Aliases Nady, Nadya
Gender Female
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Occupation Weaver/Weyrling
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue-Green
Dragon Green Tuoferiath

Tall and beautiful, Nady possesses of long dark hair and elegant features, with skin on the darker side, smooth and blemish-free. Her blue-green eyes are warmer than her generally-haughty expression suggests, but with lips slow to smile, it's hard to tell sometimes. Her figure is of the tall and willowy sort, something fashionable hauteur and the near-constant presence of heeled (oft impractical) shoes can only emphasize. Nadarya has a sharp wit, and a sharper tongue, hidden behind the honey and sweetness she presents to the world. Believe her if you want, or don't — it's hardly her problem, is it?




Name Relation Location Position


Time for a Butt-Kicking Green Tuoferiath
A beautiful specimen, strong and pretty, this green could bowl you over and it might just occur to you to thank her. From afar, she has a striking profile; powerful shoulders, graceful lines, a slightly roman profile to her head. She's not lean, but not musclebound either, instead large and well-formed even as a baby. Deep, teal-shaded green forms a base over which dapples of nearly-desaturated fir bloom and grow. The dappled effect grows stronger in places - her topside, ticking down her shoulders, lending each slightly craggy 'ridge an even more rocky appearance. Sunlight graces the elegantly pronounced ridge above her eyes, traces back to oversized headknobs, then ghosts across the upper sides of her slightly too-long wings. The lower side takes on the deep teal prominent beneath the stone-fir dapples, paling slightly towards the trailing edges. Down her strong legs the speckled effect of the bulk of her hide becomes less prominent, and the base teal slowly darker, until all four slightly oversized paws are abyssal.

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