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Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Unknown
Occupation Weyrling
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Blue
Dragon Green Stoth

She's a rather short and rather plump young lady. Her light brown hair is cut in a short bob that does little to emphsize her looks, but it does keep it out of the way. Her eyes are dusky blue and full of sparkle.


She's a rather merry young lady that enjoys food. She's a Vintner senior apprentice who has been learning about malt beverages. It's rumored that she's been plopped at Half Moon because she was eating too much of her last holds foods. However, though she enjoys her food and eats more than she likely should. She doesn't tend to decimate the food tables. Much.


Name Relation Location Position
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For All I Know You’re A Duck Green Stoth

So very pale, the light green hide of this dragon is icy in hue as it drapes down to cover nearly the entirety of her body. She is fairly compact and rather rounded, even almost chubby in spots along her neck, shoulders and belly. She slims down though when it comes to her legs, those looking very frail to support her upper body. Brushed with crystalline glitter that glows gold, it seems sprinkled across her entire body and concentrates across the bonier parts. Flashy and rather large are her wings, spangled in pale green and dusted with white gold across her 'sails before the gold fades out to just that same pale, pale green.


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