Very short and slight, he's yet to fill out or gain his deeper voice- no hints of vocals cracking, no hint of facial hair, no hint of acne, no hint of really anything besides his brand of boyish charm. He's got shaggy dark brown hair, hazel eyes, skin tanned deeply from running around outside all the time, and not much muscle to speak of.


Like Idris, Rory was conceived between his mother and a failed flight attendee. He grew up hyperactive and rather unattentive to any form of study, and as a result tends to be followed by a trail of forgotten tasks, unclean rooms and some amount of accidental destruction. When he was five, Rissian accepted a job at Half Moon Bay Hold, and he went along for the ride, and has 'helped' her sell crafts at the open market ever since. This is his first time being Searched now that he's old enough, and he's having quite the time forgetting to do chores— or doing them poorly— and crushing on every single girl in the dorm.


Name Relation Location Position
Iris Half-Sister Western Weyr Weyrling
Rissian Mother Half Moon Bay Hold Market Seller
Unknown Father Western Weyr Wingrider


Pitter-Patter Blue Opicheskiduth
Dark blue head knobs rise up from a sea of greyish blue, the somber color sweeping over the whole of the dragon's body like a stormy sky. His legs are long and muscular, tail and neck long as well, all balanced by a slightly rounded belly. The underside of his wings display the darker hues of the storm and are marked with spindly, pale streaks, like lightning rippling across the dark expanse of his wingsails, striking anew with each beat of his wings. In flight, the contrast of his more pale, rounded belly against the darker palette of his wings is akin to a giant raindrop, full of energy, ready to burst on contact.

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