Tall for a woman, but stout, she might be considered Rubenesque. She has delicate features, and what some might call a baby-face — with green eyes and reddish blonde hair, she looks very young and innocent despite the fact that she is nearly fifty-four turns old. Luckily for her, she doesn't look her age with no sign of gray hair or wrinkles. However, unluckily for her, she has a pale complexion that requires her to wear a hat out in the sun least she burn easily, and many many freckles on her face. She favors loose flowing clothing of bright colors that complement her complexion.


The daughter of P'rsen, a greenrider from High Reaches Weyr, Pieta got her start the way many flight babies do. Nyarita's brown caught the green, and nine months later, out came a fat little baby girl. She was raised with love and caring, and was fostered off as her parents were both busy wingriders but always took the time of day to come visit her. She was just a day or two shy of her fourteenth turnday, while watching a Hatching at High Reaches Weyr, when a small green broke shell and made her way to the galleries and demanded that Pieta come down and feed her. This was a shock to the girl because she hadn't been considered old enough to stand, but Inanyth would have nothing of it. They made a name for themselves in the weyrling wing as the kindly motherly sort, Iyanath insisting that her clutch siblings eat better and get plenty of rest, and it was no surprise that the green's unusually motherly and kind talents would have them serving in the wing after they became full riders as Assistant Weyrlingmaster. After some turns of this (well, all right — a decade) Pieta thought to retire and have a family. But alas, no man had ever caught her eye, and Inanyth was such an infrequent riser — in fact, she hadn't even risen at all since she was born — that flight children were out of the question.

And then Pieta realized that she did have children — they might not have been hers by blood, but she had the teaching and raising of them. So back into the position of Assistant Weyrlingmaster they went, the ever watchful guardians of the young riders and their dragons. She has been partnered with Iyanath for about forty turns now, and the cold of the snowy Weyr has started to settle in. That's why she's transferred to Western, to sunny climes and warmth — even if it means she has to wear a hat a lot.


Pieta is a very kindly woman — almost like an aunt, but not the kind that will smother you in wet sloppy kisses or embarrass you by knitting stupid argyle sweaters and socks with your name on it. She loves working with young dragons and riders, but is more suitable in supervision capacity. She won't hesitate to step in to teach if she needs to, but she prefers to remain as an assistant who assists another AWLM or the WLM. She's the one who helps anyone who might be a little behind the others or helps the more advanced and experienced so they don't get held back. Very prim and pleasing, there are rumors that Pieta is an innocent maid still, and likely to remain that way till her dying day. After all, nobody ever sees her attend the mating flight lecture.


Name Relation Location Position
P'rsen Father High Reaches Weyr Greenrider
Nyarita Mother High Reaches Weyr Brownrider


The Kindly Green Inayath
As delicate and dainty as her rider is stout, there's never been such a contrast between dragon and rider. Colored a pure shamrock green, with a latticework of darker peridot and emerald across her wings, she's a tiny petite green

When it comes to teaching she is the master of it, and while her rather is not the Weyrling Master, there turns of holding the job leaves them very well educated in everything an anything a new rider and young dragon need to learn in order to get by in the world. Inayath is a good teacher, she is a firm believer in the rules and that they should be followed at all times, if not things could happen and then where would the Weyr be without the dragons? Everyone has a place, and everyone has a job!

Inayath is elegant, delicate and dainty, on the small size but don't let this fool you. She has taught many a young dragon over the turns, from all colors and sizes and is not want to back down even when a young gold attempts to throw one's weight around! Her color is lovely, shamrock green flows across her form, only a bit of lighter green rests across her throat and down across her belly. Wings are large, well formed with the webbing being a dark emerald green that almost seem to sparkle when light hits her wings just right. Headknobs are slender and small, just resting above her eyes, while smaller little bumps run down her slender neck. Her eyes are large, and full with expression, life ever glittering within them. Slender legs end in ebony taloned claws, while her tail curls rather lady like to her side whenever she happens to be sitting, which when that is she has the air of importance always around her

OOC Notes for Weyrlings

Weyrlings! Pieta is your AWLM for supervision duties should the WLM or another AWLM not be logged on. She won't be a teacher, so don't think you can skip ahead in lessons, but if you want to roleplay at the lagoon shore or somewhere off the weyrling training grounds and out of the barracks, she will be there to oversee you. Feel free to RP with her as background. She's yours — but don't abuse her, mmkay. ;)

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