Searchrider of blue Churuth. An older man, in his late 70's, he originaly impressed at Eastern Weyr at the late age of 24 turns, but the wait was worth it. Churuth became famed for his ability to search candidates. He had never brought a candidate to the Weyr who had not impressed. True, some had not impressed on their first try, but none of them had stood the sands more then twice. Some of the younger riders have had bets riding with him at hatchings, as they were sure Churuth's record wouldn't last much longer, but S'chez knew, surer then Thread would never fall again, that Churuth would never make a mistake. Now that they're older, both S'chez and Churuth have retired, S'chez to making sure he knows everything that happens in the weyr, and Churuth to sunning old bones on the lookout point.

This old bluerider has been around for turns, his well-weathered face and stern exterior known to everyone in the Weyr — simply because he has made the living cavern his home, now that he and blue Churuth are retired and no longer on active duty, or even out to search candidates. He now considers it his job to keep an eye on the Weyr for Rea, and it's impossible to keep his gruff opinions out of any conversation. But being that he does sit there for hours… just *watching*… means that he's also a treasure trove of gossip.

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