A little shorter then average for a boy his age, he's got a lanky build and sharp facial features. He's just reached puberty and as a result his voice tends to crack, but only when he's in a "mood" and is raising his voice. He's whiney and has a spoiled attitude about him, which leads to him being the bane of most candidates. When he's not complaining or shirking on his chores, he's a bit of a bully towards those he feels he can push around, but will be nothing but polite and proper to those of higher ranking. Those who do stand up to him quickly discover that he's nothing more then an immature and insecure boy who is actually quite harmless - if one can ignore his verbal snarkiness.


Born of two Crafters posted to Lemos Hold, Meshcha comes from a rather large family and is the eldest of all his siblings. His parents doted on him a lot when he was younger and as a result, he's become rather spoiled. Aside from that, he had a relatively uneventful childhood. He was just reaching the time in his life when his parents were beginning to pester him to choose a Craft to apprentice to when instead he was Searched by a rider that was delivering some supplies to the Hold. Taking it as an ego boost and not so much a privilege, Meshcha was eager enough to accept and be whisked off to Western Weyr, only to realize he knew nothing of Weyr life and had a few rough days in the beginning as he adjusted. His personality soon clashed with more then a few of the other candidates, but those who can stomach his behavior remain some of his only friends - though he seems to have more enemies among the candidate ranks.


Mother: Journeyman Weaver, Father: Journeyman Miner


Lord of Appearances Brown Nebtawyth
Seemingly formed from the ancient and shifting sands of the deep desert this brown hatchling stands like a majestic monument to his kind, and his color. A sharply chiseled head and regal face is dusted with a light sand color. Deeply set eyes whirl with hidden knowledge and cast their somewhat aloof but curious gaze upon the world. His frame is supported by a massive chest, drenched in solid mahogany with trickles of light creme down the sides, like the remnants of a royal robe. His wings are coated in dark chocolate and amber, the latter being evident on the spars, and the former composing the main accent of his tremendous sails. Even standing still, this dragon radiates respect, not so much by demanding It, rather by example, in his exquisite form and bearing.

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