Gender Female
Current Home Western Weyr
Place of Birth Bitra Hold
Occupation Lady's Maid
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Dragon N/A

Jet black hair, cut in a low fringe of bangs over her forehead and trimmed to a neat bob just past her chin, frames the delicate high-arched planes of her cheekbones. Dark brows are set above chocolate-brown eyes, the little pert ski-jump nose between them, her face ending in a pointed little chin. There's good breeding in her, clearly, for her slender body is carried with poise and grace, good posture evident in the straightness of her back and her refusal to slouch or slump. She might be a little too obviously thin, the starkness of her collarbone seems to stand out against her skin, and her feminine curves are less than generously rounded, but youthfulness dominates the litheness of her waistline and the slight swell of her hips before giving way to the lanky leanness of her long legs.

Simply dressed, white is no stark contrast against the paleness of her skin. A tank-topped scooped neck dress falls in simple lines along the curves of her body, drawing little emphasis to the spareness of her frame. Shod in sandals most of the time, cut so to display the slim curve of ankle below the hemline of her dress, her knot of Western Weyr is twined with a cord of white, designating her as a candidate.


'Twas said that her father, Savrolon, was one of the Blood of Bitra Hold. Oh, nothing more than a second cousin, or possibly third, so far removed from the line of succession that he might as well have been little more than a common Holder, but still, he could make some claim to the family stake, and had a decent amount of funds to go by that he could spend his life as a consummate gambler, rake and ne'er do well. And it might have been the wine that night, or his usual lusty desires that brought him to seduce the fair and innocent Raziala — also Blooded, although a very distant relative of Sattle Hold. She had been sent to Bitra to foster, and perhaps in time make a marriage of some importance. But Savrolon had no such intention to marry, and the minor scandal when it was discovered he'd besmirched the young woman's honor — well, she was sent home in hushed disgrace and bundled into a hasty marriage to save face. The resulting child, however, was clearly the offspring of Savrolon, and arrangements were made to send the babe to Bitra.

There, Shyarazi was raised as a fosterling before eventually becoming a maid to the Lady Holder. And it was as a lady's maid that she was searched by a rider of Western Weyr and was taken to the Weyr where she will be presented to the double clutches as one of the many candidates. In the meantime, there's so many chores to do, and people to meet.


Name Relation Location Position
Raziala Mother Sattle Hold Blooded Cousin
Savrolon Father Bitra Hold Blooded Cousin




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