O'odle (Noodle)


Gender Male
Current Home Half Moon Bay Weyr
Place of Birth Half Moon Bay Hold
Occupation Weyrling
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Dragon Brown Olobgneth

Originally named Froedrick, this candidate is better and forever known as "Noodle," though no one is quite sure why other than… well, that's sort of what he looks like. He's pasty white, tall and lanky, with thick hair the color of blackened pepper seeds. Deep green eyes the color of cooked spinach peer out of an otherwise bland face. The kid usually dresses in earthy tones, browns and reds only occasionally eked out by fancier sauces— I mean, colors!


No one really knows just where he came from - he just kind of showed up and stuck around. He's a cook, kind of, but he always ends up in hot water no matter what he does. He's occasionally saucy or salty when he's with his friends, but he's otherwise pretty bland. He's pretty easy to butter up, though, if anyone wants anything from the kitchens, and he's a slippery kind of fellow when it comes to getting around the Weyr. Good luck getting a good hand on him ladies (and gents!), he'll wiggle out of most forms of commitment if he can! He just doesn't have the spine to hold up for long but maybe, someday, he'll find his match in someone that's saucier, spicier, and saltier than he - preferably with a healthy love of cheese.


Name Relation Location Position
Orecchiette Mother Half Moon Bay Hold Healer/Jman
Pappardelle Father Half Moon Bay Hold Cook
Farfalle Sister Half Moon Bay Weyr Seamstress
Campanelle Sister Ierne Weyrhold Florist
Bucatini Brother Harper Crafthall Flutist/Apprentice
Orzo Brother Farmer Crafthall Apprentice



Just Like Mama Used To Make Brown Olobgneth

Big, beefy, and brown! That's this dragon, all the way through. He's a thickly wrought thing, his hide the rich, ruddy brown of a meat sauce left to simmer for hours into a thing of perfection. Other colors sometimes surface, like special ingredients bubbling up from below; a bit of bronze there, a touch of green here, a hint of something blue elsewhere. And then there's a fine wash of gold that ghosts over his neckridges and back like a thin film of oil that shimmers ever-so-deliciously. His wingsails are made of the same, red-brown and glossed with an elusive sheen of gold across the surface to give the fleeting illusion of copper - just like mama's pots and pans.


Title OOC Date Cast
Candidate Fashion Show August 14, 2016 Serena, Sundari, Heryn, Citayzleat, Rezia, Venryk, Emiallis, Noodle (NPC), Nadarya (NPC)
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