Sierrian is overweight, clumsy, and overall a lunk. It's clear by his bulky appearance that he works less and eats more. A pro at avoiding his duties, he is often found sitting around and stuffing his face. Features set in rotund face are almost beady in nature and his brown hair tends to be a messy mop upon his head, ears poking out awkwardly from underneath the uneven edges.


Sierrian was born and raised in the lower caverns and there he has remained, mostly. Around the age of 15 or 16 Turns now, he's steadily becoming more of his own man and isn't a caverns brat, always underfoot anymore. He was given job of stablehand, for it was assumed he'd be least likely to screw up there. Sometimes a bit of a bully, it's more that he just doesn't socialize well than that he's truly mean. He just makes bad choices. Some dragon or another thought he'd make a good candidate (or perhaps just wanted to give the lad a chance), so he's been given the knot and setup in the barracks with the rest.


Sierrian doesn't remember, nor does anyone else really. The result of a flight, likely, he was foisted off on the lower caverns pretty much immediately and was raised there by the nannies.

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