Tiny doll-like waif that she is, her golden-blonde hair is curled into fat ringlets that fall down her back, plump little bangs shadowing sky-blue eyes framed by long thick lashes. Pink rosy cheeks, a pert little smile and the perfect little princess look make her look like a spoiled and prissy little girl. Her clothes are always clean, always perfect, and while they might not be made of fancy material, still look elegant and pretty.


Petted, prettied and pampered her entire life, Klara is the daughter of a brownrider and a greenrider at Western Weyr. Her parents have more or less given her everything, and she's been rather spoiled from the very beginning. She's got her own little circle of friends, and acts like a "little Lady Holder" which makes for interesting antics at chores time when there's something she doesn't want to do. She almost refused search, because she's convinced that she meant for something greater. But after her parents asked her to reconsider, she agreed to stand,although she point blank refuses to do some of the chores.


Name Relation Location Position
Kl'sto Father Western Weyr Brownrider
Gara Mother Western Weyr Greenrider



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