Lothae stands approximately 4'9" tall with brown hair. She has a few extra pounds but overall has a 'normal' body shape.


She's spent most of her life working in the laundry at Ista Weyr following in her mother's footsteps though unlike her mom she's managed to get some lessons from the Weyr Harper so she can read and write fairly well not that she spends much time doing either.

She spends a lot of time making herself pretty in the hopes of attracting someone other than a lower cavern male. So far her success has been limited but she's unwilling to give up. No one was more surprised than she was when she was searched for Western Weyr's clutch, and once she arrived she made sure to let all the eligible males know she was available when they were allowed to have relationships again.


Name Relation Location Position
Unknown Father Ista Weyr Bluerider
Unknown Mother Ista Hold Laundress
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