MVP Blue Fire Hold Gather
Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Ista Gar Hold
Craft Rank Vintner Journeyman
Specialty Mixology
Occupation Bartender
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown


Litral is a strapping young man dressed in a pair of black tight fitting suede pants. His topless chest is well-muscled and sports a burnished tan that almost glistens. He has on a single black and white bow tie around his neck. His dark hair is cut short and tapered along the back and sides, while the top is a little longer and is spiked up a bit on the front. Well-muscled arms sport white cuffs that encircle his powerful wrists. Well polished shoes cover his feet.


Litral hails from Gar Hold, and is the son of Keitha, a vintner that specializes in peach brandy and of Laranthal, a bartender of the hold. He spent much of his time growing up helping his father behind the bar. It was from his dad that he learned the recipe for various pickles. Though the pickled eggs haven't changed much, he has worked long and hard to come up with the perfect dill pickle. One that he is one the way to becoming famous for.

One day, a visiting Vintner from Half Moon Weyr happened upon him while he was tending bar in place of his dad, and the two hit it off. While he had already learned some of the craft from his mother, he wanted to learn more about mixing drinks and so Catwin took him under her wing and set him up learning more of the trade while also utilizing his bar-tending skills.

Litral spent much of his time in the background of things, until one gather. He had finally perfected his pickles and they were a big hit. Using nothing but the biggest cucumbers and the finest ingredients, the pickles came out crisp and juicy. It certainly had nothing to do with his delivery of said items.

Of course, things always come along to take the fun out of life and Litral found himself not only promoted to Journeyman, but also spending much of his free time with being the primary Vintner in the procuring of needed booze for the Weyr when Catwin was Searched. Though she is still there to guide him and offer suggestions. The bulk of the work his on his shoulders. Time will only tell if he'll have to stay primary, or if he can go back to having fun.


Name Relation Location Position
Keitha Mother Ista Gar Hold Vintner Master
Laranthal Fathar Ista Gar Hold Bartender



Title OOC Date Cast
The Gather At Blue Fire Hold May 31, 2017 Alexryin, Catwin, Citayzleat, D'lei, Halyria (NPC), Ila'den, J'en, Kassala, K'lar, Litrel (NPC), R'en, R'hyn, Riohra, Serena, Shanatea, T'lon, Violet
The Birth of the Pickle June 01, 2017 Catwin, Litral (NPC)
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