==== Bronze
==== Zaqalekhth
==== Wingrider


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Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Honshu
Occupation Wingrider/Cook/Bartender
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Green
Dragon Zaqalekhth

Despite his rather lean and athletic build, this older rider looks older than his true age. Dark brown hair is kept short and is streaked with silver at the temples, while his equally dark green eyes betray a weariness that's echoed in the lines of his mouth. A once squared jaw has already begun to lose its strength while the weight of what must have been a rather harsh life has begun to drag his shoulders down. His skin is dusky, speaking of many turns spent outdoors and of a natural genetic inclination towards as much.

RHis clothing, predictably, is practical: when not wearing his black rider's leathers, he can generally be seen wearing loose-fitting clothes in reds, greens, browns, and whites, with accents in gold. Nothing terribly fancy; tunics and trousers and that sort of thing. His boots, naturally, are dark brown, well-scuffed, and perhaps the only thing that's held up decently over the turns. The rider's knot at his shoulder marks him as a bronzerider at Half Moon Bay Weyr


Mergaal was the only son born of Nikkal and Sinnan, holders in the Honshu region. He was preceded by his sister, Ninatta, who proved to have a voice worthy of the Harpers. He never seemed to fit in anywhere properly; a few attempts at getting him into the crafts were made before his parents decided he wasn't meant for that sort of thing. He opted to learn how to cook from his mother and, later, from anyone else that he happened to discover was able to cook.

At the age of fourteen, he was searched and stood for a clutch at Igen, resulting in his Impression of a particularly peculiar bronze. Zaqalekhth would provide chaos for an otherwise steady and stable personality, a heaping helping of odd to go with the mundane.

The next decade of life at the Weyr would be uneventful and filled with routine drills and lessons in mixing drinks. Bartending would become — and remain — a fond hobby of his, despite his lack of formal training. It was second only to his secret love of cooking, another indulgence he occasionally dabbled in.

Shortly after turning twenty five, however, he stumbled across the woman who would later give him a son. The two fell passionately in love and spent as much time as possible together. Though they tried and tried, it wasn't until the pair were in their early thirties that Asherzanit finally conceived. The Healers felt it would be a routine birth, but something went awry and she died just as their son, Malaakh, was born.

With the death of the woman he often called his 'wife', M'gaal's life fell apart around him. The only anchors he still had were his son and the mercurial presence of his lifemate, neither of which were quite enough to curtail the depression that consumed him.

Nearly a turn passed before the dark cloud finally lifted, aided in no small part by a business proposal by his rather canny sister. Ninatta, more than anyone, knew his passion for both bartending and cooking … a passion rivaled only by her husband's own. She suggested that they all get into business together and start up a restaurant.

The idea was enticing enough to finally pull M'gaal out of his funk and get things in order. He put in a transfer from Honshu to Ierne and released his son from the care of the nannies; his sister was more than happy to help rear the boy, as she had raised her two children. Thus, with his one turn son in tow, M'gaal finds himself embarking on his greatest adventure yet: the adventure of (relative) independence.

An odd quirk of fate found him siring another child as the result of a flight. For some turns, his daughter - Aglaia - was raised by her mother, a goldrider named Galina. But, the goldrider suffered a breakdown of some sort and the girl was turned over to his care. He raised her as best as he could - and life was good, even if business wasn't.

When Aglaia was searched for Half Moon Bay, he set about making a barbecue shack at the Weyr - either for her to manage if she didn't Impress or for him to handle if she did.

As it turns out, he ended up in charge of "Burnt Offerings" - and couldn't be happier.


Name Relation Location Position Dragon
Nikkal Mother Honshu Resident N/A
Sinnan Father Honshu Resident N/A
Malaakh Son Half Moon Bay Weyr Resident N/A
Aglaia Daughter Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrling Valigath
Ninatta Sister Ierne Jman Harper N/A
Dumuzi Brother-in-law Ierne Cook N/A
Sulpae Nephew Ierne Cook N/A
Mahhu Niece Ierne Cook N/A


Lighting Up Erebrus Green Asherah
This velvety green firelizard is so dark, it might almost be black. Her body is long, lean, limber. Her delicate moss and pine green sails drift around her body like the shrouds of a royal lady in waiting. A chaotic whirl of emerald makes itself known on her right paw. A faint filigree of ethereal green, stained with the colors of decay and mist covers her body in a soft shimmer, one of the few indicators that this lizard is a green at all. The tip of her nose is lit up with an elegant faerie sprite green, the same luminous shade tips the spade of her tail and the fore sails of her wings.

Zany Spiderclaw, Pathetic Pauper Blue Abzu
This rather crotchety firelizard's watery hide gives the illusion of being segmented, much like a crustaceans. The segments begin with the clear waters of a tropical lagoon that covers his head and the slight overbite of his jaw and darken as they progress down his neck. This segmentation and progression of deepening cerulean shades covers the first couple of inches of his wings, his upper arms and upper legs, and by the time the rich gradient reaches the tip of his tail, they've darkened to a rich abyssal shade like the swirling waters around a volcanic vent in the deep sea. His front legs and back legs as well as his underbelly are a pale greenish blue seafoam in color. His wings are colored in a similar fashion, swirling with the foam of a balmy wave lapping on a crystaline shore. While his coloring is beautiful, his proportions are peculiar, the neck ridges on his head are rather large, resembling the fins of a fish. His wings are rather spindly, boney, with the tips protruding further than the sail extends. His legs are long, spindly and nobbly, much like a spider claw's legs would look. These spindly appendages give him a peculiar hobbling gait, sometimes sideways like the crustacean he resembles.

Fabled Avenger Blue Enlil
The falcon blue hide of this firelizard makes him stand out. Blackish blue markings form elegant patterns across his face, almost like the mask of an assassin. Shimmering undertones of gold and bronze glitter beneath his ultramarine coloring, forming a feather pattern resembling the elegant plumage of a tropical bird. His long narrow pinions are rather thin, almost delicate. Every part of his body is an almost luminous spectrum of dark indigos and bright peacock and telgar blues and teals, and built to be small, delicate, but none the less powerful.

Half a Fairy Brown Nirah
Colored a drab tree-bark brown, this firelizard has few markings to liven his hide. Instead, his interesting features consist of structure, not color. This mid-sized brown seems smaller than he really is, as his form is lightly structured and appears quite delicate. Wingsails are thin enough to see through, with clearly define veins when stretched out. His neck and head are narrow but finely shaped, perhaps even feminine, with just a hint of darker brown framing his eyes. His chest is shallow and legs slender, with only his tail maintaining the thickness that is more typical of his larger size. Thin, darker brown lines accent his spinal ridges and his claws, giving just a hint of emphasis to these areas.

Cobbled Construct Bronze Zu
Angular and lanky, this bronze firelizard is far from being the most attractive among his kind. With overlong limbs, a comparatively thick and stumpy tail and a head that's just a touch too large for his lengthy neck, he appears to be an amalgamation of other parts, cobbled clumsily into a single body. His hide, too, is irregular and patchy, with bits of precious, polished bronze contrasted with other blotches that are more green or more brown or more gold. Wingspars of dull copper hold up too-large 'sails of brass that have seen better days, battered-looking as they are. As if to add insult to injury, rust seems to have accumulated at his prominent joints, the russet hues being quite striking against the strange patchwork of his hide.


Sacrificial Incense And Embers Zaqalekhth
Molten bronze, heated red-hot, burns at the wide and hungry maw of this rather long and lean dragon. The pure red-bronze pours fluidly back, rapidly cooling to a sooty, aged bronze that drapes the rest of his lean frame in sultry shades. He is a beast of scintillating smoke and unquenchable sparks, embers of lurid red-gold clinging to his underside and spilling down the insides of his wiry limbs. His wings are broad and composed of dark panes of exotic bronze smoke, trailing edges ablaze with fiery glints of gold and additional glimmers of red-bronze. Charcoal coats his talons and appears smudged upon the too-long digits of his paws, as well as being twisted along the sinuous length of his tail. Color is renewed once more at his tailtips, where heated bronze flares into life once more.


Title OOC Date Cast
Wrap It Up! November 17, 2014 Aglaia, Briari, Daranyl, Keldan, Malaakh (NPC), M'gaal (NPC), Sundari
Singing for Supper November 18, 2014 Aglaia, Briari, Malaakh (NPC), M'gaal (NPC)
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