eyes. Thin lips plump out along the curve of the lower one, a narrow pointed chin defining the end point of her face. The rest of her is slim and narrow, skinny shoulders and the barest hint of a chest along with narrow hips and slim long legs complete her appearance of gawky adolescence.


Born and bred of Igen Weyr, Weyrlife is the only thing that Kashie has ever known. The daughter of a bluerider and a brownrider, she has spent her nearly entire life growing up in the lower caverns of the desert Weyr. From an early age, Kashie liked to work with the children in the Weyr, and she soon had a little half-brother to take care of as well, Jasirdan, who is five turns her junior. When her mother relocated to Ierne WeyrHold for nearly a turn and a half, Kashie and her brother went along, getting to play in the ocean for the first time, and getting to see green growing plants all around them. In time, they relocated to Western Weyr. As this is the first clutch that she's been old enough to stand for, Brionnith insisted that Kashie be one of those white-robed candidates on the day of the Hatching.


Name Relation Location Position
A'she Father Ierne WeyrHold Brownrider
Kasira Mother Western Weyr AWLM
Jasirdan Half-Brother Western Weyr Weyrbrat


Sailing the Wide Summer Sea Blue Azimuth
Such a pretty little thing; like a sleek little sailing cutter — so trim and neat, he seems meant to tack about on the winds and sail the sea of clouds. Lithe and graceful, cerulean blue washes his hide in gentle eddies of turquoise and ripples of seafoam. A shallow keel — narrow chest and slim shoulders lend credence to his trim, racer build; no great hulk of a blue, he. His wings — billowed sails of a pale blue — are broad and strong, perfectly designed to catch the breeze and carry him along, skimming the ocean of the air.

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